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519 Just You, Just Me

Is Alex really over Jay, or is she still using Spinner? Can Marco and Ellie truly face the turn their lives have taken? Is Marco willing to lose Dylan?


(Marco and Dylan are sitting on a deck...)

Marco-  You know I love you, right?

Dylan-  Yeah.  I know.  (Pauses.)  I love you too.

Marco-  Good.  I'm glad.  (Pauses.)  And you know matter what happens, I'll always be yours, right?

Dylan-  Yeah.  (Pauses.)  Did you enlist in the army and not tell me?

Marco-  No.  No.  I just want to make sure you know that.

Dylan-  Is there something you want to tell me?  (Marco opens his mouth and nothing comes out.  Paige walks outside.)

Paige-  Dylan, mom wants you.

Dylan-  K.  (He gets up and walks inside.)

Paige-  You still haven't told him you slept with Ellie, have you?

Marco-  I told him that.

Paige-  Really?  And he didn't freak out?

Marco-  It was before we got back together.  Besides, who is he to judge?  He slept with people while we were in a relationship.

Paige-  Point taken.  (Paige walks back inside.)

Marco-  I just haven't told him about the other thing.  (Marco shakes his head.)




[At school...]

(Marco walks in and sees Ellie standing by her locker.  He walks over to her...)

Marco-  Hey.

Ellie-  Hey.

Marco-  What finals do you have today?

Ellie-  Just math.  Pass this and it'll be smooth sailing from here.

Marco-  Good.  (pauses.)  Have you thought anymore about the...

Ellie-  (softly.)  Pregnancy?  (Marco nods.)  Yeah.  You kidding?  It's all I can think about.

Marco-  Have you told your mom yet?

Ellie-  No.  (She shakes her head.)  Not yet.  I don't think she could take it.  The divorce and everything else that’s gone on this year.  I'm thinking she'll go over the edge and go on a binge or something.

Marco-  Oh.

Ellie-  I just need to find the right time.

Marco-  If you want my help.

Ellie-  You've done more than enough to help.  I don't think I could have survived these last few weeks without you.  (Pauses.)  You tell Dylan yet?

Marco-  No.  Not yet.

Ellie-  Oh.  You going to?

Marco-  I will.

Ellie-  You don't have to.

Marco-  I know.  But it's my kid too.  If you have it.

Ellie-  I know.  Would you tell your parents?

Marco-  No.  You kidding me?  They don't know that me and Dylan got back together.  They don't know that I might be valedictorian.

Ellie-  Might be?

Marco-  You never know.  Finals can always drive down your average.  (Ellie playfully pushes him.)


[The bell rings...]

(Jay is sitting in class.  He sees Alex walking down the hall.  He raises his hand and the teacher nods at him...)

Jay-  May I use the restroom?  (The teacher nods.  Jay gets up and walks outside.)


[In the hallway...]

(Alex is walking down the hall when Jay walks up behind her.  He grabs her shoulder and she turns around...)

Alex-  What?  (He kisses her.)  Get off of me.  (She starts to walk away.  Jay follows after her.)

Jay-  Don't walk away from me.  We're not finished.

Alex-  I am.  (She continues walking, when Jay catches up to her and pushes her into the locker.)

Jay-  Why are you fighting me?

Alex-  No means no.

Jay-  How can you say that?  After all we've been through.  I know you loved me.  You wouldn't have had sex with me again, if you still didn't feel that way.

Alex-  I had sex because it had been a long time since.  I was desperate.

Jay-  You missed this.

Alex-  No.  I was desperate.  Have I been back since?  No.  (She walks down the hall and goes into the girls’ washroom.)


[In the girl's washroom...]

(Ellie walks out of a stall when Alex walks into the bathroom...)

Alex-  Hey.  Haven't seen you lately.

Ellie-  Been busy with Marco.

Alex-  Gay man's not broken anymore?

Ellie-  Never was.  (Alex walks up to the sink and looks into the mirror.)  Everything okay?

Alex-  Stupid Jay.  Sleep with him once and now he thinks I want to get back together.

Ellie-  I thought you did.

Alex-  What?  No.  He cheated on me.

Ellie-  I know.

Alex-  Then what don't you get?

Ellie-  You talk about him all the time.

Alex-  So?  You talk about Marco all the time.

Ellie-  Because I love him.

Alex-  What?

Ellie-  And I'm not afraid to admit it.  He knows.  And I can't tell you how much better I feel because of it.  It kills me that I know I'll never have him.  But at least he knows.

Alex-  Whoa.

Ellie-  And if I were with someone else, I would so tell them.

Alex-  What are you saying?

Ellie-  Get over yourself and either dump Spinner and go back with Jay, or stop obsessing over Jay and move on.

Alex-  I don't obsess over Jay.

Ellie-  Yeah you do.  You don't stop talking about how he bothers you.  And you seem to enjoy it.  That's the sick thing.

Alex-  Enjoy what?

Ellie-  The fact that you get his attention.  The fact that he's bothering you.

Alex-  I want revenge.

Ellie-  And you've gotten it.  Twenty times over.  You know what kind of torture it is to have someone sleep with you and then know they'll never ever feel the same way?

Alex-  Do you?

Ellie-  Stop being a selfish whore and do the right thing for once.  (She leaves.  Alex stares at the mirror.)



(Marco is sitting on a bench when Ellie walks over and sits down...)

Marco-  Hey.

Ellie-  Hey.

Marco-  How are you doing?  You need anything?

Ellie-  I'm alright.  (Alex walks over.)

Alex-  I'm a whore?

Ellie-  Yeah.

Alex-  How many times do I have to tell you I'm not into Jay?

Ellie-  You can say it over and over again.  But the way you act when he's around.  The way you look at him.  I can see you're still into him.

Alex-  At least I'm not into a gay guy.

Ellie-  At least I'm not sleeping around when I have a boyfriend.

Alex-  You'd have to have a boyfriend in order to be cheating on someone.

Marco-  Alex, just go away.

Alex-  What do you want gay man?

Marco-  Ellie's sick.  She doesn't want to deal with your bull right now.

Alex-  She can't speak for herself?

Marco-  No.  Now go away.  (Alex walks away.)  Pregnancy hormones are starting to kick in aren't they?

Ellie-  What was that?

Marco-  What?

Ellie-  I'm sick?

Marco-  Do you want everyone to know that I got you pregnant?

Ellie-  No.  But you don't have to fight my battles for me.  (She gets up and walks away.  Marco puts his head in his hands.  Paige walks over to him.)

Paige-  Did I just hear right?

Marco-  What?

Paige-  She's pregnant?  For sure?

Marco-  Don't tell anyone Paige.  She's not sure what she's going to do yet.

Paige-  She's having it.

Marco-  What?

Paige-  She's known for how long now that she's pregnant?  And then she told me that she didn't want to get an abortion.

Marco-  Just because she said that...

Paige-  Come on Marco, it's Ellie.

Marco-  You don't know what you're talking about Paige.  Me and Ellie talked about her options.  You don't know what you're talking about.  (He leaves.)



(Spinner is sitting at a table when Jay walks over...)

Spinner-  Dude.  Don't.

Jay-  Alex wants back with me.

Spinner-  Yeah.  Whatever.

Jay-  We slept together.

Spinner-  What?

Jay-  She's just using you.

Spinner-  (Stands up.)  Do you have a death wish?

Jay-  I'm your friend.

Spinner-  (Spinner pushes Jay.)  Friends don't sleep with friend's girlfriends.

Jay-  I was drunk.

Spinner-  You're lying.  You're trying to get back at me for picking Alex over you.

Jay-  Dude, you're just going to get hurt.

Spinner-  Why do you care?  Why do you keep bothering me?  Why do you keep bothering Alex?  I know you're still into her.

Jay-  Spinner, you're my friend.  She's my ex.

Spinner-  What does that have to do with anything?

Jay-  I want her back.  And you're standing in my way.

Spinner-  You think if you break us up she'll go running back to you?  (Jay doesn't respond.)  She hates you.  She can't stand you.

Jay-  Then why did she sleep with me when you two were still together?  (Spinner pushes Jay to the ground.  He starts to punch him.  Jay starts fighting back.  Amy runs over.)

Amy-  Are you guys crazy?  Stop fighting.  (She pulls Spinner off of Jay.)  Semester’s almost over and you two idiots are going to get expelled?  (Jay wipes blood off of his lip.  Spinner shakes Amy off of him and walks away.)  What are you thinking?

Jay-  I want Alex back.

Amy-  And fighting Spinner's going to get her?

Jay-  Love makes you do crazy things.



(Alex is standing at her locker when Spinner walks over...)

Alex-  What happened to you?

Spinner-  You and Jay.

Alex-  What are you talking about?

Spinner-  You slept with him you slut.

Alex-  Says who?

Spinner-  Jay.

Alex-  What?  And you're going to believe him?  (Spinner doesn't respond.)  He's crazy.  He wants me back and he just wants to break us up.

Spinner-  Is it true?

Alex-  Is what true?

Spinner-  Did you sleep with Jay?

Alex-  I have.  (Pauses.)  What does that have to do with us?  (Pauses.)  He's screwing with your head, okay?  Just chill out.  (She walks away.)


[Ellie is sitting in the library when Paige walks over.  Ellie looks at her...]

Ellie-  I'm studying.

Paige-  I know.

Ellie-  Then why are you bothering me?  Move along.

Paige-  I heard.

Ellie-  You heard what?  (Paige looks at her stomach.  Ellie puts her hand over her stomach and looks at Paige.)  It's not a big deal.  (Paige sits down.)

Paige-  (softly.)  It's not a big deal?  What are you talking about?  It's huge.

Ellie-  Paige...

Paige-  (loudly.)  You and Marco.  (softly.)  You and Marco are having a baby.  How is that not a huge deal?

Ellie-  Because it's not.

Paige-  (Softly.)  Are you keeping it?

Ellie-  What?

Paige-  (Softly.)  You're what?  Three months into it?  You have to have some idea what you're doing.

Ellie-  (Softly.)  It's a hard decision to make Paige.

Paige-  (Softly.)  I know.  (Pauses.)  And I think that you already made it.

Ellie-  You have no idea what’s going on.  (She picks up her books and starts to walk out of the library...)

Paige-  I know enough to know you're lying.  (Ellie turns around.)

Ellie-  What is your deal?

Paige-  I don't want my friend to get hurt!

Ellie-  Get hurt?  The only one who's hurt is me.  (She walks out of the library.)


[Down the hall...]

(Ellie is walking down the hall with tears in her eyes.  She opens her locker and Paige walks over to her...)

Paige-  I'm only trying to help.

Ellie-  Help?  Help?  You want to help?  (Paige nods.)  Then...(softly.)  You be the one who's pregnant.  (She shuts her locker and walks away.)


[At the dot...]

(Marco is sitting at a table when Dylan walks in and over to him...)

Dylan-  Hey.  (He kisses him.  He sits down.)

Marco-  What are you doing here?

Dylan-  What do you mean what am I doing here?  We agreed to meet for lunch remember?

Marco-  Oh.  Yeah.  Sorry.  Preoccupied.

Dylan-  Oh.  Exams?

Marco-  Yeah.  Exams.


[Back at school...]

(Ellie is sitting down when Alex walks over to her...)

Alex-  You have some nerve.

Ellie-  I have nerve?

Alex-  Where do you get off saying what I'm doing is wrong?

Ellie-  It is wrong.

Alex-  Why?  I haven't slept with him since.  I'm exclusive with Spinner.

Ellie-  Then why are you letting Jay bother you?

Alex-  I'm not.

Ellie-  Yes you are.  You're still into him.  (She stands up and starts yelling.)  And what's worse is that Spinner cares about you more than Jay ever would and you still slept with Jay!  (Alex looks furious.)  What?  You going to hit me?

Spinner-  You lied to me?  (Ellie turns around.)

Alex-  It's not what you think.

Spinner-  You lied to me.  (Alex walks over to Spinner.)

Alex-  But I care about you.  (She tries to hug him but he pushes away.)

Spinner-  Forget you whore.  (He walks away.)

Ellie-  Now you can go be with Jay without worrying about anyone's feelings.  (She walks off.)


[Outside the dot...]

(Marco is walking with Dylan...)

Marco-  I better get back to class.  I have an exam.

Dylan-  I know.  You told me.

Marco-  Yeah.

Dylan-  Good luck.  (He kisses him.  He walks away.  Marco walks down the street when he's sees Paige in the distance.)

Paige-  Lunch date with my brother?

Marco-  Lunch date with my boyfriend.

Paige-  Did you tell him yet?

Marco-  Tell him what?

Paige-  Tell him what?  Are you seriously asking me that?

Marco-  Ellie still hasn't decided what she wants to do.  Until then, I figure I might as well not upset Dylan, until I know for sure.

Paige-  What?  If she doesn't keep it, you're just never going to tell?

Marco-  I told him I slept with her.  Isn't that enough?

Paige-  You got her pregnant.

Marco-  I know.  But does that mean I have to ruin my relationship with Dylan?

Paige-  Why are you being so selfish about this?  Ellie's the one who's pregnant and you're acting like it's going to make this huge impact on your life.

Marco-  It is.

Paige-  No it's not.

Marco-  She might not even have the kid.

Paige-  She might.

Marco-  Paige...

Paige-  Marco, stop being such a jerk.  You act like this only affects you.  She's the one who's going to get fat.  She's going to have to sideline her dreams.  She's ultimately going to have to be the one to care for the kid.  And just because you don't want her to have it doesn't mean she's not going to.  When you go off to university, she's going to have a kid.

Marco-  And I'll always know that I'm responsible for that.  And I can't handle that.  (He starts to cry.)  I can't handle being a dad.  I can't handle having a kid.  I can't.  (Paige hugs him.)

Paige-  Marco...

Marco-  And, I know I can't handle this.  But I can't lose Ellie.  She's my best friend.  She'll always be my best friend.  I have to be her best friend.


[In class...]

(Ellie is taking an exam.  We see the next aisle over that Marco is taking the same exam.  Marco looks over at Ellie.  He sees that she was looking at him.  She quickly looks away.  She quickly finishes her exam, gets up, and walks to the desk and turns in the paper.  She quickly runs out of the room.  Marco gets up and turns in his exam and goes after her...)


[In the hall...]

(Ellie is running down the hall and runs into the girl's bathroom.  Marco follows her.  He stops in front of the girl's washroom door...)

Marco-  You can't run away from me Ellie.  We need to talk.  (Pauses.)  I'll wait until you come out.  (He stands still for a few minutes and Ellie walks out.)

Ellie-  I wasn't running from you.  I had to vomit.  You know, morning sickness.

Marco-  It's mid-afternoon.

Ellie-  I get it all day.  (She starts walking down the hall.  Marco follows her.)

Marco-  That's it.  That's all you have to say?

Ellie-  What else could I possibly have to say?

Marco-  That you came to a decision.

Ellie-  Marco...

Marco-  Ellie.  It's my kid too.  And, I'm going to be here for you, no matter what.

Ellie-  What about Dylan?

Marco-  What about him?

Ellie-  Won't this just ruin everything?  Your plans to move in together?  Your plans for university?  Your plans for anything?

Marco-  Yeah they will.

Ellie-  So why do you want to know so badly if I'm keeping it.

Marco-  Because I did this to you.  I have to take responsibility.  Even if I don't want to.

Ellie-  That's supposed to make me feel better?  You’re taking responsibility because you have to?

Marco-  No.  I'm taking responsibility because I care about you.  (Pauses.)  I may not be ready to be a dad.  I may not be ready for adult responsibility, but I care about you to much to make you handle it on your own.  I care too much about you to let you hate me for anything.

Ellie-  I know.

Marco-  And I don't mean to pressure you to come to a decision or anything.  It's just...I hate seeing you in pain.  I hate seeing you having to leave a room and go throw up.  I hate seeing you looking miserable.  I'd like to know that it's not for nothing or not.

Ellie-  Double negative.  You lost me.

Marco-  I don't want you to suffer any longer if you're just not going to go through with it.

Ellie-  Okay.

Marco-  And if you need to talk, ever.  You know you can talk to me right?  (Ellie nods.)  Okay.  (He hugs her.)  I got to go study for another exam.  (He starts to walk away.)

Ellie-  Marco...

Marco-  Yeah.

Ellie-  I can't do it.

Marco-  You can't do what?

Ellie-  I can't get an abortion.

Marco-  You can't?

Ellie-  I know we've talked about it.  (She tears up.)  And I know that you don't want to ruin my life, but I can't do it.  I can't have that hanging over my head for the rest of my life.  (Marco hugs her.)

Marco-  Ellie...Don't worry about it.  We'll work it out.  There's always adoption.  And if you don't want to do that, we could always raise the kid.

Ellie-  But...

Marco-  We have like seven months to figure out what to do.

Ellie-  I'm scared Marco.


[At the Dot...]

(Spinner is standing behind the counter.  Alex walks in...)

Alex-  Can we talk for a minute?

Spinner-  I'm working.

Alex-  Then I'll be a customer.

Spinner-  I don't want to talk to you.

Alex-  I screwed up.

Spinner-  You screwed something.

Alex-  You've never made a mistake?  I know you have.

Spinner-  You're still into Jay.

Alex-  What?

Spinner-  Everyone knows it.  You're always talking in the hallways.  I was stupid enough to believe that maybe you could put those feelings aside, but you can't.  Or you won't.

Alex-  I'm not into Jay.

Spinner-  Then why did you sleep with him?

Alex-  It was months ago.  Before we ever had sex.

Spinner-  Then why didn't you tell me that.

Alex-  I tried.  You didn't want to hear it.

Spinner-  So?  When has that ever stopped you?

Alex-  I'm not into him.

Spinner-  Were you ever into me?

Alex-  What?

Spinner-  You were always holding back.  You never really wanted to be with me.  I was always just an excuse.

Alex-  You're not serious.

Spinner-  Neither were you.  You just dated me to get back at Jay.  Guess what?  The only person you hurt was me.  I guess I deserve it though.  For all of the stuff I've done.

Alex-  Don't try and get me to pity you.

Spinner-  I could care less what you think.  I have tables to serve.  (He walks away.)



(Alex walks out of the dot.  Jay sees her and walks over to her...)

Jay-  Heard about you and Spinner.  Bummer.

Alex-  Whatever.

Jay-  I'm truly sorry for your loss.

Alex-  You got what you've wanted all along.  You happy?  You ruined the first healthy relationship I've ever had just so you could have your wicked way with me.  But guess what?  I'm not with Spinner, and I'm still not getting back with you.  (She leaves.)


[At Paige's house...]

(Dylan is sitting on the patio when Marco walks outside...)

Dylan-  There he is?  (He gets up and kisses him.)  How did exams go?

Marco-  Okay.

Dylan-  What's wrong?  You okay?

Marco-  There's something I have to tell you.

Dylan-  What?

Marco-  Remember how I told you that I sort of experimented?

Dylan-  Yeah.  With Ellie right?  That was months ago though, wasn't it?

Marco-  It was.  And, I wanted to be sure of everything before I told you.

Dylan-  Told me what?

Marco-  Don't be mad.  Please don't be mad.  I love you and would do anything for you.  I messed up though.  And I want to clean up my mess.

Dylan-  You're freaking me out.

Marco-  Ellie's pregnant.

Dylan-  You're joking?

Marco-  No.

Dylan-  Seriously?

Marco-  It's mine and she's going to have it.

Dylan-  You can't be serious.

Marco-  I so did not mean to hurt you.  That whole night was just the biggest mistake...(He starts to cry.  Dylan hugs him.)

Dylan-  We weren't together.  And it's not like you were cheating or like you even enjoyed it.  And, Ellie is like your best friend.  And, it beats having her being a surrogate later in life.

Marco-  That's not funny.

Dylan-  I know.  I'm trying.

Marco-  You don't have to be so understanding.

Dylan-  But I love you, and love means never having to say you're sorry.  So, don't be sorry.

Marco-  I had sex with someone else and got her pregnant, how can you not be mad?

Dylan-  Because I love you.  And, whatever you bring into the world, I'll love that too.  I always wanted to have kids.  Even if I'm just the other dad.  (Marco hugs him.)

Marco-  I love you.

Dylan-  I love you too.

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