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512 That's What Friends Are For

Toby is facing some very serious consequences after the car accident. Will he be able to face them? Liberty knows that Peter is bad news, but will Manny believe her? And just how bad is Peter?

[At school...]

(Manny is at her locker talking with Peter...]

Peter-  So, how was your winter break?

Manny-  Boring.  Nothing really happened.  Nothing really ever happens with me.  But I would love for something to happen.

Peter-  I like the way you think.  (Manny smiles.  The bell rings.)  I better get to class.  Maybe I'll see you later?

Manny-  You can count on it.  (Peter leaves as Manny's watching him leave.  She smiles.  Liberty walks over.)

Liberty-  What were you doing?

Manny-  Talking with Peter.

Liberty-  Are you sure you want to get involved with him?  I mean, he's a little young.

Manny-  I know, he's adorable.

Liberty-  That's not what I meant.

Manny-  I can take care of myself Liberty.  Peter's just a nice guy.

Liberty-  I'd be careful about him.  He might not be what he seems.

Manny-  You take the fun out of everything Liberty.  (She rolls her eyes and walks away.)




[After school...]

(Manny is sitting with Peter at the Dot...)

Peter-  So, explain to me something.  (He pauses.)  Why is it that you don't have a boyfriend?  (Manny laughs.)Did I say something funny.

Manny-  You're just say anything that's on your mind, don't you?

Peter-  I like to be open with people, I expect them to be the same way.

Manny-  Well, if you must know...

Peter-  And I must.  (He smiles.)

Manny-  I had one.  Then I found out he wasn't such a nice guy.

Peter-  Oh.  (He puts his hand on hers.)  What happened?

Manny-  He just did something to his friend.   I would really rather not get into it.  (She pulls her hand away.)

Peter-  I see.  (Pauses.)  How long ago was that?

Manny-  I don't know.  About a year ago?

Peter-  That long?

Manny-  I've been on dates since then.  (Peter looks at her.)  Well, date.

Peter-  Singular?

Manny-  Yeah.  Just one.

Peter-  Why is that?

Manny-  I don't know.  Just haven't had the right guy ask me out.

Peter-  What if the right guy asked you?  You wouldn't say no?

Manny- Are you asking me out?

Peter-  Depends on the answer.

Manny-  Yes.

Peter-  Then, yes, I am.  (They smile.)


[At Toby’s house...]

(Ashley's mom and Toby's dad are sitting at the kitchen table when Toby walks in...)

Toby's dad-  Is that you Toby?  (Toby walks in.)

Toby-  Hey.  Just going to go upstairs to do my homework.

Ashley's mom-  We need to talk to you first.

Toby-  What about?

Toby's dad-  You better sit down.  (Toby sits down.)  The lawyer just called.

Toby-  (Softly.)  What did he say?  Good news?

Toby's dad-  No.

Toby-  Bad news?

Ashley's mom-  The person you hit, went into a coma.

Toby-  What?  How?  Why?

Toby's dad-  We're not sure.  But, the doctor isn't sure if he's going to last much longer.

Toby-  So, what does that mean?  Why did the lawyer tell us that?

Ashley's mom-  They're moving up your trial.

Toby-  What?  To when?

Toby's dad-  Next week.

Toby-  Next week.  How can they do that?

Ashley's mom-  They've been trying to get the trial moved up because they think it's an emergency trial.    They just want to make sure that justice is served before anything happens to him.

Toby-  So, they're just moving up the trial, just like that?

Ashley's mom-  Yeah.

Toby-  Am I going to go to jail?

Toby's dad-  No.  We don't think.

Ashley's mom-  If we can help it, you won't be.  (Toby starts to tear up.)

Toby's dad-  Toby, you'll be fine.  Don't worry about it.


[The next day...]

(Liberty is standing at her locker when she sees Manny at her locker. She walks over...)

Liberty-  Hey.  I just talked with Mr. Simpson.  Everything is good to go with Emma.

Manny-  Emma?

Liberty-  She gets out of rehab Friday.  Did you forget?

Manny-  This Friday.

Liberty-  Yeah.  (Pauses.)  How could you forget?  She's like your best friend.

Manny-  I've just been busy.

Liberty-  Busy?  (Peter walks over.  He kisses Manny.)  Busy.

Peter-  Hey Liberty.  What's going on?

Liberty-  I was just talking to Manny when you interrupted.  (Peter kisses Manny again.)  So, when did you start dating?

Manny-  Yesterday?

Peter-  The best 24 hours of my life.  (He kisses her again.)

Liberty-  I was just telling Manny that Emma is coming home on Friday.  And we were going to lift her spirits. Just the two of us.

Peter-  Friday?  Didn't we have plans for Friday?

Manny-  I know baby.  But, Emma's my friend and she needs support.  I'm sure you could come too.  Right,Liberty?  (Liberty doesn't respond.)  Liberty?

Liberty-  What?

Manny-  Peter can come to Emma's party thing right?

Liberty-  I'm not sure that would be such a good idea.

Peter-  Why not?

Liberty-  I'm not bringing my boyfriend.  It's sort of a girls night. Make Emma feel like she hasn't missed anything.

Manny-  We could reschedule, couldn't we?

Peter-  Sure, I just had my heart set on Friday.

Manny-  Come on.  Please?  (She kisses him.  Liberty has a disgusted look on her face.)

Peter-  Alright.  (They kiss again.)  I'll see you later?  (Manny nods.  Peter walks away.  Manny watches him walk away.)

Manny-  Isn't he amazing?

Liberty-  No.

Manny-  What's with you?  Do you not like him?

Liberty-  I don't trust him.

Manny-  You don't trust him?  Why not?

Liberty-  I've heard things.

Manny-  Like what?

Liberty-  Manny, I'm your friend.  I'm just trying to help you.

Manny-  What did you hear?

Liberty-  He was talking with Darcy and saying that you were easy.

Manny-  What?

Liberty-  He just wants to sleep with you.

Manny-  No.  He's nice and sweet, and you're just jealous.

Liberty-  Jealous?  Of what?  Him?

Manny-  Our relationship.  Just because you and J.T. aren't that hot and heavy, don't try and keep me down.

Liberty-  Me and J.T. are just fine.

Manny-  Then why are you telling me this about Peter?

Liberty-  Because you're my friend, and I don't want you to get hurt.

Manny-  Whatever Liberty.  If you can't be happy, then just don't say anything.  (Manny starts to walk away.)

Liberty-  I'm your friend Manny.  I'm not trying to hurt you.

Manny-  Whatever Liberty.  (She leaves.)


[In a classroom...]

(Toby is on a computer when Mr. Simpson walks over...)

Snake-  Correctional facilities?  I'm not sure the school would approve of you using the computer to find a jail pen pal.

Toby-  That's not what I'm doing.

Snake-  Oh.  (He looks on the computer.)  Anything you want to talk about?

Toby-  My trial got moved up.  Turns out the guy I hit is in a coma.  Not looking good.

Snake-  Oh.  I'm sorry to hear that Toby.

Toby-  I don't want to go to jail.

Snake-  I'm sure everything will work out.

Toby-  You're sure?

Snake-  Toby, you're a good kid.  You just made a mistake.  You've never done anything like this before.  Have you tried to do a plea bargain?

Toby-  Yeah.  The lawyer tried.  The guy I hit's family wants me to be in a correctional facility for at least 2 years.I'm not about to throw two years of my life away.  Not without a fight.

Snake-  If you need anything Toby, don't be afraid to ask.  (Toby nods.  Snake walks away.  Toby continues to look at the computer.)



(Manny is sitting on a bench when Liberty walks over...)

Manny-  Come to talk bad about Peter some more?

Liberty-  Manny, I'm trying to do the right thing.  I'm trying to do what I would want you to do in the same situation.

Manny-  Liberty, I like him.  Stop trying to ruin it.

Liberty-  Did you not just hear what I said?  I heard him say that he thinks your easy.

Manny-  Peter's not like that Liberty.  He would never say that.

Liberty-  You've known the guy for like two weeks.  How do you know?

Manny-  I just do.  I know him.  A lot more than I know you.

Liberty-  If you know him so well, then why did he leave his last school?

Manny-  His parents moved.

Liberty-  Really?  Did he tell you that?

Manny-  I just assumed...

Liberty-  Maybe you should ask him before you go jumping down my throat and call me a bad friend.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I'm going with my boyfriend to his doctor.  Because that's what people who care about each other do.  They help each other.  (Liberty walks away.)


[At Toby's house...]

(Toby's dad and Ashley's mom are in the kitchen when Toby walks in...)

Toby's dad-  (Shouting.)  I told you that Kate.

Ashley's mom-  Well, you didn't have to say it like that.

Toby's dad-  Oh.  Hey Toby.  How was school?

Toby-  Fine.

Ashley's mom-  We have to meet with the lawyer today.  So, go get ready.

Toby-  Is everything alright?

Toby's dad-  Fine.  Now, go get ready.  (Toby walks out of the room, but stays outside for a minute.)

Ashley's mom-  I want to finish talking about this.

Toby's dad-  What?  I thought we were done.

Ashley's mom-  No.  We're not.

Toby's dad-  Keep it down.  Toby might hear you.

Ashley's mom-  I know.  What if the jury convicts him and he has to get sent off somewhere?  Then what?  Then, we’ll just sit back and let it happen?

Toby's dad-  No.  We're going to fight this.

Ashley's mom-  Well, it's not looking good Jeff.  Toby could be in jail for a long time.

Toby's dad-  Well, he was the irresponsible one in the first place.

Ashley's mom-  I told you it was a dumb idea to get him that car.

Toby's dad-  I thought he was responsible.  I guess I was wrong.  (Toby walks upstairs.)



(Manny is sitting at the Dot when Peter walks over to her...)

Peter-  So, I was thinking.  (He sits down.)  Since you have that thing or whatever tomorrow.  What about Saturday?  First formal date.  We could go to the movies, and dinner, or something.  Class it up.

Manny-  Why did you leave your last school?

Peter-  What?

Manny-  Why did you leave your last school?

Peter-  Parents moved.

Manny-  See, that's what I told Liberty.  And she was all like "No."  I'm never listening to her again.

Peter-  What else did Liberty say?

Manny-  Stupid stuff.  It doesn't even matter, because I don't believe it.

Peter-  I'd like to know.  (He puts his hand on hers.)  I like to know what people say about me so I can face thermos head on, you know?

Manny-  She said that you said something about thinking I was easy.

Peter-  She did.

Manny-  Then she had the weird idea that you left your school for some reason other than your parents moving.

Peter-  You know I don't think you're easy right?

Manny-  Yeah.  I know.

Peter-  I hate that we even have to have this conversation.  I don't want to be talking about sex with you.  We’ve barely started dating.

Manny-  That's so what I was thinking.  (She giggles.)  I told Liberty that I know you and that you're a good guy.(She kisses him.)

Peter-  Thanks.

Manny-  You know what, I think you should come to that thing tomorrow.

Peter-  What about Liberty?

Manny-  What about her?  (Pauses.)  Forget her.  She's not a good friend.  (Pauses.)  I'm going to go get something to drink, you want?

Peter-  No.  I'm good.

Manny-  K.  (She leaves the table.  Darcy walks over.)

Darcy-  Wow.  You move fast.

Peter-  I told you.  I could get her to date me.

Darcy-  I just don't understand how.

Peter-  I'm slick.

Darcy-  You need to be careful.

Peter-  What?

Darcy-  She's my friend Peter.

Peter-  So?

Darcy-  She might not give you any.

Peter-  She will.

Darcy-  You don't need another rape charge.

Peter-  Acquitted.  And dropped.  Okay.  So, technically, I didn't rape anyone.

Darcy-  Tell that to those girls.

Peter-  They're just bitter.

Darcy-  I don't know why I talk to you.

Peter-  Because we're related.

Darcy-  If you hurt Manny, I'll hurt you.

Peter-  Yeah.  Whatever.  (Manny walks back over.)

Manny-  Hey Darcy.  What are you doing here?

Darcy-  Nothing.  Just saying hello.

Manny-  Do you know Peter?

Darcy-  Sort of.

Peter-  Related.

Manny-  Related?

Darcy-  Second cousins.

Manny-  Oh.

Darcy-  My dad's cousin is his mom.

Manny-  Oh.

Darcy-  I'll let you two get back to what you were doing.  I'll see you at practice Manny.  (Darcy leaves.)

Manny-  Cousins?

Peter-  I know what you're thinking.  And that's incest.

Manny-  Just used to guys hitting on or dating girls while I'm with them.

Peter-  The only one I want to be with is you.


[The next day...]

(Toby is sitting at school when J.T. walks over and sits down...)

J.T.-  Heard they're moving up the trial.

Toby-  Yeah.  Met with the lawyer last night.

J.T.-  How is it going?

Toby-  It's not looking good.

J.T.-  What?

Toby-  I think I'm going to be going to jail.

J.T.-  You wouldn't survive a minute in jail.

Toby-  Tell me about it.

J.T.-  I didn't mean for it to come out that way.

Toby-  Yeah.  Could we just not talk about it?

J.T.-  Sure.

Toby-  You seem to be doing much better.

J.T.-  Yeah.  The doctor said I made a pretty quick recovery.  She thinks it's because Liberty was by my side.

Toby-  Must be nice to have a girlfriend to support you.

J.T.-  It is.

Toby-  I'm doomed.

J.T.-  You're overreacting.  I'm sure everything will be fine.  You weren't drunk.

Toby-  But I put the guy in a coma.  It doesn't matter.  Don't you get it?  It doesn't matter.  I'm doomed.


[On the other side of school...]

(Liberty is sitting, reading a book when Peter walks over...)

Peter-  Hey, Liberty.  Can we talk?

Liberty-  I'm busy.

Peter-  It'll just take a sec.  (He sits down next to her.)

Liberty-  I can see that just saying no won't work.

Peter-  Never does.

Liberty-  What do you want?

Peter-  I don't like that you keep telling Manny bad things.

Liberty-  I don't think any guy would like it if I were telling the girl he would like to nail bad things.

Peter-  I'm not trying to nail her.

Liberty-  That's not what I heard you tell Darcy.

Peter-  Listen, Manny can make her own decisions.

Liberty-  But she doesn't have all of the information.

Peter-  Neither do you.  (He starts to walk away.)

Liberty-  She deserves to know what I told her.  She deserves to know whatever you're hiding from her.

Peter-  (He turns around.)  Keep your nose out of her business.  That's all I'm asking.  (He walks away.)


[After school...]

(Toby is sitting in his lawyer's office, with his parents, nervously tapping his foot.  The lawyer walks in.)

Lawyer-  Just got off the phone with the other family's lawyer.  They are considering settling.

Toby-  Settling?

Lawyer-  Yes.  Possible plea bargain.

Ashley's mom-  What would we have to give up in exchange?

Lawyer-  Well, they want some money for monetary damages.

Toby's dad-  How much money?

Lawyer-  250,000.

Toby-  Dollars?

Lawyer-  It's a considerably smaller sum than they originally were pushing for.

Toby-  What were they asking for?

Lawyer-  A million.

Toby-  Who do they think we are?  Rockerfeller?

Ashley's mom-  What about the criminal case?  Is their a plea bargain for that?

Lawyer-  The prosecutor is willing to settle for two years probation and...

Toby-  There's an and?

Lawyer-  Three months in a juvenile detention centre.

Toby-  Three months locked up?  No.  No way.

Lawyer-  It's considerably less then what you could get.

Ashley's mom-  Toby, let's look at the whole picture.  You committed a crime, and you have to pay for it.  You could go through a long trial, and end up getting sentenced to a year or two in jail.  Or you could just spend three months in a detention centre.

Toby-  That's three months of my life.

Ashley's mom-  The trial would last longer than your sentence.

Toby-  But it's three months of my life taken away from me.

Ashley's mom-  Well you took away several years of living a full life from an otherwise healthy man with your decision.  The least you could do is spend three months thinking about what you did.  (Everyone is silent for a moment.)

Lawyer-  You don't have to make a decision now.  Go home.  Think about it.  Call me Monday.  (The lawyer gets up and leaves.)


[The next day...]

(There are balloons and streamers hanging in Emma's house when Snake, Spike, and Emma walk in to the house. Several people jump up and scream surprise.  Emma looks surprised.)

Spike-  We just wanted to show that we support you and we're proud you were able to stop what you were doing.

(Emma hugs Snake and Spike.  She walks further into the party where she sees Liberty and Manny.)

Liberty-  Welcome home.

Manny-  We missed you so much.  (They hug Emma.)

Emma-  It's great to be home.

Manny-  So, you're okay now?

Emma-  I think so.  (We see Peter enter the party in the background.)

Manny-  I'll be right back.  (Manny walks away.)

Emma-  Where is she going?

Liberty-  (Mockingly.)  Going to say hi to her boyfriend.

Emma-  She has a new boyfriend?

Liberty-  They have gone on a date yet.  He's only dating her for sex.

Emma-  They've had sex?

Liberty-  No.  I just heard some things about him.  I just don't trust him.

Emma-  Oh.  Bad things?

Liberty-  Yeah.  But, I guess I'll just let Manny find out for herself.

Emma-  Why aren't you going to tell her?

Liberty-  Because she doesn't believe me.  I told her.  She doesn't want to hear it.

Emma-  Don't stop trying.

Liberty-  I won't.  (Manny walks back over with Peter.)

Manny-  Emma, this is Peter.  Peter, Emma.

Peter-  Hey.

Emma-  Hi.

Manny-  And you know Liberty.

Peter-  Yeah.  Hey.  How you doing?

Liberty-  Yeah.  I'm going to go get something to drink.  (She walks away.)

Manny-  Excuse me.  (She walks over to Liberty.)  Is something wrong?

Liberty-  Yes something's wrong.  I told you about him, and you don't believe me, and go out with him anyway.

Manny-  So?  I don't believe you about a lot of things.  That doesn't seem to bother you.

Liberty-  Manny, I'm looking out for you.

Manny-  I get that Liberty.  You've only said that about a million times.

Liberty-  Because I don't want you to get hurt again.

Manny-  I know.  I get it.  Just, try to like him.  Try to be friendly.  For me.  (She walks off.  Liberty looks concerned.)


[At Toby's house...]

(Toby is sitting in his room when Ashley's mom walks in...)

Ashley's mom-  Hey Toby.  Do you have a minute?

Toby-  I'm busy.

Ashley's mom-  You're still mad aren't you?

Toby-  You think?

Ashley's mom-  Toby, I didn't say that to hurt you.

Toby-  It did.

Ashley's mom-  Well, I didn't mean for that to happen.  (She sits down next to him.)  I just think you're should definitely consider the options on the table.

Toby-  I want to go to trial.

Ashley's mom-  The trial could last more than three months.  Then you would have to serve time.

Toby-  Not if I'm found not guilty.

Ashley's mom-  But you are.

Toby-  You don't have to say it.

Ashley's mom-  But it's true.

Toby-  Still.

Ashley's mom-  You have like five months left until summer, right?

Toby-  Something like that.

Ashley's mom-  Maybe we could somehow get it so you could serve you time in summer.  Something.  So you don’t throw away your whole year.

Toby-  But I don't...

Ashley's mom-  Toby, you did something wrong.  You have to pay for it.  You have to deal with it.

Toby-  I know that.  I know.  And I keep dealing with it.  (He starts to tear up.)  I can't stop thinking about what I did.  I'm tired of paying for it.  I feel awful.  I want it all to go away.  I want that guy to be okay.  I want everything to be the way it was.  I wish it never happened.  (Ashley's mom hugs him.)

Ashley's mom-  It did happen though.  And you can't change that.  And I'm sure you just being sorry isn't good enough for the other family.  Put yourself in their shoes.  How would you feel?


[At the party...]

(Liberty is standing at the punch bowl when Peter walks over to her...)

Peter-  Hey.

Liberty-  Hi.  (Pauses.)  Listen...

Peter-  I know what your going to say, and don't.

Liberty-  What?

Peter-  I saw Manny talking to you.

Liberty-  Oh.

Peter-  I get that you don't like me.  And, really, I could care less.

Liberty-  At least you're being honest.

Peter-  We don't have to like each other.

Liberty-  Good.

Peter-  Just don't talk bad about me to Manny.

Liberty-  Excuse me?

Peter-  You want her to think we're getting along, don't talk about me.  And if you have to, be nice.  It's not hard to lie.

Liberty-  How do you know?  You have a lot of experience?

Peter-  Funny.

Liberty-  I don't feel comfortable lying to my friend.

Peter-  Do you still want to have a friend?

Liberty-  Good point.

Peter-  I'm going to go back and talk with Manny.  Talk to her about our date.  Because, you know, that's what she wants to do.  (He leaves.)



(Toby is sitting in an office, next to Ashley's mom and his dad.  The lawyer walks in...)

Lawyer-  You've reached a decision?

Toby-  Yeah.  I'll take the plea bargain.

Lawyer-  Okay.

Toby-  But, I wonder if there is a way to possibly delay the time I serve until summer break?

Lawyer-  I could talk to the other attorney and see if we could work something out.  (Toby nods.)  I'll conference call them today.

Ashley's mom-  That sounds good.  (The lawyer nods.  The lawyer gets up and leaves.  Toby starts to tear up and puts his head in his hands.)  You did the right thing Toby.  (She starts to hug him.)  You did the right thing.


[At school...]

(Manny is standing at her locker when Liberty walks over to her...)

Liberty-  Hey.

Manny-  Hey.  (Pauses.)  Thanks.

Liberty-  For what?

Manny-  Giving Peter a chance.  He told me you too talked.  It really means a lot to me.  I'm just sick of being the girl who dates guys who are wrong for her.  Or someone else's

boyfriend.  I want to be like everyone else and go on double dates and hang out with my friends who are couples.

Liberty-  Well...

Manny-  Thanks Liberty.  You're a good friend.  (She hugs her.)  Maybe me and Peter and you and J.T. could do something this weekend.  Couple's night or something.

Liberty-  Maybe.

Manny-  Cool.  (She smiles.)  I better get to spirit squad practice.  We're working on a new routine.  I'll see you later.  (Manny leaves.  Liberty stands still for a minute.  She sees Peter standing at his locker when she sees Darcy walk over to him.  She sees them talking.  Peter walks away.  Darcy walks towards Liberty.  Liberty starts to walk towards Darcy.  She catches up to her.)

Liberty-  Darcy?

Darcy-  What is it Liberty?  I'm late for spirit squad.

Liberty-  I saw you talking to Peter.

Darcy-  Yeah.

Liberty-  You're not dating him, are you?

Darcy-  No.  He's my cousin.

Liberty-  Oh.  Oh.

Darcy-  I wouldn't date him even if he wasn't my cousin.

Liberty-  Yeah.  I'm sure.  You've probably seen some gross things.  I remember this one time, I saw my cousin stick a--

Darcy-  (Interrupting.)  I don't need to hear anything gross.  And

since the trial, I'm not so sure I trust him.

Liberty-  Trial?

Darcy-  Charged with two counts of rape.

Liberty-  Rape?

Darcy-  He's not convicted.  On of them he was acquitted, and the other one, there wasn't enough evidence, so they dropped the charges.

Liberty-  So, he hasn't raped anyone?

Darcy-  I don't know.  What I do know is that he's had a lot of sex.  He talks about it non-stop.  Really, not something you want to hear about from a relative.

Liberty-  Oh.

Darcy-  (Looks at her watch.)  Great.  Now I'm late.  (Starts to walk away.)  Thanks Liberty.

Liberty-  Yeah.  (She sits down on a bench and stares in disbelief.)

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