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504 Places I've Never Been

Toby got a new car. Should he have a new car? Would it be wise for JT to be in the car with him? Is Emma still recovering from last year? And what is with Jimmy and the gangs' problem with Spinner?

[Outside Toby's House. Toby walks outside with Kate Kerwin covering his eyes. Jeff is standing on the opposite side of the driveway with a camera. Ashley is following behind, sulking.]
Ashley- I can't believe you guys did this. This is so not fair.
Kate- You didn't want it.
Ashley- I would have taken it if you would have given it to me.
Kate- You wanted a new keyboard.
Ashley- You could have gotten me more.
Kate- Can we not talk about this now?
Toby- Can I look yet?
Jeff- Not yet. Let me just get the flash ready.
Kate- You don't need a flash.
Jeff- You never know.
Kate- It's broad daylight.
Jeff- You never know when a cloud will cover the sun. (Pauses.) Okay. I'm ready. (Kate takes her hands off of Toby's eyes as Jeff takes a picture. Toby looks shocked.)
Toby- It's a car!
Ashley- Don't act all surprised. There's no way you didn't know.
Toby- I had a feeling, but I didn't think it would be this nice.
Jeff- Happy 16th Birthday Toby!
Toby- This is awesome. What year is it?
Jeff- 2000. Sorry it's not newer.
Toby- I don't care. It's a car.
Ashley- I want a car now.
Kate- Your keyboard and computer program cost more than the car did.
Ashley- Doubt that.
Toby- Can I take it for a spin?
Jeff- It's all yours. (He tosses the keys to Toby. Toby catches them and just stares.)


[Toby pulls into school the next morning in his new car. J.T. and
Liberty walk up to him.]
J.T.- Who'd you steal this from?
Toby- Birthday gift.
Liberty- Are you serious? (Toby gets out of the car.) All my parents got me for my 16th birthday was a diamond bracelet.
J.T- Your not happy with a diamond bracelet?
Liberty- No.
J.T.- You're so spoiled. All I got was tube socks and some underwear.
Toby- You're parents must hate you.
J.T.- No kidding.
Liberty- Look on the bright side. I still love you. (She kisses him. Manny and Emma walk over.)
Manny- Who got a car?
Toby- I did.
Manny- No way. No freaking way. What year is it?
Toby- 2000.
Manny- What's the horsepower?
Toby- Uh...
Manny- What kind of engine is it?
Toby- Uh...
J.T.- How do you know about this stuff?
Manny- I have brothers. I hear them talk.
J.T.- Geez.
Toby- I don't know. But look at how pretty. (The bell rings.)
Emma- We better get to class. (She walks back towards the school.)
J.T.- What's with her?
Manny- I think she's still upset over everything that happened last year.
J.T.- Still?
Manny- I know. I'm really worried about her. (They walk into the school.)

[Spinner is sitting outside eating his lunch. Someone approaches him from behind and puts their hand on his shoulder. Spinner turns around.]
Jay- I didn't think you'd ever see the light of day again.
Spinner- Jay! (Spinner gets up and hugs him.)
Jay- Whoa! Easy there tiger. What's with the hug, man? You turn gay over the summer?
Spinner- Sorry. I'm just so glad to see someone who doesn't hate me. You would not believe what I've been through since school started.
Jay- I could imagine. I started back yesterday. (Pauses.) Not the warmest of homecomings.
Spinner- Tell me about it. (They sit down.) I didn't think you were coming back here.
Jay- Neither did I. But, Alex pulled a few strings.
Spinner- Why'd you want to come back?
Jay- I wasn't about to go to some preppie boarding school just so I could graduate.
Spinner- Why didn't you just drop out?
Jay- I have my reasons.
Spinner- Oh.
Jay- (Takes some fries from Spinner's plate.) Ew. What's on these?
Spinner- Someone dumped orange juice and part of a raw fish on it. (Jay spits out the fries.) Welcome back.

[The bell rings...]
(Students are walking out of school. We see Toby standing by his car when J.T.,
Liberty, and Manny walk over.)
J.T.- Your giving us a ride home aren't you?
Toby- No.
Manny- Oh. Come on Toby. We'd do it for you.
Toby- I know. That's why were going out on the town.
Manny- Oh.
Liberty- Nice. (They all start to get in the car. Manny looks toward the school and sees Emma walking out.)
Manny- Oh. There's Emma. You want me to go invite her?
J.T.- I just want to go. Forget Emma.
Toby- Go get her. (Manny gets out of the car.)
J.T.- You still like her, don't you?
Toby- No comment.
Liberty- If you like her, you should tell her. It worked for me and J.T.
Toby- No comment.

(Emma walks to the side of the school. She pulls out a baggie with pills in it. She opens it up and takes out two pills. She shuts the bag and puts it back in her book bag. She turns around and puts the pills in her mouth as she sees Manny walking towards her. She quickly swallows the pills as Manny approaches her.)
Manny- What are you doing back here?
Emma- I...I had to go get something out of my dad's car. It's parked over there and this is the quickest way to get there. Do you have a problem with that?
Manny- No. Just wondering.
Emma- Fine.
Manny- Um...Toby was going to going to give us a ride somewhere. We were wondering if maybe you wanted to come?
Emma- No. That's okay. I have things to do.
Manny- Like what?
Emma- What's with the third degree?
Manny- I'm just worried about you. You're avoiding everyone.
Emma- I'm not avoiding everyone. I'm just busy.
Manny- Alright. (Manny walks off.)

[Back at Toby's Car...]
(Manny walks over and gets in the car.)
Toby- Where's Emma?
Manny- She's not coming. She's got plans.
J.T.- Then lets go. I'm starving. (Toby starts the car. They drive off.)

[At the dot...]
(Spinner is waiting tables when Jimmy, Hazel, Craig, Marco, and Paige walk in. They sit down at a table.)
Hazel- Maybe we should go.
Jimmy- Why? We just got here.
Hazel- Look who's working.
Paige- It's the scumbag himself.
Hazel- Let's just go. I don't want to cause any trouble.
Jimmy- No. Let's stay. I think this will be fun. (Spinner starts to walk over and Jimmy waves.) Oh waiter!
Spinner- I'll get you another waiter.
Jimmy- No. Don't. You'll do fine. (Jimmy smiles.)

[On the road...]
(We see Toby's car swerving. It is going on to the wrong side of the road.)
Manny- Toby!

[In Toby's car...]
(Music is blasting and Toby and J.T. are head banging.)
Manny- Maybe you should keep your eyes on the road Toby.
Toby- Thanks Mom.
J.T.- Yeah Mom. Thanks for ruining the fun.
Manny- Don't call me that. I just don't want you to get in an accident.
Toby- Fine. Whatever you say Mom.
Liberty- Maybe you should put both hands on the wheel too.
Toby- Do you want to drive?
Liberty- No. I want to live. (Toby puts both hands on the wheel.)
Toby- I don't understand your problem. I'm a safe driver. My parents trusted me enough to give me this car, didn't they? I'm a good driver.
Liberty- If good is bad and up is down. Then yes, you are a good driver.
J.T.- We're just having fun
Liberty. Gosh.
Liberty- Fun isn't risking your life. (They are silent for a minute.)
Manny- Could you turn down this music? It's giving me a headache.
J.T.- You guys are ruining are fun.
Manny- Sorry if I want to continue hearing.
Toby- Well, if you guys don't like it, maybe you just don't want to come with us.
Manny- Come with you? Where are we going anyway?
Toby- Downtown to party.
Manny- You know what? I think that you might actually be right. Let me out of the car.
J.T.- What? We're like 20 miles away.
Manny- I don't care. I don't feel safe. Let me out of the car. (Toby pulls to the side of the road.)
Toby- How are you getting home?
Manny- In a safer way than this. (She opens the door.) Are you coming Liberty? (Liberty doesn't respond.) Liberty?
Liberty- Yeah. (She gets out of the car. They stand on the side of the road as Toby pulls his car away.) He's going to total that car isn't he?
Manny- Yeah. (Pauses.) How he passed driver's ed, I’ll never know.
Liberty- Should we call a cab or something?
Manny- Do you have cash to pay for it?
Liberty- Yeah.
Manny- Then let’s call a cab.
Liberty- What are you waiting for?
Manny- I forgot my purse in Toby's car.
Liberty- What?
Manny- My phone is in my purse. I must have forgot it.
Liberty- Great.
Manny- No big deal. We'll just use your phone.
Liberty- No.
Manny- No? Do you want to walk 20 miles?
Liberty- No. But my phone is at my house. I forgot it this morning.
Manny- Great.
Liberty- What should we do?
Manny- I guess we should start walking. (They start walking down the road.)

[Back at the dot...]
(Spinner walks over with several plates. He puts them down in front of Jimmy, Craig, Hazel, Paige, and Marco)
Spinner- Three cheeseburgers. One no onion, no lettuce, no pickles. One no cheese, no mustard, no ketchup. One ketchup and cheese only. Two garden salads, light Italian dressing. Three side orders of fries, and a side of vinegar.
Jimmy- No.
Hazel- Jimmy...
Spinner- This is the third time. What's wrong this time?
Jimmy- I wanted this well done. This is medium well.
Spinner- You said well.
Jimmy- I changed my mind. Fix it. (Jimmy pushes the plate toward Spinner. Spinner picks it up and walks away. Jay walks in. He sits down at the counter. Spinner walks towards him.)
Jay- You're serving them?
Spinner- What can I do?
Jay- Bring over his order. I have a little special ingredient.
Spinner- I'll get fired.
Jay- How are they going to know? (Spinner doesn't answer.) You want to keep taking it from them? You keep wanting to open your locker and find dead animals?
Spinner- I'm starting to think I deserve it.
Jay- You didn't pull the trigger. Just bring me the burger.
Man #1- Table 5. Order up.
Jay- Just get the burger and bring it over here. (Spinner walks over to the kitchen. He picks up the burger and brings it over to Jay.J ay turns his back to Jimmy's table and lifts up the burger bun. Spinner looks bothered. Jay hands the burger back to him.) One payback special. (Spinner takes the plate and walks over to Jimmy's table. He puts the plate down.)
Spinner- Here's your order sir. (Spinner starts to walk away when he trips and falls. He looks and sees Jimmy's shoe is what he tripped over. Spinner stands up.)
Jimmy- Oops. I forgot I took my shoe off. Had an itch. (Spinner walks back towards Jay.)
Jay- That was hilarious. He totally dropped that shoe when you weren't looking.
Spinner- I know.
Jay- You want me to take care of it?
Spinner- They already ordered everything.
Jay- Do you want me to take care of it? (Spinner nods.) Consider it taken care of. (Jay walks out of the dot. Hazel walks over.)
Hazel- I'm sorry about him. We're going to go in a little bit. And, they're not going to leave you a tip or anything.
Spinner- I kind of figured.
Hazel- But, you put up with a lot, and haven't retaliated. I appreciate that. So, here. (Hazel hands him a five.)
Spinner- Thanks.
Hazel- Just don't tell them I did this.
Spinner- Won't they realize that you are over here talking to me?
Hazel- They think I'm complaining about the cola.
Spinner- What's wrong with it?
Hazel- It doesn't taste like diet.
Spinner- Oh. (Pauses.) Thanks.
Hazel- They'll come around. I still don't completely forgive you, but, you don't deserve everything you're getting. (She walks away.)

[In Toby's Car...]
(Toby and J.T. are head banging.  J.T. turns around and sees that there is a cop following them.)
J.T.-  Toby. There's a cop.
Toby-  What?  No. I can't get a ticket. They'll take this car away from me for sure.
J.T.-  So?  Don't pull over.
Toby-  I have to.  It's the law.
J.T.-  So break the law.  (Toby steps on the gas.  They speed up.  The cop continues to follow them.)  Speed it up Toby.  Speed it up.(Toby speeds up the car.  J.T. looks behind them and sees that the police car is making a u-turn and going the other way.)  No more cop.
Toby-  Really?
J.T.-  Yeah.  That was by far the coolest thing you've ever done.
Toby-  Yeah.  I got this adrenaline rush.
J.T.-  Keep it going.  (Toby speeds up the car and J.T. turns up the music.)

[Back at the dot...]
(Jay walks in, past Spinner who is trying to give the check to Jimmy.)
Spinner-  The total's $28.63.
Jimmy-  No.
Spinner-  Yeah it is.  Three burgers.  Two salads.  Three fries, and five drinks.  $28.63.
Jimmy-  No.  You were slow.  You were rude.  You kept getting our orders wrong.  I never got the burger I ordered.
Spinner-  I'll comp your burger.
Jimmy-  I'm afraid that won't be enough.
Spinner-  What?
Jimmy-  Should I just take it up with your manager?
Spinner-  What do you want?
Jimmy-  The whole meal comped.
Spinner-  I can do all of the burgers and an order of fries.
Jimmy-  That's much better.  (Pauses.)  You can take our food away now.  (Spinner starts grabbing the plates when Jimmy drops one on the floor, and it breaks.)  Oops.  Better clean that up.  (Spinner starts to clean it up as the table laughs.  Spinner takes parts of the broken plate to behind the counter, where Jay is sitting.)
Jay-  Why are you taking this from them?
Spinner-  My boss is looking to fire someone.  I don't want to be that someone.
Jay-  So?  Stand up for yourself.  Be a man.  You're just being pathetic.
Spinner-  I don't want them to hate me more.
Jay-  So you're just going to let them treat you worse?  (Spinner doesn't respond.)  You got to stand up for yourself.  I know you want them to be your friends again, but it doesn't look like that'll happen anytime soon.  You might as well get them to respect you.(Spinner doesn't say anything.  He grabs the check and begins to walk over to the table.  He sees that they left, without paying.) Didn't see that coming.
Spinner-  Looks like that's coming out of my tips.  Way to end my shift.  (He pulls out some cash and puts it with the bill.)

[Back in Toby's car...]
(Toby is head banging, while J.T. sticks his head out of the window and screams.  He pulls his head back in.  Toby is laughing.)
J.T.-  I don't know why dogs do that.  I just got hit in the face with a bug.  (Toby laughs harder.)  Laugh it up.  Just wait until it happens to you.  (Toby continues to laugh.)  Oh.  I love this song.  (J.T. turns up the radio.  He pretends to play the drums.  Toby does the air guitar.  Toby shuts his eyes.  J.T. laughs at him.)
Toby-  Yeah!  Yeah!  (J.T. looks at the road for a second.  He sees
that the car in front of them is stopped.)
J.T.-  Toby!  Watch out!  (Toby doesn’t' hear him and slams into the car in front of them.  The airbags deploy.)

[At Manny's house...]
(Manny and Liberty walk to the house.)
Manny-  Never again will I take public transit.
Liberty-  I'm with you there.  That had to have been the worst few hours I've spent in a long time.  (Manny knocks on the door.)  Whatare you knocking on the door for?  It's your house.
Manny-  My keys are in Toby's car.  (The door opens.  Manny's mom is on the other side.  She hugs Manny.)  Nice to see you too mom.
Manny's mom-  Oh thank goodness you're alright.
Manny-  I just took the bus.  (Pauses.)  Wait, what?
Manny's mom-  I just got a call from the police.  They said that they found your purse in a car that was just totalled but they couldn't find you.
Manny-  What?
Manny's mom-  Who were you driving around with?  What were you doing with strange people downtown?
Manny-  I didn't go downtown.  Me and Liberty were going to celebrate  with Toby for his new car and we left because they were being jerks.  We just spent the last three hours trying to get home by bus.
Liberty-  What happened to Toby and J.T.?  Are they okay?  (Manny's mom doesn't say anything.)

[At the dot...]
(Spinner is walking to his car when Craig runs over to him and shoves him.)
Craig-  What did you do to my car?
Spinner-  What?
Craig-  What did you do to my car?!?
Spinner-  I didn't do anything.  (Craig punches him and Spinner falls to the ground.)
Craig-  It's full of earwigs and half eaten food.
Spinner-  I didn't do it.
Craig-  Liar!  (He starts to pummel Spinner.  Spinner tries to hit Craig but doesn't. He barely touches him.)  I just got that car.  What's yourproblem?  (He continues to punch him.  Jimmy comes over and watches. Hazel, Marco, and Paige run over.)
Hazel-  Stop it you guys!  (Hazel tries to pull Craig off of Spinner, but doesn't succeed.  Jay runs over and grabs Craig.  He shoves Craig against a nearby wall.)
Jay-  You want to feel my wrath?  (Jay starts to hit Craig.  Craig hits back.  Spinner gets up and runs over to stop it.  He push Jay off of Craig.  Jay stops and Spinner continues to hold him back.  Spinner has a bloody nose.  Jay's lip is bleeding.  Craig's got a cut on his cheek that's bleeding.  They all look pretty messed up.)
Spinner-  I didn't touch your car Craig.  But, if anyone should be mad it should be me.  You guys totally just skipped out on the bill.  Iworked my butt off and you guys try and get me fired?
Jimmy-  At least you can walk.
Spinner-  Stop it.  Stop.  I'm sorry man.  I'm sorry.  But don't pull that pity crap on me.  I'm never going to pity you.  You don't deserve pity.  You changed.  You use to be a half way decent human being, but I'll tell you something, you're just as bad as I ever was. Maybe worse.  I'm starting to think that if it were the other way around, you would have had Rick pull the gun on me.
Hazel-  Can we please stop?  You guys are just making things worse.  Please.  Stop.
Jimmy-  No.  Spinner, I would have never done what you did.  I would never wish this pain on anyone.  I can't do practically anything anymore.  I'm suffering more than you could ever imagine.  And I don't want you pity.  I don't want anything from you. You’re the scum of the earth.  As far as I'm concerned, I could never see you again, and it would never be long enough.  (He leaves.)
Hazel-  Craig, can we please go?  I'll help you clean out your car.
Spinner-  I didn't do it Craig.  I would never do that to your car. 
(Craig just looks at Spinner with disgust.  He walks off.  Paige, Marco, and Hazel follow.  Jay and Spinner just stand there.)
Spinner-  You put earwigs in his car?
Jay- I just took stuff out of the dumpster and dumped in his car.
Spinner-  He looked like he wanted to kill me.
Jay-  He wouldn't have.  And I stepped up.  What are you complaining about?
Spinner-  Just don't do me anymore favors.  (Spinner leaves.)

[At the hospital...]
(Manny, Manny's mom, and Liberty walk in.  They see Toby's parents, Ashley, and J.T.'s parents.  They walk over to them.)
Liberty-  How are they?
Ashley-  Stable.
Liberty-  Can we go in and see them?
Ashley-  Not yet.  They're still doing x-rays.
Manny-  We tried to get them to stop.
Ashley-  Why is it that bad things always seem to happen when you're involved?  (Ashley walks away.)
Manny-  Wow.  I guess she still hates me.
Liberty-  Yeah.  (A doctor walks out.  He walks over to Toby and J.T.'s parents.  He says something to them.  Ashley's Mom walks over to Manny and Liberty.)
Ashley's Mom-  Thanks for coming down.
Manny-  We tried to get them to slow down.
Ashley's Mom-  We don't blame you.  Toby should have known better than to drive recklessly.  Good thing his car is totalled.Because there is no way he's driving anytime soon.
Liberty-  Are they okay?
Ashley's Mom-  They both have some cuts and bruises.  Toby's got a broken arm.  J.T. broke a few ribs.  And a few bones in his leg shattered.  The doctor said he may have to do some rehabilitation.
Liberty-  (She starts to cry.)  Oh no.
Ashley's Mom-  The doctor says they'll be fine.  But it may take  awhile for them to heal.  They're fine.  Thank goodness nothing life threatening.  They could have killed someone.  The people in the other car aren't so lucky.  The doctor's think that one of them might be paralyzed from the waist down.  Toby's going to have to go to court.
Manny-  We should have done something.  I feel awful.
Ashley's Mom-  Don't.  It's alright.  You weren't driving the car.  (Toby's dad walks over.)
Toby's Dad-  We can go see him now.  (They walk off.  Manny and  Liberty follow.  They walk into the room and see Toby and J.T. who look like they are in real pain.  Liberty starts to cry.  Manny looks saddened.)

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