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506 She's No You (Part One)

People are starting to notice that Emma is different. What are they going to do about it? What is she going to do about it? Is Paige ready to consumate her relationship with Matt? Is Matt really over Charlie?

[At Emma's house...]

(Spike is cleaning Emma's room when Emma walks in.)

Emma- What are you doing?

Spike- What does it look like I'm doing? Cleaning.

Emma- Don't. Stop!

Spike- What? Why? Most kids would be happy if someone else was cleaning their room.

Emma- Don't. I don't like how you clean.

Spike- Sorry. I thought there was only one way to clean.

Emma- You throw stuff away I still need.

Spike- Oh. Sorry. (Spike starts to clean up her cleaning supplies.) Oh. Is before I stop cleaning and accidentally throw something away you might need, is there any reason you have an empty pill bottle under your bed?

Emma- I...Uh...It's for school. Making a model. Need to use everyday things. Pill bottle works perfectly.

Spike- For what?

Emma- Stuff.

Spike- Okay.

(She leaves. Emma lies down on her bed. She sits there for a minute and hears the door shut. She quickly goes underneath her bed and picks up the pill bottle. She opens the door to her nightstand. There is another pill bottle in there. She puts the bottle in the nightstand. She pulls out the other. She opens it and dumps out a few pills. She puts them in her mouth and swallows. She looks in the bottle and sees there is only a few left. She puts the bottle back in the cabinet. She shuts the cabinet door. She lies back down on the bed.)




[At school...]

(Emma is at her locker when Amy walks over to Alex who is at her locker)

Amy- I got so wasted this weekend.

Alex- What'd you do this time? Drink rubbing alcohol?

Amy- No. I went to that pill party at my cousins. They had some crazy pills. And everyone brought some of their stash and just dumped them into a bowl. So random. It was awesome.

Alex- Yeah. Sounds like it.

Amy- That reminds me, I have to go to my Grandma's to get some more pills. You want me to get you anything?

Alex- You make it sound like you're going to the store.

Amy- Well, do you? That old folk’s home has some crazy stuff.

Alex- Nah. I'm good. Thanks.

Amy- Suit yourself. (Alex walks away. Amy is about to walk away when Emma stops her.)

Emma- You can get prescription pills?

Amy- You didn't hear that conversation.

Emma- No. No. I just, was wondering if you could get me something.

Amy- I'm listening.


[After school...]

(Hazel, Jimmy, and Marco are waiting outside school when Paige walks out.)

Jimmy- It's about time.

Marco- What took you so long?

Paige- Sorry. Matt called me.

Hazel- He did?

Paige- Yeah. He's coming into town next week.

Hazel- What a nice surprise.

Jimmy- (Sarcastic) How special.

Paige- Well, I'm excited.

Marco- Can we go to the movie now? I don't want to miss the previews.

Paige- I'm not going.

Jimmy- What were we waiting for then?

Paige- Sorry. I just have to get ready for Matt.

Jimmy- He's not going to be here for a week. You know that right?

Paige- Yeah. But I have to get ready.

Jimmy- For what?

Hazel- Oh, you're not thinking about...(Paige nods. Hazel shrieks.)

Marco- My eardrum. My eardrum is now broken.

Jimmy- All she did was nod her head. (Hazel hugs Paige.)

Hazel- You two go to the movies. I have to help Paige get ready.

Jimmy- Get ready for what?

Marco- Come on. I'll explain it to you on the way to the movies. (They leave.)

Hazel- This is so exciting.

Paige- It's not like he's said yes.

Hazel- What straight guy is going to say no?

Paige- I know. But, I'm nervous. I really want my first real time to be special.

Hazel- You love him. It will be. Come on. Let's go to the mall and get you ready for your man.

Paige- Okay. (They leave.)


[The Next Day...]

(Emma is sitting outside when Manny walks over to her.)

Manny- Hey.

Emma- What do you want?

Manny- Listen, I know things have been weird between us lately (She sits there), and it's just...

Emma- What?

Manny- I don't like that. I don't want things to go back to how they were during...

Emma- During what?

Manny- The whole Craig drama.

Emma- You brought that on yourself.

Manny- Well, I'm sorry I did. And I don't want us to go back there. I don't want to lose you as my friend again.

Emma- What makes you think you're losing me?

Manny- Lots of things. You never want to do anything with your friends any more.

Emma- Can't I have other friends?

Manny- Amy?

Emma- What?

Manny- I saw you talking to her earlier. Is she your "other" friend?

Emma- I can't talk to other people?

Manny- Yeah. But Amy?

Emma- Are you jealous or something?

Manny- What? Of who?

Emma- Just because I've moved on to bigger and better things, doesn't mean you can ride on my coat tails.

Manny- I don't want your life. To be honest, I'm concerned. I'm trying to be a friend so you have someone to talk to you if you need to. You're not you anymore.

Emma- I think I know who I am. And let me tell you something, I was never me when I was with you. So back off. (She walks off. Manny sits there, looking concerned.)


[After school...]

(Hazel and Paige are walking in the mall...)

Hazel- Have you thought about the music and candles?

Paige- Of course. But I have no idea what it's going to be.

Hazel- I guess that's why I'm here.

Paige- Yeah. I need all the advice I can get. I'm totally not even thinking straight. I'm just so excited.

Hazel- I'm happy for you.

Paige- I just have to get everything right, you know? Make sure it's perfect.

Hazel- It doesn't have to be perfect.

Paige- Yes. Yes it does.

Hazel- I guess I should have know. We've been shopping for two days and you still haven't bought anything. Totally not you.

Paige- Hun, I don't buy everything I see. I buy what I want. And I still don't see anything that just screams "Wear Me! Buy Me!"

Hazel- We'll find something. Even if it takes a hundred more shopping trips.

Paige- You just love the mall.

Hazel- Nothing wrong with that. (They walk into a store when Paige  stops.) What's wrong? We haven't been to this store yet.

Paige- I don't want to go in.

Hazel- Why not? They may not be the best store in the mall, but they might have a cute top or two.

Paige- Let's just go.

Hazel- You go. I'll catch up with you. I want to look in here. (Paige is about to leave when a woman starts to walk towards them.)

Paige- Oh no. (Paige ducks behind a plant.)

Hazel- What? What's wrong? (The woman walks over to them. She looks over the plant.)

Charlie- Paige? Is that you?

Paige- Oh. (She looks down.) There's my nickel. (She picks up the coin and stands up.) Hey Charlie. Just looking for some change I dropped.

Charlie- I see that. (Pauses.) How are you?

Paige- I'm okay. Alright. How about you?

Charlie- As okay as I'm going to be. The morning sickness is really starting to kick in.

Paige- I bet.

Charlie- So, I take it you heard that Matt is coming into town next week.

Paige- Yeah. He called me the other day. Really looking forward to seeing my boyfriend again.

Charlie- I bet. From what I can tell, he's really looking forward to seeing you.

Paige- Yeah. Well he's going to have a lot to love about this trip. I have a very special evening planned for us.

Charlie- Oh. I remember the special evenings he would use to plan for us. He was always so romantic.

Paige- Yeah. I know what you mean.

Charlie- Well, I'll see you around.

Paige- Yeah. You will. (Charlie smiles and walks away.)

Hazel- Charlie?

Paige- Yeah.

Hazel- She's really pretty. (Paige looks at her.) For a pregnant woman. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Paige- (Sarcastic.) Nice save.

Hazel- I just wasn't expecting her to look like that. I was expecting to see some fat, sweating woman whose hair was in disarray.

Paige- Nice image.

Hazel- You’re not jealous, are you?

Paige- Of what? Her? No way. I don't want to be pregnant.

Hazel- No. Of her and Matt's relationship.

Paige- They have no relationship. Other than the fact that she's asked him to help her raise her child, that she was stupid enough to get knocked up with in the first  place, through no fault of my boyfriend. I'm fine with it. She poses no threat to me and Matt. We're so happy together.

Hazel- Even though you haven't seen him in almost three months?

Paige- We're fine. And no pregnant ex-girlfriend is going to split us up.

Hazel- So, she's not the reason you want to have sex with him?

Paige- What?

Hazel- Well, it had to have crossed your mind. She's pregnant. You had to have made the leap to her and Matt being intimate together.

Paige- I'm doing this because I love him, not because of some weird psycho analysis thing.

Hazel- Okay Paige.

Paige- Hazel, I don't feel threatened by her. Believe me. Me and Matt are rock solid. Nothing is going to break us up.


[Emma is walking down the street towards her house. She sees Amy sitting on the curb. She walks over to her.]

Emma- What are you doing here?

Amy- You didn't show up earlier.

Emma- I was there. But Manny came and I didn't want her to now what I was doing. She was suspicious enough already.

Amy- She's not the only one.

Emma- What is that suppose to mean?

Amy- Goodie goodies don't talk to me.

Emma- I'm not talking to you. I'm doing business.

Amy- Which I don't understand. What do you need anti-depressants for? You're Miss Happy-go-lucky.

Emma- You don't know me. I'm not always happy. I have a dark side.

Amy- And I'm the queen of England.

Emma- Just give me the pills. (Amy hands her a baggie.)

Amy- My money? (Emma pulls out her wallet and gives Amy a twenty.) Thank you. (Pauses.) Oh, I threw in a few samplers.

Emma- Samplers?

Amy- Yeah. Just in case you wanted to try something else.

Emma- That's okay. I won't need them.

Amy- You never know. The little brown ones are stronger anti-depressants, and the little blue ones are something special.

Emma- I won't be needing them.

Amy- Well, just in case.

Emma- Trust me, I won't. (Amy smiles and walks away. Emma takes the bag and puts it into her book bag. She walks into her house.)


[In Emma's House...]

(Spike and Snake are sitting at the table when Emma walks in...)

Spike- Emma? Is that you? (Emma walks into the kitchen.)

Emma- Hey. What are you guys doing?

Snake- Were you going to ever tell us?

Emma- Tell you what?

Spike- About your little secret.

Emma- Secret?

Snake- I talked to Coach Armstrong today. You're failing math?

Emma- Not on purpose.

Spike- Why didn't you tell us?

Emma- Because you didn't need to know.

Snake- You forged our signature.

Emma- What?

Snake- Yeah. Coach Armstrong told me. I work at the school. Did you think that I would never find out?

Emma- It's math. It's hard. Get over it.

Spike- Watch it with the attitude. It has grounded written all over it.

Emma- You watch the attitude.

Spike- What is with you lately?

Emma- You.

Spike- Excuse me?

Emma- You heard me.

Spike- That's it. You're grounded.

Emma- Good. Not like I'm going to do anything anyway. (She walks to the basement door and enters it. She slams the door behind her.)

Spike- What's going on with her?

Snake- Hormones?

Spike- No. I don't think that's it. I'm worried about her.

Snake- It's just a grade.

Spike- What about how rude she was?

Snake- I know. That's not like Emma.

Spike- Something’s going on with her. She never talks to me anymore.

Snake- Just that age I guess. (Spike just shakes her head.)


[In the basement...]

(Emma sits down on her bed. She has tears in her eyes. She pulls out the bag Amy just gave to her. She takes a blue pill out of the bag. She looks at it. She puts it in her mouth and swallows. She lies down on her bed.)


[At Hazel's house...]

(Hazel is sitting, reading a magazine, when the doorbell rings. She gets up and answers the door. It's Paige...)

Hazel- What are you doing here? I thought Matt's flight was coming in.

Paige- It is. (She walks in.)

Hazel- So, what are you doing here?

Paige- Freaking out.

Hazel- Why? (Paige sits down. Hazel sits down.)

Paige- What if he doesn't want to be with me? What if I'm wrong?

Hazel- Paige, he loves you.

Paige- But he's going to help Charlie raise her child.

Hazel- Paige, what happened to the confident you that I've come to know and love?

Paige- She's hiding.

Hazel- Why?

Paige- Because she's afraid.

Hazel- Why?

Paige- What if he doesn't love me? What if he is just telling me he does because he feels sorry for me?

Hazel- The man was willing to get fired for you. I think your love is pretty strong.

Paige- Then why am I freaking out?

Hazel- You don't have to have sex tonight. Just take it slow. He's already willing to be with you without it, you don't have to do it.

Paige- But that's what people who love each other do. They have sex.

Hazel- Me and Jimmy love each other. We still haven't had sex.

Paige- That's different.

Hazel- Even if he wasn't shot last year, I wouldn't be having sex. I'm not like that. You don't have to be like that either.

Paige- Not all of us believe in abstinence before marriage.

Hazel- I know. But you've only dated him for what? Eight months?

Paige- Yeah.

Hazel- So, what's your rush?

Paige- I want him to know how much I love him.

Hazel- He already knows. Just because he lives so far away doesn't mean you have to go and slut it up for him.

Paige- I'm not slutting it up.

Hazel- Then what are you doing? Telling Matt that you're willing to do it, just like Charlie?

Paige- I'm not jealous of Charlie.

Hazel- It sure seems like it.

Paige- I just love him.

Hazel- If he loves you, he'll accept it if you don't do it with him.

Paige- Maybe you're right.

Hazel- Yeah. Of course I am. Now go to the airport and give the man you love a kiss hello.

Paige- Okay.

Hazel- Alright.

Paige- Thanks Hazel. (Paige leaves.)


[Back at Emma's house...]

(Emma is sitting on her bed starring at her hand. She is giggling.)

Emma- My hand looks so cool. Did I always have five fingers? (She continues to giggle.) Fingers is a funny word. (The door opens.)

Spike- Emma? (Emma looks surprised. She hides under her covers.) Emma? (Spike walks down the stairs to Emma's bed.) Emma? Are you asleep? (Emma doesn’t respond.) Emma, it's only 6:30. No way you're asleep yet. (Emma doesn't respond. Spike sits down.) Fine. Don't say anything. I just want to talk anyway. Listen, I'm worried about you. Your marks are slipping. You don't talk to me unless you're yelling. I didn't mean to snap at you earlier, it's just, I want to know what's going on, and you blocking me from your world isn't helping. And I know that it's easy to just ignore everything I say, but I was a teenager too. Not too long ago. And, I know what you're going through. So, I guess what I'm saying is, if you need to talk,  I'm here. (Spike gets up and walks to the staircase. She looks back at Emma and then leaves.)


[At the airport...]

(Paige gets out of a cab and walks into the airport. She is looking around as she walks to the terminal. She sees Matt. She waves at him. He waves back. Paige walks over to him. She kisses him.)

Paige- Hey. I've missed you so much. (She kisses him again.)

Matt- I've missed you too. (They hug.)

Charlie- Okay. I'm back. (Paige turns around and sees Charlie.)

Paige- Oh. Charlie?

Charlie- Hey Paige.

Matt- Charlie had to go to the washroom.

Charlie- Yeah. This pregnancy is messing with my bladder. I have to pee every three minutes. (Paige laughs nervously.)

Matt- Charlie offered to pick me up the other day. I totally forgot  that you said you would too.

Paige- You forgot?

Charlie- Lots on his mind. (She puts her hands on his arm.) Matt was always a bit of a scatterbrain.

Paige- Yeah. That's my Matt for you. (She puts her hand on Matt's other arm.)

Matt- Well, I better go get my luggage.

Paige- I'll go.

Charlie- I'll go.

Matt- That's okay. I think I can get it myself. (Matt walks towards baggage claim. Charlie starts to walk after him, but Paige stops her.)

Paige- Why are you picking up Matt?

Charlie- That's what friends do.

Paige- It's also what girlfriends do.

Charlie- Me and Matt are just friends.

Paige- Yeah. That little playful way you grabbed his arm earlier, not many friends do that.

Charlie- He's a close friend.

Paige- Don't think I don't see through your little games. Matt's my boyfriend. Mine. Don't think that you're going to steal him away by asking him to be your baby’s daddy.

Charlie- He is, isn't he?

Paige- Only because he feels sorry for you.

Charlie- I beg to differ. (She starts to walk away.)

Paige- And why wouldn't he feel sorry for you? Being a whore was bound to get you pregnant some day. That poor kid of yours. Matt, being the generous guy he is, didn't want the kid to grow up a bastard. (Charlie turns around and walks back over to her.)

Charlie- At least I didn't try to sleep with my teacher to get a better grade.

Paige- We didn't sleep together, and he's not my teacher, any more.

Charlie- Oh, silly me. Of course you don't put out. Why would you? You're immature.

Paige- I'm immature? I'm not the one trying to steal someone else's man.

Charlie- You stole him first.

Paige- I didn't steal him. He realized that he could do better. (Matt walks back over.)

Matt- There you two are. I went over to baggage claim and realized you two weren't there.

Paige- Me and Charlie were just--

Charlie- Actually, my back is hurting. This pregnancy is totally making me wish I still had a chiropractor.

Matt- Oh. Poor Charlie. Let me help you. (Hands Paige two bags.)  Could you carry these?

(Paige smiles meekly and takes the bags. Matt starts to help Charlie walk as Paige begins to lug the bags. Charlie looks back at her and makes a face. Paige looks mad.)


[At The Dot...]

(Charlie, Matt, and Paige are sitting at a table...)

Charlie- You remember that time we went to the fair?

Matt- (Laughing.) And you fell in that puddle?

Charlie- (Laughing.) I was so embarrassed. I thought you would never give me another chance.

Matt- I thought it was adorable. (Charlie puts her hand on Matt's. Paige sees it.)

Paige- Well, you know what I think is adorable? You. (She kisses Matt.)

Charlie- You know what? I better get going. I don't want to interrupt your little homecoming. (Paige nods.)

Matt- No. Charlie. I haven't seen you in forever. And I want to feel the baby kick before you leave.

Charlie- I don't want to interrupt this little love fest.

Matt- You're not interrupting. Is she Paige?

Paige- Yes. (Matt just looks at her.) I'm sorry. I said no meaning yes.

Matt- Come on Charlie. Please stay. I won't take no for an answer.

Charlie- Alright.

Paige- You know what, I better go.

Matt- What? Why?

Paige- You two obviously have some catching up to do, and besides, I have an early morning tomorrow.

Matt- Oh. Okay then. I'll see you tomorrow?

Paige- Sure. (She gets up and starts to walk towards the door. She looks back at the table and Charlie makes a face at her. Paige turns around and walks back over to the table.) Matt, can you walk me to the door real quick?

Matt- Oh. Sure. (He gets up and they head towards the door.)

Paige- Listen, I know Charlie's important to you, and that's fine. But she's totally into you.

Matt- Charlie? Into me? No.

Paige- Matt, I'm not blind. She's trying to get you back.

Matt- Paige...

Paige- And who could blame her? You're a huge catch.

Matt- You're just being jealous.

Paige- Maybe, but just, please, don't let your guard down. I don't want to lose you.

Matt- You're not going to lose me. I love you.

Paige- You love me?

Matt- Yeah. I was going to tell you later, but it just sort of slipped out.

Paige- I love you too. (They smile.)

Matt- Glad we got who loves who straightened out.

Paige- (She smiles.) Listen, you and Charlie, spend your time together tonight. Tomorrow, I want you all to myself. And I promise you, it'll be worth it.

Matt- It's always worth it when I spend time with you.

Paige- Tomorrow, will be really worth it. (She kisses him gently. She smiles and leaves. Matt is just staring at her smiling.)


[At Amy's house...]

(There is a knock on the door. Amy answers it. It's Emma.)

Amy- What are you doing here?

Emma- (She walks into her house.) Those pills were amazing.

Amy- Oh. I thought you swore you wouldn't need them.

Emma- I thought so too, but they were amazing. I'm shaking. Look. (She holds up her arm to Amy.)

Amy- I don't think you're supposed to be shaking.

Emma- I'm so exited. (She sits down.) I never felt so alive.

Amy- Listen, I'm about to go to a party. It's a pill party. Everyone brings their own stuff and shares. You want to come?

Emma- Really?

Amy- Sure. You seem pretty cool when you're not uptight. And, you have your pills with you, don't you?

Emma- Yeah. (She pulls a bag out of her purse.)

Amy- Come on. Let's go have some fun. (They leave.)

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