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318 - Kick The Wall

Production Code: 318

Air Date: 02 Jul 2004

Episode Title: Kick The Wall

Summary: Abby’s newest relationship is going awesome – that is, except for the crowd her boyfriend hangs out with. She knows he’s better than them  – but how can she get him to see that?



[At School…]          

(Sean and Abby are holding hands and walking up the steps, looking cute)

Abby: So Manny went to the clinic yesterday.

Sean: Did she get the… you know?

Abby: It’s happening tomorrow.

Sean: That sucks, man.

Abby: Makes me want to pummel Craig.

(The two start to walk up the steps, still talking. Jay comes up from behind and slaps Sean on the back. He’s followed by Alex and Towerz.)

Jay: Sean, my man! Did you hear about the sweet party down in the ravine tonight? Gonna be pretty hott…

Sean: Can’t make it.

Jay: Why not? I heard Amy might be down there – ready and willing –

Sean: I’m going to a movie with Abby. (Abby smirks and glares at Jay, who looks incredolous)

Jay: What? A movie? Over one of the sickest parties of the year?

Sean: Yep.

(Sean and Abby start to walk away, but Jay pulls Sean back.)

Jay: What do you think you’re doing?

Sean: What?

Jay: She’s a prissy little do-gooder and you’re her project of the week. Can’t you see that?

Sean: It’s more than that!

Jay: No, man, it’s not. Besides, she’s dragging you down. A movie?

Sean: You don’t know what you’re talking about, Jay.

Jay: Sure, sure. But come to the party, okay? After your little date. She doesn’t need to know.

(Jay walks away, leaving Sean confused and torn.)

[Scene Ends]


[At lunch…]

(Abby is sitting with Emma. Sean walks by with Jay and everyone. He waves and smiles at Abby.)

Abby: I just don’t understand what he sees in that crowd. They’re just a bunch of thugs!

Emma: Thugs who broke me and him up. If you’re not careful, they’ll do the same to you two.

(JT and Toby come over and sit down.)

JT: You talking about Jay? (pause) He sort of scares me.

Emma: He scares everyone.

Toby: What does Alex see in him?

Abby: A fuck buddy. She’s just as bad as he is.

JT: Isn’t Liberty dating that other one?

Toby: Towerz?

Abby: Yeah, they’ve been going out for a while now.

JT: Well, he can’t be all that badass if he’s dating Liberty.

Toby: True, true.

Emma: Jay’s a troublemaker. That’s all there is to it.

JT: He hasn’t even been to class in like two years.

Abby: If that’s all he is, then why does Sean hang out with him?

(Abby stabs her food with her fork, glaring over at Jay as he works on his car’s engine)

[Scene End]


[In Abby’s Car…]

(Abby and Sean are driving, Abby looking pissed. They park in the ravine and get out of the car.)

Abby: I can’t believe we’re skipping out on Adam Sandler for this.

Sean: It’ll be fun, okay?

Abby: (to self) Barrel of laughs, I’m sure.

(They walk through the sketchy ravine we know oh so well, towards Jay and Alex. Abby still looks angry.)

Sean: Hey, guys.

Jay: You – you brought her?

Sean: She’s my girlfriend.

Abby: (sarcastically) And I’m oh-so-happy to see you, too, Jay.

Jay: Well, this is going to be a real party.

(Someone comes over, holding a big cooler.)

Cooler Guy: Anyone care for a cold one?

Jay: Yes, please.

(He grabs beers and tosses them to Alex and Sean. He grabs a third one for himself and holds a fourth out to Abby.)

Jay: Do you want one? Or are you afraid of getting drunk?

Abby: No, just afraid of being stupid. I’ll pass.

Jay: Why am I not surprised?

(Towerz and Liberty walk over. Liberty is hanging onto her boyfriend, giggling.)

Jay: Hey, man! (They boy-hug)

Sean: What’s up? (They boy hug)

(As this goes on, Abby walks over to Liberty.)

Abby: You’re here?

Liberty: Yeah. Kind of nasty, isn’t it? All the alcohol and oral sex and – ech! (shudders)

Abby: Tell me about it. Sean dragged me here. We were supposed to go to a movie.

Liberty: That Adam Sandler one? I heard it’s horrible. (shrugs) Sean wants to be here, though. These are his friends.

Abby: I still don’t see why.

Liberty: Just roll with it. It doesn’t matter if you see why, as long as he does.

(Jay pours beer over some guy’s head, they all laugh.)

Abby: God. I don’t think I’ll ever get it.

(Liberty shrugs and hands her a Coke.)

[Scene Ends]


[At school…]

(Abby walks into homeroom with Emma. They sit down as Abby finishes her re-telling of last night.)

Abby: So then I sat with Liberty for about two hours while Sean partied it up with that jerk.

Emma: Ugh! God. I hate him!

Abby: I know! I really wish Sean didn’t hang with him.

(JT walks up behind them and sits down)

JT: Are you still talking about Jay and Sean?

Abby: What? It’s obnoxious.

JT: You’re obnoxious. Get over it! They’re friends. Who cares?

Abby: I just – I – I hate him. I hate what he’s doing to Sean.

JT: What is it that he’s doing to Sean, exactly?

Abby: Making him – making him –

JT: Making him nothing. Sean’s the same badass-with-a-heart-of-gold he’s always been. I mean, look at him! The girls he’s dated are the school’s two biggest overachievers.

Abby: If he keeps hanging around with Jay, that’ll all change.

Emma: You’re afraid you’ll lose him, aren’t you? The way I did?

Abby: What? No – no – of course not!

(Abby looks at Emma, embarrassed that Emma figured out the truth.)

[Scene Ends]


[At School…]

(Sean is at his locker with Abby when Jay comes up, Alex hanging off him.)

Jay: Yo Sean! Party tonight at my place. Be there – and don’t bring her.

Abby: Who says I want to go?

Jay: Who says you’re invited?

Abby: You’re such an ass!

Jay: Yeah, well, you’re such a bitch. (turns to Sean) Party starts at seven. Bring your own booze.

(He and Alex leave. Sean slams his locker closed and begins to walk away.)

Abby: Sean – wait up! (She catches up to him) What’s wrong?

Sean: Jay’s right.

Abby: (stops suddenly) What?

Sean: You are a bitch.

Abby: You did NOT just call me that.

Sean: Why can’t you ever just be nice?

Abby: To him? That bottom feeding scumbag?

Sean: He’s my friend, Abby, okay? It doesn’t matter what you think. I don’t care if you like him or not, but could you at least pretend to, for my sake?

Abby: So you want me to fake

Sean: I’m nice to your friends! When you want to go out with them, I never complain! I never mention how boring they sometimes are, or what a dork Toby is! I just go along with it, laugh at JT’s stupid jokes – because I’m with you, and that’s enough. Why can’t you do the same for me?

Abby: I – I –

Sean: Forget it.

(Sean walks away in disgust, leaving Abby with her mouth open.)

[Scene Ends]


[After School…]

(Abby walks down the front steps. She sees Sean with Jay at his car and smiles, but Sean just glares at her. She sighs and walks  towards Liberty, who’s sitting at a picnic table under the trees.)

Abby: Hey, Liberty. What’s up?

Liberty: Waiting for Towerz. We’re going downtown for a milkshake.

Abby: That’s cute. (pause) You really like him, don’t you?

Liberty: Yeah. I do.

Abby: I think – I think – I think I made a mistake. With Sean.

Liberty: What happened?

Abby: I was horrible to his friends. Now he hates me.

Liberty: Sean? Hating you? I find that hard to believe.

Abby: (sits down) Yeah, well, believe it.

Liberty: Did you talk to him?

Abby: After he called me a bitch? No.

Liberty: Try apologizing. As long as you’re sincere, I’m sure he’ll forgive you.

Abby: I’m not so sure about that…

(Abby casts a sad look at Sean)

Liberty: Are you kidding? He’s totally in love with you.

Abby: You think?

Liberty: It’s obvious. So when are you going to apologize?

Abby: Tomorrow. The thing is, I have a feeling I owe more than one apology.

[Scene Ends]


[At lunch the next day…]

(Sean, Jay, and Alex are sitting at a lunch table. Abby comes in and walks up to – suprisingly – Jay.)

Abby: Jay – uh – hi.

Jay: What do you want?

Abby: I’d like to, uh, apologize. For the way I treated you.

Jay: (raises eyebrow) Oh, really?

Abby: Yeah, yeah, suprising, I know. But seriously. I acted like crap… So, sorry. I mean, I don’t really like you and I know you don’t like me, but can we at least be civil?

(Jay stares at her for a second, suprised. Sean looks impressed.)

Jay: Fine by me – (pauses, grins) – Honor Roll.

Abby: I have a nickname? That’s definitely a good sign.

(Abby turns around and walks over to Sean.)

Abby: Can we go talk?

Sean: Yeah – come on.

(He leads her away, to an empty table. They sit down.)

Sean: What do you want?

Abby: Listen, Sean – I’m sorry. For everything. You were right. I was a bitch.

Sean: Yeah, but I was sort of harsh –

Abby: No you weren’t, and shut up, because I need to say this. The only reason I didn’t like Jay was because – because I was afraid that you’d pull – (searches for the right words) – an Emma, or something. Afraid that he’d make you think I was too smart, or too na´ve, or something. I just – was scared you’d find something better.

Sean: Well, you’re obviously not too smart if you were stupid enough to think I’d leave you just because Jay said so.

Abby: Yeah… (smiles) I guess you’re right.

Sean: Anyway, I could never find something better. There is nothing better.

(Abby and Sean smile at each other, holding each other’s hands on the table)


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