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514 That Old Feeling

It's been almost a year; when will Joey realize that it's time to move on? Can he move on? Will Spinner realize that he's being used by Alex?

[At Craig's house...]

(Craig is playing guitar when there is a knock at the door.  He gets up and opens the door.  Caitlin's at the door...)

Caitlin-  Hey.  (She hugs him.)  How are you?

Craig-  Joey's not home.

Caitlin-  Oh.  (Pauses.)  How are you?

Craig-  He's out.  On a date.  (Pauses.)  He's moved on.

Caitlin-  I'm not here to mess anything up.

Craig-  Caitlin, I love you and everything, but Joey's moved on.  It took him almost a year.  But he has.  Don't mess it up for him.




(Joey is sitting at a table with his date, Spike, and Snake...)

Spike-  So, when Snake told me about that, I almost fainted.  I mean, could you imagine that?  Snake in a drag show?  (Everyone at the table is laughing.)

Snake-  I almost had to shave my legs.  (Everyone starts laughing harder.)

Woman #1-  Wow.  I don't think I've ever laughed that hard.  I think I need to go to the restroom.

Spike-  Oh.  I'll go with you.  (Spike and the woman get up and leave the table.)

Snake-  What do you think?  Spike sure can pick them, huh?

Joey-  I don't know.

Snake-  What do you mean "you don't know?"

Joey-  Exactly what it sounds like.  I don't know.  I guess she's not my type or something.

Snake-  What's not to like?  She's gorgeous.  She's smart.  She's funny.

Joey-  You sure I'm on the date with her?

Snake-  Spike's great.  I love her.  She's my wife.  Always will be.  But, if I were single, (pauses.)  Come on.  She's amazing.

Joey-  She has a lot to offer, but...

Snake-  She's not Caitlin.

Joey-  You said it.  Not me.

Snake-  It's been almost a year.

Joey-  I know.  I know.

Snake-  Then do something about it.  I love Caitlin too and everything.  But it's not like she's going to be coming back into your life anytime soon.  She left you.  You deserve to move on.  You deserve to be happy.  Don't let her ruin any chance you have at happiness.

Joey-  It's not that easy.

Snake-  But, you two were miserable together.

Joey-  I still loved her.  I still do.

Snake-  Do you?  Or do you just miss the idea of being comfortable with someone?

Joey-  What's that supposed to mean?

Snake-  I don't think you love Caitlin.  I think that you love the idea of Caitlin.  I think that you just miss having someone to be obsessed with.  Caitlin's not here.  So you’re stuck with the idea that you two made this great couple.  You don't remember the bad times.  You don't remember all the misery she put you through.  You deserve better than Caitlin.  (Spike and the woman walk back to the table.)

Woman #1-  Crowded restroom.

Joey-  (He throws his napkin down on the table.)  I'm sorry.  I have to go.  Something just came up.  (Joey leaves the table.)

Woman #1-  What could have come up in the last five minutes?  We weren't in the bathroom that long, were we? (Pauses.)  I bet my breath smells.

Spike-  What was that all about?

Snake-  What else?

Spike-  Caitlin.

Woman #1-  That's not my name.



(Alex and Spinner are making out on the couch.  Alex starts to unbutton Spinner's shirt.  Spinner starts to pull away...)

Spinner-  What are you doing?

Alex-  What does it look like I'm doing?

Spinner-  But we've only been dating a couple of weeks.

Alex-  So?

Spinner-  So.  We barely know each other.

Alex-  So?

Spinner-  Well...

Alex-  You're seriously turning down sex with me?

Spinner-  I'm not turning it down.

Alex-  You gay or something?

Spinner-  No.  No.

Alex-  Oh.  I get it.  You're a virgin.

Spinner-  What?  I...I...

Alex-  Wow.  How have you gotten this far through high school without sleeping with anyone?

Spinner-  Let's see, my first girlfriend was raped.  So she never wanted to.  Then my next girlfriend got pregnant,  so she didn't really want to either.

Alex-  You sure can pick 'em, can't you?

Spinner-  The heart wants what it wants.

Alex-  You don't want to have sex, fine.  We won't.

Spinner-  I want to.

Alex-  Then what's the hold up?  (Spinner starts to unbutton his pants and then stops.)

Spinner-  I can't.

Alex-  It won't go...

Spinner-  It's not that.  I just, I don't know.  My mom brainwashed me or something.

Alex-  Your mom?

Spinner-  I don't know.  I guess I just don't want to sleep with just anyone.

Alex-  Wow.

Spinner-  Not that you're just anyone.

Alex-  It's cool  I get what you mean.  It's cool.  We could watch a movie or something.


[At Joey's house...]

(Joey walks in and slams the door.  Craig walks down the stairs...)

Craig-  That was a quick date.

Joey-  Yeah.  It didn't go well.

Craig-  What happened?

Joey-  Snake happened.

Craig-  I thought you went out with a girl.

Joey-  He asked me if I was still in love with Caitlin.  Then he told me that she was a bad match.  Then he made all these crazy claims that I was just obsessed with the idea of having Caitlin, not actually Caitlin.  I don't even think I understand what he meant by that.

Craig-  Are you still in love with Caitlin?

Joey-  What kind of a question is that?

Craig-  Just curious.

Joey-  I don't know.


[The next day at school...]

(Alex is walking down the hallway when Jay walks over to her...)

Jay-  If it isn't my ex.  How ya doing?  That's right, you’re trying to mess with my by sleeping with someone else when you know I want you back.

Alex-  Not that its any of your business, but we're not having sex.  Apparently, our bond is strong enough that we don't have to have sex.

Jay-  You not having sex?  That's like a prostitute not having sex.

Alex-  Maybe Spinner's just a better boyfriend and doesn't need to have sex to have a relationship.  Or maybe he can keep it in his pants better than you?  I don't know.

Jay-  You're messing with me.  I don't like that.  (Alex smiles.)  You make me so mad.

Alex-  That's the idea.  (She walks off.)


[On the other side of school...]

(Ellie is sitting on a bench.  She sees Marco in the distance.  She gets up to go talk to him, but Alex walks over to her...)

Alex-  Hey Ellie.

Ellie-  Hey Alex.  What's up?

Alex-  I'm going crazy.

Ellie-  Why?

Alex-  It's been awhile.

Ellie-  It's been awhile.  What do you mean?

Alex-  (She looks at Ellie and starts talking slowly.)  It's been awhile.

Ellie-  Sex?

Alex-  Yeah.

Ellie-  Oh.  I thought you were dating Spinner.

Alex-  We are.

Ellie-  He hasn't yet.

Alex-  Nope.  And he's not gay either.

Ellie-  Even if he was, he still might have sex with you.

Alex-  (She stares at Ellie blankly.)  What?  (Ellie opens her mouth, but nothing comes out.)  Anyway, it's been a long time, and I'm dying.  And Jay keeps harassing me.

Ellie-  Are you still into Jay?

Alex-  What?

Ellie-  Every time I talk to you.  You talk about him.

Alex-  Every time I talk to you.  You talk about Marco.

Ellie-  Yeah.

Alex-  Doesn't mean you're into him or anything.  (Ellie laughs nervously.)  I don't know what to do.

Ellie-  Do you even like Spinner?

Alex-  Sure.  He's okay.

Ellie-  Okay?

Alex-  He's nice.  But so not my type.

Ellie-  Then why are you even dating him?

Alex-  Because, he's nice.

Ellie-  Since when have you ever cared about a guy who was nice to you?

Alex-  Fine.  I want to get back at Jay.  And dating Spinner is the best way.

Ellie-  You're still mad about him cheating on you?

Alex-  He gave me Gonorrhea because of it.

Ellie-  Good point.

Alex-  He hurt me.  He made me sick.  I want to make him hurt.  I want to make him sick.

Ellie-  With Spinner?

Alex-  That's his only friend.  Makes sense to me.

Ellie-  But, why are you doing it if it makes you miserable?

Alex-  Because, I want him to be more miserable than I am.

Ellie-  Do you really think he is?

Alex-  I don't know.  (Pauses.)  I can't think.  The only thing I can think about is not having sex.  (Alex gets up and leaves.)

Ellie-  You're not the only one.


[In the hallway...]

(Mr. Simpson is walking down the hall, when Craig approaches him...)

Craig-  Hey Mr. Simpson.

Mr. Simpson-  Hey Craig.

Craig-  I need to talk to you.  About Joey.

Mr. Simpson-  If this is about the other night, I was just trying to help him.  He seems so depressed since Caitlin.

Craig-  Yeah.  I know.  (Pauses.)  Caitlin stopped by.

Mr. Simpson-  What?

Craig-  Yeah.  While he was out with you.  She said she came into town to visit her mom.  Had a few days.  Wanted to visit with Joey.

Mr. Simpson-  Did you tell him?

Craig-  I told Caitlin that Joey's been a mess since she left and that he's trying to move on.

Mr. Simpson-  But, did you tell Joey?

Craig-  No.  I was going to when he got home from the date, but then he went off about what you said.  I didn't think that it was a good idea to tell him, especially since I think you're right.

Mr. Simpson-  Yeah.

Craig-  What do I do though?  What if she comes back?  I don't want Joey to get hurt again.

Mr. Simpson-  You and me both.


[After school...]

(Alex is walking out of school when Spinner walks over to her.  He gives her a kiss on the cheek.)

Spinner-  Hey.

Alex-  Hi.

Spinner-  Listen, about the other night.  I'm sorry.  I don't know why I freaked out.

Alex-  It's okay.

Spinner-  I was thinking though, maybe tonight, we could do something.  Dinner and movie?  And then we could see where that takes us.

Alex-  Sure.  (She sees Jay walking out of the school.  She quickly grabs Spinner and passionately kisses him.)  Sounds great.  (She smiles.  She looks past Spinner and looks at Jay.)  I'll see you at 7.  (She walks off.  Spinner looks happy.  We see Jay in the background, and he looks upset.)


[At Craig's house...]

(Craig is sitting on the couch when Joey walks down the stairs...)

Craig-  You leaving?

Joey-  Just going to the store for some stuff.  Do you need anything?

Craig-  Could I talk to you first?

Joey-  Okay.

Craig-  Could you sit down?

Joey-  (Looks concerned.)  This sounds serious.  Is it about a girl?

Craig-  Sort of.  I have this friend, right?

Joey-  The whole friend thing.  Okay.

Craig-  If it were about me, I'd tell you.

Joey-  Sorry.  Go ahead.  Which friend of yours are we talking about?  Jimmy?  Marco?

Craig-  You don't know him.  Anyway, I ran into an ex of his the other day.  And, she wants to see him again.  But, I don't think that’s a good idea.

Joey-  Why not?

Craig-  Because she really hurt him.  Like six months on a couch without talking to anyone, hurt him.

Joey-  Did he love her?

Craig-  Yeah.  But, she does this stuff to him all the time.  It's like, the only time they're good together is if one of them is in another relationship.  Should I tell him?

Joey-  Why doesn't his ex just tell him?

Craig-  Because she knows how much she hurt him.

Joey-  Well, I guess I would tell my friend.  Let him know what’s going on.  Better to hear it from a good friend then someone you hardly know.

Craig-  That's what I thought you'd say.  (Craig gets up and walks to the door.)

Joey-  What are you doing?  (Craig opens the door.  Snake walks in.)  Snake?

Craig-  We have to talk to you Joey.



(Spinner is walking down the street, towards the Dot, when Jay walks up to him...)

Jay-  Hey man.  How's everything going?

Spinner-  Man, don't talk to me.  We're not friends.  I don't need you.

Jay-  Listen, I'm telling you, Alex is just using you to get back at me.

Spinner-  Why don't you lay off my girlfriend.

Jay-  Girlfriend?  You guys haven't even had sex yet.

Spinner-  Says who?

Jay-  I can tell.  When Alex hasn't had any in awhile, she acts different.  And you've never had it, so I know that you definitely haven't had any.  (Spinner punches Jay and Jay falls to the ground.  He quickly gets up and punches Spinner back.  Spinner looks shocked.  He wipes his mouth and sees that he is bleeding.  They start fighting.  They start wrestling on the ground.  Alex, who is in the distance, sees them, and runs over, with Amy.)

Alex-  Stop it.  (Alex starts to pull Jay off Spinner.  Amy starts to pull Spinner.)  Stop it!  (Jay gets up and Alex walks him to the side.  Amy holds back Spinner.)

Amy-  Wow.  I never thought I'd see two losers like you fight.  Strangely, I'm not surprised that neither of you won.

Alex-  Shut up Amy.

Spinner-  Yeah.  Come on, let's go Alex.

Jay-  Yeah Alex.  Why don't you go with your boyfriend?

Alex-  Spinner, go inside.  I'll meet you in there in a second.

Spinner-  Alex...

Alex-  Go.

Jay-  Yeah.  Listen to your girlfriend.  Whipped.

Alex-  Don't.  (She looks at Spinner.)  I need to deal with him.  (Spinner nods and walks with Amy into the Dot.)  What's your problem?

Jay-  What's your problem?

Alex-  You.

Jay-  Yeah.

Alex-  Don't do this.  I'm sick of it.  I'm not going back with you.  I'm not interested in you anymore.  You got me sick.  You cheated on me.  Why do you keep holding on to this hope that we might get back together?  We won't.  (Jay kisses Alex.  Alex hits him and pushes him away.)  Don't.  It won't work anymore.

Jay-  I know what you're doing.  I know you’re trying to hurt me.  It's not working.

Alex-  You can't have me.  And it's killing you.  That's reason enough for me.  (She starts to walk back in.)

Jay-  Where are you going?

Alex-  Back to my boyfriend.  (She walks into the Dot.  Jay watches through the window.  Alex walks to the table, and sits next to Spinner.  He's holding a bag of ice.  Alex takes the bag of ice and holds it up to Spinner's head.  She looks out the window and sees Jay.  She makes a face and goes back to looking at Spinner.  Jay kicks the ground.)


[Back at Craig's...]

(Joey is sitting down with Snake and Craig...]

Craig-  I didn't know how to tell you.

Snake-  Joey, I know you love her.  I know you do.  But, if you know what's good for you, you won't call her.  You won't see her.  You won't think about her.

Craig-  You've come so far Joey.  You're over her.  You deserve better.

Joey-  I can't believe you guys.

Craig-  What?

Joey-  I'm a grown man.  I can handle Caitlin.

Snake-  You're still crazy about her.  You won't think straight when she's around.

Craig-  We're just trying to make sure you won't get hurt again.

Joey-  I can handle her myself.  (He gets up.)

Craig-  Where are you going?

Joey-  To the store.

Snake-  Don't go to her house Joey.

Joey-  What are you talking about?  This is her house.  She owns my home.

Snake-  Don't go see her.  (Joey just looks at Snake and shakes his head.  He walks to the door, opens the door, and leaves.)

Craig-  We did the right thing, right?  I mean, what else could we have done?

Snake-  I don't know.


[Outside Spinner's house...]

(Alex walks outside and Jay is walking down the street.  He is stumbling.)

Jay-  Alex!  Alex!  (Alex shakes her head.  She starts to walk away.)  Alex!  (Alex turns around and walks over to Jay.)

Alex-  What are you doing?

Jay-  I need to talk to you.

Alex-  You are.

Jay-  Alex...

Alex-  Jay.  You're drunk.  You beat up Spinner.  What makes you think I want to talk to you?  (Jay doesn't say anything.)  Don't bother me anymore.  (She starts to walk away.)

Jay-  I love you.  (Alex turns around.)

Alex-  So?  (Alex shakes her head and starts to walk away.  Jay starts to run after her.  He catches up to her.  He grabs her shoulder.)

Jay-  I just said I loved you.  I never said that the entire time we went out.  And all you can say is so?

Alex-  Yeah.

Jay-  But I love you.

Alex-  You're drunk.  How am I supposed to believe you?

Jay-  Because I do.

Alex-  You just want to have sex.  Why don't you go see one of your whores?  (She starts to walk away, when Jay grabs her shoulder and Alex turns around.  He kisses her.  Alex kisses him back.)



(Caitlin is standing outside of a restaurant when Joey walks up to her...)

Caitlin-  I didn't think you'd show.

Joey-  Yeah.  Craig had to talk to me about something.

Caitlin-  Everything okay?

Joey-  Everything's fine.

Caitlin-  Well, it's great to see you.  (Caitlin hugs him.)

Joey-  It's great to see you to.  (Joey hugs her back and smiles.)



(Caitlin and Joey are eating...)

Caitlin-  It was amazing in L.A.  Everything just seemed to fall into place.  I just felt like I got so much done and made such a difference.

Joey-  (Monotone.)  When do you go back?

Caitlin-  (Softly.)  Friday.

Joey-  (Monotone.)  That's two days away.

Caitlin-  Yeah.  (Joey nods.)  I wish I could stay longer...

Joey-  Don't say things like that.  It makes it so much harder.

Caitlin-  It's already hard enough.

Joey-  Why did you want to see me?

Caitlin-  What?  Joey, you're my friend.  I wanted to see you.

Joey-  Caitlin...

Caitlin-  Why are you here?  (She is silent for a moment.)  You want me to tell you how much I miss you?  Do you want me to tell you how much I want you to be out there with me?  Do you?  Do you want me to say how lonely I am out there?  We both know why we’re here.

Joey-  I don't want you to say any of that.

Caitlin-  Then what do you want from me?  (They are silent for a moment.)

Joey-  How's the weather?  (Caitlin starts to cry.)  Did I say something?

Caitlin-  No.  You didn't do anything. 

Joey-  Then...

Caitlin-  I gotta go.  (She stands up and kisses him on the cheek.)  I gotta go.  (She leaves the restaurant.)



(Caitlin is walking down the street when Joey is chasing after her...)

Joey-  Caitlin!  Caitlin!  (He catches up to her.)  Don't leave me.  Not again.

Caitlin-  I have to.  I have a job.  I have people who depend on me in L.A.

Joey-  You have people who depend on you here.  I depend on you.

Caitlin-  Don't say those kinds of things Joey.

Joey-  I still love you.

Caitlin-  Joey...

Joey-  It's true.  And I think you still love me.  (He grabs her hand.)  So, why don't you come back?  Why not Caitlin?  We could be a family.

Caitlin-  It didn't work before.  What makes you think it'll work this time?

Joey-  Just a feeling.

Caitlin-  I need more than a feeling to go on Joey.

Joey-  Didn't you move to L.A. because of a feeling?

Caitlin-  Joey.  I love my job.  This isn't an easy decision for me.  Trust me.

Joey-  Forget it Caitlin.  Just forget it. (He starts to walking away.)

Caitlin-  Don't be like that Joe.

Joey-  You know, Craig didn't want me to see you.  Snake said it was a bad idea.

Caitlin-  This isn't about Snake.

Joey-  I've gone through hell these past few months without you.

Caitlin-  I never meant to hurt you.

Joey-  Caitlin, I don't want to do this anymore.  I can't keep fighting with you.

Caitlin-  What makes you think I want to?

Joey-  I miss you.

Caitlin-  I miss you too...

Joey-  (Starts to tear up.)  What are we supposed to do?  (Caitlin walks over to him and hugs him.)

Caitlin-  I don't know.


[The next day at school...]

(Alex is walking down the hallway when Ellie walks over to her...)

Ellie-  So, I talked to Jay today.

Alex-  He was drunk.  I'm sure he's making up a lot of whatever he said.

Ellie-  So you didn't sleep with him?

Alex-  He was drunk.

Ellie-  That doesn't answer my question.

Alex-  I hadn't gotten any in awhile.  I was desperate.

Ellie-  Are you back together?  (Alex shakes her head.)  Did you at least tell Spinner?  (Alex shakes her head.)  What are you doing?

Alex-  It was just one time.  And, he was drunk, and if he asks, I'll deny it.

Ellie-  What about Spinner?

Alex-  I didn't cheat on him, because we haven't had sex yet.  And, we haven't even said it was exclusive.  It's been like three weeks.

Ellie-  You're building a relationship on lies.

Alex-  Who’s building a relationship?  I'm just enacting my revenge.

Ellie-  You know, you've done some low things, but this has got to be the lowest.  (Ellie walks off.  Alex walks down the hall, and she sees Spinner.  She starts to walk the other way, but Spinner sees her and walks over to her.)

Spinner-  Hey Alex.  (He kisses her.)  Sorry about last night.

Alex-  It happens.

Spinner-  Thanks for helping me with everything too.

Alex-  Spinner, I gotta level with you.

Spinner-  Well, I gotta level with you.  I really like you.  And, what you did last night, helping me out, taking care of me, showed me that you care about me like I care about you.  And not to sound cheesy or whatever, but, I guess that's all I needed, because tonight, I'm so going to rock your world.

Alex-  What?

Spinner-  I want to have sex with you.  And I'm not going to freak out this time.  I want to do this.  You're special to me, and I want to be with you.  (He smiles.)  I know you're not into romance or whatever, and I'm sorry I had to make you wait, but I really appreciate you waiting.  It means a lot to me.

Alex-  Spinner...

Spinner-  I'll pick you up at 7?  (He smiles.  Alex nods.)  I can't wait.  (Spinner walks off.  Alex looks guilty.)


[At Joey's house...]

(Craig runs down the stairs towards the kitchen...)

Craig-  Joey, I'm running late.  Can you give me a (He sees Caitlin sitting on a stool in the kitchen.) to school?

Caitlin-  Joey left.  He had to take Angie to school.

Craig-  What are you doing here?

Caitlin-  I met Joey last night and we got to talking and one thing led to another...

Craig-  Are you staying?

Caitlin-  My flight leaves on Friday?

Craig-  Then what?  Are you trying to hurt him again?

Caitlin-  No.

Craig-  What are you doing then?  Why are you here?

Caitlin-  We're both grown adults.  We can make our own decisions.

Craig-  You're being idiots.  You keep yanking him on this chain.  It's like he's your little lap dog. 

Caitlin-  We made these decisions together.

Craig-  No you didn't.  You say something and he does it.  You control him.  You make him crazy.  You need to stop messing with him.  You need to stop.  You need to go back to California and let Joey move on.  Stop making him second guess what he's doing.

Caitlin-  I love him.

Craig-  If you love him, you'll let him move on.  (Caitlin doesn't respond.)  I'm so late for school.  (He walks towards the door and violently opens it.  He slams it shut.  Caitlin looks concerned.  Joey enters in through the back door.  He kisses her.)

Joey-  How's my favorite girl?  (Caitlin doesn't say anything.)  Is everything okay?

Caitlin-  I need to go.

Joey-  Everything okay?

Caitlin-  Everything's fine.  I just remembered some last minute stuff I have to do.

Joey-  Do you want me to give you a ride?

Caitlin-  No.  It's a nice day.  I'll walk.  It's only a few blocks.

Joey-  Okay.  I'll call you later.  (Caitlin nods.  She kisses Joey.)

Caitlin-  I love you.  (She walks to the door and exits.  She quickly shuts the door.  She starts crying.)

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