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Chapter Two

The entire senior class + Marco's house = Party! But Marco was right, it wasn’t anything too crazy, they were all so mature now. Amber was playing with JT and Liberty's kid, since they were around the same age now. Chris was talking to Spinner, who was now the proud owner of ten mini-golf courses in Canada. Ellie was talking to Alex and Paige...


Paige: So you work with Caitlin? You are so lucky.

Alex: What do you do, Paige?

Paige: I design clothes. Have you heard of the fashion line, Unique, Hot, Cool? That's me and Emma.

Ellie: Sounds pretty successful to me... But to be honest, I would think that Emma would choose a career in environmental issues.

Alex: Greenpeace?

Paige: No, Emma's pretty style-forward; I'm surprised at the talent she shows! It's amazing.

Alex: Right, I knew about the line, just didn't know you were behind it. It's actually the line we like to use the most at the magazine.

Ellie: Oh! You work at a magazine? That's great.

Paige: Yeah. *looks over Ellie's shoulder, someone was walking over to them* Oh, Craig! Hey...

Craig: Hey Paige, Alex. Ellie.

(Ellie looks away.)

Alex: I'll go. I haven't spoken to Marco yet.

Paige: And I'm going to see Ashley and Jimmy.

Ellie: ...

Craig: You can't hate me forever!

Ellie: *puts on a fake smile* Oh really? Just watch me...

Craig: You were right, okay? I did break up with you a few days after but you didn't have to keep Amber from me, you know. You should've told me about her. What happened?

Ellie: You mean after I found out I was pregnant? It was around graduation so I didn't have to worry about that, but I left Toronto... had Amber and attended UCLA were I met Chris. Caitlin has been great, she even took care of Amber while I was in class.

Craig: You make it sound like it was all my fault.

Ellie: You are so right, once again, it was Santa's!

Craig: But maybe if you told me about her, then it would've been different.

Ellie: What? You would've pretended to love me? Ha, funny. But I have someone I love now... Chris is the greatest; I've never felt this way before. He's the one, I can tell.


Those words sort of hurt Craig and he began to think. It's Karma, I hurt Ellie, now she's hurting me. But I guess her scars won't heal. I want to take part in Amber's life. After all, I'm her father! I wonder if she knows about me? If she wonders about her dad, who and where he is? Craig snapped out of his "me" moment and noticed Ellie was no longer standing in front of him, now she was over by Spinner and Chris... flirting with her boyfriend, fiancée, whatever! He remembered when they used to flirt like that, how mush she must've loved him and how much fun they had during the two short months they dated. Amber's definitely mine. Her hair for one, isn't the radiant red Ellie's was and not blond like Chris'. She had dark, curly hair and blue-green eyes. Those are mine. But she still looks like Ellie. Beautiful. Wait, I shouldn't thinking about Ellie, I love Ashley, right? Yeah, of course.


Craig walked towards Ashley and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. He smiled and she pulled him and they began making out... Ellie saw and looked away. Craig saw her and looked guilty but Ash didn't notice.


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