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513 I Want it All

Paige is incredibly stressed out about getting into University. How far is she willing to go to calm down? Is Liberty really ready to take the next step in her relationship or is she contemplating it for all the wrong reasons?

[At Paige's house...]

(Dylan walks in to the house with mail in hand.  Paige is sitting on the couch, when Dylan walks past her andthrows a letter into her lap...)

Paige-  You don't even live here.  Why are you getting the mail?

Dylan-  Mom wanted it.  And since a certain sister of mine is heartbroken and hasn't gotten off that couch inthree weeks, I thought it was only right that I help out.

Paige-  You're so good to me.  (Dylan hugs her.)

Dylan-  I'll still go to the Yukon and kill him for you if you want.

Paige-  That's okay.  (Dylan walks out of the room.  Paige looks at the letter and sees that it's from University. She opens it.  She starts to read it to herself softly.)  Dear Mrs. Michaelchuk, Thank you for your interest in attending our school, but we regret to inform you  (She stops reading and crumples up the letter.  Dylan walks back into the room.)

Dylan-  I saw that letter from University.  You feel like celebrating?

Paige-  No.

Dylan-  Again?

Paige-  Carrying a C average in math and science doesn't exactly look good on a college application.

Dylan-  How many schools is that?

Paige-  5.

Dylan-  How many did you apply to?

Paige-  6.

Dylan-  Paige, what are you going to do?

Paige-  I don't know.

Dylan-  Well, what's the sixth school?  Have you heard from them yet?

Paige-  Wait listed.

Dylan-  What school is it?

Paige-  Your's.

Dylan-  Oh, you're screwed.

Paige-  Thanks big brother.

Dylan-  Do you want some cookie dough or some ice cream?

Paige-  Yes please.

Dylan-  Which one?

Paige-  I said yes.

Dylan-  Oh.  (He leaves the room.)

Paige-  That's why I'm so glad you're my brother.




[At school...]

(Paige is walking down the hall when Hazel walks over to her...)

Hazel-  Hey.  Are you doing better?

Paige-  No.

Hazel-  Sorry.

Paige-  it's okay.  It's not like you made me give my heart to that ungrateful jack-

Hazel-  (Interrupting.)  Negativity doesn't help.  It won't get you another boyfriend any faster.

Paige-  I don't want another boyfriend.  I want Matt back.  (Hazel hugs Paige.)

Hazel-  He was lying.  And probably cheating.  You don't need that.

Paige-  I hate life.

Hazel-  Don't pull an Ashley and go all gothic and become best friends with Ellie or something.

Paige-  Ew.  I'm not crazy.  (Craig walks over.)

Craig-  Guess who just got a music scholarship to university.

Hazel-  Heather Sinclair.

Craig-  No.  Me.

Hazel-  Heather Sinclair so deserves a music scholarship.  (She laughs a little.)  Congratulations.

Craig-  Thanks.

Paige-  Yeah.  That's great hun.

Craig-  Don't tell me you're still down about that whole Matt thing.

Paige-  (Looks at Hazel.)  You told?

Hazel-  No.  (Pauses.)  It's so obvious just by looking at you.

Paige-  Thanks.  That's just what I needed to hear right now.

Craig-  I didn't mean it like that.

Paige-  It's not just Matt.  I got rejected.

Craig-  He's an idiot for rejecting you Paige.  You're great.

Paige-  Not him.  From school.

Hazel-  School?

Paige-  My fifth rejection letter came yesterday.

Craig-  Five schools rejected you?

Hazel-  That's not so bad.  How many did you apply to?

Paige-  Six.

Hazel-  Well, you only have to get into one.

Paige-  They wait listed me.

Hazel-  Paige...

Paige-  Don't Hazel.  Dylan already tried to lift my spirits.

Craig-  Why don't you schedule an interview or something?

Paige-  An interview?

Craig-  Yeah.  Schools love to meet you in person.  That's how I got my scholarship.  Show them how not crazyyou are by meeting them in person.

Paige-  That doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Craig-  Make them regret wait listing you.

Paige-  See Hazel.  This is what I need.  Why can't you come up with ideas like this?



(J.T. is standing at his locker when Liberty walks over to him.  She hugs him from behind and kisses his cheek...)

Liberty-  You're great.

J.T.-  I take it you got my flowers.  (Liberty kisses him again.)  I should do that more often.

Liberty-  Then I'd get spoiled.

J.T.-  Well, you deserve to be spoiled.  (Liberty kisses him again.)  You know it's our one year anniversary tomorrow.

Liberty-  I do.

J.T.-  Oh.

Liberty-  I wasn't sure you did.

J.T.-  So, what do you want to do for our anniversary?

Liberty-  Just spend time with you.  (They kiss.  Manny walks over.)

Manny-  You two are so adorable together.

J.T.-  Just think, you could've had this.  (Liberty playfully hits him.)  I'm kidding.

Manny-  I just hope me and Peter could have what you have one day.

Liberty-  You really like him, don't you?

Manny-  Yeah.  He's really sweet and nice.  And not to mention, super hot.

Liberty-  Just take it slow with him.  Darcy told me some stuff and...

Manny-  Liberty, don't.  I can handle him.  (Liberty throws her hands up in the air.)  So, what do you guys have planned for your anniversary?

Liberty-  Nothing yet...

J.T.-  It's a surprise.

Liberty-  You already have something planned?

J.T.-  Yeah.  (He smiles.  Liberty smiles back.)  I better get to Mr. Simpson's class.  I'll see you later.  (He walks off.)

Manny-  He sure is something else.

Liberty-  I'm so lucky.

Manny-  I wonder what he has planned.

Liberty-  Yeah.  (A worried look comes over her face.)  I don't know.

Manny-  What are you thinking?

Liberty-  What if he wants to have sex?

Manny-  Then he's attracted to you.

Liberty-  No.  I mean, what if that's what he has planned.  I don't know if I'm ready.

Manny-  Well, if you do decide to have sex, make sure he wears a condom.

Liberty-  Great.  I'm not even having sex yet, and I'm already worried about getting pregnant.

Manny-  Then tell J.T. that.  I'm sure he'll understand.

Liberty-  But what if he doesn't?

Manny-  It's J.T.  He'll be fine with it.  It's not like he'd expect you to do it.

Liberty-  When you and Craig had sex, how were you sure you were ready?

Manny-  I wasn't.  And if I'd known what would happen between me and him after that, I so wouldn't have.

Liberty-  But, why did you?

Manny-  I liked him.  I wanted him to like me the same way.  I guess I thought if I slept with him, he'd want to be with me forever.  Boy, was I wrong.

Liberty-  So, I shouldn't have sex?

Manny-  I made a mistake Liberty.  I learned from it.  But, it was really great.  That night, how I felt, everything about those moments with him, it was amazing.  I thought I was ready.  Don't do it if you don't think you're ready.


[The Next Day...]

(Paige is sitting on a bench reading when Hazel walks over to her...)

Hazel-  Reading?

Paige-  It's a book to help me get into college.

Hazel-  Didn't you tell me you got rejected from 5 schools?

Paige-  And I'm not about to let the sixth one reject me.

Hazel-  What are you doing?

Paige-  I scheduled an interview there after school.  I'm going to talk to them and convince them I'm good enough.

Hazel-  You're not going to wear that, are you?

Paige-  Hazel!  I'm nervous enough.  Don't ask me dumb questions.

Hazel-  Sorry.  I was trying to help.

Paige-  Don't.

Hazel-  You're really nervous aren't you?

Paige-  I don't want to be the loser who graduates and doesn't go to school.

Hazel-  You wouldn't be a loser.  And I'm sure you'll get in somewhere.

Paige-  I'm not going to some third rate community school.

Hazel-  Paige, you just need to calm down.  When's your interview?

Paige-  5:30.  That gives me plenty of time to go over to Dylan’s, shower, and then get ready for the interview.

Hazel-  Okay.  I'm sure you'll do great.  (The bell rings.)  Do you want me to come with you to help you get ready?

Paige-  I'm sure I can handle it.


[In the cafeteria...]

(Liberty walks into the cafeteria and sees J.T. sitting with a girl.  Manny walks up next to her...)

Manny-  Why are you just standing here?  (Liberty points.)  What?

Liberty-  Who is that girl J.T.'s talking to?

Manny-  That new girl.  She just transferred here.

Liberty-  Why is she talking to my boyfriend?

Manny-  Mr. Simpson asked for someone to show her around.

Liberty-  So, what?  Mr. Simpson just picked J.T.  (Manny doesn't respond.)  Did J.T. volunteer?

Manny-  I guess you could say that.

Liberty-  So, my boyfriend is offering to show strange, attractive girls around?

Manny-  I'm sure he was just doing it to be nice.

Liberty-  I'm sure he was doing it because he wants to have sex.

Manny-  What?

Liberty-  Look at her.  She just screams, "Hey guys, want to do me?"

Manny-  Listen to yourself.

Liberty-  She's just this slut and I'm a prude.  How am I suppose to keep my boyfriend?  How?

Manny-  Liberty, you're not losing J.T.  He would never cheat on you. You ever hear how he talks about you?  He worships the ground you walk on.  (Liberty doesn't respond.)  Liberty, he cares about you.  Why are you being so paranoid?  (Liberty is silent for a moment.  She then points to J.T.)

Liberty-  I don't know, maybe that.  (Manny turns around and looks at J.T.  He has his arm around the girl.)

Manny-  I'm sure its nothing.

Liberty-  Yeah.  When Craig cheated on Ashley, she didn't see it at all.

Manny-  Liberty, that's not fair.

Liberty-  Why?  Because it's about you?

Manny-  Liberty, you're talking crazy.  Why are you all of a sudden worried about J.T. leaving you?

Liberty-  I don't know.

Manny-  You don't know?

Liberty-  Not really.  (Pauses.)  Maybe it's because we've been going out for a year and nothing new has happened.  We've kissed.  That's it.  We've done that since our first date.  Where's the excitement?  Where's the romance?  What am I offering?  He's willing to go all the way.   What's to stop him from going some where else to get it?  Isn't that what Craig did?

Manny-  You are not Ashley and J.T. is not Craig.  What happened with them is completely different.  Why don't you just talk to J.T.  Tell him how you feel?

Liberty-  I don't want to lose him.

Manny-  Maybe talking to him will help you keep him.



(Paige is sitting outside when Craig walks over to her...)

Craig-  You read?

Paige-  What is with everybody?  I have one book.

Craig-  (Sits down.)  What are you reading?

Paige-  It's an interview technique book.  I need to wow the admissions people at university so they'll look past my bad grades and accept me anyway.

Craig-  And this book is supposed to help?

Paige-  Yeah.

Craig-  Okay.

Paige-  Okay?

Craig-  Let me interview you.

Paige-  No.

Craig-  Come on.  It'll be fun.  It'll give you some good practice.

Paige-  You don't know what you're doing.

Craig-  I just got a scholarship based on my interview skills.

Paige-  You have five minutes.  (Craig stands up and walks away.  Paige starts to laugh.  Craig walks back to the table.)

Craig-  (Goofy voice)  Ms. Miculay?

Paige-  Michaelchuk.

Craig-  (Goofy voice.)  Ah.  Yes.  That's what I said.  (Craig sits down.)  I'm Mr. Genergroverflabin.

Paige-  I'm sorry.  What was your name?

Craig-  (Goofy voice.)  This is serious.

Paige-  I'm sorry Mr. Generflabin.

Craig-  (Goofy voice.)  It's Generfloopyflabin.

Paige-  No it's not.

Craig-  (Goofy voice.)  Lets move on past my last name.  (He puts his hand out.  Paige just stares.)  Shake my hand.

Paige-  Oh.  (She shakes his hand.)

Craig-  Ow.  Ow.

Paige-  Oh.  (Quickly lets go.)  Sorry.

Craig-  Ow.  (Goofy voice.)  You have a tight grip.

Paige-  Sorry.  (Craig laughs.)  Don't make me more nervous.  I'm already freaking out.

Craig-  (Goofy voice.)  You're right.  I'm sorry.  So, how do you feel about girls having a brain the third the size of men.  It's science.

Paige-  I'm out of here.  (She stands up.)

Craig-  What?  (He stands up.)  What did I do?

Paige-  You're quoting Anchorman.

Craig-  That's a legitimate piece of cinema.

Paige-  I'm leaving.  (She walks away.)

Craig-  Come on.  That's a great movie.  (Craig sits down.)  It's a good movie.  She doesn't know what she's talking about.


[In the hallway...]

(J.T. is standing at his locker when Liberty walks over...)

Liberty-  Hey J.T.

J.T.-  Hey.  (He kisses her.)  What's up?

Liberty-  I saw you talking to that new girl earlier.

J.T.-  Oh.  Yeah.  Showing her around school.

Liberty-  You ate lunch with her.

J.T.-  Yeah.  She had no one else to sit with.

Liberty-  J.T., you have a girlfriend.

J.T.-  I know.  It's our anniversary.

Liberty-  Loyal boyfriends don't talk to other girls.

J.T.-  What?

Liberty-  I don't like you talking to strange, pretty girls.

J.T.-  I was being nice.

Liberty-  I don't care.  I don't like it.  I don't.

J.T.-  Why don't you like it?

Liberty-  Because, you flirt and she's going to take that and run with it and steal you away from me.

J.T.-  Why would she do that?

Liberty-  Because you're attractive.  You're a great catch.

J.T.-  So?

Liberty-  So, you have a lot of opportunities.  And I'd be stupid to think that you wouldn't take advantage of those opportunities.

J.T.-  But, Liberty, I'm with you.  I like being with you.

Liberty-  But what if some girl wants to have sex with you?  Then what?

J.T.-  What?

Liberty-  I'm not having sex with you.  Who's to stop you?

J.T.-  I don't want to have sex with anyone else.

Liberty-  But you want to have sex?

J.T.-  It'd be nice.  (Liberty looks terrified.)  But, if you aren't ready, that's cool.  We don't have to.  (Pauses.)  Why don't you trust me?

Liberty-  What?

J.T.-  Why don't you trust me?

Liberty-  I trust you.

J.T.-  Then why can't I talk with other girls?

Liberty-  I don't trust them.

J.T.-  You don't have to.  If you trust me, then there's nothing to worry about.  (The new girl walks over and hugs J.T. from behind.  J.T. looks surprised.)

Girl #1-  Thank you so much J.T.  (J.T. turns around and the new girl kisses him.)  You were right.

Liberty-  Yeah. I can really trust you without trusting them.

J.T.-  I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Girl #1-  Oh sorry.  Who's this?

Liberty-  I was his girlfriend.  (She storms off.)

J.T.-   Liberty!  (He chases after her.)


[After school...]

(Paige is sitting in Dylan's dorm when Dylan walks in...)

Dylan-  Hey.  Isn't your interview soon?

Paige-  Three hours.

Dylan-  Oh.  (Pauses.)  I got to get to class.  Make yourself comfortable. And, if you're gone by the time I get back, good luck.

Paige-  Thanks.   (Dylan leaves.  Paige continues reading.  A guy knocks on the door.  He starts to walk in.)

Guy #1-  Dylan?  I came to borrow your...  A girl?  In Dylan's room?  Am I in the right room?

Paige-  I'm his sister.

Guy #1-  Oh.  (Pauses.)  You're not gay too, are you?  Although, that'd be pretty hot.

Paige-  I'm straight.  Dylan's masculine enough for the both of us.

Guy #1-  Oh.  (He sits down next to Paige.)  I live next door.

Paige-  Oh.  That's nice.

Guy #1-  You seem tense.  You want a back massage?

Paige-  (Chuckles.)  No.  I'm alright.

Guy #1-  Why are you so tense?

Paige-  I have a very important interview in a little while.  My college future depends on it.  My future depends on it.  I'm so nervous about it.  This is my future.

Guy #1-  They don't like uptight people.  You ever walk around this campus?  Everyone here is so laidback.  It's so awesome.

Paige-  If everyone's so laidback, how are they still here?  You have  to keep your grades up don't you?

Guy #1-  The refer.

Paige-  Marijuana?

Guy #1-  Yeah.  It helps everyone stay calm.  They do it over the weekend, that way, when Monday's class rolls around, everyone's ready to go.

Paige-  Cause all of their brain cells are dead.

Guy #1-  It's a small price to pay.  Come with me.  (The guy gets up and walks out of the room.  Paige sits still for a moment.  She shrugs her shoulders and walks into the guy's room.  He is standing by his dresser.  He turns around.)  You ever try the chronic?

Paige-  No.

Guy #1-  You want to?

Paige-  I don't think I should.

Guy #1-  Why not?

Paige-  I need to make a good impression on these people.  I don't want them to remember me as the stoned chick.

Guy #1-  What's one roll going to do?  I'm majoring in math, and I have a 4.0.

Paige-  You do?

Guy #1-  Would I lie?

Paige-  What's the square root of 6561?

Guy #1-  81.  (Paige looks amazed.)

Paige-  Is that right?

Guy #1-  Yeah.  (Throws her a calculator.  She types into it.)

Paige-  It is right.

Guy #1-  Told you.  (Pauses.)  Now.  You want some or not?



(Liberty is sitting in her room when J.T. walks in...)

Liberty-  What are you doing here?

J.T.-  Your mom let me in.

Liberty-  I don't want to talk to you.

J.T.-  What was up with you earlier?

Liberty-  Nothing.

J.T.-  That didn't seem like nothing.

Liberty-  J.T.  I don't want to lose you.

J.T.-  What makes you think I want to lose you?

Liberty-  I don't deserve you.  You could get a girlfriend so much better than me.

J.T.-  There's no one better than you.

Liberty-  Stop it with the lies James Tiberius Yorke.  I don't like liars.

J.T.-  Why are you so sure I'm lying?  Liberty, I love you.  If you can't see that.  Then, I don't know what to tell you. (J.T. leaves the room.  Liberty sits on her bed, just staring.)


[Back at the dorm...]

(Paige is sitting in the dorm with Dylan's neighbor.  She is giggling looking at a piece of metal...)

Paige-  So shiny.  So shiny.  (She giggles.)

Guy #1-  See, aren't you so loose now?

Paige-  Yeah.  Totally.  Thank you.  (She kisses him.)  I could do anything.  I could fly.  Fly.  Fly.

Guy #1-  Fly baby bird.  Fly.  (Paige laughs again.)  What time was your interview thing?

Paige-  Interview?

Guy #1-  That thing you were nervous about?

Paige-  Oh.  That's not until 5.

Guy #1-  It's 4:55.

Paige-  What?  (She stands up.)  Woo.  Head rush.  (She giggles.)  I gotta go.  (She runs and trips.  She quickly gets back up and runs out of the dorm.)


[At the admissions building...]

(Paige runs in.  She stops, fixes her hair, and calmly approaches the secretary.)

Paige-  Paige Michaelchuk reporting for duty.  (She laughs.)

Secretary-  The dean of admissions is waiting for you in her office.  It's the second door on the left.  (Paige laughs as she walks to the door.  She stumbles into the room.)

Admissions Lady-  Paige Michaelchuk I presume?

Paige-  That's me.

Admissions Lady-  Right on time.  Take a seat.

Paige-  Where do you want me to take it?  (Paige laughs.)

Admissions Lady-  Humor does not go over well with me.

Paige-  Why not?  Are you allergic?

Admissions Lady-  Ms. Michaelchuk, you're testing my patience.

Paige-  I don't like tests.  Can I sit down?  (She sits down.)  They scare me.

Admissions Lady-  Ms. Michaelchuk, I was under the impression I was going to meet a serious student.  One who was willing to change her ways and attempt to start a new, as long as someone was willing to give her a freshstart.

Paige-  I'd sure like to meet that girl.

Admissions Lady-  Ms. Michaelchuk.  (The admissions lady looks at Paige.  She pauses for a moment.)  Are you high?

Paige-  Why would you say that?

Admissions Lady-  Well, when you walked in, you were stumbling like you were drunk.  You are giggling for no reason, and your eyes are bloodshot.

Paige-  I'm not high.

Admissions Lady-  Ms. Michaelchuk, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you just smoked some marijuana.

Paige-  I would never.

Admissions Lady-  I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Paige-  What?  Why?

Admissions Lady-  Because you're, as the cool kids say, stoned.

Paige-  Why would you say that?

Admissions Lady-  Please get out right now before I call campus security, and I can assure you, they'll press charges.  (Paige gets up.)

Paige-  I'll leave.  But you haven't won yet.  Because, when I leave, I'll leave.

Admissions Lady-  Goodbye Ms. Michaelchuk.  Thanks for wasting my time.  (Paige leaves the room.)


[At J.T.'s house...]

(J.T. is sitting in his room, when Liberty walks in...)

Liberty-  Hope you don't mind.  The door was unlocked.

J.T.-  No.  (Liberty sits down on the bed next to him.)

Liberty-  I love you.

J.T.-  I love you too.

Liberty-  I believe that's the first time we've said that to each other.

J.T.-  See, we do do new things.  We don't just kiss.  (Liberty gives J.T. a blank stare.) Manny told me.

Liberty-  Where did your mom go?

J.T.-  She's working.  So's my dad.  Won't be home til later.  (Liberty starts kissing J.T.)

Liberty-  You know, there's one more thing we can do for a first time tonight.

J.T.-  Liberty...

Liberty-  Just consider it my anniversary present to you.  (J.T. smiles.  Liberty starts to unzip his pants.)


[The next day at school...]

(Liberty is sitting on a bench when Manny walks over to her...)

Manny-  You're in a good mood today.

Liberty-  Yeah.

Manny-  You and J.T. fix everything?

Liberty-  Not only that, we did it.

Manny-  What?

Liberty-  We had sex.

Manny-  What about you not being ready?

Liberty-  When I thought I lost him, I realized that I couldn't imagine being without him.  And I know that he'll always be a part of my life now, because he's my first.

Manny-  Liberty, are you sure you did the right thing?  What if you and J.T. break up?  What if...

Liberty-  Manny...

Manny-  You were freaking out two days ago about getting pregnant and telling me how you didn't want to have sex yet.

Liberty-  Things change.

Manny-  What changed in the last two days?  Did you just have sex with him because you though that that would keep him with you?

Liberty-  Why are you trying to talk me out of it now?  It's done.  The deed is done.  Nothing can change now. Nothing.

Manny-  Liberty, I'm just looking out for you.

Liberty-  Manny, you asked me to stay out of your love life, so why don't you do me a favor and stay out of mine.



(Paige is sitting on a bench when Hazel walks over...]

Hazel-  How did the meeting go?

Paige-  Not good.

Hazel-  What happened?  I'm sure you're over reacting.

Paige-  I showed up to the interview high.

Hazel-  What?

Paige-  (She tears up.)  The guy who lives next to Dylan give me some weed, and I smoked it with him and I totally blew the interview.

Hazel-  Why did you do it?

Paige-  I don't know.  I was stressed out.  I wanted to relax.  He  made it sound so good.  I just wanted not to worry.  Ever since Matt left me, and the continuous, never ending  rejection, I just wanted to have fun.  I wanted to stop living in misery.  And now, I messed up my entire future.  I'm screwed.  I'm so screwed.  (She starts to cry.

Hazel hugs her.)

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