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502 Almost

Will Jimmy forgive Spinner for what he did to him? What about Paige? What about Manny? Will there be another shooting? And what about "Jiberty" (JT & Liberty)?

[students are walking into degrassi. we see hazel, jimmy, craig, paige, and marco...]
hazel- senior year.
paige- this is our year.
marco- no one older than us, pushing us around.
craig- one more year of this place, and it's goodbye high school,  ello real world.
jimmy- this is going to be a good year. i can feel it. (spinner walks  over to them.)
spinner- hey guys. (jimmy leaves.) i guess he had to be somewhere.
paige- we all have to be somewhere.
spinner- really?
paige- yeah. away from you. (paige and hazel brush past him.)
spinner- i guess they're still sore.
marco- they're not the only ones. (marco walks away.)
spinner- him too.
craig- maybe you should just lay low for awhile. (craig leaves  spinner. spinner kind of just looks around. he looks lonely and lost.)


[spinner is sitting in math class. emma, liberty, manny, j.t., toby, and other grade 11's are sitting around him...]
coach armstrong- so, basically, this year is going to be fun. and  hopefully, we'll learn some things too. (the bell rings.)

[outside of class...]
(emma, manny, j.t., toby, liberty, and others exit the room...)
emma- why did he have to give that speech?
j.t.- he gives that speech every year. math isn't fun. deal with it.
(spinner catches up to them.)
spinner- hey guys. man, coach armstrong is something else, huh? (no one answers.) come on, i know you guys don't like him.
toby- i have to get to m.i.
j.t.- me too. (toby and j.t. leave.)
spinner- oh, come on. you can't hate me forever.
liberty- no. but they can hold a grudge for a considerably long time.
(liberty walks off.)
spinner- manny, emma, you have to show me some pity.
emma- last guy i showed pity too brought a gun to school and almost killed me. so, no. i don't have to show you anything. (emma walks off. manny starts to walk off too, but spinner grabs her arm.)
spinner- come on manny. you can't hate me. we promised each other.
manny- spinner, that was before i knew what you did.
spinner- come on manny, you know what it's like to have the whole  school hate you for a mistake. you can't hate me forever.
manny- spinner, what i did didn't put the whole school at risk.
spinner- manny...
manny- don't spinner. nothing you say is going to fix this. give it some time. worked for me. (she walks off.)

[liberty and j.t. are sitting at lunch together, very closely. manny  and emma walk past them...]
manny- i can't believe they are still together.
emma- yeah. i know.
manny- they make a cute couple right?
emma- yeah. sure.
manny- i'm so happy for liberty. finally getting a normal boyfriend.  good for her. they'll probably be together forever. (realizing emma isn't paying attention.) and you know, their wedding was
gorgeous. the fact that liberty let j.t. bring his alien relatives was so sweet of her.
emma- sure.
manny- okay, what's with the one word answers?
emma- what?
manny- i've been going on and on about liberty and j.t. and all your  aying is yeah. sure. you're not paying attention. what's going on with you?
emma- nothing. i'm fine.
manny- whatever you say.

[back by liberty and j.t....]
liberty- what do you want to do tonight? movies?
j.t.- there's nothing good out.
liberty- dinner?
j.t.- again?
liberty- what else is there to do?
j.t.- i can think of a couple things.
liberty- like what?
j.t.- well...nevermind.
liberty- what? if you can think of something to do, i want to hear it.
j.t.- no you don't.
liberty- yes. i do.
j.t.- it's stupid.
liberty- come on j.t. be a man and tell me.
j.t.- we could...
liberty- sorry. didn't catch that last part.
j.t.- we could have sex. (liberty looks shocked.) i knew you wouldn't  think that was funny. just forget i said that. i was kidding.
liberty- i just remembered i have a deadline for the grapevine. (she gets up and walks off.)
j.t.- liberty!

[in the cafeteria...]
(spinner is walking in the lunch room looking for a place to sit. he  sees paige and hazel. he sits down next to them...)
paige- hey hazel, did this table all of a sudden get too crowded.
hazel- yeah. maybe we should move.
paige- or maybe we should ask the 180 pounds of fat to move. (paige and hazel give spinner the evil eye.)
spinner- come on. i can't find anywhere to sit. (paige still looks  mad at spinner.) after all we've been through, you're going to be like this.
paige- after all you've done to me? yes. i think i will be like this.  now move so we can make room for hazel's boyfriend to sit with us. we don't want you here.

(spinner picks up his lunch tray and walks away as jimmy goes over to the table. spinner watches hazel and jimmy. he looks sad. he walks out of the cafeteria.)

(liberty is standing at her locker. j.t. is at the other end of the  hall. he sees her and walks towards her. liberty sees him and runs  off. j.t. tries to catch up with her, but loses her as she runs down
another hall. he stops to catch his breath. he leans against and locker and slides to the floor. he just shakes his head. ellie walks over to him.)
ellie- can you move? you're kind of blocking my locker.
j.t.- sorry. (he slides over to the next locker. ellie opens her locker. and she sees that j.t. is still sitting there.)
ellie- girl problems?
j.t.- how'd you guess?
ellie- well, liberty running past me and hyperventilating in the  girls bathroom kind of gave me a hint.
j.t.- i'm an idiot. i told her something, totally joking, and then  she freaked out and won't talk to me anymore.
ellie- j.t., i was just being polite. you don't have to tell me. i don't care. (ellie shuts her locker.)
j.t.- sorry. not used to relationship stuff. still kind of new.
ellie- again. i don't really care. (ellie starts to walk away. she  turns around and walks back over towards j.t.) but, if i did care,  which i don't. i know what it's like to not know what to do when your
relationship goes bad.
j.t.- i thought you didn't care.
ellie- i don't. but if i did, i'd tell you that it's never as bad as  it seems. (she starts to walk away but turns around again.) and please don't ever block my locker again with your adolecent bull. i don't deal with my own, so there's no way i'm going to deal with yours. (she walks off. danny walks over to j.t.)
j.t.- hey man. (he stands up.) i got to talk to you about liberty.  she's won't talk to me. i don't know what to do. (danny punches j.t. j.t. falls to the ground.)
danny- don't you ever, ever sleep with my sister or you will be in a world of pain!

[at spinner's house...]
(kendra is reading in her room when spinner walks in. he sits on her  bed and lays down.)
spinner- everyone hates me.
kendra- duh.
spinner- what's that suppose to mean?
kendra- of course everyone hates you. what did you think? they'd just forget the reason you got expelled? no way.
spinner- but what about giving someone a second chance? what ever happened to that?
kendra- didn't you torture rick after repeatedly asked you to stop.  he wanted a second chance. why didn't you give him one?
spinner- that's different.
kendra- how?
spinner- (pauses.) he was a psycho nut case that put terri in the hospital.
kendra- yeah? well, you're the nut job who decided to blame the feathers on jimmy.
spinner- i didn't think it would get out of hand.
kendra- so? you shouldn't have done it at all. jimmy's your friend. or was anyway. just because you didn't think it would get out of hand doesn't mean that you don't get any of the blame. someone died spinner. someone else is in a wheelchair.
spinner- i know that. i know. and i wish i could change things. but i  can't. i can't change the past.
kendra- so, what? you want pity?
spinner- i don't know.
kendra- spinner, no one's going to forgive you if you have this kind of attitude. to tell you the truth, the only reason i think your sorry is because it killed your social life.
spinner- jimmy was my best friend.
kendra- key word was. (kendra walks towards the door.) i can't believe you’re my brother. i can't believe you did this.
spinner- i tried to make it right. i told the truth. i did my time. i'm sorry.
kendra- spinner... you're hopeless. it doesn't matter if i forgive  you. i have to like you. (pause.) but i got to tell you, i lost so  much respect for you. i don't know if i can ever trust you again. (she
leaves the room.)

(spinner walks into school. students are pointing and staring at him. he walks to his locker. he opens it and manure falls out. Spinner takes the book he was holding and throws it down the hall. it lands at the feet of mrs. Hatzilakos)
mrs. Hatzilakos- gavin, my office. now. (she walks off. spinner slams his locker shut. he walks off.)

[in math class...]
(liberty is sitting down writing when j.t. taps her shoulder. liberty ignores it.)
j.t.- (whispers.) liberty. liberty! liberty! (coach armstrong walks over.)
coach armstrong- j.t. great to see you in class today. but, could you maybe pay attention instead of harassing ms. van zandt here.
j.t.- oh. sorry. but i was just...
coach armstrong- just don't do it anymore. or you'll be getting detention. (coach armstrong walks to the front of the class.) now, everyone, if we could go over the problems you had for homework. (he starts to write on the chalkboard. back by j.t., he starts to tap on liberty's shoulder again.)
liberty- (whispers.) stop. we're going to get in trouble.
j.t.- (whipsers.) i need to talk to you. come on liberty. it was just  a joke. i don't want to have sex with you.
liberty- (she turns around and whispers.) you don't want to have sex with me?
j.t.- (whispers.) no. of course not.
liberty- (disappointed.) oh. (she turns around and looks hurt.)
j.t.- (whispers.) liberty! liberty!
coach armstrong- j.t. detention. i'll see you at around three?
j.t.- yes sir.

[in mrs. Hatzilakos office...]
mrs. Hatzilakos- gavin, it is unacceptable to take out your frustrations like that. especially after your expulsion. it took much persuasion on my part to convince the school board that your behavior would be much better this year. they have a one strike rule on you though. one bad move and i have to suspend or expel you. you know that right?
spinner- yes. but...
mrs. Hatzilakos- gavin, no buts. this is a serious matter. you can't  be making excuses and i can't bend the rules to help you adjust.
spinner- i know this is serious. and what happened last year, with rick, and jimmy...
mrs. Hatzilakos- i know gavin. i know you're sorry. i talked with  your mother yesterday. she said you had a pretty rough summer.
spinner- rough doesn't begin to describe it. (pauses.) i tell them  i'm sorry. over and over and over. and they just don't seem to care.
mrs. Hatzilakos- gavin, calm yourself. sometimes it takes people longer than you would like for them to accept an apology. in the mean time, if you every need to talk to someone. my door is always  open. and mrs. sauve is ready and willing to talk to anyone whoneeds her.
spinner- thanks. (spinner stands up.)
mrs. Hatzilakos- we don't want another tragedy like last year. so you ever feel that desperate--
spinner- (interupting.) what? (tears up.) you think i'm going to do  what that psycho did--
mrs. Hatzilakos- (she stands up.) gavin, no one is saying that you  are going to do what rick did, it's just that we don't want you, or anyone else for that matter, to feel as hopeless as rick did and feel like you have to do unnecessary things.
spinner- i'm not psycho.
mrs. Hatzilakos- it's not helpful to call rick psycho. you can say his name. (spinner just shakes his head.) gavin...
spinner- he was a psycho mrs. Hatzilakos. he doesn't deserve to have a name. or anyone utter it. he shot jimmy. (breaking down.) he shot jimmy.
mrs. Hatzilakos- gavin, that's unfair.
spinner- unfair? unfair? i didn't even come up with the idea to blame it on jimmy. it was jay. and i'm the one everyone hates. what about jay? why doesn't anyone hate jay?
mrs. Hatzilakos- no one hates you gavin. (spinner starts to cry.) oh  gavin. (she walks over to him and hugs him.) gavin, i know this is hard to deal with. maybe we should have you meet with ms. sauve. (spinner pulls away and stops crying.)
spinner- i don't need to talk with a counselor. i'm fine.
mrs. Hatzilakos- it may help you deal with an unresolved issues you may have had with the incident.
spinner- shooting. it wasn't an incident. it was a shooting.
mrs. Hatzilakos- yes it was. (spinner walks out of the room.) gavin!


[outside the office...]
(spinner walks down the hall. someone throws a wad of paper at him. he turns and starts to chase after the kid who threw it. He stops. he sees hazel, craig, paige, marco, and jimmy coming down the hallway. he stares for a minute. spinner is staring into space. we flashback and see spinner and jimmy joking around. jimmy is walking. we come out of the flashback and see spinner is still just standing there. he looks freaked out. jimmy comes up to him.)
jimmy- move.
spinner- you going to make me?
jimmy- only if i have to.
craig- guys. chill. jimmy, we'll just go around.
jimmy- nah man. it's cool. i'll deal with this.
hazel- jimmy, please, just let it go. (jimmy stares at spinner and  goes off. hazel and marco follow.)
craig- dude, not cool. (he walks off.)
paige- you’re being a complete idiot.
spinner- i said i was sorry.
paige- you deserved the manure in your locker. (she walks off. spinner tears up and walks out of the school.)

(liberty is sitting outside school when j.t. walks over...)
j.t.- hey liberty.
liberty- i'm busy.
j.t.- come on. how are we suppose to be a couple if you won't work on anything? (liberty doesn't respond.) come on liberty. i wuv you. (liberty stays silent.) liberty, i was just kidding. i told you
to just ignore it. but no. you had to hear what i had to say.
liberty- i'm busy j.t. i can't talk right now. (she gets up and walks away.)

[spinner is walking down the street...]
(he walks past a graveyard. he sees rick’s tombstone. he stares at it  for a minute. he starts to tear up. he starts to walk away. he then sees jimmy and hazel down the street. he sees hazel trying to kiss  him but she knocks jimmy's drink over when she leans over his chair. hazel starts to clean up the mess, but jimmy says something to  her. she smiles and they kiss. spinner walks in the opposite direction.)

(spinner walks into his house. he walks past the kitchen. his mother is cooking.)
spinner's mom- oh. gavin. good. you're home. i needed to talk to you. (she hears a door slam.)

(spinner is sitting on his bed when his mother opens the door...)
spinner's mom- everything alright gavin?
spinner- no.
spinner's mom- your principal called today. she said she was concerned about you.
spinner- i know. she thinks i'm going to shoot up the school.
spinner's mom- no she doesn't. she's just afraid that you are having trouble coming back to degrassi after last year, and your peers aren't making it much easier. (spinner just shakes his head.) gavin, i know it's hard. and that's we talked about before you went back this year.
spinner- i know. and you were right. they do hate me.
spinner's mom- i never said anyone was going to hate you. who could hate you?
spinner- jimmy. i put him in a wheelchair.
spinner's mom- you aren't responsible for what that boy did. he needed help.
spinner- i pushed him over the edge. it might as well have been me who brought a gun to school.
spinner's mom- gavin, don't talk like that.
spinner- i'm not saying i would ever do that. but jimmy, and everyone, they don't care that i didn't pull the trigger. they're treating me just as bad as if i did.
spinner's mom- do you want to do what we were talking about?
spinner- transfer? no. no. if i transfer then everyone goes on hating me for the rest of their and my life. i don't want to be the kid who made that psycho bring a gun to school forever. they have to forgive me right?
spinner's mom- (she hugs spinner.) yeah. eventually. but, it's going to take time. it's not going to happen overnight.
spinner- i know.
spinner's mom- i better go finish dinner. (she walks towards the door and turns around.) um... you know that if you ever need to talk I'm here right?
spinner- i know. (spinner's mom smiles and walks out the door. spinner lies down on his bed.)

[at the dot...]
(liberty is sitting with danny when j.t. walks in. j.t. walks over towards them...)
danny- (stands up.) what?
j.t.- i want to talk to liberty.
danny- no way.
liberty- he doesn't want to have sex with me.
danny- i buy that.
liberty- i can handle him danny.
danny- fine. i got my eye on you yorke. (danny walks away. j.t. sits down.)
j.t.- i didn't think you were going to let me talk to you.
liberty- i'm not.
j.t.- then why did you send danny away?
liberty- please. he couldn't protect a fly.
j.t.- liberty, i'm sorry about the whole thing.
liberty- don't be.
j.t.- really?
liberty- yeah, since we're no longer a couple you have no reason to be sorry.
j.t.- what? we're broken up? when were you going to tell me?
liberty- after.
j.t.- after what? (liberty stands up and slaps him.)
liberty- after i slapped you.
j.t.- (stands up.) what was that for?
liberty- you don't want to have sex with me.
j.t.- i thought you didn't want to.
liberty- i don't.
j.t.- huh?
liberty- we were supposed to be dating. and the fact that i'm so hideously gross and unattractive enough so that you don't want to sleep with me totally underminds what we had.
j.t.- huh?
liberty- let me put it in terms you can understand. (she grabs her  drink and dumps it on j.t.'s head.) you don't want to sleep with me, therefore you think i'm ugly. and boyfriends are suppose to think  their girlfriends are attractive. you don't. we're over. (she picks up her things and leaves. j.t. just stands there staring.)

[The next day at school...[
(liberty is at her locker when j.t. walks over with a rose.)
j.t..- Before you slap me or dump anything on top of my head, let me just talk. Please. (Liberty turns toward him.) Okay, what I did was just a joke. Yes, I'd like to have sex, and to be clear, that would be sex with you and only you. But, I just said it to be stupid and funny. Obviously i should give up comedy.
liberty- j.t......
j.t. Let me finish. I really, really, really like you. I think you're great. I like hanging out with you and just talking. And maybe somewhere down the road, when you are ready, and when we're at a
point in our relationship where it's okay to be doing that, we'll do it. But I'm not going to lose you over something stupid like this. (liberty kisses j.t..) So, we’re back together? (Liberty nods and they kiss again.)

[On the other side of the school...]
(Spinner walks into the school and goes to his locker. He opens it and  a raw fish falls out. Spinner picks up the fish and throws it in the trash. He walks back to his locker and pulls out his books. He  shuts his locker and starts to walk to class. Someone throws some paper at him. He ignores it. He walks toward the m.i. lab. he sees craig, paige, and marco standing there.)
spinner- hi. (they don't respond.) i know i'm not your favorite person in the world.
paige- got that right.
spinner- thanks paige. (pauses.) but, i just wanted to tell you guys that i can't believe what i did. and if i could go back in time...
paige- you can't.
spinner- i know. but if i could, i wouldn't have done any of that.
paige- why? because you hate being the most hated kid in school?
spinner- because none of that should have happened.
paige- sure. i'm sure you're really guilty about the whole thing.
marco- paige, lay off. he's not worth it.
paige- i'm not going to lay off. spinner, what you did last year was the stupidest thing you could have ever done. and you've done alot of stupid things.
spinner- i know.
paige- and you just want everyone to forget now? you're out of your mind. (she walks off.)
marco- spin, it's not that we hate you...
craig- speak for yourself.
marco- spin, what you did, it's just hard to forget. and not that i think that you would ever do it again, it's just... i'm always going to have doubt. jimmy was your best friend. you turned on him. you turned on your best friend. (marco shakes his head. marco and craig walk away. spinner walks into the m.i.lab and sits down at his desk and puts his head in his hands.)

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