Degrassi Freak Fiction

501 Room Full of Mirrors

Will Ash and Craig get back together? What's wrong with Emma? What's Mr.Oleander's secret?

(joey is lying on the couch. craig runs down the stairs. he is about to head out the door when he sees joey. he walks over to him.)
craig- you're still on the couch? it's been three months.
joey- and those last three months have been pure torture.
craig- it's just a chick. move on.
joey- didn't you just break up with ashley and spend the last three months in your room?
craig- yeah. but only the first month was grieving. the next two were productive.
joey- how so?
craig- writing music. it's like a muse or something.
joey- well i'm glad you're handling your breakup better than i am.
craig- joey, you just don't know how to deal with loss.
joey- (jokingly.) and i'm sure those anti-depressants ou're on don't have anything to do with it.
craig- hard to say. (pauses.) i'm going over to jimmy's. i'll be back later.
joey- be back before 7.
craig- 7? a curfew now?
joey- not a curfew. i need you to watch ang.
craig- come on joey. we're going to watch the game at jimmy's. lift his spirits.
joey- well, i need my spirits lifted. spike set me up on a date with someone. be back by 7.
craig- can i at least have the guys over here?
joey- sure. not too many. and no drinking, no drugs, no chicks.
craig- fine.
joey- i don't want to have to make angela watch you.
(craig walks to the door and opens it. we see ashley was about to knock on the door.)
ashley- (unenthusiastically.) hi. (pauses.) i'm back. (pauses.) sorry I didn't call. but i wasn't sure if you would answer my calls. i wanted to talk to you. (pauses.) say something.
craig- i'm running late. (he walks past ashley and walks off.)

[credits play.]

[on the street...]
(marco, craig, and jimmy are going down the street...)
craig- so, she just comes up to my house and says she wants to talk. does that mean something?
jimmy- aren't you sick of this yet? it's always ashley this, and ashley that. i'm sick of it and i barely see you two together.
craig- gee. thanks for the help. marco?
marco- jimmy has a point. not that i'm sick of you and ashley or anything, but she runs your life man. it's not healthy. she didn't even tell you if she wanted to get back together with you and you're thinking about what you should do if you get back together. that's not right.
craig- i know you're all down on love since you and dylan broke up...
marco- this has nothing to do with dylan. i accept that we're over. i might not like it, but i accept it. that's your problem. you don't accept it.

(emma is in stouffville at her father's home...)
emma- so, school starts next week.
shane- does that mean you won't be coming around so often?
emma- i'll still come around. just on weekends.
shane- i like it that you've come down and visit me.
emma- i like it too.
shane- why have you been coming to visit so often. isn’t it far away from your home?
emma- i like visiting you.
shane- i like visiting you too. (he smiles. Emma smiles back. a nurse walks in.)
nurse- emma, visiting hours are almost over. say your goodbyes.

[outside the room a few minutes later...]
(emma walks outside when the nurse approaches her...)
nurse- you're really keeping your fathers spirits up. (walks with her.)
emma- i'm glad.
nurse- he seems to really enjoy it when you visit.
emma- why shouldn't he?
nurse- i was just saying that this is good for him. and it's great that you visit almost everyday, but doesn't a young girl like you have other things to do?
emma- what? are you saying that i shouldn't care about my father's well-being?
nurse- no. of course that's not what i'm saying. (pauses.) it's just that even the most devoted family members don't visit everyday. and if you're here to have someone to talk to, there are several people here that could lend an ear, and even give some advice.
emma- are you a therapist or something?
nurse- no. just an r.n.
emma- well, maybe you should just butt out then. (she leaves.)

[at craig's house...]
(craig, jimmy, and marco are sitting watching the game...)
marco- that was a rotten call!
craig- i thought you didn't like baseball.
marco- i don't.
jimmy- then what's the outburst?
marco- had to find a new hobby after dylan. my mom kept yelling at me for taking so many cold showers. (jimmy and craig laugh.) like you wouldn't do the same.
craig- you guys want something to eat?
jimmy- sure.
marco- chips if you got any.

(craig gets up and walks to the kitchen. he gets out some chips. The phone rings. He looks on his caller i.d. and sees that it's ashley. he picks it up and then immediately hangs up. he walks back to the living room.)
jimmy- was that ashley again?
craig- yeah.
marco- dude, just pick up the phone and talk to her. That constant ringing is totally taking my concentration from the game.
craig- like there is that much to concentrate on.
marco- are you watching the same game i am? a one-run game with 3 innings left to play. not to mention the tight pants they're wearing.
jimmy- (jokingly.) i'm swearing off baseball.
craig- well, what am i suppose to do? what am I suppose to say?
jimmy- tell her you're not interested. tell her that she's an evil whore for breaking your heart when you were willing to put your life on hold to be with her.
craig- still have some residual anger from when she dumped you?
jimmy- never had a chance to tell her off about that.
craig- i don't hate her.
marco- do you love her?
craig- no.
marco- then tell her that.
craig- but what if she wants me back. then i'm puddy in her hands. i want her to be happy. and I want her to be happy with me.
jimmy- you could tell her you can't get back together.
craig- and how is that possible?
jimmy- get another girlfriend.
craig- like it's that easy. it took you forever to land hazel. and marco hasn't gone out with anyone since dylan.
marco- so? i'm not in danger of going back out with him.
jimmy- hazel could set you up with someone. there are lot of hot young ladies on spirit squad. believe me. i went to some of their practices this summer. hot.
craig- i don't want to be getting set up. (the doorbell rings. He gets up and walks to the door.) and i'm not sure i'm ready to go out with anyone. it's too soon. and i'm kind of just happy being alone right now. (he opens the door. it's manny and angela.)
manny- hey. (angela runs in.) joey forgot to pick her up from gymnastics.
craig- what? he left like an hour ago.
manny- he's in the car out front. looks like he's trying on wigs or something. (craig laughs.) he's really handling that break-up with caitlin pretty badly huh?
craig- yeah. says that she's the love of his life.
manny- oh. that's too bad. i really liked them together. They complimented each other really well.
craig- yeah. (pauses.) how was your summer?
manny- it's okay. just spending time working at the gym. earning some money for that car I always wanted.
craig- joey should hook you up.
manny- that'd be nice. i've been working so hard this summer. haven't done anything fun in awhile.
craig- what? you haven't done anything with spinner?
manny- we're kind of over.
craig- oh? what happened?
manny- ever since i found out what he did to jimmy, I just couldn't look at him the same way. I know they say people can change, but i think spinner's reached the point of no return.
craig- oh.
manny- i better get going. it was good seeing you.
craig- yeah. you too. (they smile at each other. Many leaves. craig shuts the door.)
jimmy- what was all that about being happy alone?
craig- what?
marco- you were working it with manny. if i didn't know any better, i'd say you were still into her.
craig- no. we're over. besides, after what i said to her last year, i doubt she'd ever want to go out with me again.
jimmy- i don't know man. she was giving you all the signs. that hair flip, that smiling. she was working it.
craig- you're crazy.
marco- no. we're just trying to figure a way for you to avoid getting back into an unhealthy relationship.
craig- and manny's healthier?
jimmy- no. but she's hot enough to make you forget about ashley. (the phone rings again. craig looks at it and shuts it off.)

(emma is in her room reading when her mom walks in...)
spike- emma?
emma- i'm busy.
spike- you're always busy. what are you doing?
emma- reading. trying to better myself.
spike- oh. sorry to interupt. i was just going to tell you that snake, me, joey and his date are going out to dinner now. could you maybe go upstairs and watch jack? he's sleeping, but i'd feel better if you were closer to him so you could hear him.
emma- sure. whatever you say.

(spike and snake are getting ready to leave...)
spike- i cooked some chicken. it just needs to be heated.
emma- i think i can handle it.
spike- we'll be back late. call us if you need us.
emma- i know.

(spike and snake leave. emma starts to
read her book again. she hears jack whining. she gets up and walks into his room. she sees he's still sleeping. She grabs his stuffed animal off of the dresser, and puts it in bed with him. she hears a noise and sees that she's tipped over a bottle of pills. she picks them up and puts them on top of the dresser again. she then picks up the pills again and sees that they are her mothers anti-depressant pills. she opens the lid and takes two out. she swallows them. she puts the pills down and leaves the room.)

[the next day...]
(craig walks into his house. he is dribbling a basketball. he goes into the fridge and gets a water bottle. he starts to dribble towards the living room and sees a blinking light on the answering machine. he presses play. the answering machine beeps.)
machine- one new message.
ashley- (on the answering machine.) hey craig. it's ashley, again. um... i know that you don't want to talk to me, and that if i come over again, you'll just brush me off. maybe you'll get
this message, maybe you won't. hopefully you won't delete this until you listen to
the whole thing. anyway, i just really think we should talk. i have alot to say to you. and i'm sure you have a lot to say to me. or not say. whatever. that's fine. i just think we really need to talk. call me back. two a.m. whatever. i'll be here. bye.
(the answering machine beeps again. craig looks visibly upset. He takes the basketball in his hand and throws it at the wall. He ends up hitting a picture that falls to the floor and breaks. He then punches the wall with his fist. he leans against the wall and slides to the ground. he puts his head in his hand. he starts breathing deeply.)
craig- come on craig. (he gets up and walks to the cabinet. he pullout a bottle of pills and takes two. he swallows them. he continues breathing deeply. in and out. he shuts his eyes ands its down. he puts his head down on the table in front of him.) ashley's not worth this.

(hazel and paige are sitting out in front of the dot when jimmy and marco walk up...)
paige- well, well, well, look who it is? our estranged friends. Where have they been all summer?
jimmy- i don't know what you're talking about. i spent all summer with my lady.
hazel- isn't that sweet. (they kiss. they see Ashley walk into the dot.)
jimmy- look what the cat dragged in.
paige- what's that suppose to mean?
jimmy- it means ashley's playing her head games yet again with craig.
hazel- i wish they'd decide if they were together or apart. it's really hard to keep up.
marco- you think it's hard for us? think how hard it is for craig.
hazel- he's taking it rough?
jimmy- he's delirious. he's going crazy over it and the only thing she's said to him is that she wants to talk.
paige- well, of course she wants to talk. she always wants to talk.
marco- he thinks she wants to tell him she's sorry about everything and start over.
hazel- poor craig.
jimmy- try poor us. we have to listen to him all day talk on and on about it.
paige- he needs another woman.
jimmy- that's what we told him, but he's like "i don't want to date."
paige- in such denial. (mr. o walks over.)
mr. o- you ready to go to dinner?
paige- of course. (she stands up.) while you three losers talk about craig, i'm going to be off with my boyfriend, enjoying my life. later. (paige and mr. o leave.)
marco- we enjoy our lives.
jimmy- please. she's right. we're a bunch of losers sitting around talking about someone else's love life. speaking of someone elses love life, i thought mr. o was gone.
hazel- he's on vacation his week. so, he's back to see family, friends, and paige.
marco- i thought they were over.
hazel- it's a little thing called the long distance relationship.
marco- long distance relationships don't work.
hazel- try telling that to paige.
jimmy- so, what, he's just going to come here once every six months and fool around with paige?
hazel- she'll go and visit him too.
marco- that won't last long.
hazel- yeah.
jimmy- i bet he's sleeping around.
hazel- don't say things like that.
jimmy- what? no guy is going to wait around for months for a girl he's not getting any with. no.
hazel- are you saying that if i moved off to school in like calgary, and you were in ontario, you wouldn't do the long distance thing with me?
jimmy- number one, i intend on going to the same school as you. number two, it's different with us. we're in love. (they kiss.)
marco- aw. how sweet. but can you not do that in front of me. it's too hard seeing happy couples.
hazel- sure. do you want to go to a movie or omething?
marco- a dark place for you two to make out? no.
jimmy- let's go to the mall or something.
marco- sure.

[the next day at the gym...]
(craig walks in and sees angela practicing. manny sees him and walks over...)
manny- hey. what are you doing here? wait. don't answer that. dumb question.
craig- it's okay.
manny- you know that there's still about 10 minutes left right?
craig- yeah. but i'm here. it's hot outside. might as well come into the air conditioning.
manny- oh.
craig- is angie in your class?
manny- no. my class left twenty minutes ago. i'm waiting for my next class. starts in ten minutes.
craig- oh. (he smiles.)
manny- so, how's your summer going?
craig- it's okay. really getting a lot of work for the band done.
manny- oh. i didn't realize you were still a band. who's in it?
craig- me, marco. that's about it.
manny- oh. well, i always liked your solo act. (she smiles.) how's ashley?
craig- she's ashley. i haven't really talked to her since we broke up.
manny- you guys broke up again?
craig- yeah. she wanted to go to europe by herself. I took that as "i don't really want to see you anymore craig."
manny- oh. you two sure break up alot. i kind of thought that if you two got together again after last year, it was going to last forever.
craig- it's not looking that way.
manny- that's too bad. i better get back to setting up. practice is almost over anyway. i'll see you around.
craig- yeah. school starts next week.
manny- oh yeah. that's such a bummer. (pauses.) I can't believe your going to be a senior this year.
craig- neither can i.
manny- it'll be weird when you leave degrassi.
craig- i'm not leaving yet.
manny- i know. but, next week is the begining of the end of you being at degrassi. all i know is those halls will be weird without you there. (she walks off. craig watches her walk away. angela walks over.)
angela- craig! i'm done. let's go. craig! (angela tugs on craig's shirt.)
craig- sorry. let's go. (they leave.)

[at emma's house...]
(emma is getting ready to leave. spike sees her.)
spike- where are you going?
emma- stouffville.
spike- again?
emma- what? someone should visit him.
spike- i know. but those train rides cost a fortune.
emma- would you rather me waste it on beer?
spike- funny. but wouldn't you rather spend it on something else. like c.d.s or books or something?
emma- no. i have those. (emma opens the door to leave.)
spike- is everything okay em?
emma- what?
spike- you're just not your old bubbly self.
emma- i don't know why that would be. almost getting killed and catching an std last year in the span of four months can really change a girl.
spike- that's what i mean. i know it's still hard to deal with em, and if you need to talk, i'm here.
emma- i know. and if i need to talk, i'll tell you.
(emma leaves and spike looks concerned.)

[paige is sitting outside her house when mr. o walks
paige- i've been waiting for like an hour. we were supposed to be at the mall like forever ago. i called like eight times. why didn't you pick up?
mr. o- one question at a time. (he sits down.) geez. it's like a mile a minute with you.
paige- is everything okay?
mr. o- yeah. fine.
paige- then what's with the attitude hun? i thought you wanted to come with.
mr. o- i do paige. just lay off for a second.
paige- okay. sure. (mr. o puts his head in his hands.) you know, couples talk about things that bother us.
mr. o- oh? i didn't know that.
paige- i'm not appreciating this sarcasm.
mr. o- well, paige, maybe you don't appreciate me.
paige- what's your problem?
mr. o- maybe it's you.
paige- what's that suppose to mean?
mr. o- don't tell me you’re that stupid.
paige- (she stands up.)what's your problem? i'm trying to be the nice supportive girlfriend here, and you’re not having it. what did i do?
mr. o- nothing. you did absolutely nothing.
paige- then what's the attitude about? Because obviously something's wrong.
mr. o- you don't want to know.
paige- why not?
mr. o- trust me. i don't even want to know.
paige- what could possibly be bad enough that I wouldn't want to know. if you should know, i should too. (she sits down.) what's wrong?
mr. o- charlie's pregnant.
paige- charlie? charlie? (realizes.) oh no. no. (she stands up.) no she isn't.
mr. o- don't worry. it's not mine.
paige- oh. (she sits down.) then what's wrong?
mr. o- she's pregnant.
paige- it's not yours. you didn't cheat on me. you're in a meaningful relationship. what's your problem?
mr. o- nevermind.
paige- what? i want to know.
mr. o- let's just go to the mall. (mr. o gets up and walks to his car. paige looks confussed. she stands up and walks to the car.)

[in stouffville...]
(emma is sitting in his room when the nurse walks in...)
nurse- start saying your goodbyes. visiting hours are almost over. (she leaves the room.)
emma- i don't like that nurse. she's so rude.
shane- i like her. she sometimes brings me pudding.
emma- oh. i'll see you later dad. (she hugs him. She leaves the room.)

[outside the room...]
(the nurse walks over to her...)
nurse- emma, i didn't mean to be rude yesterday.
emma- it's okay. (she tries to walk away but the nurse doesn't let her pass by her.)
nurse- it's just that we deal with alot of depression here, and i know the signs when i see it.
emma- that's good to know. (she tries to leave again but the nurse doesn't let her.)
nurse- i'm just trying to do my job.
emma- your job involves taking care of my father. maybe
you should be more concerned with his behavior than mine. (she walks off.)

[the next day...]
(joey is laying in the living room on the couch when craig walks down...)
craig- i'm going to the park. (he sees that joey is laying on the couch.) you're back on the couch? yesterday you were up and walking around.
joey- turns out that the date i had the other night wasn't really interested in dating me.
craig- oh. well, there are other fish in the sea.
joey- yeah. speaking of which. could you answer one of ashley's messages? she's called about 50 billion times in the last three days. i'd like for someone else to get through the line.
craig- oh. sorry.
joey- i thought you two were over.
craig- we are. (sits down on the couch.) she just wants to talk.
joey- oh. i know what that's about.
craig- you do do you?
joey- no. but, if you need to talk to someone about it, i'm here. going through the same thing.
craig- i'm not going through the same thing as you. i'm fine that she's back, and we're not together. i'm fine with it.
joey- then why aren't you answering any of her calls?
craig- if caitlin called you, would you want to talk to her? after the way she treated your heart. stomping on it like it was some sort of gross bug she wanted dead.
joey- yeah, really sounds like you're handling it just fine. (pauses.) felt good to get it out, didn't it?
craig- she just makes me so mad. i'm not even sure I want to get back with her, but just the fact that she has the nerve to come back from europe and act like nothing happened... (he just shakes his head.)
joey- did i tell you caitlin called last week?
craig- what? where was i?
joey- you were at marco's or something. she said she wanted to talk.
craig- what did she want to talk about?
joey- just wanted to see how i was doing. and she wanted to apologize for how she left things.
craig- oh. did you at least tell her where to get off?
joey- no. i know that she might not be back, ever, but  there's still a small part of me that thinks she will. and i love her too much to have her hate me.
craig- you don't think i still love ashley do you?
joey- no. but maybe if you talk to her, then you can get some closure and stop writing songs like "all woman lie"
craig- you saw that.
joey- yeah. some muse.
craig- i know. (stands up.) i think i'll go call her now.
joey- do that.

(paige is sitting at the dot when hazel walks over...)
hazel- i got your call. what was so urgent that you had to drag me away from my boyfriend?
paige- charlie's pregnant.
hazel- who's charlie?
paige- matt's charlie.
hazel- it's not his is it?
paige- no. and i cannot tell you how much of a relief that is.
hazel- (she sits down.) so, what's your damage?
paige- matt's acting all weird about it now. You don't think he's hiding something do you?
hazel- no. he's a good guy. i'm sure he'd tell you if something was wrong.
paige- you're sure? that makes me feel a whole lot better.
hazel- i'm trying to be supportive paige. don't give me this sarcasm.
paige- well, i'm sorry. but, it's a little hard to get advice from you when you have this perfect little relationship.
hazel- perfect? you think my relationship is perfect? my boyfriend's practically paralyzed. you think that's perfect. paige, we all have problems. i'm sorry if I can't help you more with your problem you think you might have.
paige- sorry. i'm just worried. i really like him.
hazel- i know. and he's a good guy. just talk to him. i'm sure he'll be honest.

(emma is in jack's room playing with him. she hands him a stuffed animal. she stands up and walks towards the dresser. she grabs the pill bottle and opens it. she takes out some pills. she swallows them. she puts the cap on them. she is about to put them down when spike walks into the room.)
spike- how's jack? (she sees emma with the bottle in her hand.) what are those?
emma- (acts surprised.) i should be asking you the same question.
spike- what does that mean?
emma- anti-depressants? is something wrong?
spike- let me see those. (she takes them from emma and looks at them.) oh. these were from right after I had jack. i wonder why i didn't throw these out.
emma- so do i.
spike- i'll throw them out.
emma- i'm not so sure i trust you.
spike- (laughs.) fine. you throw them out. (she tosses them to emma and leaves the room. emma dumps the pills out into her hand. she puts the pills in her pocket. she then throws the empty bottle into the trash can. she puts jack in his bed. she leaves the room.)

(paige is sitting outside her house when mr. o walks up...)
mr. o- hey. i got your message. (he kisses her and sits down next to her.) what's up?
paige- what's really going on with you and charlie?
mr. o- nothing. it's not mine. i swear.
paige- then what's your problem?
mr. o- what problem?
paige- your attitude and your depression. why are you so down? do you want to be back with her?
mr. o- no. i have you. i'm happy.
paige- then what? i don't like these kinds of things hanging over my relationships.
mr. o- paige... i don't think it's the right time to tell you...
paige- if not now, when?
mr. o- fine. the guy left her. doesn't want anything to do with her or the kid.
paige- that's not good.
mr. o- no. so, charlie told me and she freaked out about it.
paige- anyone would. what's the problem?
mr. o- she wants me to help her.
paige- what does she not have parents or something?
mr. o- paige, we were friends long before we dated. Best friends. i can't let her do this alone. (paige doesn't respond.) i want her to have this kid. and i want to help her out. But that doesn't change what we have, okay? we're still us. that's something totally separate, okay?
paige- you're such a liar. no guy does that. What about your job? what about that?
mr. o- i'm not a liar. i'm telling you the truth. and i know it'll be rough with my job. but, i don't know. i can help her when it gets closer to the birth and my family is there to help her out too. so is hers. i made her tell her parents. she can't do this alone. paige, i really care about you. i would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. this is just something i have to do. i love you. and i want to be with you. it doesn't change us.
paige- yeah. i know. (mr. o kisses her.)
mr. o- is there something i can do to make it up to you?
paige- buy me a big cookie at the mall.
mr. o-sure. (they kiss again.)

(ashley is sitting at the dot when craig walks in. she sees him and waves him over. craig walks over and sits down.)

ashley- hey. (she smiles.) thanks for coming. i was kind of afraid you would ditch me.
craig- no. i'm good for my word.
ashley- yeah. (pauses.) how is everything?
craig- fine. (they are silent for a moment.) can i be honest with you?
ashley- sure.
craig- i don't want to be here. i don't want to talk to you. i don't want to really look at you either.
ashley- oh.
craig- so, could we just get on with whatever it is you have to talk to me about.
ashley- well, i'm not so sure we should talk.
craig- oh. i get it. you thought you could come here and be like, "i was dumb, and i missed you. i love you craig. i want you back."
ashley- (softly.) did you forget to take your medicine or something?
craig- nice. rub that in my face.
ashley- i'm not rubbing it in your face. i'm genuinely concerned about you. i care about you.
craig- yeah. you really cared about me when you left me here.
ashley- i needed time for myself. and i thought you would benefit from that too.
craig- i didn't.
ashley- i'm sorry craig. i screwed up. is that what you want me to say?
craig- no.
ashley- then what do you want out of me?
craig- to stop this bull you keep feeding me. Since you came to my house, i've been doubling my medication because you're making me insane without even talking to me.
ashley- i'm sorry craig. i just needed time. i would never want to hurt you. how can i fix this?
craig- you can't. it's damaged beyond repair.
ashley- don't be reluctant craig. we can fix this and you know it. you just don't want to.
craig- you're right. i don't. we don't work as a couple.
ashley- why not?
craig- because we both want different things.
ashley- we both want the same things. a career in music. love. happiness.
craig- but i don't want any of that with you.
ashley- i guess we differ there.
craig- ash, don't get me wrong. i think you're great. i just can't be with you anymore.
ashley- you don't want to have anything to do with me?
craig- that's not what i said.
ashley- really? because that's what it sounds like you said.
craig- don't hate me.
ashley- gee, i don't know what to do now. the man I thought i loved just tells me that he wants nothing to do with me. and then tells me not to hate him?
craig- ash, i didn't say i want nothing to do with you. i just don't think that we work as a couple. i still want to be friends.
ashley- that makes it all better. (she stands up.)
craig- where are you going? are you leaving?
ashley- no. (she takes her glass from the table and dumps it on craig's head.) now, i'm leaving. (she leaves. Craig picks up his napkin and tries to clean up. a girl walks over and hands him a napkin.)
girl #1- let me help you. (she starts to help craig clean up. she looks at craig. craig looks at her. they smile.)

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