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Chapter One

Ava checked the mirror one last time.  Her makeup, perfect.  She didn’t wear a lot, just powder, the same ivory as her skin, glittery light brown eye shadow, mascara, coral blush and cherry lip gloss.  Her dark brown hair was layered and fell in waves to the middle of her back.  It had just a hint of golden highlights.  Ava didn’t see herself as pretty, but to most people she was beautiful.


This was it the first day.  She tried to tell the butterflies she wasn’t nervous, so far the butterflies were winning.  Ava took a deep breath exhaled and said to herself, Crap I’m going to be late my first day!   She grabbed her bag and keys, kissed Seth goodbye and ran out the door to her car.





Ellie saw Marco sitting on the step of Degrassi as she reached the school.  “El” he said as they hugged. 


“Hey Marco, well another year you ready?”  Marco looked at Ellie as if she were crazy. 


“What do you think, we are grade 12 this year, of course I’m not ready.  It’s school Ellie, EWW!”  Ellie smiled at her best friend. 


As they started into the school they heard someone say “Check it out.”  They turned in time to see a Mercedes SUV pull into the school parking lot. 


“Nice car for a teacher,” Marco said.  Then they watched as someone got out.


  “Um I don’t think that’s a teacher Marco.” 



As Ava stepped out of her car she could feel the eyes on her.  She walked to the only girl she saw.  She didn’t want some guy thinking the wrong thing about her so she just didn’t talk to guys if she could help it.  It was just her policy.


“I think she is coming over here,” Marco said.


 “Well we are staring Marco.” 


“So is everyone else, Ellie.” 



“Hi I’m Ava I’m new here could you tell me where the office is?” 


“Sure, I’m Marco.” 


“And I’m Ellie, we were just going in come on we’ll walk you.” 


“Thanks that would be great!” 


“That’s a nice car you’re driving Eva.”


“Actually Ellie, it’s Ava, and thank you it’s okay.” 


“I don’t mean to be nosey, but I have to ask where are you from?” 


“Marco you know you mean to be nosy.”  Ellie teased. 


“Shut up El, no really your accent kinda gives you away.  You’re from the States right.” 


“Yes I’m from Alabama.” 


Ellie, ever blunt, asked “Well what are you doing here?” 


“Well I’m trying to go school at the moment.”  Ava snapped. 


“Excuse me.”  Ellie snapped back. 


“Well here’s the office.”  Marco broke in.


“Thanks Marco, maybe I’ll see you in a class or two.”




Ellie glared at the back of Ava’s head.  “What am I invisible all of the sudden?”  Ellie asked Marco.


“I don’t know, she didn’t really like being asked questions did she.”


“No, but I doubt she will be wasting time with us.  I’m sure she will find some of her kind soon enough.”  Ellie answered. 


“Her kind, what are you talking about El?” Marco asked. 


“Come on Marco she is rich and snotty.  She will find the snottys like her or they will find her it’s just the way it is.” 


“I don’t think she was snotty a little short tempered maybe.” 


“Just wait Marco you’ll see.”



As Ava made her way into the office she thought, what a great first impression.   I bit her head off.  I have got to get over people asking about me.  I’m not in Alabama anymore!

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