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Still Share

By Trisha


They loved him with all they had,

so when he cheated, they were so mad,

they thought how could he do,

something so mean and rude.


To one, he was her love,

to the other, he was her bedbug,

To one, he would never cheat,

to the other, he was so sweet.


After finding about his lies,

they soon had to find,

that one was a seducer,

who could not be the loser.


Now, one year later,

after lost and betrayal,

they still share something so mean,

that still cannot be seen.





by Kyle

One That Lasted Not Long Enough
Was The Relationship Of Sellie
Sean Cameron, Ellie Nash, both quite tough
We had our doubts, us loyal fans, that they would really last
But they pulled through, those pretty two
But it ended just too fast
Ellie had a problem, she used to cut
And Sean was sent to T.O. but-
Even though they had bad pasts
They helped each other so the relationship could last
Ellie moved in and bought a pet
And it seemed that they were meant to be
But Sean got shaken and wouldn’t you bet
He moved away from the town that wouldn’t let him forget
Back with his parents and never to return
Ellie was depressed and her pet died
She slept through mornings and at nights she cried
They both knew it was official, they had broken up

But just maybe when Sean looks at the sky
Ellie is looking the same place as her guy
And even though they have finally failed
I want to think that the Sellie ship hasn’t sailed




Falling for You

By Lacey

A kiss from your lips,
A warm sensuous touch,
A display of devotion,
I want it so much.

When we cuddle,
I feel so complete,
What glorious fortune it was,
For you and me to meet.

You are so special,

Comparable to few,

I think you should know,

I think I'm falling for you.

All I want is to,

Steal your heart,

And for us to be together,

To never be apart.

I promise my soul,

Will always be true,

If only you allow,

Me to love you.

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