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Chapter One: New Girl

            Leslie and her mother, Lynne, were packing bags out of their small Manhattan apartment.


            “It’s for our own good, Les,” Lynne sighed. Leslie rolled her eyes and continued packing. Lynne sighed and looked back down at her box. Leslie looked up at her mother.


            “But why all the way up to Canada? I mean…Brooklyn and New Jersey’s far enough. We made those moves and it was kind of hard. Now all the way to a different country? It’s like going to a new, unknown world,” Leslie cried.




            “No! I don’t wanna hear it!” Leslie cried and ran out of the house. She ran all the way to her friend Marie’s house. She banged on the door.


            “Les! What’s wrong?” Marie asked concerned as she opened the door.


            “Mom wants to move to Canada and I don’t wanna go!” Leslie cried. “I mean…you see how hard it was going from New Jersey to Brooklyn to here. Barely making a living! It’s gonna be worse up there.”


            Marie hugged her friend. “It’s okay Leslie,” she shushed. “It’s okay.” Leslie fell asleep on Marie’s couch, but her mother found her soon enough.


            “Leslie Janine Adams, you wake up right now!” She tried to yell with her small, timid, nervous sounding voice.


            Leslie woke up shocked. “Mommy?” She yawned.


            “Come on, Leslie. It’s time to go,” she grabbed Leslie by the arm and stormed out.


            “Mrs. Adams…” Marie started, but Lynne put her hand in her face.


            “Thank you, Marie,” she whispered. “It’s kids like you that I’m thankful we can move out of the country. With that, and Marie’s mouth hanging open, Leslie and Lynne stormed out of the house.



At Home


            “I cannot believe you!” Lynne cried.


            “I said I was sorry, Mom!” Leslie cried back.


            “No! You…I don’t know! I tried my best to raise you. After your father left and Chuck…” She looked at Leslie’s face and decided not to talk about her ex husband, Chuck. “Well…after all of the trouble, I’ve been so nice to you! Extremely easy and nice! And now this is how you repay me? Running out, leaving me worried sick!”


            Leslie was in full on tears. “Why are you…?” She paused. “I’m sorry. I’ll be good from now on.” Leslie swallowed and walked upstairs to her room. Tomorrow, there would be a new Leslie. Not the rebel, quiet Leslie that went up the steps. A failed clone of the original Leslie, happy and sweet. Before Chuck came into the picture.



Leslie’s Dream/Flashback


            “You are so beautiful, Lessee.” Chuck smiled down at a young Leslie. “So beautiful…and sexy.” He started to run and finger along her leg. Leslie scooted over a little. “Come back.” Chuck pulled her over.


            “Uh…what time does Mommy come home?” Leslie asked, nervously.


            “Not until tomorrow morning.” Chuck smiled down at Leslie. “8 full hours.” He whispered as he started to kiss on Leslie.


            “Chuck! Stop!” She cried. She jumped up, but was forcefully pushed down. Leslie cried out. Chuck put his large, sweaty hand over her mouth.


            “Shhh. You don’t wanna wake up Bubba now do you?” Chuck whispered. Leslie looked over to her little brother, Bubba. “No, you don’t.” Chuck started to pull down Leslie’s pajama pants. He started to play with her. Leslie cried out through his hand with terror.


            “Bubba!” She tried to call. “Mommy!”


            “Shhh. It’s okay. Uncle Chuck has you.” Chuck sighed as he climbed on top of Leslie. “I have you.”


            Leslie continued to cry. “Bubba! Bubba! Bub…”


            “Ba!!!!” Leslie woke up in a cold sweat. Lynne ran into the room.


            Are you okay?” She asked, feeling on Leslie’s forehead.


            “I’m fine. I was just calling for Bubba, is all.” Leslie shrugged. Lynne looked sickly at Leslie.


            “Go to sleep.” She hissed and left the room.



Moving Day


            “Come on, Leslie!” Lynne called from outside. Leslie came downstairs with the last of her bags. She threw them in the back of the moving van.


            “Thanks again for this.” Lynne whispered to the driver. Leslie looked at them from behind the truck and saw them kiss. She groaned disgusted.


            “Anythang for you, Lynne.” He smiled with a Southern accent. He had all yellow teeth and a nasty long brown mustache and beard.


            “Ready!” Leslie yelled to Lynne.


            “Okay!” Lynne yelled. She jumped into her station wagon and Leslie jumped into the passenger seat. They followed the gross looking man in his truck.


            “So…uh…you ready for your new school?” Lynne tried to start conversation.


            “Who is he?” Leslie asked, referring to the mover.




            “That mover man. Who is he?” Leslie asked again.


            “Jim? Phsss! Nobody.” Lynne laughed a little.


             “I saw you kiss him.” Leslie argued.




            “You heard me. What are you doing? Prostituting again?”


            “No, Leslie, and you’re not my mother thank you very much.” Lynne sighed.


            “If I was, I would have slapped you across your mouth.” Leslie mumbled. Lynne looked over at her daughter and rolled her eyes. The rest of the trip was quiet.     

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