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518 - Love Changes Everything (II)

Production Code: 518

Air Date: 02 Sept 2005

Episode Title: Love Changes Everything (II)

Summary:  Abby finally confronts Sean on all that he did to her.


[At the Dot…]

(It’s a few hours later, and Abby is bustling around the restaurant, obviously seething. Spinner’s working at the counter, looking dumbfounded and worried. As she storms by him, he attempts to calm her down.)

Spinner: Abby – are you okay?

(She slams a plate down in front of a customer, who looks scared.)

Spinner: Because you should probably chill out a little –

(She smashes a chair into a table while cleaning up an empty table.)

Spinner: Seriously – you’re freaking the customers out –

(Abby turns to him, her face filled with rage.)


(Spinner shrugs, defeated.)

Spinner: Um, sure?

(Abby stomps over to the counter to drop off some dirty dishes. Unable to hold her rage in, she turns to Spinner.)


(Spinner flinches as Abby turns around to go clean up another table. Spinner, who thinks he knows the cause of Abby’s anger, tries again to comfort her.)

Spinner: Listen, Abby – I know what happened to us sucked. A lot. But – but – I thought it was mutual. And you’ve got to know I still care about you and stuff – it’s just that Darcy –

(Abby, holding a stack of dirty plates, turns to Spinner incredously.)

Abby: You think this is about you?

Spinner: Um, yeah?

(Abby huffs and rolls her eyes.)

Abby: I can’t believe this! I effing can’t believe this!

Spinner: Who – who else could it be about?

Abby: Our break-up pales in comparison to what I’m fuming about, Spin! Something big happened! Something horrible! Something that is way crappier than the fact that you are dating a – a – a Jesus-obsessed tenth grade cheerleader!

(It takes a second for Spinner to comprehend. Once he does, he grows offended.)

Spinner: Darcy isn’t – she isn’t – just because she’s Christian

Abby: I just can’t believe he had the nerve to come back! After what he did – after how he left? What did he expect? Did he seriously think I was going to welcome him back with open arms? Did he think I was just going to forget everything that happened?

(Spinner is majorly confused at this point.)

Spinner: Um – are we still talking about Jesus…?

Abby: Sean Cameron. That’s who we’re talking about.

Spinner: Sean Cameron? Isn’t he in Wasaga Beach?

Abby: Not anymore. That bastard.

(Comprehension dawns on Spinner’s face.)

Spinner: Oh – oh –

Abby: Yeah. Oh.

Spinner:  He’s been gone forever, dude! How is he?

Abby: As if I care?

Spinner: Why’d he leave, anyway? I never got that. One day he was just here and the next – poof! Back at the trailer park.

Abby: Seriously!

(Abby cleans the counter angrily. Spinner leans against the counter.)

Spinner: Well, someone’s a little bitter.

Abby: Someone is just angry that my past felt the need to spring back up into my life after I’d already gottten over it.

Spinner: You don’t sound very over it to me.

Abby: Of course I’m over him! I put Sean behind me a long time ago. I dated you, didn’t I?

Spinner: Yeah – and I totally get it now – I was the desperate rebound!

(Abby smiles and rolls her eyes.)

Abby: Hardly. You were – you were – the guy who renewed my faith in the male gender. You saved me, Spin. I’ll never forget that.

(They smile at each other.)

Spinner: So you still love him, don’t you?

Abby: What? What? Are you kidding?

Spinner: I just get the feeling if I left town and came back a year later, you wouldn’t be acting quite the same way as you are with Cameron.

Abby: Yeah, well, you’re wrong.

(Spinner shrugs.)

Spinner: Whatever you say.

(Abby is offended. She whacks Spinner with a dish towel.)

Abby: Just go pray with Darcy or something, okay?

(Spinner’s mouth drops open in shock. Abby smirks at him as she goes to clean a table.)

[End of Scene]


[On the road…]

(Sean is trudging along, depresssed, when he hears a loud car honk. Jay skids to a stop next to Sean, grinning at his old friend. Sean grins back as Jay jumps out of the car.)

Jay: Yo, Cameron!

Sean: Jay!

(They man hug.)

Sean: It’s been too long, man.

Jay: So what are you doing here? Couldn’t resist coming back to cause trouble with your old pal Jay?

(Sean laughs.)

Sean: Actually, my parents got transferred and they dragged me along.

Jay: It’s too bad. Toronto? Not exactly the biggest party central. Now Wasaga…That’s some hardcore shit right there!

Sean: I wouldn’t know.

Jay: Dude, what are you talking about? You were there! And, dude, I want all the details – all  the nasty hookups –

Sean: I didn’t hook up with anyone, Jay.

Jay: Then what did you do?

(Sean looks slightly embaressed. He knows what he is about to say will not go over well with Jay.)

Sean: I – I – I studied. I brought most of my marks up in school. I’m thinking of maybe going to college, you know?

(Jay laughs, thinking Sean is joking, but Sean just stares blankly at him.)

Jay: So – wait – you’re actually serious?

Sean: Yeah.

Jay: Correct me if I’m wrong – you just spent over a year in Wasaga Beach, party capital of Ontario, without a single note home, or a call, or anything! And you spent it studying?

(Sean shrugs.)

Sean: Pretty much.

Jay: You’re shitting me. You have got to be shitting me.

Sean: So I’ve cleaned up my act, Jay – what’s so horrible about that?

Jay: Uh, everything?

Sean: My priorities have just shifted, that’s all.

(Jay stops walking.)

Jay: What’s up with you, dude?

(Sean’s beginning to get angry.)

Sean: What’s up with me? What’s up with you?

Jay: Since when did you give a fuck about school? You’ve changed, man.

Sean: Yeah, well, you know what, Jay? You haven’t.

(Sean turns around and begins to storming away. Halting, he turns back around.)

Sean: Oh, and good job giving Alex gonorrhea, asshole!

(Sean starts to walk away – Jay shouts after him.)

Jay: At least I didn’t force my girlfriend into an overdose!

(Sean turns his head and looks at Jay, confused. Jay smirks.)

Jay: But hey – I’m just the asshole who gives people STDs. What do I know?

(Jay smirks and walks away, leaving Sean incredibly puzzled.)

[End of Scene]


[At School…]

(The next day, Sean is walking into the building. He passes Amy, who lights up at the sight of him and begins to follow him into the foyer.)

Amy: Sean! Hey! I didn’t know you were back!

(Sean turns around. He is indifferent at the sight of Amy.)

Sean: Yeah. Well. I am.

(Sean turns to leave; Amy chases after him.)

Amy: Listen, Sean – I’m having a party tonight, over at my place. Gonna get pretty wild. You can come, if you want. I can show you how much I missed you –

(Sean rolls his eyes as Amy squeezes his hand.)

Sean: Sorry, but I already have plans.

(Sean hurries away before Amy can say anything. Amy looks confused and offended.)

[End of Scene]


[At School…]

(Abby is sitting with Emma and Manny in the MI lab. Abby’s head is buried in her arms.)

Abby: He better leave me alone today.

Emma: If he’s smart, he will.

Manny: All you have to do is live through Media Immersion. It’s the only class you have with him, right?

(Abby nods.)

Manny: And we’re just working on our projects today, anyway. You won’t have to talk to him.

(Abby sits up, suddenly alert.)

Abby: Oh right! Our projects! I completely forgot!

Emma: Are we still going to Liberty’s tonight to work on it?

Manny: Yeah, I talked to her before class. Six o’clock sharp. Shouldn’t take us longer than an hour to finish. Plenty of time to go home and call Craig!

(Manny grins as Sean walks into the room. Emma sees him first.)

Emma: Speak of the devil –

(Sean stops in front of the table where the three girls are sitting. They all glare at him, but he doesn’t move. There’s an awkward silence that’s interupted by Abby, who makes a disgusted face and stands up.)

Abby: I have to go to the bathroom –

Manny: Right behind you!

(Abby walks out of the room. Manny and Emma stand up, ready to follow her. Manny leaves, but before Emma can,  Sean grabs her arm and spins her around.)

Emma: Uh, sexual harassment?

(Sean ignores the comment and whispers, so no one else can hear.)

Sean: What happened to Abby after I left?

Emma: Since when do you care?

Sean: Since Jay told me that she OD’d.

Emma: Back in with Jay again, then? How great for you! Maybe you could go steal a laptop or something while I go console my friend

Sean: Emma, don’t be like this! I need to know.

Emma: The same way you needed to leave?

Sean: Was – was she okay? Was it because of me? Is there any way I can help?

Emma: No, not really!

(Emma begins to leave as Sean pleads one last time.)

Sean: She was my girlfriend, okay? I – I have a right to know!

Emma: I believe you gave up all those rights when you left for Wasaga.

Sean: I just want to know how she was – if she was okay or not! I deserve to know the truth –

Emma: You want the truth, Sean? Okay, fine! Abby wasn’t okay after you left. Actually, she was a complete wreck. She was so desperate to forget the fact that you abandoned her that she swallowed over ten anti-depressant pills in order to become happy again. They pumped her stomach, Sean. She nearly died. All because of you. That’s the truth.

(Sean doesn’t speak, he’s too shocked. Emma, still angry, continues.)

Emma: And I would appreciate it if you stopped attempting to talk to her and make up for all the crap you put her through. She’s having enough trouble forgetting what you did without you jumping in and making things ever harder. She doesn’t care about you anymore, Sean. No one does.

(Emma leaves. Sean backs away, still in shock. He sits down at a computer and sighs. Thinking for a moment, he opens up his buddy list. He clicks on the screename RebelChick69 and opens up an IM.)

whocares: amy?

Rebelchick69: what do u want sean

Whocares: u still having that party tonite? cuz my plans kinda fell through

Rebelchick69: yeah, o course see u there?

Whocares: sure

Rebelchick69: awesome ;)

(Sean closes the IM. Amy catches his eye from across the room and smiles seductively. Sean doesn’t look too happy.)

[End of Scene]


[At Amy’s House…]

(That night, Sean walks up the front steps of Amy’s. He hesitates slightly before ringing the doorbell. The door swings open to reveal Amy, already completely wasted. She shoots Sean a grin as she drunkenly embraces him.)

Amy: Seany! You made it!

(Sean awkwardly hugs her back as he steps into her house. The party is raging, with kids doing drugs and drinking and dancing all over the place. Sean looks around, a bit out of place.)

Sean: Yeah, I’m here.

Amy: Have a drink, Seany! We have everything! Help yourself!

(Amy drags Sean over to a table, where liquor and beer is laid out. Sean stares at it for a second before picking up a cup and a bottle of vodka.)

Sean: Not a party without it, right?

(Sean pours himself a cup and chugs it all down. Amy smiles at him.)

[End of Scene]


[At Liberty’s House…]

(Liberty, Manny, Abby, and Emma are sitting at Liberty’s kitchen table, working on their MI project. Sounds from Amy’s house, which is next door, can be heard. Liberty sighs, annoyed, and gets up to close the window.)

Emma: What’s going on over there?

Liberty: One of Amy’s drunken drug-filled raves.

Manny: Ew! I can practically hear the people throwing up.

Liberty: And on a school night, too!

Abby: There’s another good thing about not dating Sean. I don’t have to go to those anymore.

(Manny hits Abby in the arm affectinately.)

Manny: See? It’s easy to find the good in anything!

Liberty: (shudders) Towerz used to drag me to those glorified orgies, too. They were awful.

(Abby nods in agreement.)

Abby: A blur of weed and alcohol and threesomes.

Emma: (sarcastically) Good times.

(The girls all smile.)

[End of Scene]


[At Amy’s House…]

(Sean is sitting on Amy’s couch, chugging cup after cup of beer. Jay plops down next to him, holding a joint and looking content.)

Jay: Yo, dude, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you  be – (he takes a puff) – doing math problems right now or something?

(Sean, who is drunk, answers back.)

Sean: Nah, man. That’s – that’s – just not me – you know? I’m trailer trash. T-that’s what I’ll always be – t-trailer trash.

Jay: Join the club.

(Jay wraps an  arm around Sean’s shoulder and holds out the joint. Sean takes it and takes a puff.)

Sean: Everyone thinks so. Abby thinks so – Emma thinks so – even Mr. Simpson thinks I’m a loser –

Jay: You know what I think? I’ve said this to Spinner, before he found God or Moses or whatever, and now I’ll say it to you: they can all go to hell.

Sean: Hell! Yeah!

Jay: Who gives a fuck what Honor Roll thinks, anyway?

Sean: Yeah – yeah. Honor Roll. She’s –

(Sean stops talking. He looks sick.)

Jay: Yo – man – are you okay? You look like crap.

Sean: I just – I just – have to – you know –

Jay: Cleanse your stomach? You should do it outside, dude. In a bush or something. Come on.

(Jay gets up and begins to head outside. Sean drunkenly follows him.)

[End of Scene]


[At Liberty’s House…]

(The girls have finished their project and Manny, Emma, and Abby are leaving. Calling goodbye to Liberty, they walk out the door, giggling. They head towards their car but stop when someone calls hello to them.)

Jay: Hey – hey! Look, Sean, it’s Honor Roll! She’s got Greenpeace with her, too!

(The three girls turn around to find Jay sitting on the ground, still smoking his joint. Sean is bent over the bushes, retching. The girls are disgusted.)

Manny: You’re kidding me.

Abby: Let’s go –

(They head towards the car, but Jay gets up and runs over to them, smiling.)

Jay: What do you say you girls join in on the fun? There’s plenty of booze to go around!

Emma: Um, we’d rather not.

Jay: Oh, come on, Greenpeace. You and I used to have so much fun together!

Emma: (disgusted) I have a boyfriend.

Jay: So? I had a girlfriend.

Manny: This is so unbelievably nasty.

(Sean, done puking, stands up. He’s still wasted and out of it. Abby looks shocked to see him.)

Abby: Sean?

Sean: Abby – Abby – what are you d-doing here? You don’t b-belong at this party. This party is for – for – for trailer trash. You’re – you’re not trailer trash.

(Sean hiccups.)

Abby: You’re kidding me.

Manny: Dumbass!

Emma: We are so out of here.

(They begin to leave. Sean follows suit and stumbles towards his car.)

Sean: Y-yeah. I’m gonna go home, too. I got – I got stuff to think about.

(Abby stops, staring at Sean. Emma and Manny look at her questioningly.)

Abby: We can’t let him drive home like that – he’s completely wasted. He’ll kill himself.

Manny: Not that that would be a bad thing!

(Abby shoots her friend a look. Manny and Emma sigh.)

Emma: (grumbles) I guess you’re right.

Manny: (to self) He’s still a dumbass, though.

(Abby walks over to Sean, who’s searching in his pockets for his keys. She gently grabs his arm.)

Abby: Sean, how bout I give you a ride home?

(Sean looks at her in wonder.)

Sean: B-but – but – you hate me! I made you take all those p-pills –

Abby: And I’d hate you even more if you killed a kid. Come on. Let’s go.

(Abby drags Sean towards her car, where Emma and Manny are waiting.)

Emma: We’ll sit in back with him and direct his throw-up out the window.

Manny: Dumbass.

(Abby gets into the front seat. Manny and Emma help Sean into the back.)

Sean: I’ve missed you g-guys.

(Abby rolls her eyes.)

Abby: (to self) Dumbass.

(They drive off.)

[End of Scene]


[At Sean’s House…]

(Abby’s car pulls up into Sean’s driveway. Manny and Emma are still sitting with Sean. They’re covered in puke and don’t look happy.)

Manny: Sean is officially my least favorite person in the entire world!

Emma: It’s going to take at least five showers to get the puke stench to go away.

(Abby shoots a glare at Sean.)

Manny: We should just drop him on the sidewalk. Give the bastard what he deserves.

Emma: Take pictures!

Abby: That’s a bit cruel, don’t you think? I’ll just walk him inside.

 Manny: Good luck! Here’s hoping he’s done upchucking.

Abby: (smiles) Thanks.

(Abby climbs out of the car and goes to open the back door. Her two friends shove a half-asleep Sean at her. He stumbles and nearly collapses, but Abby wraps his arm around her shoulder and begins to lead him to the front door. She rings the doorbell, but no one answers. She tries to open the door – it’s open. She manages to support Sean as she slips inside. She walks past the living room and sees Sean’s mother passed out on the couch, liquor bottle in hand. Abby snorts.)

Abby: Stopped drinking, my ass.

(Abby walks into the kitchen, in search of Sean’s bedroom.)

Abby: So where’s your room, Sean?

(Sean blinks slowly at her. Abby rolls her eyes and continues down the hallway. She opens a door and finds Sean’s room. Leading him in, she gently lays him down on his bed.)

Abby: Sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite! (afterthought) Dumbass.

(Abby heads out the door. Sean sits up.)

Sean: D-don’t go.

Abby: What?

Sean: I love you, okay? Love. It’s a – it’s a – it’s a big word. I didn’t love Emma, or Amy. B-but I loved you.

(Abby’s expression softens. She turns around.)

Abby: Really?

(Sean nods eagerly.)

Sean: I thought about you a lot when I was in – (hiccup) – Wasaga.

Abby: (softly) Why didn’t you keep in touch, then, Sean?

Sean: B-because. I needed time by myself. For m-myself. I needed time f-for myself to be myself by myself. Y-you know?

(Abby raises her eyebrows.)

Abby: You’re really drunk, aren’t you?

Sean: Sort of. Not really. J-just a little.

(Abby sighs and walks over and sits down on Sean’s bed.)

Abby: What you did was really stupid, you know that?

Sean: Y-yeah, but I am stupid. Just like Manny said. A stupid dumbass.

(Abby looks at Sean sadly.)

Sean: A stupid dumbass who’s n-never going to g-go anywhere. I’m going to grow up to b-be an old stupid dumbass. I’ll never g-get into college –

Abby: Don’t say that! You can get into university if you just work hard. There’s scholarships for everything –

Sean: A big, stupid d-dumbass. That’s all I’ll ever b-be. Even you think so.

Abby: No, I don’t.

Sean: Yeah – yeah – yeah you d-do! You hate m-me.

Abby: I don’t hate you! I could – (Abby hesitates) – I could never hate you.

Sean: Then w-why did you yell at m-me?

Abby: Because, Sean. You hurt me.

Sean: I – I – I – I didn’t m-mean to. I’m s-sorry. Really, r-really sorry.

(Abby smiles. She gets up and wraps a blanket around Sean.)

Abby: Go to sleep, okay? I’ll see you tomorrow in school. Have pancakes for breakfast. That’s what Charlie always eats when he has a hangover.

(Sean nods.)

Sean: B-bye, Abby.

(Sean leans over and falls asleep. Abby heads towards Sean’s door. She stops at his dresser. There’s a picture of her stuck into his mirror. Abby’s smile grows wider as she touches the picture. She goes towards his door, pausing before she leaves.)

Abby: Bye, Sean.

(She walks out, gently closing the door.)

[End of Scene]


[At Abby’s House…]

(Later that night, Abby walks into her bedroom. She’s recently showered – her hair is wet and she’s in her pjs. Her clothes from that day are in a pile on her bed. Picking up her jacket, she sniffs it and makes a face.)

Abby: Still reeks of puke.

(Abby sits down at her computer to check her email messages. There’s one from Emma.)


(There’s another message – this one from Manny.)


(Abby closes both messages and sighs. She never told her friends about what Sean said when she dropped him off. Abby’s eyes suddenly light up with an idea. She goes to her desk drawer and begins pawing through all her crap. She digs and digs until she finds what she was looking for. Taking Sean’s crumpled letter out of the drawer, she smooths it out and places in front of her. She stares at it, thinking.)

Abby: I could open you. Maybe you’re enough reason for me to forgive Sean.

(Abby pauses, wondering.)

Abby: Or I could chuck you into the trash can. Nobody would ever have to know you even exsisted.

(Another pause.)

Abby: You’re probably just a bunch of crap excuses. I bet that’s it. What else could you be?

(Gulping, Abby picks the letter up. She holds it over her trash can.)

Abby: If I threw you away now, I’d never have to deal with whatever you say. I could just go on hating Sean for the rest of my life. That’d be easier, right? He hurt me. That’s all there is to it. I could just overlook what he said earlier. He was drunk, anyway. I can’t take that seriously.

(Abby pauses and gulps. She closes her eyes, and is ready to drop the letter. Suddenly, Lizby bursts into the room. Abby’s eyes shoot open and she clutches the letter in her fist.)

Lizby: Abby, hey! Finally get the smell to go away?

(Lizby spots Abby’s clothes and shudders.)

Lizby: Oh – God – it reeks in here – go put those in the washing machine!

(Abby isn’t really paying attention – she’s staring at the letter.)

Abby: I will in a minute.

(Lizby sits down on the edge of her bed, staring at her sister sadly.)

Lizby: What Sean said really got to you, huh?

Abby: He was stupid. He got wasted. That’s it.

Lizby: He got wasted and confessed his undying love for you.

Abby: So? He was wasted.

Lizby: So? He loves you.

(Abby spins around in her chair, still holding the letter.)

Abby: He can’t love me. If he loved me, he wouldn’t have left.

Lizby: He didn’t leave because of you! You were probably one of the reasons he considered staying.

(Abby snorts in contempt)

Lizby: Besides, so what? He makes one mistake and you hate him forever?

Abby: It’s was a really, really big mistake, Lizby.

Lizby: I think it was sort of a good thing – you know? Sean leaving gave you some time to be apart, live for yourself, discover who you were on your own. And what did you learn, exactly? Only that you two are completely meant –

Abby: I don’t know if I can just forgive him like that. So easily.

Lizby: Think of it this way: Has Sean ever done anything else to hurt you? Anything? Ever?

(Abby shakes her head.)

Abby: No. Never. He was – (smiles sadly) – he was the perfect boyfriend.

Lizby: Exactly. And he only proved his perfection by caring about you enough to come back for a second chance. Any other asshole would have hooked up with someone else by now!

Abby: I – I guess you’re right.

(Lizby stands up, confident she has convinced Abby.)

Lizby: Of course I am! The wiser older sister is always right when it comes to matters of the heart.

(Abby rolls her eyes good-naturedly.)

Lizby: And I am completely sure on this one – Sean loves you. In a big, big way. And deep down – (Lizby pokes Abby near her heart) – you know you love him back.

(Lizby exits as Abby thinks.)

Abby: Maybe she’s right. Maybe I should open you.

 (Looking around to check that no one is watching, she slowly begins to open it.)

[End of Scene]


[At Abby’s House…]

(It’s the next morning, and Abby is getting ready for school. She does the usual routine – pick out clothes, brush her teeth, get her backpack ready. All the while, Sean’s letter is sitting on her desk, his words replaying in her head.)


            Hey Abby –

            I’m sorry I haven’t gotten in touch with you sooner. My parents don’t have a working phone line and the post office is a good forty-five minutes away. It’s been a crazy week, and I haven’t really had time. Sorry for that.

            I’m sorry I left so quickly, too. I wish I could have given you more warning. I wish I could have given myself more warning. But I just had to leave. Degrassi – and everything that happened – was suffocating me. I had to get out of there.

            I needed my parents. You understand that, at least, right? I haven’t spoken to them in four years, and it’s about time I have some real parental figures in my life. Especially after everything that happened. I’m sick of being alone, Abby. It gets old fast.

            It’s important to me that I cut Degrassi and everyone in it out of my life. Even you. I don’t really want to, but I need time for myself, just to figure stuff out. I’m sorry.

            None of this changes how I feel about you. I still love you. A lot. Too bad we’re missing our one year anniversary, eh?

            I might be back. I don’t know when. Months, years.When I’m ready. Once I’ve gotten my life together. I’ll come back for you.

            I’m just realizing how fucking selfish I sound in this letter. All about me. I know it sucks. I sort of need time for me now, though, you know?

I’m sorry. For everything. I’m really, really sorry.

            I hope Jay remembers to give this to you. He really is a good guy, Abs. And he calls you Honor Roll because he likes you.

            I should go. Mom’s calling me for dinner. Pasta. Your favorite.

            Say hey to Emma and Toby and everyone for me.

            I love you.

            Don’t forget me.

– Sean

(Abby picks up the letter and looks at it for a second. Stuffing it in her pocket, she picks up her bag and heads out.)

[End of Scene]




[At Sean’s House…]

(Charlie and Abby, in their car on the way to school, pull up to Sean’s house. Charlie is complaining as Abby jumps out of the car.)

Charlie: Hurry up, we’re gonna be late for school! If I get another tardy, Kwan will skin me alive! I don’t even understand why we’re here. I thought you hated Cameron!

(Ignoring him, Abby dashes up Sean’s front walk. Charlie shouts after her.)

Charlie: And this car still smells like puke, by the way! And since it was your friend that got drunk, YOU’RE PAYING FOR THE CLEAN-UP JOB!

(Abby presses Sean’s doorbell multiple, desperate times. Sean answers the door, half asleep and still in his boxers. He’s shocked at the sight of Abby.)

Sean: Abby – what are you doing here?

(Abby looks at Sean, tears beginning to form in her eyes. She bites her lip and whispers.)

Abby: I – I – I read your letter.

(Sean still looks wary.)

Sean: And - ?

(Abby takes a deep breath.)

Abby: And – and I’ve decided that maybe – maybe I don’t hate you as much as I thought.

(Abby smiles, her eyes tearing. Slowly, Sean smiles back.)


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