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511 The Way I Am (Part Two)

Will Matt ever be honest with Paige? Will Mr. Del Rossi ever accept Marco's sexuality? And what about Ellie?


(The bell rings.  Students start exiting Degrassi.  We see Craig, Jimmy, Paige, Hazel, and Marco leave...)

Craig-  Three weeks off.  Three weeks off.  We got three weeks off.

Paige-  And you call yourself a musician.  (They continue walking.  Marco stops walking.  Paige sees this and walks over to him.)  You're going home, and you're going to stand up to your dad.  Do you hear me?

Marco-  Yeah.  (Pauses.)  But what if he still kicks me out?

Paige-  He won't.

Marco-  But what if he does?  I need a back up plan.

Paige-  You can come stay with me or Craig or someone.  We have your back.  We're your friends.

Marco-  Not your house.

Paige-  Why not?

Marco-  Your brother.

Paige-  You can't hide from him forever.

Marco-  I know.  But I can hide for a long time.  You ever play hide and go seek with me?

Paige-  Marco, he's not going to kick you out.  (Marco nods and they start to walk, but Marco stops again.)  What now?  (Marco stares at Ellie, who is staring at him.)  What?

Marco-  Nothing.  (They continue walking.)




[Outside Marco's house...]

(Marco walks in front of the house.  He stares at it for a minute.  Paige walks up next to him...)

Paige-  If you stare at it, the situation isn't going to go away any faster.

Marco-  I need a minute to prepare.

Paige-  Don't let him push you around.  You are you.  Don't let him make you think differently for a minute.  (Marco nods.)  Do you want me to wait out here for you?

Marco-  No.  It might be a while.  Go back to your place.  I'll call you later.

Paige-  Okay.  (She hugs him.)  Be strong.  This is your life.  Don't let anyone push you around and tell you it’s wrong.  (Marco nods.  Paige hugs him again and kisses him on the cheek.)  Call me.  (She leaves.  Marco stands still for a moment.  He takes a deep breath.  He walks in.)


[Outside Paige's house...]

(Matt is sitting on the porch when Paige walks over...)

Paige-  Oh, I'm so sorry.  I totally forgot.  Marco was having major issues at home and I was trying to help.

Matt-  It's okay.  I knew you'd be here sooner or later.  (They kiss.)

Paige-  When do you have to go back to Charlie?

Matt-  Not until the flight.

Paige-  You mean you have the whole night for me?

Matt-  Yeah.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  (They kiss.)


[At Marco's house...]

(Marco walks in and puts his book bag down.  He walks further and sees a couple of boxes on the floor, he walks over to them.  He opens them and sees that his things are in the boxes.  He looks shocked.  His mother walks over to him.  She hugs him.)

Marco's mom-  I've been so worried about you.  Are you okay?

Marco-  Why is my stuff in boxes?  My clothes.  My CDs.  (He picks up a stuffed animal.)  Mr. Scruffy?

Marco's mom-  Your dad is cleaning out your room. He's very upset with you.

Marco-  Mr. Scruffy.

Marco's mom-  I tried talking to him.  I tried explaining everything to him.  He doesn't want to here it.

Marco-  Where is he?

Marco's mom-  In your room.  (Marco starts to head towards his room.)  Don't go up there Marco.  I don't want you to get hurt.  (Marco continues walking and enters his room.  He sees his father throwing things into a box.)

Marco-  That's my stuff.

Marco's dad-  I bought it for my son.  I don't have a son anymore.  I don't need the stuff anymore.

Marco-  I'm still going to be your son whether I'm gay, straight, or anything else.  I still have your DNA.  I'm still your child.  You raised me.  You can't change that because you disagree with how I live my life.  How I am.  This is me, and if you can't accept it, then you have the problem, not me.  (Marco's dad sits down on his bed and starts crying.  Marco sits down next to him.  He puts his arm around his dad.  Marco's dad pushes Marco's arm off of him.)  It's still me papa.  It's still me.

Marco's dad-  No.  It's not.  You're not normal Marco.  It's not you.  The Marco I know is a normal kid.  He was in a band, he went to church.  He was a good kid.  I want the old Marco back.

Marco-  I still go to church.  The band broke up.  I'm still a good kid papa.

Marco's dad-  No.  You're gay.  You are doing unnatural things.  (He puts his head in his hands.)  Why can't you just like girls?

Marco-  Because I don't.

Marco's dad-  Why can't you just try?  (Marco doesn't answer.)  I'm so disappointed in you.  You're not my son.  You don't live here anymore.  (He gets up and leaves the room.  Marco looks devastated.)


[At Paige's house...]

(Paige and Matt are lying on her bed making out.  Paige starts to unbutton Matt's shirt. Paige's phone starts to ring.)

Matt-  Aren't you going to answer that?

Paige-  No.  (She starts to unbutton her shirt and begins kissing Matt again.)



(Marco is on the street with his cell phone to his ear...)

Paige(Voicemail)-  Hey, this is Paige.  Leave me a message and I'll get back to you.  (Marco hangs up the phone.  He sits down on the curb.  His eyes are red, with tears falling down his face.  He shuts his eyes for a brief moment and then opens them.  He looks down the street and sees Ellie's house.  He swallows and takes a deep breath.  He walks to Ellie's house.  He knocks on the door.  Ellie answers.)

Ellie-  Marco?  (Marco grabs Ellie and passionately kisses her.)  What was that?  I thought you needed space and I needed space.

Marco-  I was wrong.  (He kisses her again.)  So wrong.  (She kisses him.  They continue kissing as they walk into the house.  Marco shuts the door behind him.)  Is your mom here?

Ellie-  No. She's at my aunt’s.  She won't be home for two days.

Marco-  Okay.  (Marco's hands are shaking and he starts kissing her again.  They fall to the couch.  He starts to unbutton his shirt.)

Ellie-  What are you doing?  You're gay.

Marco-  Don't ask questions.  I want to do this.  (Pauses.)  Do you?  (Ellie nods.  She smiles.  She helps him unbutton his shirt and starts to unbutton her pants.  Marco smiles and Ellie starts to kiss him again.)


[The next day...]

(Paige is sitting in the Dot, staring off into space, when Hazel walks over with two drinks...)

Hazel-  Wow, last night with Matt must have been something.

Paige-  I just miss him so much already.

Hazel-  When does his flight leave?

Paige-  Two hours.  He's already at the airport.

Hazel-  With Charlie?

Paige-  Don't ruin it for me.

Hazel-  I'm just saying, how comfortable are you knowing that he lied to you about the whole Charlie thing?  How much more is he lying to you about?

Paige-  I trust him.  He loves me.  I know he does.

Hazel-  You do?

Paige-  Yeah.  I do.

Hazel-  I don't want you to get hurt.

Paige-  I don't want to either.  And I wouldn't have slept with him if I thought that he would hurt me.

Hazel-  You've slept with him?

Paige-  Twice.  (Hazel looks surprised.)  What is that look for?

Hazel-  Why didn't you tell me?

Paige-  I told you.

Hazel-  No.  You didn't.

Paige-  I probably meant to and then something else came up.  I'm sorry.

Hazel-  Okay.

Paige-  I haven't told anyone else if it makes you feel better.  (Hazel smiles.)  And, it was just like I thought it would be.  How I would have liked my first time to be.  It was amazing.  I love him.  I would do anything for him.

Hazel-  Well, then, I'm happy for you.

Paige-  Thanks.  Which is why I want to take this trip to the Yukon, now more than ever.

Hazel-  Yeah.  Sounds like fun.

Paige-  Is Jimmy going to be okay with you leaving for two weeks?

Hazel-  Oh.  Uh...I don't see why not.

Paige-  (She picks up her phone and looks at it.)  If I were leaving my boyfriend for that long of a time, I'm sure he'd be a little anxious about me leaving for that long.

Hazel-  Yeah.  Well.  Jimmy and me, well...we...

Paige-  Oh shoot.  Marco called.

Hazel-  Since when have you been upset over missing a call from Marco?

Paige-  (She starts dialling and puts the phone up to her ear.)  Since Dylan told him he still loved him.  In front of Marco's dad.

Hazel-  Oh no.

Paige-  Yeah.  He was supposed to call me last night, but me and Matt were kind of in the middle of...

Hazel-  Oh.  I see.  Sex before friendship.

Paige-  No.  It's just, you know, once you're in the mood, you don't want to do anything to destroy it.

Hazel-  No.  I wouldn't know anything about that.

Paige-  Oh yeah.  I guess you wouldn't.  (Pauses.)  He's not answering.

Hazel-  I hope everything is okay.

Paige-  Me too.


[At Ellie's house...]

(Ellie is asleep on her bed while Marco is sitting on the ground, quietly crying.  His phone is vibrating on the ground next to him.  He picks it up and sends the call to voicemail.)


[Back at the Dot...]

(Paige is still sitting with Hazel...)

Marco(Voicemail)-  Hey, it's Marco.  Leave me a message.

Paige-  Hey Marco.  It's Paige.  Sorry I didn't pick up last night.  Give me a call back.  (She hangs up.  Hazel looks mad.)  What's with you?

Hazel-  You know, ever since you and Matt started dating, I've been second best.

Paige-  That's not true.

Hazel-  When’s the last time we spent quality time together without you thinking or talking about Matt.

Paige-  That's unfair.  He's my boyfriend.

Hazel-  So?

Paige-  I miss him okay.  It's not like he's here with me.  I mean, you have Jimmy down the street.  You can go visit him any time you want to.

Hazel-  Me and Jimmy aren't even together anymore.

Paige-  What?

Hazel-  (She tears up.)  Me and Jimmy broke up like two weeks ago.  He's been pretending to be with me ever since because I didn't want to be the loser without a boyfriend.

Paige-  Oh.  Hazel.  I'm so sorry.

Hazel-  And it didn't help that my best friend was more worried about her boyfriend and her life, than what was going on in my life.

Paige-  I'm so sorry Hazel.  I had no idea.

Hazel-  It's okay.  How could you have known?  I didn't exactly want anyone to know.

Paige-  I tell you what, we won't go up to the Yukon.

Hazel-  No.  No.  I want you to be happy.  You love Matt.  You need to see him.  You deserve to be happy.  And I want to go with you.

Paige-  Okay.  We'll go.

Hazel-  The sooner, the better.  I need to get away from Degrassi and just get clear my head.  It hurts to just be near Jimmy.

Paige-  We can go buy tickets today.  And the entire flight there, I won't talk about Matt.  I'll just listen, to whatever you have to say.

Hazel-  Thanks Paige.



(Marco is walking in the park.  He sits down on a bench.)

Marco-  What did I just do?  (He puts his head in his hands and starts  crying.)


[At Paige's house...]

(Paige is packing a suitcase, when her mom walks in...)

Paige's mom-  Packing?

Paige-  Looks that way, doesn't it?

Paige's mom-  Hazel just called.  She said that her dad got you guys a flight that leaves tomorrow morning at 6.

Paige-  6?  Ew.  (Paige's mom walks further into her room and sits down on her bed.)  I'm guessing that you have something else to say.

Paige's mom-  I just wanted to talk to you about Matt.  (Paige looks bothered.)  And before you get all how you get, I'm letting you go.  Remember that.  You're almost 18.  And I think you can make your own decisions.

Paige-  What is it?

Paige's mom-  Sit down.  (She pats the bed.  Paige walks over and sits down.)

Paige-  What?

Paige's mom-  I was emptying out your trash can this morning, and I found something that concerned me.  (Paige's mom shows Paige a condom wrapper.)

Paige-  How do you know that that's not Dylan?

Paige's mom-  I'm not here to tell you not to do that anymore.  I'm just saying, with all that you've been through, make sure that you really, really, really want to be with this person before you have sex.

Paige-  I do.

Paige's mom-  And make sure he really, really, really wants to be with you.

Paige-  He does.

Paige's mom-  I'm just saying, with the Charlie thing that he's going through, he may be a little more unavailable than you would like to believe.

Paige-  Mom, I know what I'm doing.  And, I'll be safe.  So, don't worry about me.  I'm fine.  Me and Matt are rock solid.  I know what I'm getting into, and I know that we're fine.

Paige's mom-  Alright.  (She hugs Paige and kisses her.)  You're just growing up so fast.  Pretty soon this house is going to be empty, and you and Dylan are going to be starting families of your own.

Paige-  Stop with the over dramatics Mom.  It's a little too 1980's sitcom for me.

Paige's mom-  Okay.  (She stands up.)  Just be safe out there.

Paige-  I will.  (Paige's mom smiles and leaves.)



(Marco is walking down the street.  His phone starts to ring.  He looks down at the phone and sees that it's Ellie.  He sends the call to voice mail.  He continues walking down the street.  A few moments later his phone beeps.  He looks down and sees that he has a new voicemails.  He picks up the phone and dials.  He puts the phone up to his ear and listens.)

Voicemail-  Two new messages.

Paige(On the phone)-  Hey Marco.  It's Paige.  (Marco presses a button.)

Voicemail-  Message erased.  Next message.

Ellie(On the phone)-  Hey Marco.  It's Ellie.  I just wanted to thank you for last night.  It was amazing.  You were amazing.  I just was wondering what happened to you.  When I woke up, you were gone.  Just wondering if everything is okay.  I guess I'll talk to you later.  Love you.  (Marco presses a button.)

Voicemail-  Message erased.  (Marco hangs up the phone.  He sits down on the curb and starts crying.)


[The Next Day...]

(Paige is sitting in the airplane next to Hazel.  Paige is just staring out the window...)

Hazel-  You nervous about the flight?

Paige-  No.  I'm just thinking about...Forget about me, tell me everything that's going on with you.  Like what happened with you and Jimmy.  Why did you break up?

Hazel-  I don't know.  I think he just got fed up or something because, one day we're fine, and then the next...I don't know.  He's just was like "it's over."  I didn't even see it coming.  (Hazel pauses for a moment.  She looks over at Paige and sees that she isn't paying attention.)  You know what, forget it.

Paige-  What?  I was listening.

Hazel-  Then what was the last thing I said?

Paige-  Forget it.  (Hazel turns her head away from Paige.)  Come on Hazel.  I was kidding.  I swear I'm listening.  I want to hear what you have to say.  Come on.  Hazel.

Hazel-  You're preoccupied with how you get to see your boyfriend in a few hours.  You could care less about what's going on with me.

Paige-  Hazel, you know that's not true.  (Hazel doesn't respond.)  Oh, so, what?  You're not going to talk to me for the rest of the flight?  (Hazel doesn't say anything.)  You can't be quiet for longer than 5 minutes.  (Hazel doesn't respond.)  Hazel.  (Hazel doesn't say anything.)  Fine, you won't talk to me, I won't talk to you either.  (Paige glares at Hazel.)



(Marco is walking down the street in the same clothes that he was wearing the day before.  He sees Paige's house and walks over to it.  He knocks on the door.  Dylan answers.)

Marco-  (Tears up.)  I'm not here to see you.

Dylan-  I didn't think you were.

Marco-  Is Paige here?

Dylan-  She and Hazel decided on the spur of the moment to head up to the Yukon so Paige can see Matt.

Marco-  Oh.  (He starts to walk away.)

Dylan-  Anything I can help you with?

Marco-  No.  (He starts crying and walks away.)


[Meanwhile on the plane...]

(Paige is staring out the window.  She looks at Hazel who is eating...)

Paige-  I'm still not talking to you.  (Hazel doesn't respond.)   What if the plane crashes?  Do you really want your last few moments to be spent hating me?

Hazel-  Don't talk like that.  We're on a plane.

Paige-  But I got you to talk to me.

Hazel-  Only to tell you how mean you're being.

Paige-  I'm sorry, okay?  Sorry.

Hazel-  You don't even know why I'm mad.

Paige-  Yes I do.  And I would be too.  I'm sorry.  I can't help it.  I love Matt.  And I can't stop thinking about him.  It's like, every minute we're apart it's like...

Hazel-  Forever?

Paige-  Yeah.

Hazel-  Well, how hard it is for you to deal with not being around Matt, just imagine what it'd be like if he told you it was over.

Paige-  Oh.

Hazel-  Me and Jimmy were together way longer than you and Matt.  That made it that much harder for me to tell you everything.  You being all happy and everything.

Paige-  Oh.

Hazel-  And you not even caring.  (Starts to tear up.)  That just made it even worse.

Paige-  Hazel...I'm so sorry.  I had no idea.

Hazel-  Yeah.  (They are silent for a moment.  Hazel starts to cry.)

Paige-  Hazel... (She puts her hand on her shoulder.)  It's okay.

Hazel-  I just miss him so much.  I just feel so alone.

Paige-  Hazel, I know it's hard right now.  It'll get better.

Hazel-  He was like my first real boyfriend.  We've been through so much.

Paige-  Did you love him?

Hazel-  Yeah.

Paige-  I mean, really love him.  I know you cared about him, but are you crying because you're lonely or because you miss him?

Hazel-  What kind of cruel heartless person asks a question like that?

Paige-  I'm just saying, it seems like you are more upset that you don't have a boyfriend. Any boyfriend.

Hazel-  Wow.  You're a terrible friend.  (Hazel turns away from Paige.)



(Marco walks up to Craig's house.  He knocks on the door.  Joey answers...)

Joey-  Hey Marco.

Marco-  Hey Mr. Jeremiah.  Is Craig home?

Joey-  In the garage.  Are you okay?  You're eyes look all puffy.  Are you high or something?

Marco-  No.  No, Mr. Jeremiah. 

Joey-  Come on in.  (Marco walks inside.)


[In the garage...]

(Craig is playing his guitar when Marco walks in...)

Marco-  Hey.  (Craig turns around.)

Craig-  Hey.  What's going on?

Marco-  My life is falling apart.  (Marco sits down on the couch.)

Craig-  I thought I was supposed to be the over-dramatic one.

Marco-  Well, it's my turn.

Craig-  What happened?

Marco-  I had sex with Ellie.  (Craig looks shocked.  He is silent for a moment.)  Say something.  Say anything?

Craig-  You're gay.

Marco-  I know.

Craig-  What?  How?  What?

Marco-  I don't know.

Craig-  What were you thinking?  How did you get Ellie to...

Marco-  Turns out she's in love with me.  Has been for awhile.

Craig-  Where have I been?

Marco-  It happened like two days ago.

Craig-  What made you want to have sex with her?  I thought you liked dudes.

Marco-  Dylan.

Craig-  Dylan?

Marco-  He came over to my house and told me that he still loved me.

Craig-  Man...

Marco-  And my dad heard the whole thing, and kicked me out.

Craig-  All of the crap I've been through with Ash and Manny and everything, I'd say yours is way worse.

Marco-  (Tears up.)  I have no idea what I'm going to do.  I have no idea how I'm going to deal with anyone.  What do I say to Ellie?

Craig-  I'm still confused.  Why did you do it?

Marco-  My dad.

Craig-  Your dad?

Marco-  Yeah.

Craig-  What a weird image to have in your head when you're having sex.

Marco-  Stop being gross.  (Pauses.)  He was all freaking out at me.  He was saying "I have no son.  Marco, you're sick in the head.  Why can't you just like girls?"  So, I figured, why not try?  Maybe I do.  Maybe I date guys because I haven't tried anything with a girl.

Craig-  Do you?  (Marco shakes his head.)  Just because your dad doesn't like it doesn't mean that's not who you are.

Marco-  I just want him to be my dad.  I want him to be proud of me.  I want him to visit me when I get married and have kids or dogs or whatever I can get.

Craig-  So having sex with Ellie will make him do that?

Marco-  No.

Craig-  Me and my dad had a complicated relationship, so I don't really know how it's supposed to work, but I have a feeling that what you did won't help things.

Marco-  So, what am I supposed to do?  How am I supposed to fix this?

Craig-  Deal with your dad first.

Marco-  I don't think I can handle another round with him.

Craig-  Well things aren't going to get better unless you do.  And if doesn't work, you can always stay here for a while.

Marco-  Thanks.  (Marco leaves.)

Craig-  Wow.  Glad I'm not Marco.


[In the Yukon...]

(Hazel and Paige get out of a cab and walk up to the door.)

Hazel-  So this is it?

Paige-  Yeah.

Hazel-  Not glamorous.

Paige-  Doesn't have to be.

Hazel-  I'm going to go find a hotel or something.

Paige-  Are you still mad?  (Hazel doesn't respond.)  Just come up with me.  You're here aren't you?  You might as well mooch off Matt.  Get some free food out of the deal.



(Marco is walking down the street when Dylan starts walking towards him...)

Dylan-  Marco?  Marco!  (Marco starts to walk in the other direction.  Dylan runs after him and catches up to him.)  Marco...  (Marco is crying.  Dylan hugs him.  Marco hugs him back.)

Marco-  My dad found out.  Then he...

Dylan-  Marco...It's okay.  It's okay.  I'm here.

Marco-  I've missed you so much.

Dylan-  I've missed you too.  (They kiss.)


[In the Yukon...]

(Paige walks up to the door and knocks on it.  She looks at Hazel.  Hazel looks mad.  Paige looks back at the door.  The door opens and Charlie is on the other side.)

Charlie-  Hey Paige.

Paige-  Charlie.  What are you doing here?

Charlie-  Me and Matt live together.  What are you doing here?

Paige-  How long have you been living together?

Charlie-  Just moved in.

Paige-  Why?

Charlie-  My parents thought I should be with the father of my child.

Paige-  But he's not the father.

Charlie-  How do you know?

Paige-  Where's Matt?

Charlie-  Inside, painting the baby's room.  (Paige runs off.)

Hazel-  Paige?!?  (Hazel follows Paige.)



(Paige walks outside and Hazel follows her...)

Hazel-  Paige...(She catches up to her.  Paige sits down.)

Paige-  How could he?  Why would he lie?  What... (She starts crying.  Hazel hugs her.)

Hazel-  It's going to be okay Paige.  (Matt walks over to them.)

Matt-  Paige...What are you doing here?  (Hazel stands up.)

Hazel-  She came up here to see her boyfriend.  But then she found out he was a lying scum bag.

Matt-  I can explain.

Hazel-  I think you've done enough.

Matt-  I'm so sorry Paige.  I didn't mean for it to happen this way.  I love you.

Hazel-  I think you need to go.  (Matt just stands there for a moment.)

Matt-  Paige...

Hazel-  Bye Matt.  (Matt leaves.  Hazel sits down and hugs Paige.)



(Marco walks into his house...)

Marco-  Papa!  (Marco's dad walks into the room...)

Marco's dad-  What are you doing here?

Marco-  I'm gay.  And, whether you like that or not, that's fine.  I want you to be a part of my life, but I'd rather be happy than have your approval.  And you'll be the one missing everything in my life, not the other way around.  So, hate me, love me, whatever.  I have a boyfriend, and I'm happy.  I love him.

Marco's dad-  Get out of my house.

Marco-  (He tears up.)  The door to my life, will always be open.  I love you papa.  (He leaves.)



(Marco walks outside, tears in his eyes.  He walks to the sidewalk where Dylan is waiting for him...)

Marco-  Didn't go well.

Dylan-  I didn't think so.  (He hugs him.)  He'll come around.

Marco-  How are you so strong?

Dylan-  Because I have a boyfriend who loves me.  (They kiss.)

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