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BIT Five

          A few weeks later the family dinner, Ashleigh and Craig started spending more time together, as a couple, more visits to Ashleigh’s house, where Sarah would try and make a move on Craig every second. Sarah had been hooked to his voice over the telephone and when he came over for the family dinner she was immediately hooked and tried her best just to get by his side. Time passed and it was nearing Christmas and there was a chance of a white one. “Joey.” Craig said as he sat at the table in his house. “Yeah?” he replied, “What do you think I should get Ashleigh for Christmas?”


“Well did you ask her?”


“Yeah, she kept on saying she didn’t want anything, in particular. She said having me was just enough…”


“By her a nice bracelet or necklace if she thinks you’re enough, or take her out to dinner or something.” Joey said as he took a seat at the table when the news bulletin for the snow appeared. “Four inches is suppose to fall from the sky at around 6:30 this evening…” read the news lady, then, Craig’s face lit up and he thanked Joey for the idea and left his house.


          “Craig where are we going?” Ashleigh asked as she was trying to keep herself warm in his car. “You’ll see.” He said as he kept on driving. “Craig…” she said trying to get an answer but he cut her off trying to tell her to be quite. Ashleigh rolled her eyes with a smile and let Craig drive her to the beach they went to the night of the party a while back. He parked the car right before the beached started and rush out of the car grabbing Ashleigh’s hand. “What are we doing?” she asked laughing as he pulled her to the hood of the car. “Craig, it’s so cold…” she said with a shiver, Craig smiled and leaned on the car pulling Ashleigh closer to plant a light kiss on her lips. “Look at the sky, what do you see?” he asked sliding back onto the car so he was laying down. “Stars…” she said looking up into them. “Good.” He said with a grin as he slid her up the hood, holding her close. “Craig…”she said complaining about the whether, “Shh…” he replied as he planted another light kiss on her lips. They sat there in each others arms for ten minutes before snow started to lightly flurry. Ashleigh grew a smile on her face and looked up at Craig and grew with an even bigger smile. She stared at him for a minute collecting her thoughts before she bit her lip and planted a light kiss on his lips and as she pulled away she looked him in the eye, the snow collecting on their bodies and the stars and moon as their only light, and for the first time told him that she loved him. “I love you.” He answered back.


          Ashleigh hoped into the back of the car pulling Craig in. She slid into the corner and waited for Craig to close the door, “What are we doing?” he asked laughing. Ashleigh smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck laying a deep and passionate kiss on him. She rolled her tongue over his as she pulled him down to the seat from the passion they felt between one another. Ashleigh slipped her scarf off pulling Craig closer to her as the kiss got heavier and harder. Craig ran his fingers through her damp hair and slid it down her arm to her waist and across to her belt buckle and stopped bringing his hand back up to her face. Ashleigh romantically dragged her arms down his chest and undid all his coat buttons and before she got the coat half way off when he pulled away from the kiss. “Wait.” He said pulling away further, “What?” she asked with a nervous laughter. “Ash, I don’t want to do this if you’re not ready.” He said, “I want to.” She said nodding her head yes. “Are you sure you’re ready?” he asked, “I’m ready if you are.” She said taking a deep breath, “Yeah.” He said nodding his head yes. “Okay.” She said with a light laugh and a smile before she pulled his face closer planting another deep and passionate kiss.


          Ashleigh pulled Craig back down on top of her as she made herself comfortable on the seat. Craig took his coat off, not letting go of the kiss, and quickly grabbed her face to hold as he made himself comfortable on top her. They felt a rush through one another when they’re bodies meet and their tongues interacted. Ashleigh slid her hands down to his pants as she took her time to take them off. Craig undid the buckle he stopped at before and slid it off her body in one quick movement, throwing it to the front seat. Still together by the kiss, Ashleigh slid her hands up his shirt as he too took his time to take her pants off.  Once her pants were off Craig stretched his hand over to the radio and Ashleigh’s Citizen Cope CD started playing. Ashleigh wrapped her legs around his waist and started moving up and down and making little circular motions with her hips to get Craig going. She took her hands out of Craig’s shirt and slipped his boxers off. Still in the passionate kiss they made themselves, again, comfortable in the car before Craig slipped her panties off.


          Craig slowly planted himself back on top of Ashleigh as she wrapped her legs back around his waist. Craig moved closer to Ashleigh, letting himself in, when they let go of the kiss and pressed their foreheads together. “You okay?” he whispered, she nodded her head yes and he slipped himself in deeper moving his hips up and down as she followed his pattern. Their body’s friction was causing the car windows to fog up as they made faster and quicker movements. Ashleigh teased him by almost slipping on and off of Craig’s penis. They moved faster as the car imitated their movements. The fire inside them was burning with passion. Craig took Ashleigh’s coat off before he let himself loose inside her. The explosion rushed through Ashleigh’s body causing her to through her head back with the grind that was sent up her back. The vibrations were soon swept away when he’d let himself completely go. They pulled away slowly, taking deep and heavy breathes. Craig light planted himself on top of Ashleigh, letting his head rest on her chest. Ashleigh took a deep breath as she ran her fingers through his hair. Craig could hear and feel the heavy passť of her heart and she felt his along her stomach. Their hearts were pounding in unison so hard that they again felt as one.  

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