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509 I'm Still Here

Alex and Spinner are getting awfully close . . . what's up with that? Do old habits die hard, or is Ellie just having a hard time dealing with her father's departure?

[Spinner is walking down the hall.  Someone pushes him into a locker.  He falls to the ground.  Someone walks over and puts their hand out to him.  Spinner looks up.]

Jay-  You don't get shoved into as many lockers if you push back.  (Spinner just looks at him.  Jay puts his hand out further.)  Let me help you up.

Spinner-  I don't need your help.  (Spinner pushes Jay's hand away and gets up on his own.  He starts to walk away, but Jay follows him.)

Jay-  Why fight it?  The whole school hates you.  The whole school hate me. They're never going to forgive you.  Might as well have an ally or something.

Spinner-  With friends like you, who needs enemies.

Jay-  What's that supposed to mean?  (Spinner shakes his head and walks away.)




[Spinner is sitting in his car eating his lunch when some kids walk over to him...]

Boy #1-  Now, if I may demonstrate.  This is how to make someone realize you hate him.  (The boy takes a brown paper bag and dumps it in Spinner's back window.  The kid walks away.  Spinner makes a nasty face.  He gets out of the car and chases after the boy.  He grabs him and pushes him against the wall.)  What?

Spinner-  You know what?  You just poured manure into my car.  I just had it cleaned!

Boy #1-  What are you going to do about it?  Snitch?

Spinner-  I'll pound your face in.

Boy #1-  I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Spinner-  Why not?

Boy #1-  You could get expelled.  And next time, they won't let you back in.  (Spinner doesn't move.  He lets go of the kid.  The boy dusts off his shoulders and laughs.)  That's what I thought.  (He walks away.  Spinner punches a wall.  Mr. Simpson walks over to him.)

Mr. Simpson-  Gavin.  Chill out.

Spinner-  Sorry Mr. Simpson.

Mr. Simpson-  Is everything okay?

Spinner-  Yeah.  Just frustrated.

Mr. Simpson-  Yeah. That's understandable.  Need to talk about it?

Spinner-  Nah.  I'm good.  (Mr. Simpson nods and walks away.)


[After school...]

(Ellie is sitting outside her house staring at her dad who is putting boxes in a truck.  Her dad walks over to her.)

Ellie's dad-  It's going to be okay you know.

Ellie-  I know.

Ellie's dad-  Don't take it so hard.  I'm sure everything will turn out for the best.

Ellie-  You're not the one who has to live with mom.

Ellie's dad-  (Laughs.)  You can stay with me on weekends while I'm in town.

Ellie-  How much longer are you in town for?

Ellie's dad-  About three weeks.

Ellie-  That's not very long.

Ellie's dad-  I know.  (Pauses.)  I wish this were easier.

Ellie-  You're not the only one.

Ellie's dad-  I better get going.  I'll see you later.

Ellie-  Sure.  (He kisses her on the forehead and leaves.  Ellie walks inside the house and sees her mom in the kitchen.  She glares at her and then walks to her room.  She picks up a phone and dials a number.)

Marco-  (On the phone.)  Hello?

Ellie-  (Tearing up.)  He's gone.

Marco-  (On the phone.)  He left?

Ellie-  Yeah.

Marco-  (On the phone.)  You want me to come over?

Ellie-  I don't want to bother you.

Marco-  (On the phone.)  You're not bothering me.  And besides, it's not like I have anything better to do.

Ellie-  I know, but...

Marco-  (On the phone.)  I'll be over in fifteen.  (Ellie nods and she hangs up the phone.  She starts to cry a little.)


[Spinner is at the dot, serving tables, when Jimmy comes in.  Spinner sees him and gives him a smile.  Jimmy glares at him, turns around, and leaves.  Spinner begins to clear tables when Alex walks in.  She walks over to the counter.  Spinner walks over to her...]

Alex-  Hey.  Can I get a burger?  Medium well.  Hold the mayo.

Spinner-  You don't want another waiter?

Alex-  Why?

Spinner-  Because of everything I did.

Alex-  You didn't snitch on me.  That's a plus.

Spinner-  But I'm a bad person.

Alex-  You don't have to be a good person to serve me my food.  Just don't screw up the order.

Spinner-  Right.  You're right.  (Pauses.)  What was your order again?

Alex-  Burger.  Medium Well.

Spinner-  Hold the mayo.

Alex-  Yeah.

Spinner-  Coming right up.


[At Ellie's house...]

(Ellie and Marco are sitting on her bed.  Ellie is holding a box of tissues...)

Ellie-  He's like "I wish it wasn't so hard" and I just wanted to say to him that he's the one who's making it hard on everyone.

Marco-  You should have.

Ellie-  But he said I can stay with him on weekends while he's still in the country.

Marco-  How long is he going to be here?

Ellie-  Not long enough.

Marco-  Well, look on the bright side El, it's not like your mom is drinking again.

Ellie-  I know.  But she's got this boyfriend now, and it's so gross.  I walked in on them the other day and they were making out.

Marco-  At least they weren't having sex.  (He chuckles a little bit.  Ellie looks horrified.)

Ellie-  Why did you have to say that?  Now I'm going to have that gross image in my head. Disgusting.

Marco-  Sorry.  I was just trying to lighten everything up.  Make you look at the positives.

Ellie-  Now you just made me have the mental image of my mom having sex.  So gross.

Marco-  She had to have it to have you you know.

Ellie-  Ew.  Don't remind me.

Marco-  What?

Ellie-  I don't like to think of my parents having sex.  It's gross.

Marco-  But it got you to stop thinking about their divorce.

Ellie-  That's true.  (She pulls out a tissue.  She blows her nose and throws the tissue into a wastebasket near her bed.  The tissue box is empty.)

Marco-  I'll go get you some more tissues.

Ellie-  Thanks.  (Marco walks out of the room.)


[In the hallway...]

(Marco walks down the hall toward the kitchen.  He sees a box of tissues and picks them up.  Mrs. Nash sees him and walks towards him...)

Mrs. Nash-  You're a good friend.

Marco-  Oh.  Thanks.

Mrs. Nash-  Ellie really needs a friend right now.  I mean, the divorce is really taking it's toll on her.

Marco-  Yeah.  I know.

Mrs. Nash-  She relapsed.

Marco-  Relapsed?  What do you mean?

Mrs. Nash-  She started to cut again after she found out about the divorce.  You remember when she went to the hospital, don't you?

Marco-  Yeah.  I didn't know it was for that though.

Mrs. Nash-  What else would it be for?

Marco-  I don't know.

Mrs. Nash-  Well, I'm just glad you're around to help her.  She needs a friend like you.  Not like that Ashley.  She never returns Ellie's calls.

Marco-  Ashley's been going back and fourth to England.

Mrs. Nash-  Still not an excuse.  (Pauses.)  So, you staying for dinner?

Marco-  I don't think so.

Mrs. Nash-  Good.  Because I'm not cooking anything.  (She leaves the room.  Marco walks back to Ellie's room.)


[Back in Ellie's room...]

(Marco sits down and hands Ellie the tissues.  Ellie takes one and blows her nose with it.  Marco just stares at her...)

Ellie-  Did I not get it all?

Marco-  Why didn't you tell me?

Ellie-  Tell you what?

Marco-  About the cutting.

Ellie-  Oh.  That.

Marco-  Yeah.  Oh that.  Ellie, I care about you.  Why would you hide that from me?

Ellie-  What did you think I was in there for?

Marco-  I don't know.  Girl things?

Ellie-  Because I didn't think you'd want to know.

Marco-  That's bull Ellie and you know that.

Ellie-  You know what, I think I need to be alone right now.

Marco-  What?

Ellie-  Could you please leave?

Marco-  You can't just kick me out Ellie.  I'm not Sean or Ashley.

Ellie-  Just go.  (Marco makes a face and leaves.)


[The next day at school...]

(Spinner is at his locker, clean up the mess someone left for him in it when Alex walks over...)

Alex-  What is that?  Dyed shaving cream?

Spinner-  And sardines.  And manure.  And eggs.

Alex-  With or with out the shells?

Spinner-  I swear, I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Alex-  Why don't you do something about it then?

Spinner-  Do what?  Beat up whoever did this?  I'll get expelled for good.

Alex-  No.  Transfer.  I don't understand why you'd want to come back here anyway.  Jay, I could understand.  You, no.

Spinner-  Because I want to make things right with Jimmy.  It may never happen, but I have to at least try.  I can't just give up otherwise I'll never be able to live with myself.

Alex-  Screw Jimmy.  Have you ever thought what's best for you?

Spinner-  That's what got me into this mess in the first place.

Alex-  No.  Rick going crazy did.

Spinner-  But I pushed him over the edge.

Alex-  You weren't the only one.

Spinner-  That doesn't make me feel any less guilty.

Alex-  You didn't put Jimmy in that wheelchair though.

Spinner-  It doesn't matter.  Don't you get it?

Alex-  No.  I don't.  Explain it to me.

Spinner-  Jimmy was my best friend.  When I told him what I did...he made me realize how selfish I am and how I didn't care if I ruined his life just as long as I made sure I was okay.  He told me I was already dead to him.

Alex-  So leave.

Spinner-  No.  I have to prove him I'm different.  I changed.

Alex-  Yeah, good luck with that.  (She pats him on the back and walks away.)



(Ellie is sitting reading, when Marco walks over...)

Marco-  Hey.  (Ellie is silent.)  What are you reading?

Ellie-  A book.

Marco-  I meant what book...

Ellie-  I know what you meant.  And I know what you're trying to do.  And, I really don't appreciate it.

Marco-  Ellie, I'm your friend.

Ellie-  I know you are.  (Marco sits down.)

Marco-  Then explain to me what's going on with you and me lately.  Why didn't you tell me about the cutting?

Ellie-  Marco...

Marco-  Ellie, don't avoid the subject.  We're friends right?  (Ellie nods.)  Then tell me what happened.  (He grabs her hand.)  I'm here to help you.  (Ellie looks down at his hand and stares at it for a moment.)

Ellie-  I...Marco...I...(She is silent for a moment.  The bell rings.)  I'm going to be late for class. 

(She gets up and leaves.  Marco stares at her for a moment.)



(Alex is sitting outside when Jay walks over to her...)

Jay-  What's going on?  (Alex doesn't respond.)  Don't tell me you’re still upset about that whole thing last year.

Alex-  I don't know.  How's your gonorrhea?

Jay-  Funny.  I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Alex-  Oh you liked me?  Could have fooled me.

Jay-  Just because I let a couple of girls go down on me...

Alex-  Let?  More like convinced.

Jay-  Chill out Alex.

Alex-  Why?  Why should I?

Jay-  Because I'm sorry.

Alex-  You're sorry?

Jay-  Yeah.  I miss you.  I want to be back with you.  (He grabs her hand and she quickly pulls it away.)

Alex-  You just want to be with me because no one else wants to be with you.  (She grabs her book bag and leaves.)



(Spinner is walking down the hall when Alex sees him.  She walks over to him...)

Spinner-  Hey Alex.  I was wondering if you could-(Alex throws her book bag on the ground and passionately kisses Spinner.)  let me borrow your graphing calculator.  What was that?

Alex-  What was what?

Spinner-  I'm chewing your gum.

Alex-  Good isn't it?  Long-lasting flavor.

Spinner-  Yeah.  But, what was with the kiss?

Alex-  Can't friends just kiss when they see each other.

Spinner-  Sure.  I just didn't know we were that good of friends.  (Alex sees Jay walking in the hallway towards her.  She kisses Spinner again.  Jay stops walking and starts staring.)

Alex-  I'll give you my graphing calculator after fifth.  (She picks up her book bag and glares at Jay.  She looks at Spinner.)  Told you the gum was long lasting.  (Pauses.)  See you later friend.  (She walks away.  Spinner looks confused.  Jay walks over to him.)

Jay-  What was that?  (He pushes Spinner.)

Spinner-  I have no idea.


[In he cafeteria...]

(Ellie is sitting staring at the wall when Marco walks over...]

Marco-  Why do you keep avoiding me?

Ellie-  I'm not avoiding you.  (She picks up her tray of food and stands up.)  I got to go.  I'll be late for class.  (Marco stands up and grabs Ellie's tray.  He puts it on the table.)

Marco-  Class doesn't start for another 15 minutes.  (Ellie doesn't move.)  You can sit down El.  I'm not going to bite.  (Ellie sits down.)  What did I do wrong?  Tell me that much.  What did I do wrong?

Ellie-  Nothing.  Nothing.

Marco-  Then why are you avoiding me?

Ellie-  I'm not avoiding you.

Marco-  Ellie, every since I asked you about your relapse you've been avoiding me.  Using the bogus "I have to go to class" excuse.  I thought we were friends.  I thought we could tell each other everything.  I mean, I've been supportive through the whole divorce thing right?

Ellie-  Yeah, you have.

Marco-  Then why are you not telling me about other stuff.

Ellie-  Because there are some things I just don't want to tell you.

Marco-  (Loudly.)  Why?

Ellie-  Because.

Marco-  (Sternly.)  That's not a reason.

Ellie-  (Softly.)  Because I don't want to admit them to myself.

Marco-  Oh.

Ellie-  Can I go now?  (She stands up.)

Marco-  No.

Ellie-  Why not?

Marco-  Because I don't want you to do it again.

Ellie-  I'm going to be late for class.  (The bell rings.  She stands up and walks towards the door.  Paige walks up to her.)

Paige-  Were you just talking to Marco?

Ellie-  What does it matter to you?

Paige-  Well, you have just been spending a lot of time with him lately.  And I was just wondering if he's ever going to see his friends again.

Ellie-  His friends?

Paige-  You've just been hogging all of time lately.

Ellie-  I'm going through a rough time at home.  I need the support of my friends. 

Paige-  Yeah.  I've heard.  (Pauses.)  I'm just wondering... you know he's gay right?

Ellie-  What's that supposed to mean?

Paige-  Well, it's just sometimes, I wonder if you do.

Ellie-  Why would you care?

Paige-  I just don't want you to get your feelings hurt.

Ellie-  Because you're such a good friend?

Paige-  Yeah.  Exactly.  And I've been wanting to set him up with someone.  You know, he hasn't been out with anyone since Dylan.

Ellie-  You do realize that when me and Marco "dated" it was an act right?  I was helping him.

Paige-  Were you helping him?  Or were you just doing yourself a favor?

Ellie-  I'm going to be late for class.  (Ellie starts to walk away.)

Paige-  Typical Ellie, as soon as the questions get tough, you bail.  (Ellie stops walking and walks back towards Paige.)

Ellie-  I'm not in the mood for this.

Paige-  I'm just telling you the truth.  Sorry if you can't handle that.

Ellie-  I just had a rough lunch.

Paige-  It looked like it.  You were talking with Marco trying to profess your undying love to him and all he's doing is talking about how hot the guy in front of him in the lunch guy was.

Ellie-  (She starts to tear up.)  Did you know I started cutting again?  (Paige looks shocked.) Yeah.  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.  (She walks away.)



(Alex is smoking on the side of the building when Jay walks over...)

Jay-  Hey.  Yeah.  Interesting day.  I walk down the hall and see you making out with Spinner. What's that about?

Alex-  Lay off.

Jay-  I will not lay off.  Why are you trying to screw with me?

Alex-  The only person I'm trying to screw with is Spinner.

Jay-  You're funny.

Alex-  Who said that was a joke?

Jay-  I get it.  I get that you’re still mad about last year.  And that's fine.  Fine.  But couldn't you find someone else to try and make me jealous with?

Alex-  I'm not trying to make you jealous.

Jay-  I know what your doing.  Spinner doesn't.  Just lay off of him.

Alex-  Why should I?  If I know it’s killing you this bad...

Jay-  Because he's my friend.

Alex-  So?

Jay-  He has no one.  No one.  He doesn't deserve to suffer.

Alex-  Now you have a soft spot?

Jay-  He's trying to make things right.  Don't mess with his head.

Alex-  I don't care about making him suffer.  I care about making you suffer.  (She blows smoke in his face and flicks the cigarette at Jay.  She walks away.)


[At Ellie's house...]

(Ellie walks into her room and sees Marco sitting on her bed...)

Ellie-  What are you doing here?

Marco-  I wanted to talk to you.

Ellie-  School let out like literally 10 minutes ago.  It takes that long to get here.  How did you...

Marco-  Bike.  Less Traffic.  And, to speed this up, your mom let me in.

Ellie-  Oh.  (She sits on the bed next to him.)

Marco-  El, I got to thinking about what you said.  And I know it must be tough for you to admit that you did what you did.

Ellie-  I know though that I'll always be a cutter, it's just I thought I had it under control, you know?  It was just too much to not do it.

Marco-  I know.  I just hate thinking that you had to deal with all of that pain alone.  Why didn't you come to me before you did it?

Ellie-  I don't know.  I just didn't think about it I guess.  It was just so much easier to just cut then call.  I wasn't thinking.  My mind was clouded with like anger.

Marco-  El, you know you can always come to me and talk about anything, right?

Ellie-  Yeah.  I know.  That's why, after I realized I had relapsed and still need to deal with everything, I called you.  I called you.

Marco-  Just promise me, no more secrets.  We tell each other everything.  I don't want to lose you.

Ellie-  No more secrets.  (They hug.  Ellie has a strange look on her face.  Marco gets up.)

Marco-  I better go home.  My mom wanted me to help her with some cooking thing.  Mothers.  You're good?

Ellie-  Sure.

Marco-  Maybe later we could do something?

Ellie-  Yeah.  Sure.  (Marco nods and leaves.  Ellie stays sitting on her bed.  She is staring at the door.  She shakes her head.)


[At the dot...]

(Spinner is behind the counter when Alex walks in...)

Spinner-  Hey.  I know you kiss people when you say hello but my boss gets pretty upset when employees show PDAs. on the clock.

Alex-  I'm not here to kiss you.

Spinner-  Oh.  Good.  Because I do not need another enemy at Degrassi.

Alex-  Jay?

Spinner-  Yeah.

Alex-  Listen, me and Jay are over.  He moved on even before we broke up.  If he has a problem with me and who I choose to date, I'll deal with it. 

Spinner-  Who you choose to date?

Alex-  I come on a little strong.  I know.  But, I was never one for subtleties.  I figure life's too short.  Might as well let someone know how you feel before it's too late.

Spinner-  How do you feel about me?

Alex-  I like you.  A lot.

Spinner-  I like you too.

Alex-  So, instead of just telling each other how we feel, why don't we do something about it?  Say tonight?  Sevenish?  My place?

Spinner-  Um...

Alex-  I promise you, it'll last just as long as that gum did.  (She gets up and leaves.)


[At Ellie's House...]

(The door bell rings.  Ellie answers the door.  It's Paige...)

Paige-  Before you slam the door in my face, can I come in?

Ellie-  That's got to be the stupidest thing you've ever said.

Paige-  Fine, we can do this in the door way.  I don't care.  I need to talk to you.  And you need to listen to me.

Ellie-  Why?  So you can belittle me with your stupid school-girl comments?  No thanks.  (Ellie starts to shut the door when Paige stops her.)

Paige-  I came to apologize.  (Ellie doesn't respond.)  I had no idea that you had relapsed.  I knew you were going through a rough time and I was insensitive.  I'm sorry.

Ellie-  So, what?  Next time you decide to try and tear my confidence away, you'll make sure I didn't start cutting again?

Paige-  Ellie...

Ellie-  Paige, you had no right to say those things to me.  You shouldn't have said them regardless of anything.  Just because you think you're above me doesn't give you the right to be a major wench about it.

Paige-  I probably deserved that.

Ellie-  Probably?

Paige-  Okay.  I do deserve that.  But I'm trying to make things right.  Give me credit for that at least.  (Ellie doesn't respond.)  I'm sorry about everything.  I'm sorry for saying all of those mean things about you, and thinking that you were the least bit interested in Marco.  I should know better.  He is, after all, your best friend.

Ellie-  Thanks.  (Paige nods.)

Paige-  The least I could do.  (Pauses.)  Some of us were going to go out for something to eat later, you maybe want to come?

Ellie-  That's okay.

Paige-  Alright.  (Paige starts to leave.)

Ellie-  I should probably tell you, that you weren't completely wrong about everything.  (Paige stops and turns around.  She looks confused.)  I did deserve some of those comments.

Paige-  What wasn't I wrong about?

Ellie- A lot.  (Ellie shuts the door.  Paige looks shocked.)

Paige-  She couldn't?  Could she?


[The next day...]

(At school, Alex and Spinner are standing against a locker making out...)

Alex-  Last night was a lot of fun.  We should do it again sometime.

Spinner-  Definitely.  (They kiss again.)  Did you want to go to the movies or something tonight?  I work until 9, but we could do something after.  (Alex sees Jay walking down the hall.  She quickly grabs Spinner and kisses him passionately.)

Alex-  I'll see you at 9.  (She walks away.  Jay walks over to Spinner.)

Jay-  What was that?  I thought you said nothing was going on with her.

Spinner-  Nothing was.  Then we talked last night.  Man, she's hot.

Jay-  That's my ex-girlfriend.

Spinner-  Ex being the key word.

Jay-  Friends don't do that to friends.

Spinner-  Friends?  I told you, we aren't friends.

Jay-  Well, I'm the closest thing you have to a friend.  And friends don't stab each other in the back.  I thought you learned your lesson from the Jimmy incident.

Spinner-  You cheated on her man.  If you didn't want to lose her, you don't do what you did.

Jay-  Man, she's just trying to use you.  (Spinner starts shaking his head.)  She's trying to get back at me for cheating.  She's a vengeful, spiteful person.  She will do anything to make me mad.

Spinner-  She said you'd say that.

Jay-  She's trying to mess with me.  You're just a pawn in her crazy game.

Spinner-  I’m not a pawn.  And if you have a problem with who she's dating, maybe you should take it up with her.  Because I'm not the one you have a problem with.

Jay-  She's going to dump you just as soon as she's gotten her revenge on me.

Spinner-  Did you ever think she just likes me for me?  Someone has finally seen past the whole Jimmy thing, looked at me, and decided that I'm an alright guy.  Not everything revolves around you Jay.  Including Alex.

Jay-  I'm trying to be a good friend here.

Spinner-  If we were "good friends" you'd step off and be happy for me.

Jay-  Forget you man.  Forget her.  And forget you.

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