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410 - Always Something There to Remind Me (I)

Production Code: 410

Air Date: 18 Feb 2005

Episode Title: Always Something There to Remind Me (I)

Summary: Sean’s departure from Degrassi shook Abby, hard. She’s struggling to get back to normal – how will she handle it?



[At school…]

(Emma and Manny are walking up the steps to the school)

Manny: So is Sean really gone for good?

Emma: I think so. I doubt he’s coming home anytime soon.

Manny: That’s just so – so – sudden. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Emma: We don’t even know his phone number.

Manny: How’s Abby doing?

Emma: I’ve tried calling, but she never picked up. Poor thing. She must be crushed.

Manny: How could Sean do that to her? Just – leave?

Emma: He needed to leave. It’s where he should be. But, I don’t think Abby sees it that way.

(The two girls come to Abby, who’s at her locker. She’s dressed sloppily, with disheveled hair and a tearstained face.)

Emma: Abby! I tried calling you!

Abby: I was sort of – busy.

Manny: We were so worried!

Abby: I’m… Fine. Really. (wipes face with sleeve)

Manny: How can you be fine? After that bastard –

Abby: Don’t! Don’t call Sean that.

Manny: But he – 

Abby: He – he – he did what he thought he had to do. I’m over it. Really. (Bell rings) Well, I’ve got to get to the library. Yearbook meeting. See you later!

(She walks off, wiping tears away with her sleeves.)

Manny: She is so not okay.

Emma: How’d you guess?

Manny: Oh, I don’t know – the baggy sweatpants, the lack of makeup, the messy hair? If I know one thing about Abby Benson, I know that she is not the type to forget her makeup.

Emma: Manuella, I do believe our help is needed.

Manny: What exactly do you have in mind, Ms. Nelson?

Emma: Girls night!

Manny: You are a genius.

Emma: I know, I know…

(They grin and high five each other)

[Scene Ends]



[The Library]

(Liberty is sitting with JT and Toby and a few other kids, getting ready for the yearbook meeting. Liberty looks stressed out.)

Liberty: Is Abby coming?

Toby: I don’t think she’s coming in today. After what happened with Sean –

Liberty: She bettter be here – she’s the grade 10 editor! Her pages are due in a week! She has to be here!

JT: Liberty? Remember the breathing exercises I taught you? In and out; in and out.

(JT motions the proper breathing as Liberty snorts)

Liberty: She has one minute starting –

(Abby runs in)

Abby: Hey, guys! Sorry I’m late – traffic was killer –

(Abby sits down.)

Liberty: Okay. Let’s get started. Do you have your pages, Abby?

Abby: Yeah, most of them – right here –

(She pulls prototype copies out of her backpack.)

Abby: This one’s theme is “In Class” – just a bunch of photos of kids looking studious and serious. See? There’s Em and Manny in MI – JT asking Kwan for help – that kind of stuff.

(Liberty scans the page and nods approvingly.)

Abby: Here’s the clubs candid page. There’s you and JT working on the play – Mr. Simpson with his Bug Club or whatever – and there’s – (Abby stops short) –

Liberty: What? (Leans forward to look at the page – Abby’s staring at a picture of Sean with the Mechanics Club)

Liberty: What, that one of Sean? There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a decent picture.

Abby: Uh… Y-yeah. I guess.

Liberty: Let’s see the friendship candids, then?

(Abby pulls out the last page – it’s filled with pictures of the Grade 10’s hugging and smiling. Abby stares at the page, her face falling – right in the center is a picture of her and Sean, looking happy and holding hands.)

JT: This is good, Abby. Look! There’s that picture I took of you and Sean! Very cute, I must say. I always thought you and Sean made a good couple.

(Abby begins to look even more depressed. Toby, who knows what happened, attempts to shut JT up.)

Toby: JT –

JT: Where is he, anyway? I haven’t seen him today. Or recently, actually. We have to hang out soon. You can hook me up, right, Abby?

(Abby just stares at the picture, her eyes tearing up. JT, oblivious, barrels on.)

JT: You two have been together for a while, now, haven’t you? I mean, you got together last year in, like, April – that’s nearly a year. Long time, eh? Never thought Sean could stay with someone that long. I guess he really loves you –

(Abby just stares at the picture.)

Toby: JT! Shut up!

JT: What? I’m just happy for her and Sean! They’ll probably be together forever!

(At that, Abby bursts into tears and runs away. JT looks shocked and Toby, pissed.)

JT: Was it something I said?

(Toby hits JT)

[End of Scene]


[Abby’s House…]

(That night, Abby is standing in her hallway, slouched against the wall. She’s dressed in her pjs and looks depressed. Morgan walks by.)

Morgan: What are you doing?

Abby: Waiting for Lizby to get out of the bathroom.

Morgan: Better break out the tent and sleeping bag. I was almost late to school this morning because she took so long.

(Morgan disapears into room. Lizby comes out of the bathroom and sighs at the sight of her sister.)

Lizby: Aw, sweetie.

Abby: (stands up straight) What?

Lizby: You okay?

Abby: Yeah, of course, why?

Lizby: Since the shooting, and when Sean left –

Abby: God! (storms into bathroom, Lizby follows her) Why does everyone keep asking me about Sean? He’s gone! Forever! I’m over it!

Lizby: (sits down on toilet seat) Just means they care about you, Abs. They’re trying to help.

Abby: (rips medicine cabinet open) Yeah, well, I don’t want their help! I don’t need it.

Lizby: Whatever you say, sis.

Abby: (through toothbrush) Don’t call me sis!

Lizby: Mmhmm.

Abby: (goes to put toothbrush back, sees an unfamiliar bottle of pills) Zoloft? What are these? They yours?

Lizby: Yeah.

Abby: What do they do?

Lizby: Antidepressents. Help me get through the day.

Abby: How long have you been taking them?

Lizby: My newest therapist prescribed them to me about a month ago. Why?

Abby: Do they – help?

Lizby: Yeah, tons. I was in a bad place before these little babies. (shakes the pills)

Abby: Oh – oh.

Lizby: Don’t worry. I’m not abusing them, or anything. I looked all this crap up online – read about the side effects and the risks – and decided this brand was the best for me. I’m not stupid.

Abby: (staring at pills) Oh, yeah. Right.

Lizby: Well, I best be going. History paper to write. Ten pages on Napolean – can you imagine?

Abby: (distracted) Good luck.

Lizby: (Hugs Abby) Call me if you need anything, kay? Remember, I’m just a door away and desperate for distractions.

Abby: Uh-huh.

(Lizby leaves and closes the door behind her. Abby stares at the pills for a second – close up on the effects of Zoloft – but finally just puts them back in the medicine cabinet. Gulping, she stares at the mirror as tears begin to fall.)

[Scene Ends]


[At School The Next Day…]

(Abby’s sitting at her desk in homeroom, looking a little bit neater than yesterday. Emma and Manny come rushing in, excited. They surround her and, giggling, propose their idea.)

Emma: Abby, are you busy today after school?

Abby: No, why?

Manny: Because we have the most awesome party ever planned!

Abby: Party? I don’t know…

Emma: No, not like a big-crazy-boozey-party – just a little girl’s day in.

Manny: The VIP List? The three of us!

Abby: I’m not sure if I’m up to that sort of thing…

Emma: Oh, come on, it’ll be fun!

Manny: And Emma and I will be crushed if you say no!

Abby: (sighing) Okay, fine. I’ll be there.

Emma: (squeals) Awesome!

Manny: It’ll make you forget all about – (Emma hits her) – whats his name again?

(Abby forces a smile as Emma and Manny scurry to their seats.)

[Scene Ends]


(Emma’s House…)

(Manny is painting Emma’s toenails as she thumbs through a magazine. Abby is sitting off to the side, alone and depressed.)

Emma: But, so then, he jumped out of the plane and shouted, “Baby, I ain’t ever gonna leave you!”

Manny: Oh, that’s so romantic!

Emma: Abby, did you see it?

Abby: (jolted out of a day dream) Mhm?

Manny: The latest episode! So adorable!

Emma: And Bronson is totally cute!

Abby: No, I, uh, must have missed it.

Manny: Too bad. It was the most amazing one ever!

Abby: I’m sure.

Emma: Well.

Manny: Oh my god, guess what?

Emma: What?

Manny: I heard that Hazel and Jimmy are on the rocks!

Emma: Ooh, why?

Manny: She’s totally into – get this – Spinner!

Emma: That slut! He’s totally yours!

Manny: I know, right? I can’t believe –

Abby: Shut up.

(Both girls spin to look around at Abby, who is standing up, fists clenched at her sides.)

Emma: What?

Abby: Can’t you two just shut up for more than a second? All you do is paint your nails and read magazines and chatter on and on about the most superficial, stupid things in th world!

Manny: Listen, Abby, we –

Abby: I’m sick of this! I’m sick of you two! I’m sick of trying to pretend nothing happened! I’m out of here!

(Abby slams through the door, leaving a stunned Manny and Emma.)

[Scene Ends]


[The Road…]

(Abby’s walking along the street, fists shoved into her pockets and eyes to the ground. A red car starts driving slowly alongside her.)

Jay: Yo, Honor Roll!

(Abby stops and stares at the car)

Abby: Oh, great. Jay. And I thought my life couldn’t get any worse.

Jay: What are you doing walking all by yourself? A little girl like you could get hurt!

Abby: Oh, like you care?

(Abby starts walking again. Jay keeps pace with her.)

Jay: Not really, but Sean certainly does.

Abby: What did you say?

Jay: Do you need a ride?

Abby: No, I’m fine.

Jay: Just get in the car.

Abby: With you?

Jay: You’re testing my paitence, Honor Roll…

Abby: Why should I get in a car with you?

Jay: Maybe because it’s getting dark and you don’t want to get raped. And maybe because I have a little surprise for you.

(Jay waves around an envelope with Abby’s name printed on it. Abby sticks her head in the window.)

Abby: Is that drugs?

Jay: As if I’d waste my good stuff on you. It’s a letter – from your little lover boy –

Abby: Give it!

Jay: I’m not going to unless you get in the car.

Abby: Ugh. Fine.

(Abby climbs in and Jay speeds off)

Abby: Can I have my letter?

Jay: Yeah, here.

(He tosses the letter to Abby. She fingers it, but doesn’t open it.)

Jay: Aren’t you going to open it?

Abby: Not with you here.

(Jay shrugs)

Jay: Fair enough.


Abby: How’d you get this letter?

Jay: Went up last Saturday to drop off all Sean’s stuff. He gave it to me, along with orders to deliver it directly to you.

Abby: (to self) Wimp.

Jay: Yeah, it’s kind of a pussy way to say goodbye, but the dude’s got a lot of crap on his mind. Cut him some slack.

Abby: Hah! You, Jay Hogart, are telling me to give someone a break?

Jay: People can surprise you, Honor Roll.

(They pull into Abby’s driveway.)

Abby: Thanks for, uh, the letter. And the ride.

Jay: No problem. Just don’t go expecting one whenever you feel like it.

Abby: (small smile) Don’t worry. I wasn’t planning on it.

(Abby gets out of the car and Jay drives away. She stands in her yard, fingering the letter.)

[End of Scene]


[Abby’s Room…]

(Abby is sitting at her desk, staring at two things: the letter Sean wrote her, and Lizby’s bottle of Zoloft. The clock reads 6:54 AM. She looks to a framed photo of her and Sean on a shelf. Looking away, she turns it over.)

Nina: (from downstairs) Abby – sweetie – come on! We’re going to be late!

(Abby thinks for a second before tucking the bottle and the letter into her school bag.)

Abby: Coming!

(With that, she grabs her bag and runs downstairs.)

[End of Scene]


[At School…]

(Emma, Manny, and Toby are walking up the front steps of the school.)

Emma: I still can’t believe how insensitive we were!

Manny: Total bitches.

Toby: So she just ran off? Didn’t you run after her?

Manny: By the time we got outside, she was gone.

Emma: We tried calling!

Manny: But she didn’t pick up.

Emma: We’re going to apologize to her today.

Toby: You better. I mean, the shooting was big. Pile Sean leaving on top of that? I’m surprised she gets out of bed in the morning.

Manny: And we thought a mani-pedi would help? We are such horrible friends!

Toby: Such girls.

Manny: I feel so horrible. Sean leaving is probably killing her.

Emma: We’ll find her during drama today. Liberty and JT are annoucning what play we’re doing. It’ll be fine. Abby’ll be fine.

Manny: I really, really hope you’re right.

(They walk to class.)

[End of Scene]


[At School…]

(Abby’s in the audatorium with a bunch of other kids. Mrs. Suave is sitting in the middle of the circle formed by their chairs.)

Mrs. Suave: Now, I know it’s been a week since the shooting, but I’m sure many of you are still experiencing the aftershock. You may be feeling lost, confused, angry, hurt – but whatever you have to say, I encourage you to say it now. We’re all listening.

(Abby sighs and rolls her eyes, slouching in her chair and crossing her arms.)

Mrs. Suave: How about you, Manny? How are you feeling?

Manny: Well, I feel kind of weird. I mean, I wasn’t really affected by the shooting – not directly – but it just feels like everything has changed, you know? Even the air at Degrassi is different! We’re all so tense. I just wish things could go back to normal – to how it was before.

Mrs. Suave: Many people long for the norm after tragedy has struck. And while it will never be as it was before the shooting, normal will return eventually. You just have to be patient. Anyone else want to share anything?

(Abby slouches some more as Mrs. Suave scans the circle.)

Mrs. Suave: Abby? How are you feeling? You’ve been through a lot this past week.

Abby: I’m fine, Mrs. Suave. Really. I mean, even my arm doesn’t hurt that much anymore! (waves  her casted-arm for emphasis)

Mrs. Suave: Yes, but I understand that Sean Cameron recently moved back to Wasaga Beach. How are you dealing with that – you two were quite close, weren’t you?

Abby: Uh – oh – I’m fine with that, too. Sean did what he had to do, eh? (laughs nervously) May I please be excused?

Mrs. Suave: Go ahead, dear.

(Taking her bag with her, Abby heads for the bathroom.)

[End of Scene]


[At School…]

(Abby walks into the bathroom, panting. She pauses in front of the mirror and stares at her tear-stained face.)

Abby: (whisper) Fuck Sean.

(Abby looks a little shocked at what she just said.)

Abby: (with more confidence) Fuck Sean!

(Abby smiles at the mirror)

Abby: I can be happy without Sean. I don’t need him!

(Grinning, Abby pulls out the pills. She pours some into her hand and downs them.)

Abby: (whisper) I can do this. I don’t need him.

(Looking much more confident, Abby puts the pills back in her bag and walks out of the room, a small smile on her face.)


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