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Chapter Three

The Second Victim: 11:09



After Rick left, covered in paint, I freaked out. I was scared that Jay and I would be caught, expelled – or worse. I was all ready to confess, but Jay stopped me. We were in the bathroom, and he just shot me a knowing glance and spouted some bullshit about Jimmy planning the whole paint-and-feathers job. I had know idea what he was talking about until he pointed to the stall next to us. Rick was there, listening to everything we were saying. Jay was saving our sorry asses.

 Spinner Mason, 11th


I actually felt sorry for Rick after the competition. I had planned on going over to his house to see how he was doing after school. Bu then he showed up at my locker… with a gun.

 Jimmy Brooks, 11th


I never meant for it to get this huge – any of it. I never wanted Jimmy in a wheelchair. Abby in a sling. Rick in a coffin. I made a mistake. I know that. But my biggest mistake wasn’t even pouring the paint on Rick. It was letting Jay cover for us in the bathroom. If anyone should have been shot that day, it should have been me. At least I deserved it.

 Spinner Mason, 11th


When Rick pulled the gun on me, I immediately started backing away. I had no idea what he was talking about – something about how he thought we had been friends and I was such a traitor. I tried to talk some sense into the guy, but before I could do much, the gun went off and I was running for my life.

 Jimmy Brooks, 11th


I definitely heard the second gunshot. I was in 5th period by then. But did I do anything? Of course not.

 Emma Nelson, 10th


I didn’t realize he had actually hit me until I hit the ground. That’s when the pain hit. Wrenching agony shooting up and down my back. After that, I blacked out. Next thing I knew, I was in a hospital bed and couldn’t wiggle my own toes.

 Jimmy Brooks, 11th


I was the one to find Jimmy – my only direct relation to the entire shooting. I was on my way to the bathroom when I found him, lying on the ground in the middle of the hallway. He wasn’t moving. It took me a few seconds to comprehend what was happening. I never thought something like that could happen at Degrassi – finding one of your closest friends on the ground with a bullet in his back. Then again, who did?

 Craig Manning, 11th


I hate Rick Murray, and I’ll never forgive him for what he did to me. But I also know he wasn’t the only one to blame. Spinner, Jay, Mr. Raditch, Paige, Emma, even me – all of us were reasons Rick brought that gun to school. All of us are to blame.

 Jimmy Brooks, 11th

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