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Ellie's dad is back. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Also, is Marco too stressed out? What happens to him?

[Ellie is at the airport with her mother. They are standing with a large group of people.]
Ellie's Mom- I wonder what's taking so long. His flight was supposed to be in over an hour ago.
Ellie- His plane might be late. I'm sure he'll be here.
Ellie's Mom- I know he'll be here. It's just taking forever. I don't like waiting. (people start exiting the plane.) Oh.
Ellie- I think I see him. (she waves her hands.) Dad! Over here!
(Ellie's dad walks over. He hugs her.)
Ellie's Dad- Hey Ellie. Look at you.
Ellie- we've missed you. (Ellie hugs her dad as ellie's dad looks at her mom. Her mom looks angry.)


[at Ellie's house...]
(Ellie and her parents walk in.)
Ellie- So, this is for good right? You're home for good?
Ellie's Dad- That all depends.
Ellie- I know. Humor me. Tell me it's for good.
Ellie's Dad- It's for good.
Ellie- Good. (she smiles.) It's so great having you home. I really missed you.
Ellie's Dad- I missed you too kid.
Ellie- Let me get that book I was telling you about. (She runs off to her room.)

Ellie's Dad- She really missed me didn't she.
Ellie's Mom- Well, we had a rough year without you.
Ellie's Dad- I know. I wish I could have been here to help.
Ellie's Mom- Well, too bad you can't go back in time.
Ellie's Dad- Yeah.
Ellie's Mom- I have the papers in the kitchen. All they need is your signature.
Ellie's Dad- Sure. (Starts to walk towards the kitchen. He turns around.) You have talked to Ellie about this, right?
Ellie's Mom- Since when have you cared about what I did with her?
Ellie's Dad- I was off serving my country. What do you want from me?
Ellie's Mom- Those papers to be signed.
Ellie's Dad- They will be. (Pauses.) I wish I could have been here.
Ellie's Mom- I wish you would have been too. That way maybe Ellie wouldn't have lived with that boy and started cutting up her arms.
Ellie's Dad- All I can say is that I'm sorry I ruined the past twenty years of your life.
Ellie's Mom- Too little, too late. (Pauses.) Papers. Please.

[the next day...]
(at school. Marco is sitting in M.I. Mr. Simpson is standing at the front of the classroom...)
Mr. Simpson- So, the html coding on this page is a little more basic then what I expect you guys to be doing, but this should give you some good starting points. (Mr. Simpson starts walking around the classroom. We see Marco's computer screen is blank, and he is reading from a book.)
Hazel- So, what's your page supposed to be?
Marco- I'm going for basic. (She laughs. Mr. Simpson walks over.)
Mr. Simpson- Marco.
Marco- Sir.
Mr. Simpson- Interesting page you have there. I would have thought you would at least have the text in place.
Marco- Sorry.
Mr. Simpson- So, what are you reading?
Marco- Nothing.
Mr. Simspon- Let me see it. (Marco hands him the book. Mr. Simpson looks at it.) Five sure fire ways to get a perfect score on your college boards? Marco, what are you doing reading this?
Marco- I'm just trying to get into a good school. And good test scores on my transcripts plus good grades equals good school.
Mr. Simpson- As much as I admire your desire to get good marks on the test, I think you shouldn't bring that out again during class otherwise I'll be forced to give you detention.
Marco- Yes, sir.
Mr. Simpson- And, I wouldn't worry about the test. You're a smart kid. You'll do fine. (Mr. Simpson walks away. Marco starts reading again.)

[Later, at Ellie's House...]
(Ellie is sitting in the kitchen when her dad walks in...)
Ellie's Dad- Hey Ellie. What are you doing home?
Ellie- It's your first full day home. Thought I'd spend the afternoon with you. I can see my friends any old time.
Ellie's Dad- Okay. (He sits down with her.) So, how have things been with your mother?
Ellie- It's been good. It got much better after rehab. She's been alright.
Ellie's Dad- Has she talked to you about anything?
Ellie- She's talked to me about a lot of stuff. You're going to have to be a little more specific.
Ellie's Dad- About me.
Ellie- What would she have to say about you besides that you were off serving?
Ellie's Dad- I don't know. Just maybe something about...
Ellie- About what?
Ellie's Dad- The divorce.
Ellie- Divorce? What divorce? You and mom? (Ellie looks shocked.)
Ellie's Dad- Ellie, calm down.
Ellie- You and mom are getting a divorce? Why? What? Why?
Ellie's Dad- You know how terrible it was when I was here before. We fought all the time.
Ellie- I thought that...I thought things were getting better with you two. I mean, she quit drinking.
Ellie's Dad- I know. But, she met someone.
Ellie- What? No. You're kidding me. She's been here with me the whole time. She loves you. You two are married.
Ellie's Dad- Well, apparently, she doesn't want to be married to me because I'm never around, and I can't fulfil her needs.
Ellie- No. No. (She stands up.) You two... You're my parents. Sure you have problems. But divorce? No. You can work it out.
Ellie's Dad- Ellie, there is nothing I want more than to be a happy family with you and your mom, but it hasn't worked. And it's just time to separate. We've tried to work on it for the past few years.
We're just not happy.
Ellie- You can't leave me with her.
Ellie's Dad- Ellie... (Ellie gets up and picks up her book bag. She heads towards the door.) Where are you going?
Ellie- Out.
Ellie's Dad- We're not done talking.
Ellie- I am. (She leaves.)

[At Ashley's House...]
(Ellie is pacing around in Ashley's room, playing with the rubber band on her wrist...)
Ellie- So they're getting a divorce. I knew things were rough and they were having problems, but a divorce?
Ashley- It's not that bad. When my parents got their divorce, I was crushed...
Ellie- Weren't you like five?
Ashley- Six.
Ellie- So, you barely remember.
Ashley- I remember enough. It’s ten times better when they are separated. Then they're happy about their lives and there's not the constant yelling.
Ellie- He wasn't home anyway. He's serving in the war and my mom has the nerve to go and meet with some guy.
Ashley- That's rough.
Ellie- Oh, they were probably having sex. Ew. Not something I want to think about. (Pauses.) And she had the nerve to lecture me about Sean? Oh, she's such a hypocrite.
Ashley- I know. Ellie, it's rough.
Ellie- I can't deal with this. This is my family, and it's being ripped apart at the seams. I thought things would go back to normal after my dad came back from the war.
Ashley- Well, he's still living there isn't he? I mean, there's still hope.
Ellie- Hope? Hope was that my dad wasn't going to be sent off to war. Hope gets you nowhere.
Ashley- Ellie, I'm sure things will turn out for the best.
Ellie- I'm not going to live with her. I refuse.
Ashley- I thought things were getting better.
Ellie- Better? That's like saying I live next to a toxic dump spill, but since they cleaned up the first ten percent of the spill things have gotten a lot better.
Ashley- Well, if she's happy and not miserable, then maybe things will get even better still.
Ellie- Fat chance.

[At Marco's house...}
(Marco is sitting in his room with books lying all over the floor. His mother walks in...)
Marco's Mom- Dinner's ready.
Marco- I'll take it up here.
Marco's Mom- Again? That's the third night in a row.
Marco- I know. But, this test is in less than two weeks, and I'm still miles away from being remotely prepared.
Marco's Mom- I'm worried about you Marco. You're non-stop studying.
Marco- It's just for another two weeks. After the test, I'll go back to plain, old, study-for-three-hours-a-night-Marco.
Marco's Mom- I'll bring up your food. (She leaves.)

[At Ellie's house...]
(Ellie walks in. Her parents are standing in the kitchen...)
Ellie's Mom- Eleanor, where were you?
Ellie- Out.
Ellie's Mom- That's not an excuse.
Ellie- Oh, and you leaving dad for some guy is?
Ellie's Mom- That's why I don't tell you anything. You throw these little fits.
Ellie- (Tears up.) Fits? Fits? You think that's what I do?
Ellie's Mom- Based on this? Yes.
Ellie's Dad- Ellie, I'm not happy about this situation, but we have to make the best of it. You have to deal with it head on.
Ellie- You haven't spent the last year and a half dealing with her.
Ellie's Dad- That's not how we talk about superiors in this house.
Ellie- (Sarcastic.) I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I had no idea that people who decide to abandon their husbands after they come home from active duty deserved respect. (She starts to leave.)
Ellie's Mom- Were not done with you!
Ellie- Well, I'm done with you. (She runs up the stairs.)

(Ellie runs into her room and slams the door. she puts her back against the door and starts crying. Her mother starts to bang on the door.)
Ellie's Mom- Eleanor! Open the door right now! Ellie!
Ellie's Dad- Maybe we should just give her some time to cool off.
Ellie's Mom- No. She disrespected us, and we need to deal with this now!
Ellie's Dad- I know that's how you like to deal with things, but it may not be the best way right now.
Ellie's Mom- What do you know? You haven't seen her in over a year!
Ellie's Dad- I know not to start a house on fire and risk everyone in this house's life! (They walk downstairs. Ellie is still sitting against her door. She is crying harder now. She gets up, slowly and walks over to her desk. She grabs some tissues. She blows her nose. She throws a tissue away and picks up another one. She looks at her desk and sees her compass. She picks it up. She puts it down and starts to play with her band on her wrist. She calmly walks to the other side of the room. She sits on her bed and plays with her band. She looks over at her desk and sees the compass. She looks back at her wrist. She stands up and walks over to the desk. She takes off her wristband. She picks up the compass. She swallows. She puts the compass to her arm.)

[The next day at school...]
(Ellie walks in and goes over to her locker. Ashley walks over...)
Ashley- Hey. How was everything last night?
Ellie- Last night?
Ashley- Yeah. After you left. I thought you were going to call.
Ellie- Yeah. Sorry about that. I got into a thing with my parents. They got on my case for leaving and coming back late.
Ashley- Oh. Sorry.
Ellie- Not your fault. But they yelled. I yelled. But it's okay. I handled it. I'm done. It's over.
Ashley- Oh. Good. I'm glad to see that you are better today.
Ellie- Yeah. It felt good to get it all out.

(In English class, Mrs. Kwan is walking around the classroom looking over shoulders. She looks over Marco's shoulder and reads what he has written. She smiles at him and walks off. Marco stops writing and pulls out some papers. They are practice questions for college boards. He starts to read them.)

(Ashley and Ellie walk out of math class...)
Ellie- I hate math. I absolutely hate it.
Ashley- What did you get on the test?
Ellie- 49. How about you?
Ashley- 86.
Ellie- 86? The great. Ashley Kerwin got less than an A?
Ashley- I don't get limits. And math was never my thing.
Ellie- I don't know what I'm going to do. I have to pass math to graduate.
Ashley- I can help you if you want.
Ellie- You just said math isn't you thing. It's okay. I'll probably end up asking Coach Armstrong for help or something.
Ashley- Alright. (Liberty walks over.)
Liberty- Ashley, could I talk to you for a minute.
Ashley- I'm kind of in the middle of something.
Liberty- Well, it's in regards to graduation.
Ashley- That's like eight months away.
Liberty- Well, The Grapevine is doing a piece on potential valedictorians of Degrassi. Since you have the second highest G.P.A. in the school, we wanted to interview for a special edition of The Grapevine.
Ellie- Second highest? Who's first?
Liberty- Marco Del Rossi.
Ellie- Nice. My two best friends are valedictorian material, and I might not graduate.
Ashley- Ellie, you're over reacting. You're just stressed out about everything.Can we do this later Liberty?
Ellie- It's okay. I was just going to go to the washroom.
Ashley- I'll meet with you at lunch then. (Ellie nods and walks off.)
Liberty- So, shall we start the interview?

[In the bathroom...]
(Ellie walks in and goes into an empty stall. She puts her book bag on the hook. She opens her book bag and pulls out a pair of scissors. She takes the scissors and puts them against her arm. We see her face and she looks relieved. She starts breathing deeply. She puts her scissors back in her book bag.)

[The next day at school...]
(Mrs. Sauve is standing in the hallway and sees Ellie. She walks over to her.)
Mrs. Sauve- Hey Ellie.
Ellie- Hi Mrs. Sauve.
Mrs. Sauve- How was your summer?
Ellie- Nothing particularly amazing.
Mrs. Sauve- Oh. Well, I was just wondering if we were going to start up sessions again. Thursdays at 3 are open.
Ellie- Um... Can I get back to you on that?
Mrs. Sauve- Sure. (Ellie walks away.)

[In the cafeteria...]
(Craig and Jimmy are sitting at a table with Marco, who is sleeping on his pile of books.)
Jimmy- Do it.
Craig- No.
Jimmy- I'm telling you. It's worth it.
Craig- He won't get mad?
Jimmy- No. He's so tired he won't realize. (Craig takes some whipped cream and puts it in Marco's hand. Jimmy then hands him a feather.)
Craig- You just carry around feathers?
Jimmy- Yeah. For those hard to reach itches.
Craig- You are one strange man. (He takes the feather and rubs it against Marco's cheek. Marco takes his hand and puts it on his cheek. He itches it and whipped cream is left on his cheek. Jimmy and Craig start laughing. Paige and Hazel walk over.)
Hazel- Real mature guys.
Paige- Marco! (Marco sits up and there is a piece of paper on his other cheek.)
Marco- Battle of Saratoga! (Craig, Jimmy, Hazel, and Paige start laughing.)
Hazel- Battle of Saratoga?
Marco- Some war. I don't know. Too tired to think. (He puts his head down again.)
Paige- Marco, get up. Lunch is almost over. All you're doing is studying. You need to go to class.
Marco- Have to study. Have to get a good score.
Hazel- You are way too worried about that test. That can't be healthy.
Marco- I only have less than two days until the test. After that, I'll be back to normal. Normal hours of sleep. Normal hours of studying. Normal everything. (He falls back asleep.)
Hazel- Should we worry about him?
Paige- Nah. Marco's a little O.C.D. He's fine. Besides, I'm sure he'll read in one of those books that sleeping helps you with the test. Dylan told me that. That's the key to getting a good score. It ended up landing him in the 89th percentile for the test.
Jimmy- Let's hope he reads it soon. These tricks are embarrassing him.
Hazel- So why don't you just stop doing them?
Jimmy- And avoid all of the fun to be had? No way.

[Ellie is walking home...]
(She walks in and sees some boxes in the living room. She walks in further and sees her parents in the living room.)
Ellie- What's with all of the boxes?
Ellie's Dad- I'm getting ready to put them in a storage unit. I don't need them right now, and since I'm moving to an apartment, I won't have room for them.
Ellie- An apartment? No. You can't leave me.
Ellie's Dad- I can't have you live with me, Ellie. What if I get sent off again?
Ellie- Then I take care of the apartment for you. Water the plants. pay the bills. Whatever.
Ellie's Mom- This choice isn't yours.
Ellie- It's not?
Ellie's Mom- No. It's not.
Ellie- Well, I turn 18 soon. And then it will be my choice.
Ellie's Mom- Well, when you turn 18, I won't be giving you the option to stay here. As a matter of fact, if you'd prefer, I could kick you out right now.
Ellie's Dad- Let's not say anything we're going to regret.
Ellie- The only thing I regret is ever moving back in with her. (Ellie walks into her room. She starts crying again. She pulls out her scissors and starts cutting. She is shaking. She throws down the scissors. She starts crying harder.)

(Ellie is still crying in her room. She gets up and walks over to her desk, still crying. She grabs a tissue and tries to stop bleeding. She holds the tissue to her arm and walks over to her bed. She looks out the window.]
Ellie- I can't stay here. I can't. (She looks at her arm and it's still bleeding. She gets up and grabs another tissue. She tries to stop the bleeding but the tissue quickly fills up with blood. She looks scared. She grabs several tissues and tries to stop it. She stands up and starts to walk to the other side of the room. She stops walking and looks down again at her arm. She faints. There is a knock on the door.)
Ellie's Dad- Ellie? (He opens the door and walks in. He sees Ellie on the floor.) Ellie?

(Ellie's parents are sitting in a waiting room in a hospital. A doctor walks over to them.)
Doctor- Mr. and Mrs. Nash? (They stand up.) Ellie's fine. She just fit a vein and lost some blood. She's going to fine.
Ellie's Dad- How did she lose the blood?
Doctor- Well, it's come to my attention that she has had a history of cutting.
Ellie's Mom- But she stopped. She's been seeing the guidance counsellor. She's stopped.
Doctor- Well, if you would like to take a look at her arm and tell me if she has stopped, you're more than welcome to. But, in my twenty years of practicing medicine, I'd say that she has started up again.
Ellie's Dad- Can we see her?
Doctor- Sure.

[In Ellie's Room...]
(Ellie is laying in bed. She is just staring at a window. Her parents walk in.)
Ellie- Hey.
Ellie's Mom- Hey? That's all you have to say?
Ellie- What?
Ellie's Dad- You're cutting yourself?
Ellie's Mom- Again?
Ellie- I couldn't handle the fighting and the yelling. I shouldn't have cut. I was shaking and couldn't do it straight.
Ellie's Dad- You shouldn't have been cutting at all.
Ellie- Well, what do you want me to do? That stupid wrist band wasn't working.
Ellie's Mom- Ellie, what you did could have killed you. What if your father didn't come up and see you lying on the floor?
Ellie- What do you care? You told me you’re going to kick me out. You don't care.
Ellie's Mom- I don't care? Ellie, you're my daughter. I don't want you to die. Sometimes I get mad at you. Doesn't mean I don't care about you.
Ellie's Dad- Why would you... I don't get it. What would make you do something like that?
Ellie- I told you. All the yelling, arguing. And schools not going that much better.
Ellie's Dad- Ellie, you don't have to cut. If you need to talk, you can always come to us.
Ellie- Really? You and mom have been fighting everyday and I've been fighting too. And it's just driving me into a deeper depression. (She starts to tear up.) And I don't like it. I don't like feeling this way. And I don't like cutting. I don't. It's just, it's weird. It's helpful. It was the only thing I could handle. And I know that it's wrong. And I know I shouldn't have done it. It's just, knowing and doing are two different things. It's hard to resist.
Ellie's Dad- We'll try help you through this, but we can't help you unless you want to help yourself.
Ellie- I know.
Ellie's Mom- Aren't you supposed to be meeting with that guidance counsellor?
Ellie- Yeah, but I didn't want to. I didn't want her to make me stop. I needed to do this. I couldn't deal with you two tearing our family apart.
Ellie's Dad- Ellie, we're getting a divorce. And I know it's hard. But, maybe then we won't have all the arguments we have. And we'll be happier. It's not like I'm going to drop off the face of the earth.
Ellie- I know.

[The Next Day...]
(We see several students sitting at tables in the cafeteria. They are taking a test. We see Hazel, Ashley, Paige, Jimmy, Craig, and others taking the test. Then we see Marco, who is asleep on his paper.)

[A few days later...]
(Marco is at his locker when Jimmy, and Craig walk over.)
Jimmy- Hey man. How are you?
Marco- I don't feel like talking.
Jimmy- You're obviously still upset.
Craig- Come on man. It was like a week ago. So, you fell asleep on the day of the test? Big deal.
Marco- I spent half of the summer preparing, and then I fell asleep while taking the test. I feel like an idiot.
Jimmy- Did you answer any of the questions?
Marco- Yeah. But, not enough to get a half-way decent score.
Craig- Cheer up man. The next test is in a month. Sign up now, and you can take it then. You have another whole month to prepare.
Jimmy- And another whole month to get some sleep. (They laugh.)
Marco- Laugh it up. Ha ha ha.
Craig- Marco, you're smart. You don't need to cram like you did.
Jimmy- Yeah. You'll do fine next time. Just get some sleep the night before the test. (Craig and Jimmy leave. Marco walks to the office. He picks up a packet. He writes something on it and hands it to the secretary.)
Marco- I need to sign up for the next college boards test.


[In Mrs. Sauve's Office...]
(Ellie walks in.)
Mrs. Sauve- Ellie?
Ellie- You said Thursdays at 3, right?
Mrs. Sauve- Yeah. Yeah.
Ellie- Good. (She sits down.) I don't want to ever feel like I need to cut again.
Mrs. Sauve- I'm here to help. (Mrs. Sauve sits down. Ellie smiles.)

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