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507 She's No You (Part Two)

Emma has a problem. Is she ready to admit it? Why is Matt so eager to raise a child that's not his own?

[Emma and Amy are walking down the street...]

Emma- So, who's party is this?

Amy- You don't need to make small talk.

Emma- Oh.

Amy- But, to answer your question, my cousin's. She's in college. They get all these pills. Some of them mess with your mind so much, it's the best trip ever.

Emma- This trip I'm on is pretty groovy.

Amy- Don't say groovy. These are college kids. Don't be lame.

Emma- If I'm so lame, why did you invite me?

Amy- On the off chance I could make you a regular client. I like to treat my customers to the very best at first. Give you a taste of the good life.

Emma- Customers?

Amy- What? You think I give people pills for fun?

Emma- No. But...

Amy- Don't think. That's not a fun high. (She pulls out a gum wrapper.) Here. Look! Shiny! (Emma grabs it.)

Emma- Ooooh. Shiny. (She giggles. She stops walking.)

Amy- Come on. (She grabs her arm.) We'll be late for the party.




(Amy and Emma enter the party...)

Amy- Hey Mo Fos! (A girl walks over.)

Girl #1- Hey Amy. (They hug.) Who's this?

Amy- Emma. She wanted to crash if that's okay?

Girl #1- Sure. The more the merrier. You brought stuff, right?

Amy- Of course. (They walk in further. Emma sits down on a couch.)

Girl #1- Okay everyone, let's get this party started!


[Paige is walking home when a car pulls up next to her...]

Craig- Hey Paige!

Paige- Hey. What are you doing?

Craig- Just going home. How about you?

Paige- Same.

Craig- Wasn't Matt supposed to be coming home today?

Paige- Yeah. But he's with Charlie.

Craig- Charlie? The girl that he got pregnant?

Paige- He didn't get her pregnant.

Craig- Didn't you say he was the baby's father?

Paige- Sort of. It's complicated.

Craig- So, it's not his kid?

Paige- No. But I'm sure Charlie would love it if it was.

Craig- So, if it's not his kid, is he getting married to Charlie?

Paige- He's dating me. He's not marrying her.

Craig- Paige, not to bring you down, but single guys don't offer themselves to be parents if it's not theirs.

Paige- How would you know?

Craig- I wouldn't have done that with Manny if it wasn't mine.

Paige- Matt's just a good guy.

Craig- Are you sure?

Paige- Listen, I don't feel like being brought down anymore, so could you please stop? Please.

Craig- Sorry. Just trying to help.

Paige- It's not working.

Craig- Can I make it up to you? I'll drive you home.

Paige- Nah. I'd rather walk. Rather not have you bring up more doubts in my head.

Craig- Oh. Sorry.

Paige- It's okay. I'll see you later.

Craig- Yeah. You're still going to the movies with Hazel and Jimmy next week right?

Paige- Yeah. I'll see you then. (Craig nods and drives off. Paige stops walking.) Why is he offering to be the father? (She turns around and heads back towards the Dot.)


[At the party...]

(Amy's Cousin is sitting with Amy and some others...)

Amy's Cousin- Okay, so we have some Vicodin, Valium, OxyContin, and Adderall.

Amy- Oh, that's that kiddie cocaine stuff. Is it like the real thing?

Amy's Cousin- You tell me. (She gives her a couple pills and a spoon.) Crush it. Then snort it. Don't do it the other way.

Amy- Who's that stupid?

Amy's Cousin- You'd be surprised.

Emma- What happens if you take it in pill form?

Amy's Cousin- I don't know. (We see Amy crushing the pill. She snorts it.) You want to find out?

Emma- Sure. (Amy's cousin hands her a pill. Emma takes it and swallows.)

Amy's Cousin- Nothing like pharming I always say.

Amy- This is so much better than coke.

Amy's Cousin- So, Emma, what pill did it for you?

Emma- What do you mean?

Amy's Cousin- What pill got you hooked? Mine was Vicodin. I still remember the first time I took it. Made me feel so good.

Emma- I'm not hooked on anything. I just take Prozac every once in a while. Helps relieve stress.

Amy's Cousin- Yeah. That's what I said when I broke my foot. Don't be stupid. You wouldn't be here if you weren't addicted.

Emma- I don't have a problem. I'm just recreational.

Amy's Cousin- Fine. Fine. Be that way.

Emma- I'm telling the truth.

Amy- Emma, why did I have to get you anti-depressants if you don't have a problem? Just go to the doctor.

Emma- I...uh...

Amy's Cousin- My mom got some new pills for her ADD. Anyone want to try them out with me?

Amy- I'm totally in.

Amy's Cousin- Emma?

Emma- I'll pass. (Amy's cousin laughs and walks off. Amy walks over to Emma and gets in her face.)

Amy- I didn't invite you here to be a party pooper. I invited you here because I thought you weren't going to be uptight and to help you have a good time. Don't make me regret it.

Emma- It's not safe to mix pills.

Amy- It's also not safe to be taking pills that aren't prescribed to  you, but that doesn't seem to stop you. Don't get all high and mighty and moral or whatever. Nothing I hate more than a hypocrite. Do it or just leave. (Amy walks off. Emma just stands there.)


[In the bathroom...]

(Amy and her cousin are dumping pills out of a bottle. Amy's cousin hands her a pill and takes one out for herself. Emma walks in.)

Emma- On second thought, I will take one of those. (Amy's cousin smiles and hands Emma a pill.)


[At the Dot...]

(Charlie and Matt are sitting, talking when Paige walks up to the Dot. She looks in. She starts to walk off, but she turns around and heads in. She walks over to the table.)

Charlie- Paige? What are you doing here?

Paige- What? Surprised to see me? I just...I realized the early morning was next week. So, I thought I'd come back and join you, if that's okay.

Matt- Of course. Nothing I'd like more than my best girls to hang out together. (Paige smiles and sits down.) You want anything to drink?

Paige- Diet soda would be great.

Matt- Charlie?

Charlie- Just a water.

Matt- Be right back. (He walks away.)

Charlie- What are you doing back here? I thought you finally realized that you are way out of your league.

Paige- No. Unfortunately for you, I realized that the only way to get rid of a pest is to keep and eye on it and then SMACK! Smash it.

Charlie- You'll have your work cut out for you.

Paige- Don't worry, I'm ready. (Matt walks back over.)

Matt- Drinks all around. (He sets the drinks down and sits down.) So, what were you lovely ladies talking about?

Paige- Oh, just how great you are.

Matt- How sweet. (He kisses her. Paige puts her arm around Matt. She gives Charlie a look. Charlie just smiles.)

Charlie- Oh! I think I just felt a kick.

Matt- What? (Matt jumps up and knocks a drink on to Paige. Paige jumps up.) Oh. So sorry, Paige. (He just stands in the middle of Paige and Charlie.)

Paige- Don't just stand there! I'm soaked.

Charlie- Oh! It kicked again.

Paige- Forget it. I'll be right back. (Paige walks towards the washroom. She turns around and sees that Matt is holding Charlie's stomach. She looks depressed and walks into the washroom.)


[Back at the party...]

(People are sitting around. We see Emma is talking with Amy when a

guy walks over...)

Guy #1- Man, this party is wild.

Emma- Yeah.

Amy- My cousin throws the best parties.

Guy #1- What pills did you take?

Amy- Adderall, Vicodin, and some ADD medication.

Guy #1- How about you?

Emma- I don't really know. But these hallucinations are wild.

Guy #1- Tell me about it. (Pauses.) You're kind of hot.

Emma- Thanks.

Guy #1- Listen, I have some cold medicine, and there's an empty room if you want to use it.

Emma- For what? (The guy laughs.)

Amy- So you two can hallucinate together.

Emma- Oh.

Guy #1- So, what do you say? (Emma smiles.)

Emma- Give me a shot of cold medicine.


[Back at the dot...]

(Paige walks out of the washroom when she sees Charlie and Matt getting ready to leave. She walks over to them...)

Paige- Were you guys planning to leave without me?

Matt- Of course not.

Charlie- Why would we ever want to do that?

Paige- So, what are you guys doing?

Matt- I was just going to take Charlie home. She's not feeling too well.

Paige- Oh. I'll come with.

Charlie- You may not want to. It could get pretty ugly.

Paige- You never know, Matt may need some help taking care of you.

Charlie- I trust he can handle it just fine.

Paige- I want to make sure that you are okay, Charlie.

Matt- It's okay Paige. I think I can handle things. And you'll probably get bored.

Charlie- Yeah.

Matt- But I can drive you home.

Charlie- Oh, Matt, isn't her place so out of the way? I'm really not feeling too good. I'm not sure I can handle a detour.

Paige- You know what, it's okay. I'll walk.

Matt- You sure?

Paige- Yeah. I'll call you tomorrow. (She kisses Matt on the cheek. )

Charlie- See you later Paige. (She waves. Paige forces a smile and walks out of the Dot. She starts to walk away, but turns around and looks into the dot. She sees that Charlie is flirting with Matt and Matt is going along with it. Charlie puts her hand on to Matt's arm and puts her head on his shoulder. They start to walk to the door. Paige leaves, with tears in her eyes.)


[Back at the party...]

(Emma walks into a bedroom with a guy. She sits on the bed. He shuts the door...)

Guy #1- You're so hot. (He starts to kiss her.)

Emma- I don't feel good.

Guy #1- Here. Take this. (He hands her a pill.)

Emma- What's this?

Guy #1- Just take it.

Emma- What will it do?

Guy #1- Relax you. (Emma takes the pill.) Go on, swallow it. (Emma puts it in her mouth and swallows it. The guy starts to kiss her again. He moves his hand towards her belt. Emma pushes it away.)

Emma- Don't.

Guy #1- Come on.

Emma- I said no. (Emma gets up and walks out of the room. The guy gets up and follows her.)


[In the living room...]

(Emma walks into the room and grabs her jacket. Amy walks over to her...)

Amy- Where are you going?

Emma- Home.

Amy- You're high.

Emma- I know that. (Emma opens the door, but Amy shuts it.)

Amy- You're going to get busted.

Emma- No, I'm not.

Amy- You're going to get me busted.

Emma- No, I'm not.

Amy- I'll deny everything.

Emma- I'm not going to tell anyone. Trust me.

Amy- No. (She grabs Emma's arm.) You're not leaving. (Emma pushes Amy off of her and leaves.)



(Emma is walking outside when Amy chases after her...)

Amy- Emma! Emma! (She runs after her and grabs her. She turns her around.)

Emma- Let me go. I don't feel good. I just want to go home.

Amy- I can't let you go home. You'll rat me out.

Emma- No I won't. Let me go.

Amy- No. You'll turn me in. I should have known better than to trust you.

Emma- I just want to go home.

Amy- No. You're coming back to the party. (Amy starts to pull Emma back to the party but Emma collapses. Amy lets go of Emma and Emma falls to the ground. Amy looks shocked. She runs off. Emma is lying on the ground.)


[Paige is walking home. She sees a car pull up next to her. She continues to walk. The car continues to follow her. The window rolls down. It's Matt...]

Matt- You're still not home?

Paige- I needed to take a long walk.

Matt- Do you want a ride to your house?

Paige- Where's Charlie?

Matt- At her house. She had a craving for some tuna and ice cream. I told her I'd go out and get her some.

Paige- Oh.

Matt- Hop in. (He parks the car.)

Paige- I wouldn't want to keep Charlie waiting.

Matt- Don't worry about it.

Paige- Don't worry about it?

Matt- Yeah. You're my girlfriend. I think I can take you home.

Paige- Are you sure about that?

Matt- What do you mean?

Paige- Nothing.

Matt- You sure?

Paige- Yeah. I'll regret saying it later.

Matt- Why?

Paige- Because I love you, and I don't want to say something that's just going to make you mad.

Matt- I want to hear it.

Paige- No you don't.

Matt- Tell me. (He gets out of the car and walks over to Paige.) That's what boyfriends and girlfriends do.

Paige- I don't want you seeing Charlie anymore.

Matt- Paige...

Paige- You asked me what I was thinking and that's what I'm thinking.

Matt- It's not that simple.

Paige- Why not? She's an ex. The kid's not even yours.

Matt- Do you trust me?

Paige- I don't trust Charlie.

Matt- But do you trust me? (He holds her hand.)

Paige- She's still into you. I can tell.

Matt- Paige, this jealousy thing has got to stop. I'm with you.

Paige- Yeah, but not all of the time. And when you are in town, you're being chummy with Charlie.

Matt- She has no one else. Can't you understand that? And, I've only been in town one night, how can you say I'm spending all my time with Charlie?

Paige- You've been in town about 6 hours? Two or three have been spent with me, six have been spent dealing with Charlie. Helping her walk to the car while I carry your bags. Feeling the baby kick while I clean spilt soda off of me. Getting her food.

Matt- Do you want me to just say no?

Paige- Works for drugs.

Matt- Paige, you have nothing to worry about. I swear to you. I love you. I never loved Charlie. I'm spending all day tomorrow with you aren't I?

Paige- That's true.

Matt- So stop with this high school bull and trust me when I say that even if Charlie is interested in me, I'm not going to act on it. Alright?

Paige- Okay. (Matt kisses her on the cheek.)

Matt- I'll see you tomorrow?

Paige- Yeah. (Matt gets back in his car and drives off. Paige continues walking.)


[Back at the party...]

(Emma is lying on the ground outside while Amy's cousin is trying to perform C.P.R. Amy runs into the yard...)

Amy- (Slurring.) I called the ambulance like you said.

Amy's cousin- What did you do with the pills?

Amy- (Slurring.) Hide them and flushed them down the toilet.

Amy's cousin- What's our story?

Amy- (Slurring.) We were having a small gathering of friends when Emma came in. She was high and when we kicked her out she fainted on the ground.

Amy's cousin- And where's everyone else?

Amy- Left.

Amy's cousin- Did you plant pills in her purse?

Amy- (Slurring.) Yeah. Can I go now? I don't want to get busted.

Amy's cousin- No. We have to have witnesses. (Pauses.) When the cops come, don't say anything. You're slurring.

Amy- I am?

Amy's cousin- Yeah. Really badly. Go inside and drink some coffee.

Amy- Why aren't you slurring?

Amy's cousin- Cause I can handle my high. Now go. (Amy runs inside. Amy's cousin is sitting next to Emma, trying to take her pulse.)



(Paramedics are outside Amy's cousin's house, putting Emma into a ambulance. Police are talking with Amy and her cousin...)

Police- So, she came in, was disruptive, and allegedly high. When you kicked her out, she did not leave quietly and then stumbled outside and collapsed. Is that right?

Amy's cousin- Yes.

Police- (To Amy.) Are you okay? (She nods.)

Amy's cousin- She wasn't feeling too well earlier. She took some cold medicine on an empty stomach. She was ready to go to bed when Emma came in.

Police- You said there were other guests?

Amy's cousin- Yes.

Police- Where are they now?

Amy's cousin- Excuse me?

Police- Where are the other guests?

Amy's cousin- They left after Emma wouldn't leave when we asked her the first time. It was quite upsetting to them. (The police man doesn't respond. He looks at Amy for a moment, and then  back at her cousin.)

Police- Thanks for your help. (He walks off.)

Amy- (Slurring.) Did you think he believed us?

Amy's cousin- Why wouldn't he? Everything hits. She's high. You did take cold medicine didn't you?

Amy- I don't remember.

Amy's cousin- Everyone left after Emma ruined the party. It's all true. Just little lies added. (Pauses.) We better go inside. Don't make them suspicious. (Amy nods and they walk inside as the ambulance drives off.)


[The next day...]

(Paige is sitting outside her house when Matt pulls up. Paige walks over to his car...)

Paige- I was wondering when you were going to get here. I was getting worried.

Matt- Sorry. (Matt gets out of the car and walks towards Paige.) Charlie didn't feel well, so I took her to the doctor.

Paige- Is everything okay?

Matt- Yeah. Yeah. Just normal pregnancy stuff.

Paige- Oh. (Pauses.) You ready to go? I only have twelve hours to spend with you, and then you leave. I want to make those moments count.

Matt- Yeah. But, before we do, can we talk?

Paige- What about?

Matt- Charlie.

Paige- I'm so sick of hearing about her.

Matt- It's not about her. It's more about you.

Paige- What about me?

Matt- I don't like that you don't like her.

Paige- I can't help it.

Matt- Why not?

Paige- She's an ex.

Matt- So? You hang out with your ex's, don't you?

Paige- Spinner? No. No. I would never hang out with him, especially if you didn't want me too.

Matt- Paige, I love you. I don't know how many times I can say that. I only love you.

Paige- You're right. I'm sorry.

Matt- You don't have to worry about me.

Paige- Alright. (Matt's phone starts to ring. He goes to pick it up.)

Matt- Hello? (Pauses.) Hey. Is everything alright? (Pauses.) Oh. Okay. You want me to do anything? (Pauses.) Alright. (He hangs up.)

Paige- Who was that?

Matt- Charlie. She's at the doctor again.

Paige- What for this time?

Matt- Same thing. It's worse.

Paige- You're going to her, aren't you?

Matt- What do you want me to do? If a friend of yours was in trouble, I would expect you to help them.

Paige- Yeah, but you were suppose to spend the day with me.

Matt- I know. And I will. Just give me a few hours. I'll be back. I promise. (He kisses her. He gets in his car and drives off.)


[At the hospital...]

(Emma is lying in bed. Spike and Snake enter the room...)

Spike- Emma? (Emma doesn't respond.)

Snake- We just talked to the doctor. An overdose on drugs?

Spike- Adderall? Prozac? Valium? Cough Syrup? What were you thinking? (Emma doesn't respond.) You could have killed yourself Emma. You could have...(She starts to cry. Snake hugs her.)

Snake- As if sneaking out of the house wasn't enough. You're on drugs.

Spike- Haven't we been good parents? Haven't we always been understanding and trusting?

Emma- I want to be alone right now.

Spike- Alone? No way. Last time that happened you snuck out.

Snake- Spike...

Spike- No. I want answers. I want to know why she did this.

Snake- Spike, she's had a rough night. We'll be around later to yell. Let's go. (Snake and Spike leave. Emma stares out the window.)



(Paige is walking down the street. She is talking on the phone...)

Paige- So I figured it's either mope around or go out and do something so I don't let my jealousy of Charlie eat me alive. (Pauses.) Thanks Hazel. That's great advice. (Pauses.) Well, I think he'll call when he's done with that whole thing.

(Pauses.) I know. He's...(She stops talking. She stops walking. We can hear Hazel on the phone yelling "Paige? Are you there Paige?") I'll call you back. (She hangs up the phone. She stands still and stares. Her phone starts to ring again. She does nothing. We see that Paige is staring at Charlie and Matt who are walking on the other side of the park. Paige looks devastated. She stands still for another moment, then walks off.)


[Back at the hospital...]

(Emma is sitting in her bed staring out the window. A police officer walks in.)

Police- Emma Nelson? (Emma looks.) I wanted to ask you a few questions about last night.


[At Paige's House...]

(Paige is sitting in her room. She picks up her phone and dials a number. She shuts the phone off.)

Paige- What am I doing? (She throws the phone across the room. She gets up and leaves the room.)


[Back at the hospital...]

(Emma is sitting with the police officer...)

Police- So, you're not denying anything? This is all true. (Emma doesn't respond.) You're going to have to answer. (Emma doesn't say anything.) I'm just trying to file a report. It would make my job easier if you responded. (Emma doesn't respond.) Alright. If you'd rather not respond, then that's fine too. (Emma doesn't respond.) Thanks for your time. (He gets up and walks to the door.)

Emma- This isn't me. (The cop turns around.) That story isn't me. I did drugs, but I didn't... I didn't do all of that. Amy's a liar.Her cousin's a liar. They steal drugs. They sell drugs. They pharm. I saw it. I saw it.

Police- Okay.

Emma- I might have been high, but I know where the drugs came from.

Police- Thank you for your help. (The officer leaves.)



(Paige is sitting outside. Matt pulls up and parks. He gets out of the car and walks to Paige.)

Matt- I tried calling, but your phone is off. (Paige doesn't respond.) Do you just hang out outside all the time now? What areyou doing? (Paige stands up.)

Paige- I don't want to talk.

Matt- Okay.

Paige- I love you. And you love me.

Matt- I do.

Paige- Then prove it to me.

Matt- What? (Paige passionately kisses him.) If it means more kissing, then I'm all about that. (Paige kisses him again.)

Paige- Don't speak. Just take me.

Matt- Where?

Paige- Upstairs. My parents are gone for the night. I want you to prove that you love me.

Matt- Paige, we don't have to if you're not ready.

Paige- Don't talk. Just do. (She kisses him.)


[Back at the hospital...]

(Emma is sitting in her room staring out the window. She has tears in her eyes. Snake walks in.)

Snake- Hey. (Emma looks at him.) How are you doing? (Emma shakes her head. She starts to cry.)

Emma- I don't know what's wrong with me. I didn't mean to do it. I thought it would help.

Snake- You thought what would help?

Emma- The drugs. (Pauses.) I didn't want to be depressed. I didn't want to always think about death. The drugs started to help. (She cries harder.) Then, I just couldn't stop. I couldn't stop.

Snake- Why didn't you just come to me or your mom? We would have helped.

Emma- You don't understand. No one understands.

Snake- We can try. What don't we understand?

Emma- I almost died last year. And no one could possibly understand. No one else had that gun pointed at their face. No one.

Snake- Emma...

Emma- Don't. Don't. Okay?

Snake- Alright.

Emma- I...I can't...I couldn't handle it. What if Sean didn't do what he did?

Snake- But he did.

Emma- I was so close

Snake- Emma, you're okay. Rick won't hurt you.

Emma- But what if someone else tries? Sean won't be there. Who’s to say anyone will be there? (She cries harder.)


[Back at Paige's...]

(Matt is walking around Paige's room, getting dressed. Paige is sitting in her bed, under the covers.)

Matt- I hate that I have to leave. (Pauses.) I wish I could spend every day with you. I'm going to miss you so much.

Paige- You're the one who wasted all of your time with Charlie.

Matt- Why do you have to ruin it?

Paige- Sorry.

Matt- I'm going to miss you so much. (Pauses.) Do you know where my belt is?

Paige- On the dresser. (Matt grabs his belt and puts it on.)

Matt- I wish I didn't have to leave. (He walks over to the bed and kisses her.) You sure you don't want to come say goodbye at the airport?

Paige- No. I think this was a great way to say goodbye for now.

Matt- You're so great. (He kisses her.) I better get to Charlie's house. Give her back her car. Have her take me to the airport.

Paige- Yeah. Sure. (Matt kisses her again.)

Matt- I better go.

Paige- You keep saying that.

Matt- I know. I have to. But I don't want to. I love you. (Matt kisses her again.)

Paige- You should go. (Matt nods and he leaves the room. Paige sits in her bed until she hears the door downstairs shut. She tears up. She tries to hold back the tears. She can't. She starts to cry very hard.)


[The next day...]

(At school. Paige is walking down the hall when Hazel walks over to her...)

Hazel- What happened? You said you'd call back, but you never did.

Paige- Sorry. I saw Matt with Charlie in the park. I freaked out. so, when he finally came over...

Hazel- Don't tell me you broke up.

Paige- No. We had sex.

Hazel- What?

Paige- It was the only thing I could think of to keep him with me.

Hazel- Paige.

Paige- And I care about him, and I want him to want to be with me. He loves me.

Hazel- Well, if you love him... (Paige doesn't say anything.) Then you should express your love.

Paige- Yeah. I got to get to class. I totally didn't finish that MI project.

Hazel- Sure. (Paige walks away. Hazel looks concerned.)


[At the hospital...]

(Emma is sitting in an office with a counselor...)

Counselor- You know why you're here, right? (Emma nods.) Do you want to say anything before we get started? (Emma doesn't respond.) Alright then.

Emma- I'm not a drug addict.

Counselor- You're not?

Emma- I didn't have anywhere to turn. I've been through a lot.

Counselor- So, why did you turn to drugs?

Emma- It was anti-depressants. I didn't want to be depressed.

Counselor- Did they work?

Emma- At first.

Counselor- Then what happened?

Emma- I was more lonely than I ever was.

Counselor- So, why did you keep taking them?

Emma- I couldn't stop. (Pauses.) I don't want to be like this anymore.

Counselor- That's good. That's a good first step. (Emma smiles.)

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