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Chapter Three: Degrassi: Hell

(A note before we start. The time of this story is during U Got The Look, so everything is as is after that episode)


            Leslie stepped out of the car. She looked around. ‘Wannabees.’ She thought and rolled her eyes.


            “Bye, Leslie, honey!” Lynne yelled out the window. Leslie rolled her eyes and put on her headphones. Lynne shrugged and drove off. Leslie walked up the steps. Kids looked over at her and whispered. She ignored them and sat on the steps. She put her face in her hands and sighed. She was interrupted by cat calls. She looked up and saw a pretty girl in a pretty revealing outfit. She rolled her eyes as the girl walked up to the school. ‘Wow. Slut land.’ She thought sarcastically. She watched as the girl left and laughed at the thong she had on.


            “Oh wow.” She laughed. She noticed everyone walking in and decided to follow. Again, she saw the thong girl, getting all of the attention. Then she saw some boy hit his head on a rail. She laughed at the boy as he tried to run, but he ran right into her.


            “Are you okay?” She asked.


            “Ow. Yeah.” He replied, rubbing his head. He looked up at her. “I’m JT.”




            “Nice to meet you. What grade are you in?”


            “Um…9th.” Leslie smiled.


            “Really. Same grade as me. What class do you have next?”


            “Um…I gotta go to the office to see. I’ll see you later…JT?” Leslie laughed and walked away.


            “See you!” JT called and ran to his class.


            Leslie walked around the nearly empty hallway for the office.


            “Okay. I’m now completely lost.” She sighed.


            “Hey! New girl!” She heard a voice call. She spun around and looked. “You lost?” The boy asked.


            “Uhm…yah. Where’s…the office?” She asked.


            “Oh. Go down the hall and make a right. First door on the left.  I spend a lot of my time there.” He laughed. Leslie laughed with him. “I’m Sean.”


            “Nice to meet you, Sean.” Leslie smiled as she walked away.


            “Hey! What’s  your name?” Sean called.


            “I don’t hang with bad boys.” Leslie laughed and continued to walk to the office.


            After her first classes, she saw thong girl and two other girls passing out flyers. She walked up to get one.


            “Hey. Are you new?” The blond girl asked.


            “Uh…yeah. I’m Leslie.” She smiled.


            “Emma. And this is Manny.” She pointed to thong girl.


            “Nice to meet the both of you…and I guess I’ll see you at the S.I.T.E meeting.” Leslie smiled and walked off. She turned and watched JT go over and flirt with Manny.


            “What does he see in her?” She thought aloud.


             “Hotness.” A boy scared Leslie behind her.


            “Excuse me?” Leslie asked the geek looking boy.


            “Oh, sorry. I’m Toby. JT’s best friend. He likes her cause she’s hot.” Toby sighed.


“Oh. Well thanks for the info Toby. See ya.” Leslie rolled her eyes and walked back into the school.



At The S.I.T.E Meeting


            Leslie tried to listen to Emma’s speech, but was interrupted by all of the boys around Manny. She saw JT and walked over to him.


            “Hey JT. Look at all of the attention Manny’s getting.” Leslie sighed.


            “Hey. Leslie. I know. It’s…crazy.” JT’s eyes were fixed on Manny and some other boy.


            “Hello! Earth to JT.” Leslie waved her hand in JT’s face, but he stayed in his trance.


            “Oh well. See ya JT. I guess.” Leslie shrugged and left the meeting. “Hey, Manny.” Leslie smiled before she left.          


            Leslie decided to linger in the halls before her next class.


            “Hey, new girl.” A voice whispered in her ear. Leslie jumped and saw Sean behind her.


            “Hello, Sean.” Leslie smiled.


            “I’m guessing I’ll never learn your name, huh?” Sean smiled back.


            “I guess I’ll let you know. It’s Leslie.”


            “Leslie. Pretty name. Pretty girl.” Sean charmed. Leslie smiled shyly and started to walk down the halls. Sean followed.


            “So how do you like Degrassi so far?” He asked.


            “It’s cool. Some cool people.” Leslie shrugged and saw Emma taking down posters. “Like her. She seems nice.” She pointed towards Emma.


            “That’s Emma. She’s my girlfriend.” Leslie’s mouth dropped. “I’ll see you later Leslie. Okay?” Sean kissed Leslie on her cheek and watched him run over to Emma.


            “Wow. All of the hot boys got girlfriends.” Leslie rolled her eyes and opened her locker. When she turned around she saw Manny talking to the principal. “Ha. Looks like she’s getting a talking to.” She laughed and walked over when the principal was gone.


            “Wow. Seems like someone doesn’t like the getup?” Leslie asked.


            “Oh. Hey, Leslie. I guess not.” Manny shrugged. “And I have an idea why.” Manny glared in a direction. Leslie turned around and saw a geek looking girl walking past.


            “What’re you gonna do?” Leslie asked.


“You’ll see. Leslie, Emma. Trust me. You’ll see.” With that, Manny walked off.    



Home After the First Day


            Leslie raced home after school. She ran into her house and slammed the door. She ran into her room and slammed the door. She sat on her bed and tried to collect her thoughts.


            “Let’s see. Manny, Emma, Toby, JT, and Sean. I’ve met more people than I thought.” She sighed. Just then she was interrupted with a knock at the door.


            “Hey honey. Me and Jim’s going out to dinner okay?” Lynne peeked into the room and left as fast as she entered.


            “Well, my day was fine, thanks, Mom. And by the way, I don’t mind if you go out and leave me home alone and hungry.” Leslie groaned sarcastically. She lay on her bed and soon heard some faint music. She went outside and followed the music to the next street. She saw a group of boys arguing.


            “He’s embarrassing himself and he doesn’t even know it.” One boy with dark black hair said. Leslie tried to watch in silence, but the blond boy noticed her.


            “Hey!” He called at her. All of the boys looked her way. Leslie gasped and tried to run away, but they caught her.


            “Hey. Don’t you know it’s rude to spy?” The blond boy asked, spinning Leslie around.


            “Yeah. Maybe we should do something about this little spy.” One boy smiled. Leslie looked a little scared.


            “Spin, Jimmy. Leave her alone.” The dark haired boy pushed the two other boys out of the way. “I’m Craig. This is Spinner, Jimmy, and Marco. Don’t you go to Degrassi?”


            “Um…yeah. I’m new. Today was my first day.” Leslie shrugged. “I’m Leslie.”


            “Nice to meet you, Leslie. So…you live around here?”


            “Uh…” Leslie hesitated. She didn’t want anyone to know she lived in a dump. “Uh…ye…yeah.” She smiled weakly.


            “Really? Where?”


            “Um…a couple of blocks down.” She lied.


            “And you heard our music from there?” Marco spoke up. “Usually only the bums on the next block actually hear the music. Those houses are sooo bad, it’s kinda sad.”


            “Yeah.” Leslie laughed weakly. “Sad. Well…I gotta go. My Mom‘s probably looking for me. See you at school…Craig?”


            “Yeah, of course.” Craig smiled. Leslie smiled at Craig and walked home.


            “He’s so hot!” Leslie screamed at home. “Oh, I’m in love!” She dropped down on her bed. “But he can’t know the real Leslie. Starting tomorrow, I’m rock Leslie. Who lives two blocks down from a complete hottie!”  



The Next Day, at school     


            “Hey, Leslie!” Leslie turned to the voice as she walked up to school.


            “Hey, Emma.” She smiled.


            “Come on, let’s go talk to Manny.” Emma led Leslie to Manny’s locker.


            “Hey, Manny.” Leslie looked Manny up and down. She was wearing a long trench coat.


            “Hey, Leslie. Hey Em.” Manny smiled.


            “Manny, I know you were upset that Raditch busted you.” Emma started.


            “Actually.” Manny interrupted. “It turned out not to be such a bad thing.” She took off her coat and showed another revealing outfit.


            “You wanna get suspended?” Leslie asked.


            “What? I’m not breaking any rules.


            “Manny, Mr. Raditch said…” Emma started once again.


            “He said, no visible underwear. Do you see any underwear?”


            “No.” Leslie and Emma replied.


            “That’s right.” Manny started to walk away. “Because I’m not wearing any.” She whispered and walked away.


            “Wow. And you two are best friends?” Leslie asked.


            “We were.” Emma shrugged and walked away.


            “I guess.” Leslie shrugged off.



In Biology


            Leslie was sitting through a boring explanation about frogs. Then the teacher asked for a volunteer to feed the frogs.


            “Manny?” She asked.


            “Sure.” Manny smiled and walked to the front.


            “I feel so sorry for you.” Leslie giggled to Manny. Manny just smiled. While she was trying to feed the frogs, she dropped something. All of the boys looked as she bent over.


            “Manny…no.” Leslie whispered. Just then, JT jumped out of his seat.


            “Why does Manny get to feed these frogs when I don’t?” JT excused.


            “Because you didn’t volunteer.” The teacher answered.


            “Well…I…uh…I volunteer, then.”


            “Okay. So feed them and then sit down.” Manny rolled her eyes at JT and sat down.


            “Wow. You almost showed the whole class a little too much of you.” Leslie whispered, but Manny ignored her.



In The Halls


            Leslie and Emma watched JT and Manny talk.


            “Look at him. Taking a chance.” Emma sighed. Leslie watched as another boy butted in.


            “How rude! Who is that?” Leslie asked.


            “Sully. Manny’s new…“boyfriend”.” Emma rolled her eyes. Leslie watched as JT walked off, rejected.


            “JT…” But he just shrugged her off. Emma walked over to Manny.


            “Manny…uh…I need to talk to you.” She started. Manny started to walk off.


            “Now?” Manny sighed.


            “How can you do that to JT?” She asked.


            “What? I didn’t do anything?” Manny turned around.


            “No…you just broke his heart.” Leslie came in and motioned towards JT.


            “Emma, Leslie, come on.” Manny giggled.


            “You’re gaining a huge ego.” Emma argued.


            “No, I’m not just because I’m dressing like…”       


            “You’re dressing like an idiot. But, what I really care about is how you’re acting!” Emma interrupted.


            “I’m always there for you Emma. When you fight with Sean, when you found out your mom was pregnant, even for your stupid environmental club.”


            “It’s not stupid.”


            “One time it’s not about you…” Manny continued. “You do this to me.”


            “I’m just concerned…”


            “Cause it sound more like you’re jealous.”  


            “Then maybe we shouldn’t be friends.” Emma sighed and started to walk off.


            “Who needs friends when you’re hot?” Manny yelled back. She looked over at Leslie.


            “Manny…” She started.


            “Look, new girl…you might as well walk off, too, cause I don’t need another goody two shoes loser on my back.” With that, Manny walked off. Leslie looked from Emma to Manny before finally walking off.

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