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Chapter Fifteen

 “Okay Haz spill,”  Paige said into her glittery pink cell phone.


“What are you talking about?”


“I heard Ava went all crazy-girl on Marco and you and Jimbo were there.”


“Paige school doesn’t even start for 30 minutes.  How did you hear that already?”


“Don’t worry your little self with how I heard just explain why I didn’t hear it form you.” 


“Well if you turned your phone on and you would have heard it from me yesterday.  Where were you last night?  I call you like 900 times!”


“I might have had a small date with someone who will remain nameless unless you tell what you know,”  Paige threatened.


“What?  You have to tell me now.  Who was it?”


“I’m waiting,” Paige said like she was bored.


“For what?  Come on Paige stop stalling lets hear it.  Who?”


“I want to hear about the little Ava/Marco catfight.”


“I don’t know anything.  That’s was I was callin you.  I knew you could find out.”


“Weren’t you there?” Paige asked with a huff


“I walked up after Ava and Marco both had already left.  Jimmy was there but he said Marco wouldn’t tell him what was going on.  Happy now?”


“Uh no.  Hurry up and come get me so we can get to the bottom of this.  I don’t want any of my friends being pissy with each other.”


“Paige I have been in your driveway for 10 minutes honking the horn,” Hazel sighed.


“Why didn’t you say so?  Never mind,”  Paige said while snapping her phone shut and getting into Hazel’s car.




Ava was standing at her locker getting ready for homeroom when the Paige/Hazel attack hit.


“So why did you go all crazy on Marco?”  Paige said with her arms crossed over her chest.


“Are you talking about yesterday after school?”  Ava asked confused.


Paige gave Ava a look that could have set her hair on fire.  “Uh yeah hun.  As far as I know that is the only time you freaked on Marco.”


“It was nothing.  Marco said something to Ellie.  I just suggested that maybe he should rethink the comments he made.  Ellie said he did so I will talk to him later and apologize for jumping down his throat about it.”


“Well what did Marco say to Ellie?  They are like best friends.”


“You will have to talk to Ellie and Marco about that,”  Ava said before waking away.


“Sounds like someone’s got a secret,”  Paige smiled.  “I could really use a good challenge.  Let’s go find the other two.”


“The bell is about to ring you will just have to talk to them later.  But you can tell me about your date now,”  Hazel coaxed.


“Well I don’t know if you can really call it a date.”


“I don’t care what you call it just give me the details,” Hazel said impatiently as they walked into class and took their seats.


“Well you know I went to see Dyl after school yesterday,”  Paige began.


“Yeah.  Does this involve a hot college guy?”


“No.  Well after I left Dylan’s I stopped by the Dot for some dinner.  And someone we know was there eating alone too.  So I sat with him.  We talked a bit then he told me about this band he liked was playing at some club downtown so we went.  We danced, we laughed, we kissed.  But we never really called it a date so I don’t know that is what I should say.”


“Paige if you made out then it turned into a date.”


“I didn’t say made out Hazel.  I said kissed.  It was just one, sweet, innocent kiss.  It was soft and amazing,”  Paige now had a goofy grin spread across her face.


“Paige I want a name now!”


“Craig.  Craig Manning,”  Paige replied with the goofy grin still intact.


“Craig, as in your friends’ boyfriend, Manning,”  Hazel said once she finally got her dropped jaw to work.


“Haz, come on Ash is gone to England and she is staying for some guy.  He is not her boyfriend any more,”  Paige’s grin was gone.


“Okay so are you going out again?”


“I guess.  If he asks.”


“It sounds like you two had a great time.  I’m sure he will ask.”


“Ladies would you like to continue this later in detention?”  Mr. Armstrong asked.  “Pay attention to the morning announcements,” he said sternly after both girls said no.

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