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554 Obsession

Alex has succumbed to her desires again. Will Craig do the same?

At Manny's house...

(Manny walks outside and sees Craig standing there.  She walks over to him...)

Manny-  Thanks so much for this.  I really appreciate it.

Craig-  That's what friends are for.  (Pauses.)  You ready?

Manny-  I hope so.




At Jay's house...

(Jay is lying down when Alex wakes up.  She looks around.)

Alex-  Oh man.  I didn't just dream it.

Jay-  Huh?  (He sits up and looks at her.)

Alex-  Just go back to bed.  I have to leave.  (She gets out of bed.)

Jay-  What?  We were having fun.

Alex-  You were sleeping for the last eight hours. 

Jay-  Come on Alex.  Don't leave like this.  Don't get all high and mighty or whatever.

Alex-  Listen, last night was a mistake.

Jay-  It was a good mistake though.

Alex-  You're not suckering me in again.

Jay-  Oh come on.  You know it was.  Hot angry sex always is.

Alex-  And it won't be happening again.

Jay-  You said that last time.  And the time before that.

Alex-  I know.  But this time I mean it.

Jay-  Okay.

Alex-  I do.  It won't happen again.

Jay-  Alex, just admit it.  You want to be with me but you don't want people to judge you.  I get it, okay?  I'm bad for you.  I'm a bad guy.  Can we just move on from that?  I can try to be better.  You're too good to let go.

Alex-  My mom is probably worried about me.  (She leaves the room.)


At the Dot...

(Paige and Hazel are drinking coffee...)

Hazel-  So, this guy Dylan is setting me up with?  What do you know about him?

Paige-  He plays hockey and he's a business major.

Hazel-  What does he look like?

Paige-  Tall?  I'm not really sure hun.  It'll be fine.  You'll have fun with him and move on.

Hazel-  I know.  I'm just nervous.  It's been a while since I've been on a date.

Paige-  You'll do fine.  (Pauses.)  Tell you what, we can go shopping to find you a spectacular outfit.

Hazel-  Don't you have plans with Craig today?

Paige-  I don't think so.  Let me call him to double check though.  (She pulls out her phone and dials.)

Craig-  Hello?

Paige-  Hey honey.  I just wanted to check in.  See if we had plans or anything.

Craig-  No.  Nothing.  I gotta go though.

Paige-  You sound kind of nervous.  Everything okay?

Craig-  Yeah.  Everything's fine.  I'll talk to you later though.  I have to go.

Paige-  Okay.  (She hangs up.)

Hazel-  That was quick.  I was expecting a two hour conversation.

Paige-  Yeah, he's doing something.

Hazel-  Or someone.  (Paige glares at her.)  I'm kidding. 

Paige-  Well, it's not funny.

Hazel-  I'm sure he's just doing guy stuff or something.

Paige-  Yeah.  Let's go shopping, shall we?  (Paige and Hazel leave.)


Sean's house...

(Sean is in the kitchen when Emma walks in...)

Emma-  Did I hear my phone go off?

Sean-  Yeah.

Emma-  Who was it?

Sean-  Some guy.  (Emma nods.)  You know, it kind of sounded like Jimmy Brooks.  (Emma looks guilty.)  Is that who you're dating?

Emma-  Would that be bad?

Sean- It's not like we’re dating or anything.  Why would it matter?  (Emma shrugs.  They are silent for a moment.)

Emma-  I should probably head back to Toronto.  I'm sure Liberty doesn't want to stay at that hotel a second longer.  (Sean doesn't respond.)  Thanks for everything.  (She kisses him on the cheek.)  I really appreciate it.  (Emma walks towards the door.)

Sean-  So that's it?  You come back into my life for one night, and then you're gone?

Emma-  It's not like that and you know it.  (Pauses.)  Nothing's stopping you from coming back to Toronto.  Finish your senior year at Degrassi.  (Sean doesn't respond.)  But you don't really want to do that do you?

Sean-  You and Jimmy haven't even broken up yet and you’re trying to convince me to move back to Toronto for something that may never happen. 

Emma-  What?

Sean-  Don't do that.  You know exactly what I'm talking about.  You didn't just come out here to clear your head.

Emma-  What happened last night has nothing to do with us.

Sean-  Really?  Then why did you drive the four hours to come up here? 

Emma-  I should go.

Sean-  Why?  Why are you ignoring this?  (She doesn't respond.)  You know, that's exactly why I don't want to go back.  You'll make up with your boyfriend and it'll be like nothing ever happened.

Emma-  Nothing did happen.

Sean-  Yeah.  Sure.  Keep telling yourself that.   (She leaves.  Sean kicks the door.)


Jimmy's apartment...

(Jimmy is holding his phone when there is a knock on the door.  He answers it.  It's Ashley...)

Ashley-  Hey.

Jimmy-  Hey.

Ashley-  Can I come in?  (Jimmy nods and Ashley walks in.  Jimmy shuts the door behind her.  She sits down on the couch.)  About last night.

Jimmy-  You don't have to.  I know.

Ashley-  You know?

Jimmy-  I'm with Emma.  I shouldn't have kissed you.

Ashley-  Yeah.  Yeah.  (Pauses.)  Did you get a hold of her yet?

Jimmy-  No.  (Sighs.)  I called her though and a guy answered her phone.

Ashley-  You sure you didn't dial the wrong number?  Maybe it was a wrong number.

Jimmy-  I asked the guy if it was Emma's phone.  He said yes.

Ashley-  You don't think she...

Jimmy-  I don't know.

Ashley-  She probably didn't.  She's a good kid.

Jimmy-  A good kid that's been in rehab.  No telling what she's doing.

Ashley-  Don't do that.  You know she's better than that. 

Jimmy-  Yeah.  (They are silent for a moment.)

Ashley-  I better go.

Jimmy-  Go?  You just got here.

Ashley-  Yeah.  But I have stuff I have to go do.  I'll talk to you later though.  (She smiles meekly and leaves.)


At the mall...

(Paige and Hazel are looking at some clothes...)

Hazel-  You've been really quiet.  You okay?

Paige-  Yeah.  Fine.

Hazel-  I was just kidding before about Craig.  You know that, right?

Paige-  Yeah.  It's just...

Hazel-  What?

Paige-  I hate that I keep expecting the worst to happen.  Craig is my boyfriend, and I can't trust him.  Something's wrong with that.

Hazel-  Yeah.  But you guys have fun together.  You guys are a good couple.  You guys work.

Paige-  Maybe it's me.  Maybe I just can't trust guys.  I mean, look at how it ended with Spinner.  And then Matt.

Hazel-  Well...

Paige-  What?

Hazel-  You shouldn't have trusted either of them.  Spinner wanted out.  And Matt was scum.  You were way too trusting in those relationships.  Maybe that's why you can't trust Craig, because you don't want to get hurt again.

Paige-  Maybe.  (Hazel holds up a dress.)

Hazel-  What about this?

Paige-  Totally not you hun.


At the courthouse...

(Manny is standing outside with Craig staring.)

Craig-  You know the trial starts in a half hour.  You'll have to go in soon.

Manny-  I know.  I'm just...I'm scared.  What if nothing happens to him?

Craig-  He'll get what's coming to him.  Come on.  Let's go in.  (Manny and Craig walk in.)


In the court...

(Manny and Craig walk in.  They see Peter standing at the front of the court room.  Peter looks at Manny and smiles.  Manny looks nervous.  Craig grabs her hand.)

Craig-  It'll be okay.  (Manny nods and they walk further in.)


At a hotel...

(Emma walks to a door and knocks on it.  Liberty opens the door...)

Liberty-  It's about time.

Emma-  Sorry.  (She starts to walk away and Liberty follows her.)

Liberty-  That's it?  Sorry.  Emma, you ditched me last night and then you take forever to get here.

Emma-  I didn't ditch you.  You didn't want to go to Sean's last night.

Liberty-  He was your ex.  If I had gone, who knows what I might have seen.  (Pauses.)  Did something happen?

Emma-  (Stops walking.)  No.  Nothing.  Why?

Liberty-  You seem really upset.

Emma-  You were right.  I shouldn't have come.

Liberty-  What happened?

Emma-  I reopened a door I should have left closed.

Liberty-  You and Sean?  You didn't...did you?

Emma-  I don't want to talk about Sean anymore.

Liberty-  You haven't even broken up with Jimmy yet.

Emma-  Liberty, do you honestly think that I cheated on my boyfriend?

Liberty-  No.  But I also didn't think you'd overdose on anti-depressants.

Emma-  I just want to go home.  (Liberty nods.)

Liberty-  Let's go then.


At Dylan's...

(Marco is sitting in the living room looking at catalogs when Dylan walks in...)

Dylan-  The ever confusing college catalog.  Never know what classes to take.  When to take them.  So overwhelming.

Marco-  Yeah.  (Sighs.)

Dylan-  Everything okay?

Marco-  Everything's fine.  Just forced to make choices I don't want to make. (Dylan sits down next to him and sees a Banting Catalog.)

Dylan-  Banting?

Marco-  Still deciding.

Dylan-  Don't you have to pay tuition soon?

Marco-  Yeah, but I still have no idea.

Dylan-  What are your other choices?

Marco-  Just one.  Here.

Dylan-  Oh.  (Pauses.)  Listen, Marco, if you choose Banting, we'll still be together.  It'll be okay.  And you can come back on weekends and visit.  It's only a three hour drive.

Marco-  What about Ellie?  She's having my baby.

Dylan-  I thought she was giving it up.

Marco-  School starts at the end of August.  She's due in September.  What if I'm not here to help her?

Dylan-  She'll forgive you.  This is your future.

Marco-  I feel like I have to stay here though.

Dylan-  You can if you want.  And then you can transfer to Banting later, if you want.  Don't do something because you have to.  Do it because it's what you want to do and it's right for you.

Marco-  Sometimes, I forget just how amazing you are.  (He kisses him.)

Dylan-  Let me remind you.  (They kiss.)


At the prison...

(Toby is sitting when J.T. walks over to him...)

J.T.-  Hey.

Toby-  Between you and Ashley visiting I barely have time to spend in my cell.

J.T.-  Is that a bad thing?

Toby-  No.  I'm just saying.

J.T.-  Me and Liberty, I don't think it's going to work.

Toby-  Why not?

J.T.-  It's just...we're not...we don't have it anymore.  We aren't us.

Toby-  Does she know that?  (J.T. shrugs.)

J.T.-  I don't know.  But, I came here to see how you are doing.  How is it here?

Toby-  Hasn't really changed.  (Pauses.)  I hate it.  You never really think about prison when you're not in it.  It's this place full of awful people who did terrible things, not kids who made stupid mistakes.

J.T.-  Yeah.  It's weird knowing you're in here.  At least you get to see cool fights and stuff.

Toby-  The fights aren't cool.  They're scary.  It's like survival of the fittest and I'm not going to survive.

J.T.-  You only have a month and a half left.  No one killed you yet.  You'll be fine.

Toby-  (Tears up.)  I'm really scared.  You wake up here and it's not like home.  You wake up and wonder if today is going to be your last.  You wake up and wonder if you're really as bad as everyone else.  There are some truly evil people here and I wonder if I'm like them and that's why I'm here.

J.T.-  You're not like that.  You just screwed up.

Toby-  You have too.  You know, you got to experience so much more than I have.  You got to date more than one girl.  You got to have sex.  You had a date to prom.  What have I done in my life?  Nothing.

J.T.-  Well, when you get out, you can fix that.

Toby-  I don't know if I can.  What if I'm destined to nothing.

J.T.-  Well, if you think like that you are.

Toby-  I don't know anymore.


At the dot...

(Spinner is serving tables when Alex walks in and sits down.  Spinner walks over to her...)

Spinner-  Listen, about last night.  I'm sorry.

Alex-  I bet you’re sorry.

Spinner-  I got nervous.  I mean, with the (Softly.)  AIDS thing.

Alex-  (Softly.)  The AIDS thing?

Spinner-  I know that I can't get it twice and everything but it's just making me nervous.

Alex-  What?  You think you're going to catch ebola or something if you have sex with me again?

Spinner-  No.  I'm just saying.  What I did wasn't right and I'm sorry.

Alex-  I came in here hating you.  I wanted to just slap you in the face.  You keep abandoning me Spin.

Spinner-  I'm sorry.

Alex-  I had to come in here to get you to apologize to me.  You didn't even have the courage to come to my house and apologize.

Spinner-  I'm apologizing now.  (Alex stands up.)

Alex-  I know.  And you know what?  It's not enough.  I thought I wanted to be with you.  I thought you loved me.  But I was wrong.

Spinner-  All because I didn't sleep with you last night?

Alex-  (Softly.)  Because you lied to me about taking the test.  There's a lot I can forgive you for, but the fact that you weren't even man enough to take the test and then act like you had and that you were there for me.  That's way worse than anything I've ever done to you.

Spinner-  Worse than sleeping with your ex-boyfriend and then giving me AIDS?  (Alex slaps him.  She leaves in tears.)


Emma's house...

(Emma pulls up and walks inside.  Spike is standing there...)

Spike-  Where have you been?  I've been worried sick.

Emma-  I told you I'd be home.

Spike-  Well not answering your phone made me nervous.  Where did you go?

Emma-  With Liberty on a car ride.

Spike-  To where?

Emma-  Wasaga Beach.

Spike-  What for?

Emma-  We needed to clear our heads.

Spike-  Why?  What's going on Em?  (Emma walks over to the couch and sits down.)

Emma-  I'm not happy.  (Spike walks over and sits down next to her.)

Spike-  Did something happen with you and Jimmy?

Emma-  I saw him flirting with ex-girlfriend and I think he wants to break up with me.

Spike-  Oh Em.  (She hugs her.)  I'm sorry.

Emma-  It's okay.  I'm okay with it.  I just hate being rejected.

Spike-  Everyone does.

Emma-  Why is it that I'm not good enough for anyone?

Spike-  What?  You're perfect.

Emma-  No I'm not.  I keep screwing up.  I keep getting dumped.  What is so wrong with me that I can't keep a relationship going?

Spike-  Emma, relationships take practice.  You're only 17.  You have time to find someone for you.

Emma-  I saw Sean.

Spike-  Sean Cameron?  (Emma nods.)

Emma-  I miss him.

Spike-  You miss him?  (Emma nods.)  You guys broke up like three years ago.

Emma-  I know.

Spike-  Does he miss you?

Emma-  I never know what's going on in the boy's head.

Spike-  Emma, you and Sean didn't really work, did you?  You guys changed. 

Emma-  I know.  I can't help that I still have feelings for him though.

Spike-  Are they feelings for him or are they feelings for the past?

Emma-  What do you mean?

Spike-  You've had a tough year, maybe you just want things to go back to normal like they were when you were with Sean.

Emma-  Would that be a bad thing?

Spike-  It's never going to be the same Em.

Emma-  (Tears up.)  I want it to be though.  (Spike hugs her.)

Spike-  Em.  It'll be okay.  (Emma nods as Spike continues to hug her.)


At the Dot...

(Ellie is sitting at a table when Ashley walks in.  Ashley walks over to her...)

Ashley-  Hey.

Ellie-  What are you doing here?

Ashley-  Getting something to eat.

Ellie-  I meant, here, as in Toronto.

Ashley-  Oh.  (She sits down.)  Toby's in jail, so I'm being the supportive sister and I came back.

Ellie-  I didn't say you could sit down.

Ashley-  Ellie...

Ellie-  Seriously Ash.  (Ashley stands up.)  How long have you been back?

Ashley-  A few weeks.

Ellie-  A few?

Ashley-  Four or Five.

Ellie-  And you didn't call me.

Ashley-  I didn't think you'd want to talk to me.

Ellie-  You would have been right.  Why didn't you call me back?

Ashley-  We didn't really keep in touch.  I didn't know what to say to you.

Ellie-  I was going through a really rough time.  I needed someone to talk to.  You should have called me back.  That's what friends do.

Ashley-  Well, I guess I'm not a very good friend then.  (Ellie doesn't respond.)  What?  Are you just going to ignore me?  I'm here now.  We can talk now.

Ellie-  Maybe I'll wait seven months before I talk to you again.  You know, like you did.

Ashley-  Ellie...

Ellie-  Bye Ashley.  (Ellie stands up and walks away.  Ashley looks stunned.  Spinner walks over.)

Ashley-  Ellie looks different.

Spinner-  Cause she's pregnant.  (Spinner picks up some dishes and walks off.  Ashley looks stunned.)


Outside Craig's house...

(Craig and Manny are walking...)

Manny-  I really appreciate this.  You have no idea, what this means to me.

Craig-  Anything I can do to help.  (They are silent for a moment.)

Manny-  I'm really scared he won't get what's coming to him.

Craig-  He will.  Your lawyer said that you had a really strong case.

Manny-  I know.  I just have a bad feeling.

Craig-  It'll be okay.  (Pauses.)  You didn't have to walk me home.

Manny-  I know.  I just, I didn't want to be alone just yet.

Craig-  Did you want to come in?

Manny-  I'm sure Paige wouldn't be too crazy about that.

Craig-  What she doesn't know...

Manny-  It's okay.  I should probably be getting home anyway.  It's been a long day.  (She hugs him.)  Thanks for everything.  (She smiles and walks off.  Craig watches her.  He walks inside.)


Inside Craig's house...

(Craig walks in...)

Craig-  Joey?  Caitlin?  I'm home.  (He picks up a note and reads...)  Went to look at dinner halls for wedding.  Then dinner.  Angie at grandma's.  We'll be back around ten.  (He crumbles up the paper and throws it.  He walks into the garage.  Paige is standing there.)  Paige?  How did you get in?

Paige-  Key.  (Holds up a key.)  Remember?

Craig-  What's wrong?

Paige-  Why did I see you hug Manny Santos outside?

Craig-  She hugged me.

Paige-  That makes it better?

Craig-  She was thanking me--

Paige-  (Interrupting.)  For cheating on me with her?

Craig-  I'm not cheating.

Paige-  Then what were you doing with your ex?

Craig-  She's going through a rough time.  Some guy tried to rape her a couple months back and I was trying to be supportive.

Paige-  Yeah.  Sure.  Okay.  I buy that.

Craig-  It's the truth.  Nothing's going on.

Paige-  You know Craig, I really care about you.  I just don't feel like I can trust you.

Craig-  I don't know why.  I've been totally loyal to you the entire time we went out.

Paige-  Even when you kissed Manny?  When you didn't tell me you were spending the whole day with her?  If you keep hiding things, next thing I know you're going to sleep with her and I'll be left heartbroken again.

Craig-  You're acting crazy.

Paige-  If you loved me you wouldn't be hiding everything from me.

Craig-  I'm not hiding anything from you.

Paige-  Then why are you spending all your free time with Manny?

Craig-  I'm not.

Paige-  Seems like it.

Craig-  Paige, it seems like you just are looking for a reason to break up with me.  And if that's what's going on, then you don't need a reason.  Just dump me and get it over with so we can both move on.

Paige-  I don't want to break up with you.

Craig-  You’re constantly snapping at me.  You keep jumping to crazy conclusions.  You won't talk to me about our problems.  There's no reason for me to think that you want to stay with me.  (Pauses.)  I want to be with you Paige.  I love you.  Not Manny.  Not Ashley.  Not Tyra Banks.  No one else but you.  I don't know how many times I can say it before you believe me. 

Paige-  (She hands him his key.)  I want this to work, but I don't know if I'm ready to make it work.

Craig-  What's that mean?

Paige-  Craig, we're over.  (Paige takes a deep breath.  She starts to walk out.)

Craig-  Paige... (Paige stops walking and turns around.)

Paige-  (Tears up.)  What Craig?  (Craig walks over to her and kisses her passionately.)

Craig-  We can try and make this work.  I want to be with you.

Paige-  I need time.  I hate that I'm this jealous girlfriend.  And I can't trust you.

Craig-  I'll wait for you.  (They kiss again.)

Paige-  Bye Craig.  (She leaves.  Craig collapses on to the couch.)

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