Degrassi Freak Fiction

508 Worst Comes to Worst

Jimmy and Hazel are the perfect couple, but is everything as it seems? Have Liberty and Manny matured or is there something more serious going on?

[Jimmy is watching television when Hazel walks in and puts down some chips.  She hands him a soda.]

Jimmy-  I asked for Cherry.

Hazel-  You didn't have any.  Did you want me to go to the store and get some?

Jimmy-  No.

Hazel-  Are you sure?  I can go.

Jimmy-  It's okay.  (Hazel sits down next to him.  She is silent.  She stands up.)

Hazel-  I'm going to the store.  (Hazel walks toward the door.)  You want anything else?

Jimmy-  You don't have to go get anything.  Just stay.

Hazel-  I'll be right back.  (She leaves.  Jimmy shakes his head.)




[The Next Day at school...]

(Hazel is standing next to Paige, while Paige is looking through her locker...)

Hazel-  I just love being with him, you know.  He's so great.

Paige-  Yeah.  I know.  Been there done that.

Hazel-  Gee.  Thanks for being supportive.

Paige-  I am supportive.  And, truth be told, I'm a little jealous of what you have with Jimmy.

Hazel-  Really?

Paige-  Yeah.  Don't let word get around that I am.

Hazel-  Really?

Paige-  You two are like the perfect couple.  What Jimmy and Ashley used to be.

Hazel-  You and Matt are a great couple.

Paige-  It's not the same.  Look at how we started out.  And look at us now.  He wants to help Charlie raise this baby.  What else can I be but the supportive girlfriend.  And I'll

forever be know by that kid as aunt Paige.  Makes me sick.  But I'll do it.

Hazel-  Well, if it's not working out with you and Matt...

Paige-  It is.  It's just hard.  But I love him.  So I'm willing to work through it.

Hazel-  Oh.  (Craig walks over.)

Craig-  Hello ladies.

Hazel-  Hey.

Paige-  Hi.  (Pauses.)  Oh.  That reminds me, Hazel, me and Craig were going to go see that new Adam Sandler movie on Friday.  You want to come?

Hazel-  Sure.

Craig-  Jimmy too?

Paige-  She doesn't have to ask.  You know, there in that stage of the relationship.

Craig-  How I remember.  The things I did for Ashley.

Hazel-  Shut up.

Paige-  It's cute.

Craig-  So, that makes us four.  I'll go ask Marco.

Paige-  Don't bother.

Craig-  Why not?

Paige-  I already asked.  He's busy with Ellie.  She's going through stuff apparently.  I don't know.

Craig-  He could bring her.

Paige-  If she comes, I ain't.

Craig-  Be like that then.

Paige-  I will.  (They are silent for a moment and then chuckle.)

Craig-  I'll see you guys later.  (He walks off.)

Hazel-  I didn't know that you and Craig were that good of friends.

Paige-  Eh.  We're both lonely.  Our best friends are permanently attached to their boyfriend slash girlfriend.  And with Matt out of town, it's nice to have someone to just hang out with.

Hazel-  And it doesn't bother Matt you're hanging out with another guy?

Paige-  Nah.  It's not like that.  Matt knows Craig.  And besides, I set Craig up with someone.  They have a date next week.

Hazel-  Why such the delay?

Paige-  Delay?  People have lives Hazel.

Hazel-  Oh.  (Paige pulls something out her locker.  She hands it to Hazel.)

Paige-  Here's your earring.

Hazel-  Where's the other one?

Paige-  I don't know.  (Hazel shakes her head and chuckles.)

Hazel-  I'll call you later.  (Hazel walks off.)



(Manny and Liberty are sitting in the cafeteria...)

Liberty-  So, I went with J.T. to the doctor.  The doctor says his leg is really healing quite well.

Manny-  That's good to hear.

Liberty- Yeah.  He's been working so hard with the physical therapist.  I'm really proud of him.

Manny-  Yeah.

Liberty-  So, how's Emma?

Manny-  Went to the hospital to see her the other day.  She said she went through withdrawals.  I had no idea it was so bad.  She was taking like up to eight anti-depressants a day.  Its so weird to think that she had a drugproblem.  She's like the last person I would expect.

Liberty-  I know.  This year is so depressing

Manny-  Tell me about it.  (Pauses.)  So, does J.T. have another doctor's appointment today?

Liberty-  Yeah.  Four o'clock.

Manny-  You going to go with?

Liberty-  Probably.  I like to be there to support him.  You know?

Manny-  Yeah.  I feel like I should go and support Emma too.

Liberty-  I need to make a point of going to see her.

Manny-  You want to come with me today?

Liberty-  When are you going?

Manny-  Probably right after school.

Liberty-  Yeah.  Can't.  J.T.

Manny-  Right.  (Darcy walks over.)

Darcy-  Hey guys.  (She sits down.)  Why do you two look so depressed?

Liberty-  We're not depressed.

Darcy-  You guys look it.

Manny-  Oh.

Liberty-  Other than to tell us that we look upset, was there another reason you came by to see us today Darcy?

Darcy-  Actually yes.  Friday.  My parents are going out of town, so I'm having a party.  And before you say no, I know that you guys are grade elevens, and the party will mostly be grade tens, but it would still be fun, and it wouldn't be much of a party without you guys.  So, what do you say?

Manny-  I don't know.

Darcy-  Don't say no yet.  Promise me you'll think about it.

Manny-  We'll think about it.

Darcy-  Good.  (She stands up.)  See you guys Friday.  (She leaves.)

Liberty-  A party?  I'm not much of a partier.

Manny-  I haven't been in the partying mood lately.

Liberty-  So, that settles it, we won't go.

Manny-  Sure.  (They are silent for a moment.)

Liberty-  What did she mean we looked depressed?

Manny-  I don't know.  That's Darcy.  She just says things.

Liberty-  I don't look depressed.  Do I?

Manny-  If you do, I must too.

Liberty-  She has some nerve saying that.

Manny-  Well, are you depressed?

Liberty-  No.  No.  No.

Manny-  Alright.  I get the idea.

Liberty-  No.

Manny-  Okay.  You're not depressed.  That's fine.  I believe you.

Liberty-  She has some nerve.

Manny-  You already said that.

Liberty-  You're telling her we’re not going.

Manny-  Me?  Why me?

Liberty-  She's your friend.  More than mine.  I barely know her.

Manny-  Why don't we just not show up?

Liberty-  Because that's rude.  It's not polite to not show up without telling anyone.  Van Zandts don't do that.

Manny-  I'm not a Van Zandt.

Liberty-  So?

Manny-  So you deal with Darcy.

Liberty-  This is not a discussion.  You're taking care of it.  That's final.  (Liberty gets up and walks away.  Mannyjust shakes her head.)



(Jimmy is at his locker when Hazel walks over.  She puts her hands over his eyes.)

Hazel-  Guess who?

Jimmy-  Halle Berry.

Hazel-  Guess again.

Jimmy-  Angelina Jolie.

Hazel-  Guess again.

Jimmy-  Megan Good?

Hazel-  (Moves her hands.)  It's me.

Jimmy-  I was going to say you next.

Hazel-  I bet you were.  (Hazel kisses him.)

Jimmy-  So, did you come to see me for a reason?

Hazel-  Can't a girlfriend just visit her boyfriend?

Jimmy-  She can unless she's you.

Hazel-  Funny.

Jimmy-  So, what do you want?

Hazel-  I told you.

Jimmy-  I don't have time to fool around.  I have to go meet with my lab partner.  So, if you don't mind.

Hazel-  Before you go, I want to talk with you about plans for this week.

Jimmy-  You're already planning what were doing?

Hazel-  I always do.

Jimmy-  I know you always do.  But you don't have to.

Hazel-  I like to.

Jimmy-  But I don't.

Hazel-  Anyway, I was thinking after your physical therapy tomorrow, we can go to that new restaurant in Toronto that I've been dying to try.  Then on Thursday we could to that art exhibit and then Friday, Paige invited us to go

to the movies with her and Craig.  I was thinking the 7:30 show.  That way we can leave at 4:30, go to dinner at 5,then still have plenty of time to get to the movie.

Jimmy-  Wow.  Is there any other planning I should know about?  Maybe what my job will be, when I propose, the name of our first child?

Hazel-  Now that you mention it, I was thinking for a girl Jacqueline, or a boy, Jeffery.

Jimmy-  You're serious?

Hazel-  Yeah.  I think those are good baby names.

Jimmy-  When were you going to tell me?

Hazel-  I don't want babies now.  I want them eventually.  You know.  After we get married and everything.

Jimmy-  Did you plan that out already too?  The ring?  The way I propose?  Where I propose?  The wedding date?The hall?

Hazel-  Well, I wouldn't mind a princess cut.

Jimmy-  I need to get to class.

Hazel-  Jimmy, don't be like this.  I didn't mean to scare you off.

Jimmy-  I have to go to class.  (Jimmy leaves.)

Hazel-  What just happened?  (Paige walks over.)

Paige-  You two make the most adorable couple.

Hazel-  Yeah.  Thanks.  I got to go.  (She leaves.)


[After school...]

(Darcy is in the locker room putting a bag into her locker when Manny walks over...)

Manny-  Hey Darcy.

Darcy-  Hey.

Manny-  Listen, thanks for the invite to the party.  But me and Liberty are kind of busy, so we won't be coming.

Darcy-  Really?

Manny-  Yeah.  Sorry.  I'm sure you'll have a great time anyway. 

(Darcy nods.  Manny smiles politely and starts towalk away.)

Darcy-  When's the last time you went to a party?

Manny-  (She stops and turns around.)  Excuse me?

Darcy-  When's the last time you did anything fun?  A party?  A date? Anything?

Manny-  I go out on dates.

Darcy-  When?  Are you talking about with Craig?

Manny-  Well...

Darcy-  That was like, what, two, three months ago?

Manny-  It was still a date.

Darcy-  Hardly.  (Pauses.)  When did you become such an adult?

Manny-  You don't know anything about my life Darcy.  It's not being an adult.  It's called being responsible.

Darcy-  You're 16.

Manny-  I know how old I am.

Darcy-  Do you?

Manny-  What is that supposed to mean?

Darcy-  You act like you’re 40.

Manny-  Why do you care?

Darcy-  It's no fun to hang out with someone old.

Manny-  Darcy, I've been through a lot in the past few years.  It made me become a little more mature.  I'm sorry that you don't like to hang out with me because of it.

Darcy-  I do like hanging out with you.  It's just that it's a drag sometimes.  And I feel bad for you.  You shouldn't have to be an adult yet.  Have a little fun.  You're still a kid.  You're not going to be young forever.  (Paige walks over.)

Paige-  Practice started 5 minutes ago.  Where are you?

Manny-  Sorry.

Darcy-  Be right there.

Paige-  I don't wait.  (She walks away.  Manny starts to walk away, but Darcy grabs her arm.)

Darcy-  I didn't mean for what I said to come off rude.  I just want you to have fun.  Loosen up a bit.

Manny-  I don't need to loosen up.  I have fun.

Darcy-  Then come to the party.  (Pauses.)  You’re so much fun when you want to be.  Your the life of the party.

Manny-  What time does it start?


[Later, at the doctor's office...]

(Jimmy is sitting in the waiting room when Hazel walks in...)

Jimmy-  What are you doing here?

Hazel-  Cheerleading practice let out early.  I thought I'd come and support you.  (Jimmy doesn't respond.)  I'm your girlfriend.  Is it so wrong to see my boyfriend?

Jimmy-  I'm getting ready to go see the doctor.

Hazel-  So?  I've gone with you to the doctor's before.

Jimmy-  You were invited.

Hazel-  I'm not now?

Jimmy-  No.

Hazel-  Oh.  (Pauses.)  You want me to go?

Jimmy-  Yeah.

Hazel-  So, you don't want me to be here?

Jimmy-  Did I stutter?

Hazel-  I'll go.  (Hazel starts to head out the door.  She turns around and looks at Jimmy.  She tears up a little andleaves.)


[The next day at school...]

(Liberty is at her locker when Manny walks over...)

Manny-  We're going to the party.

Liberty-  Party?  What party?

Manny-  Darcy's on Friday.

Liberty-  What?  No.  I don't want to go.

Manny-  We're going.

Liberty-  If you want to go, then go.  I'm not going.

Manny-  You have to go.

Liberty-  Why?  Why do I have to go?

Manny-  I need to go with someone so I won't be bored the whole time.

Liberty-  If you think you're going to bored, then don't go.

Manny-  I have to go.

Liberty-  Why?

Manny-  To prove to Darcy I'm not old.

Liberty-  What?

Manny-  Darcy said I act like a 40 year old.

Liberty-  So?

Manny-  So?  I don't want to be known as the 40 year old in the 16 year old's body.

Liberty-  Who cares?

Manny-  I do.

Liberty-  I'm not going.

Manny-  Please.  It might be fun.

Liberty-  I don't want to have fun.  I'm okay with being a 40 year old in a 16 year old's body.

Manny-  What else do you have going on Friday?

Liberty-  Nothing.  And I'd like to keep it that way.



(Hazel is at her locker when Jimmy goes over to her...)

Jimmy-  Hey.

Hazel-  Hey.

Jimmy-  Listen, about yesterday...

Hazel-  Don't worry about it.  Water under the bridge.  Move forward. Speaking about moving forward, dinner tomorrow before the movie, I was thinking French.  There is this new French restaurant in town that I'm just dying to try out.

Jimmy-  I wasn't done.

Hazel-  It's okay Jimmy.  I forgive you.  That's what couples do.  You don't have to say anything.  I already know.So, French?

Jimmy-  You don't know.

Hazel-  You don't like French?

Jimmy-  Hazel, could you just shut up for a minute.  (Hazel looks shocked.)  Geez.  Non-stop with you.  (They are silent for a moment.)

Hazel-  Is everything okay?  Did the doctor say something?

Jimmy-  No.  Everything is fine with me.  It's you.

Hazel-  I didn't go to the doctor.

Jimmy-  No.  Us.  You're smothering me.

Hazel-  What?  Am not.  Where is this coming from?

Jimmy-  Oh, I don't know.  You're everywhere I am.  Trying to do everything for me.  Planning out every little detail.

Hazel-  Am not.

Jimmy-  You have baby names picked out.

Hazel-  Jimmy...

Jimmy-  We're in high school Hazel.  High school.

Hazel-  It's just for fun.  I don't want to get married and have babies tomorrow.

Jimmy-  That's not the point.

Hazel-  Then what is?

Jimmy-  I can't do this anymore.  I can't be with you anymore.

Hazel-  You don't mean that.  Jimmy, (She grabs his hand.)  We can work this out.  I love you.

Jimmy-  I know you do.  I love you too.  But, I'm not sure I love you that way anymore.

Hazel-  But...(She starts to tear up.)  Jimmy...I...I...(The bell rings.)

Jimmy-  I got to go.  (He grabs her hand and squeezes it.  He leaves.)

Hazel-  (Whispers.)  Jimmy.  (She starts to sob quietly.  She leans against the locker and slowly falls to the floor. She puts her head in her and hands and continues to sob quietly.  She hears a locker shut.  She quickly gets upand runs to the bathroom.)


[After school...]

(Paige, Craig, and Hazel are hanging out at the Dot...)

Craig-  So, I said to the guy, what are you trying to do?  Make out with me?  And he said, no, I'm trying to make out with your dad.

Paige-  (Laughing.)  That's disgusting.

Craig-  You weren't the one there.  (They laugh hard.  Hazel just stares at her plate.)

Paige-  Why is it always the weird ones who hit on you?

Craig-  I don't know.

Paige-  Hun, is everything okay?  (Hazel doesn't respond.)

Craig-  Hazel?

Paige-  Hazel?

Hazel-  Huh?

Paige-  Are you okay?

Hazel-  Huh?  Yeah.  Sure.  Peachy.

Paige-  You’re awfully quiet.  Craig just told the best story ever and you didn't even crack a smile.

Hazel-  Oh.  (Hazel forces a smile.)

Paige-  Okay.

Craig-  So, did you guys want to do something before the movies?  Like dinner or something.

Paige-  I wouldn't mind.  Didn't you have plans with Jimmy though Hazel?

Hazel-  Huh?

Paige-  You and Jimmy have plans for tomorrow before the movie, right?

Hazel-  Oh yeah.  Yeah we do.

Craig-  Where is Jimmy?

Hazel-  He had stuff to do.  You know, doctors, physical therapy.  That sort of thing.

Paige-  Oh.

Hazel-  Actually, I said I'd meet him.  I better go.

Paige-  Alright.  I'll call you later?

Hazel-  Sure.  (Hazel gets up and leaves.)

Craig-  What was her problem?

Paige-  I don't know.  Hazel being weird.  As usual.  So, tell me what Joey did after that guy hit on him?

Craig-  Sure.


[Hazel is walking down the street...]

(She walks past the park and sees couples all around.  She then sees Jimmy's apartment building in the distance. She starts to walk toward it...)


[Jimmy's apartment...]

(There is a knock on the door.  Jimmy goes to the door.  He opens it. Hazel is on the other side...)

Hazel-  Hey.  I know that you probably don't want to talk to me right  now, but I need to talk to you.

Jimmy-  Hazel, now isn't a good time.

Hazel-  Please.  It's important.  (Jimmy nods.  Hazel walks in.  Jimmy shuts the door.)

Jimmy-  What's up?

Hazel-  We can't break up.

Jimmy-  What do you mean we can't break up?  We already did.  We're broken up.

Hazel-  I know.  I know.  But, can't we just try and work it out?  I mean, we were so great together.

Jimmy-  What's this really about?

Hazel-  I love you.  I want to be with you.  I don't want to give up yet.

Jimmy-  Hazel, I know you do, but I can't be with you.

Hazel-  Why not?

Jimmy-  Because I don't want to.

Hazel-  Why not?

Jimmy-  Because I don't love you.  I told you already.

Hazel-  Why can't we try again?

Jimmy-  Because you can't fix something this broke.

Hazel-  Can't we try.  We have history.

Jimmy-  Hazel, don't take this break up so hard.  There are plenty of guys out there for you.  I'm sure even some fully-functioning ones that can walk, and dance, and stuff.

Hazel-  But we’re the couple everyone envies.

Jimmy-  What?

Hazel-  Sorry.  Didn't mean to say that out loud.

Jimmy-  So, you were just using me?

Hazel-  What makes you say that?

Jimmy-  Put two and two together, you going to wind up with four.  Perfect couple plus popular girl equals even more popular girl.

Hazel-  You make it sound like I'm shallow.

Jimmy-  You are.

Hazel-  But it's not like that.  I really do care about you and love you.

Jimmy-  So, why do you want everyone to be envious of us?

Hazel-  Not everyone.  Just some people.

Jimmy-  Who?

Hazel-  Just people.

Jimmy-  Paige people?

Hazel-  You have no idea what it's like to be her friend.  She has her college boyfriend.  He was willing to get fired for her.  They do adult things.  They have sex.

Jimmy-  Do you want to have sex?

Hazel-  Can you?  Wait.  Don't answer that.  It's beside the point.  It's just, she has this life, that I don't really want, but am jealous of.  But she's jealous of what I have too.  And

I don't want to lose that.  But, it's not just that. I don't want to lose you either.  You're amazing.  I love spending time with you.

Jimmy-  Hazel, as much as I want to help you, and stay friends, I don't want to lie to people.  I want to move on. I want to start dating other people.  I kind of had my eye on someone else.

Hazel-  What?

Jimmy-  That's part of the reason I wanted to break up.  There was someone else that I had feelings for.

Hazel-  Who is it?

Jimmy-  That new girl.

Hazel-  What?  That Jessica whatever?  That whore?

Jimmy-  She seems nice.

Hazel-  She gave half of the basketball team blow jobs.  (Pauses.)  Oh.  Is that what you want?

Jimmy-  Hazel, don't be like that.

Hazel-  Whatever it takes to stay with you, I'll do it.

Jimmy-  Hazel.  I want to move on.

Hazel-  But Jimmy.  Can't we just try?  Please.  We can go to the movies on Friday.  It'll be like old times.  Please. Let’s just work on it.

Jimmy-  Hazel, maybe you should just leave.

Hazel-  But Jimmy...

Jimmy-  Don't make this harder than it is.  (Hazel just stares at him.)  Just go.  (Hazel nods and leaves.)


[The next day after school...]

(Manny and Liberty are walking out of the school.  Darcy sees them and walks over...)

Darcy-  Hey guys.

Manny-  Hey.

Liberty-  Hello.

Darcy-  Don't forget, party starts at 7:30.  Don't be late.

Liberty-  (She looks at Manny who is looking at the ground.)  I'm sorry to disappoint you.  But I won't be attending.

Darcy-  Oh.  I am disappointed.  Why?

Liberty-  What?

Darcy-  Why can't you come?

Liberty-  Just stuff.

Darcy-  Oh.  Just stuff.  I thought you might just be trying to blow me off.  But stuff, that's important.  I wouldn't want you to miss that.

Liberty-  Glad you understand.

Manny-  (Mumbles.)  Liberty, she was being sarcastic.

Liberty-  Oh.

Darcy-  It's not like you’re the only one who blew it off though.

Manny-  Lots of people aren't going?

Darcy-  Not lots.  Try tons.

Manny-  Oh.

Darcy-  But, you'll still be there, right?

Manny-  Sure.  Wouldn't miss it.  (Darcy smiles and leaves.)  You're going.

Liberty-  What?  Why?

Manny-  Don't you feel sorry for her?  She's having this party and no one's going.

Liberty-  I don't feel sorry for her.

Manny-  We're going.  (They leave.)


[At the Dot...]

(Craig is getting drinks at the counter when he sees Jimmy come in.  Craig walks over...)

Craig-  Hey man.  I thought you and Hazel were going out to dinner.

Jimmy-  Nah man.  Nah.

Craig-  Really?  She blow you off?  She was acting weird the other day.

Jimmy-  Weird?

Craig-  Yeah.  Totally spacing out the other day.  Is she okay?

Jimmy-  Yeah.  You know what, I better go.

Craig-  K.  (Jimmy leaves.  Paige walks over.)

Paige-  What was that about?  Why was he here?  Isn't he supposed to be with Hazel?

Craig-  I don't know.


[At the party...]

(Manny and Liberty walk in and see that there are lots of people dancing.)

Liberty-  I told you she was lying.

Manny-  Come on.  Let's go say hi and then we can go.

Liberty-  Let’s just leave.

Manny-  No.  I have to prove to her that I can party.

Liberty-  So, you’re going to go say and then leave, without doing anything?

Manny-  Exactly.  Now you have the idea.  (They walk over and Manny taps Darcy on the shoulder.  Darcy turns around.)

Darcy-  You guys came.

Manny-  Yeah.  See, we party.

Darcy-  I'm glad you're here.  Do you guys want something to drink?

Liberty-  No.

Manny-  That's alright.  I think we'll just go mingle.

Darcy-  Before you do that, wait here.  And hold this.  (Darcy hands Manny her drink and walks off.)

Liberty-  Great, now we have to go mingle.

Manny-  Relax.  We'll be out of here in five minutes.  Tops.

Liberty-  But I want to leave now.

Manny-  Chill out.  Is it so bad to socialize?

Liberty-  The only one I want to socialize with is my boyfriend.

Manny-  Well not all of us have a boyfriend to socialize with, so deal with it.

Liberty-  I thought you didn't want a boyfriend.

Manny-  I don't.

Liberty-  Then what did you mean by...

Manny-  Nothing.

Liberty-  Oh.

Manny-  You know what, maybe you’re right.  We should go.

Liberty-  Thank you.  (Manny puts down Darcy's drink and they head towards the door.  As they reach the door,

Darcy walks up to them.)

Darcy-  Where are you guys going?

Manny-  Nowhere.

Darcy-  Good.  Because I have someone I want you to meet.  (Manny looks at Liberty and shrugs her shoulders.)Peter?  (A guy walks over.)  Manny, Peter.  Peter, Manny.

Manny-  Hi.

Peter-  Hi.

Darcy-  He just transferred here and he's been dying to meet you.

Peter-  Not dying to meet you.  Just really, really wanting to.

Manny-  Oh.  (Liberty coughs.)  Will you excuse me for a minute?  (Peter nods and Manny and Liberty walk to the other side of the party.)  What?

Liberty-  What happened to leaving?

Manny-  Did you see him?  He wanted to meet me.

Liberty-  What happened to what you just said?  About not wanting a boyfriend.

Manny-  Eh.

Liberty-  But--

Manny-  Stop holding my words against me.

Liberty-  Do what you want to.  I'm leaving.

Manny-  Then go.

Liberty-  I will.  (Liberty leaves.  Manny walks over to Peter.)

Manny-  Where were we?


[At the movies...]

(Paige, and Craig are standing outside when Hazel walks up...)

Craig-  Hey.  There you are.  We thought you were a no show.

Hazel-  Nah.  Running late.

Paige-  Where's Jimmy?

Hazel-  Oh.  He couldn't come.  He had to take care of something.

Craig-  Really?

Hazel-  Yeah.  Stuff.

Paige-  We just saw him at the Dot like twenty minutes ago.

Hazel-  Yeah.  He had to take care of something there.  Should we go in?  We don't want to miss the previews.

Paige-  Is something going on with you and him?

Hazel-  No.

Paige-  If there was though, you'd tell us, right?

Hazel-  Well, yeah.  (Jimmy comes up behind Hazel.)

Jimmy-  Sorry I'm late.  Had to take care of some stuff.  Don't want to miss the previews though.  Should we go in?

Craig-  Yeah.  (Paige and Craig walk in.  Jimmy and Hazel stay still for a minute.)

Hazel-  Um...

Jimmy-  Don't say anything.  Let's just go enjoy the movie.  (They enter the theater.)


[The following Monday at school...]

(Darcy is standing at her locker when Peter walks over to her.)

Darcy-  I didn't see you after I introduced you to your dream girl.  How did it go?

Peter-  Surprisingly well.

Darcy-  Really?

Peter-  Yeah.  She's so hot.

Darcy-  I'm telling you, you don't have a chance.

Peter-  You also said she wouldn't show up at the party.

Darcy-  It took a lot of convincing on my part.  It wasn't easy to get her there.

Peter-  Whatever.  I still think I'll get some before winter break.

Darcy-  Don't do that.  She's not going to give you any.

Peter-  You told me she got pregnant.  Hence, she's had sex.

Darcy-  That was like two years ago.  Ancient history.  She's old now.  She's not going to do it.

Peter-  She's easy.  I'm telling you.

Darcy-  Whatever.

Peter-  Don't whatever.

Darcy-  She's a nice girl.  Don't just try and nail her like you do everyone else.

Peter-  What do you mean everyone else?

Darcy-  Remember why you transferred here?

Peter-  Yeah.

Darcy-  Case in point.

Peter-  Whatever.

Darcy-  I better get to class.  I'll see you in Science.

Peter-  Yeah.  Whatever.  (Peter leaves.  Darcy shuts her locker door and walks away.  We see Liberty was at the locker next to them, listening to the whole thing.)


[On the other side of the school...]

(Jimmy is sitting outside when Hazel walks over to him...)

Hazel-  Thanks for Friday.

Jimmy-  The movie was good.

Hazel-  Yeah.  (She sits down next to him.)  Why'd you do it?

Jimmy-  Why'd I do what?

Hazel-  Show up.  You made it clear that you wanted to see other people, and I figured you didn't mean Craig and Paige.

Jimmy-  I ran into Craig before the movie.  He said that you were a wreck the other day and I figured it was because of us.  (Hazel nods.)  So, I figured, you're still a friend, and why should I make you suffer more than you have to.  We can just gradually break it to everyone else that were not together anymore.

Hazel-  You're a good friend.

Jimmy-  You are too.  (Hazel kisses him on the cheek.  Jimmy smiles.)

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