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Recommended Fiction

Degrassi Freak Fiction would like to honor the following stories. We feel they are of the highest quality and deserve special recognition.

Season Five

By Jessica

Degrassi Freak Fiction is proud to host what we feel is the best Degrassi fan fiction on the web right now. Keep following the events with Jessica's sequel Summertime.



Suzie’s Fiction

            By Suzie

            Each one of Suzie’s stories are wonderful, but be sure to check out The New Girl.



If You Give a Boy a Gun

            By Taylor

            A fantastic and moving take on the event that changed Degrassi forever.



And I Thought She Had It All

            By Taylor

            A very unique premise with an incredibly engaging story



Mending a Broken Heart

          By Katy

            Addresses a very intense topic in a mature way.


Keeping Secrets

            By Felicia

            A wonderful, and wonderfully original, story.

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