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515 Only In My Dreams

Manny refuses to believe what Liberty has to say about Peter. Will she see the truth before it's too late? Will Paige ever be able to get her life back on track?

[Manny is standing at her locker when Peter walks over...]

Peter-  You look so hot today.  (He kisses her.)

Manny-  You don't look so bad yourself.

Peter-  Well, standing next to you, how could I look bad?  (They begin to make out at their locker.  Liberty looks at them with disgust.)




[At lunch...]

(Liberty is sitting with J.T....)

Liberty-  I don't like Peter.

J.T.-  I know that.

Liberty-  I don't get what Manny sees in him.

J.T.-  I know that.

Liberty-  I mean, he's scum. 

J.T.-  Liberty, why don't you just concentrate on us for once, huh?  (He kisses her.)  Butt out of Manny's life.  Isn't that what she said she wanted?

Liberty-  What she wants and what she deserves are two totally different things?

J.T.-  I'm sure she'll realize everything soon enough.  I mean, if he's as bad as you say she is.

Liberty-  He is.

J.T.-  He can't keep up Mr. Nice Guy for long.

Liberty-  You make so much sense.  And that's why I love you.  (She kisses him.)


[In the library...]

(Paige is sitting with a book in front of her when Craig walks over...)

Craig-  Studying?

Paige-  (Sadly.)  No.

Craig-  Why so glum?

Paige-  I screw everything up.

Craig-  What?

Paige-  I mess up grades.  I mess up perfectly good relationships.  I mess up tests.  I mess up Spirit Squad.  I mess up college interviews.  I'm just a screw up.

Craig-  Don't talk like that about yourself.

Paige-  But it's true.

Craig-  We all make mistakes.

Paige-  Do we?  Do all of us decide it might be a good idea to smoke pot before a college interview?

Craig-  Some of us.

Paige-  Do you?

Craig-  I mistakenly didn't wear a condom once.

Paige-  And how did that turn out?

Craig-  (Shakes his head.)  Not good.  (Paige chuckles a little bit.)  There's the Paige I know.

Paige-  My life is so messed up.  It's my senior year.  I don't have a boyfriend.  I don't have a college to go to.  I don't have a quote for the yearbook.  I don't even have a dress for prom.

Craig-  Could be worse.

Paige-  How?

Craig-  You could be bipolar and lost in this crazy world.

Paige-  What a weird thing to say.

Craig-  Yeah.  I don't know.  Paige...  (The bell rings.)

Paige-  Great.  Time to go fail my M.I. exam.  (She gets up.)  Wish me luck.  (She leaves.)

Craig-  Good luck.



(Manny is sitting in the library when Peter walks over.  He starts kissing her...)

Manny-  I'm trying to study.

Peter-  Come on.  You know you don't want to.  (He continues kissing her.)

Manny-  Peter.  (She giggles a little.)  Stop.  I really need to study.  I have to pass this test.

Peter-  Come on.  You know you want this.  (He starts to dance a little.  Manny laughs.)

Manny-  Later.  I promise.  (Peter sits down.)  What are you doing?

Peter-  Waiting for later.  (Manny giggles.)  Speaking of later, I was thinking.

Manny-  You think?

Peter-  You're funny.  (Pauses.)  You know our 6 week anniversary is coming up tomorrow.

Manny-  I know.

Peter-  Good.  (He smiles.  Manny smiles back.)  I was thinking we could do something special.

Manny-  What did you have in mind?

Peter-  A nice dinner.  Maybe go back to my place, watch a movie or something.

Manny-  That sounds nice.

Peter-  I thought you might like that.  (He kisses her.)  I'll see you tomorrow?

Manny-  Can't wait.  (Peter walks away and Manny smiles.  Liberty walks over.)

Liberty-  Everything okay with you guys?

Manny-  He's amazing.  He's so much fun and he's so sweet.

Liberty-  Really?

Manny-  Yeah.  I told you there was nothing to worry about.

Liberty-  I guess.

Manny-  He's so funny.  It's our six week anniversary tomorrow and he wants to celebrate it.

Liberty-  He does?

Manny-  Yeah.  Craig and Spinner never did anything like that.

Liberty-  J.T. doesn't either.

Manny-  It makes me feel special.

Liberty-  He really treats you well, doesn't he?

Manny-  He does.

Liberty-  What does he have planned for you on your anniversary?

Manny-  Dinner and a movie.

Liberty-  That doesn't sound all that romantic.

Manny-  As long as it's with him, it'll be amazing.  (She smiles.)



(Peter is standing at his locker talking with Darcy...)

Peter-  I told you.  Don't tell me I didn't, because I did.  I told you so.  (Liberty walks out of the library.)  I so told you.  (Liberty stops and hides behind a locker.)

Darcy-  I'm surprised it's lasted this long.

Peter-  Don't underestimate the P-man.

Darcy-  You really need to get a better nickname.  (Pauses.)  So, six weeks?  Big deal.  You said you'd have her in bed by now.

Peter-  Patience.  Tomorrow we're going to dinner.  Then she's coming back to my place for a movie.  My mom won't be home.  I'll put the moves on her and the magic'll happen.

Darcy-  You're a horrible person.  You make me not want to date.  And that's a hard thing to do.

Peter-  Chill out.  It's not like I'm raping her.

Darcy-  I know.  But your going to dump her after you have sex aren't you?

Peter-  Probably.  Yeah.

Darcy-  That's almost as bad.  (Darcy shuts her locker.)

Peter-  But it's not like she didn't do anything she didn't want to.  (They start walking towards Liberty.)

Darcy-  I'm sure that if she knew your motive, she wouldn't be doing anything.  (They walk past Liberty.  We see Liberty.  She looks disgusted.)


[After school...]

(Paige is sitting at the Dot with Hazel when Spinner walks over...)

Spinner-  Can I take your order?

Paige-  No.

Spinner-  Come on.  Time heals all wounds.

Paige-  Not the ones you cause.

Spinner-  Come on.  Its not like I'm going to do anything to your food.

Paige-  No, but I'll sleep better at night if I know that you're getting what you deserve.

Hazel-  Could we please just have another waiter?  I don't feel like dealing with you two arguing.

Spinner-  Your waiter will be over in a minute.  (Spinner walks away.)

Paige-  I can't believe I ever dated that.

Hazel-  You were young and naive.  Forgive yourself.

Paige-  My life's a mess.

Hazel-  It's just Spinner.

Paige-  It's not him.  It's everything.  It's a huge mess.

Hazel-  Paige, people make mistakes.

Paige-  I know.  It's just like, I thought that my life was perfect, then the ground fell out from underneath me.  Boyfriend dumped me for a fat pregnant cow.  College after college rejects me.  Every time I think it can't get worse, it does.  What's next?  I fail grade 12 and have to spend the rest of my life in school, with Spinner?

Hazel-  That won't happen.

Paige-  You're right.  He'll probably graduate before me.  (Hazel and Paige laugh.)



(Manny is walking down the street when she sees Liberty sitting on a bench...)

Manny-  What are you doing out here?

Liberty-  Waiting for J.T.  He's taking forever.

Manny-  Oh.

Liberty-  Actually, I'm kind of glad I ran into you.  (She laughs.)  Get it.  You were running.

Manny-  Yeah.  I get it.  (She sits down.)  What's up?

Liberty-  Listen, I know it's none of my business, and I know I promised to butt out.  But, I heard something, and I think you should know.

Manny-  Okay.

Liberty-  Peter's going to try to sleep with you.  (Manny doesn't say anything.)  And he plans to break up with you after you do.

Manny-  I don't believe this.

Liberty-  I know it's hard to take...

Manny-  Where do you come up with this crap?

Liberty-  Excuse me?

Manny-  Peter's into me for me.  He likes me, no.  He loves me.

Liberty-  You've been going out for like seven weeks.

Manny-  Six.

Liberty-  See?  Why do you believe him over me?  Why do you think that he's telling you the truth?

Manny-  Because I think you're jealous!

Liberty-  Of what?  You and lame-o?

Manny-  You know what you and J.T. have.  And it's old.  It's boring.  You said it yourself.  If you guys didn't have sex, what else could happen?  Nothing.  Me and Peter are new and fresh.  We're just starting out.  You and J.T. are old and boring!  (She's silent for a moment.  She stands up.)  You're old and boring.  (She walks off and starts to jog again.  Liberty kicks the ground.)


[The next day at school...]

(Paige is reading a textbook when Hazel walks over...)

Hazel-  Studying?

Paige-  Trying to pull up the science grade.

Hazel-  Too bad that's an English book.  (Paige looks at the book.  Then she makes a face at Hazel.)

Paige-  You're not funny.

Hazel-  Made me laugh.  (She sits down next to her.)  This college thing really bothers you, doesn't it?

Paige-  My parents keep asking me why I haven't heard from anywhere.  I keep lying to them.

Hazel-  Lying to them hasn't bothered you before.

Paige-  I know.  But, I feel guilty about it for some reason this time.

Hazel-  That's weird.

Paige-  Yeah.  And, then my mom keeps asking me when we're going to go shopping for my prom dress, and I don't have the heart to tell her that I don't have a date and I'm not going without a date.

Hazel-  Does she not know about your horrible break up with Matt?

Paige-  She does.  It's just not registering or something.

Hazel-  That's too bad.  (Coach Armstrong walks over.)

Coach Armstrong-  Paige, could I talk to you for a minute?

Paige-  Sure.  (Hazel looks concerned as Coach Armstrong and Paige walk to the side.)  What's up?

Coach Armstrong-  I don't know.  I could tell you what's down.  (He hands her a paper.)

Paige-  This is my test?

Coach Armstrong-  Afraid so.

Paige-  How is that possible?  I studied.  I studied really hard.

Coach Armstrong-  I know.  I'll be happy to work with you after school, but I'm not sure that would be enough.  We only have two tests left. 

Paige-  What about a retest?

Coach Armstrong-  I have a strict no retest policy.  Because, as you know...

Paige-  There are no retests in college.  I know.

Coach Armstrong-  I just wanted to let you know, the door to my classroom is open if you want to come in and get help.  (He walks away.  Paige walks back to Hazel.)

Hazel-  What was that all about?

Paige-  I'm a failure.



[At lunch...]

(Liberty is sitting with J.T. in the cafeteria.  She looks and sees Manny sitting with Peter.)

J.T.-  You feeling okay?  You don't look so good.

Liberty-  What a nice thing for my boyfriend to say.

J.T.-  You look like you're sick or something.

Liberty-  I feel a little sick.  I'm sure it's just this Manny thing.

J.T.-  Why are you letting it bother you?

Liberty-  She's my friend.  I don't want her to get hurt.

J.T.-  Why don't you just but out for once.  It's her life.  Let her do what she wants.

Liberty-  What's with your attitude?

J.T.-  You stick your nose where it doesn't belong.  How many times does she have to tell you not to bother her about Peter?

Liberty-  I'm just trying to...

J.T.-  I know you're just trying to help.  And that's what I love about you.  But, thing is, you need to know when it's not wanted.  (He gets up and walks away.  Liberty looks concerned.)



(Paige is sitting on a bench studying when Hazel walks over...)

Hazel-  Wow. Studying still?

Paige-  Don't mess with me.  I have to prove to Coach Armstrong that I know this stuff when I get tutored so he'll know that I'm trying and maybe bump my grade up.  (She puts the book down.)  I'm so stressed out.

Hazel-  I'm sure you'll do fine.

Paige-  How can you be sure?  Nothing is going right.

Hazel-  Calm down Ashley.

Paige-  I just realized that prom is three weeks away, and no one has asked me yet.

Hazel-  No one's asked me yet.

Paige-  Liar.  I saw you talking with like half of the basketball team, and a third of the hockey team.  You so have a date.

Hazel-  Someone will ask you.

Paige-  This year is a disaster.  Good thing I don't have a car, otherwise I might have driven it into a lake by now.

Hazel-  You're really upset about this.

Paige-  Of course I am.  There is no bright spot to this year.  When I look back and tell my kids about senior year, I'll be able to tell them that I was dumped.  I couldn't get into a school.  Didn't go to my prom.  And, oh yeah, failed.



(Manny walks up to her locker.  There is a rose on it and a note.  She picks it up and reads it.  She puts the rose close to her heart when Liberty walks over.)

Liberty-  Lover boy?

Manny-  Not that I'm talking to you, but yes.  It's from Peter.

Liberty-  I don't like you hating me.  I'm just trying to do what's right?

Manny-  What's right?  What's right for you maybe.

Liberty-  What's the supposed to mean?

Manny-  You do things just because you don't want to screw up your bubble world.

Liberty-  My what?

Manny-  You live in this bubble.  No one can do anything right, unless they do it your way.  If someone does drugs once, you have nothing to do with them.  If someone wears skimpy clothing, you get offended and tell the principle.  No one can have sex unless they've been dating for a year.

Liberty-  Excuse me if I want to be in love my first time.

Manny-  You aren't in love.  You just don't want to get hurt so you did the only thing you could think of to try and keep your relationship alive.

Liberty-  You know what?  I was trying to be a good friend.

Manny-  No you weren't.  You don't want anyone else having sex unless they're a prude like you.

Liberty-  If they were a prude, they wouldn't be having sex.  (She walks away.)



(Hazel is walking down the hall when Craig walks over to her...)

Craig-  Hey Hazel.

Hazel-  Hey.

Craig-  Have you seen Paige?

Hazel-  I think she's in the girl's washroom about to have a nervous breakdown.

Craig-  About what?

Hazel-  College and Matt.  She's freaking out.  She's had so much bad luck the last few weeks.  And, I think her parents are starting to bother her about what she's going to do for the rest of her life.

Craig-  Know how that is.

Hazel-  Why?

Craig-  Why what?

Hazel-  Why do you want to know where Paige is?

Craig-  I had to ask her about something.

Hazel-  Oh.  You might want to wait.

Craig-  For?

Hazel-  The end of the year?  She's freaking out about everything.  One little thing will set her off.  I think she might be PMSing too.  Which can't help.  (Craig laughs a little.)  She might be.


[After school...]

(Manny is walking with Peter outside.  Liberty sees them.  She shakes her head.  J.T. puts his hand on her shoulder...)

J.T.-  She knows what she's doing.

Liberty-  I hope so.

J.T.-  What don't you like Peter anyway?  You've never actually said.

Liberty-  I heard him say some things.

J.T.-  Like?

Liberty-  That he wants to sleep with Manny and then dump her.

J.T.-  That's what every guy wants to do.  (Liberty gives him a dirty look.)  Kidding.  Just kidding.

Liberty-  Well, when you add that to the fact that he's been charged twice with rape...

J.T.-  Rape?  Why didn't you do something?  He could rape her.

Liberty-  "She knows what she's doing."

J.T.-  Liberty, you can't just let her...

Liberty-  She doesn't want to hear it.  Even if I did say anything.

J.T.-  You can't just let her...

Liberty-  I know.  (She runs walks towards Manny.)  Manny!  Wait up!  (Manny stops and Liberty walks over to her.)  I just wanted to apologize.  To both of you.

Peter-  Really?

Liberty-  Yeah.  I mean, it's wrong for me to judge you just because you were charged twice with rape, and that I overheard you with Darcy talking about how you were going to nail Manny and then dump her.  I mean, that's just wrong to judge you based on that.

Peter-  You've got some nerve.

Manny-  Is it true?

Peter-  Is what true?

Manny-  What she said, about the rape?

Peter-  This girl I saw, she was my first.  Her mom and dad found out that she had sex, and she freaked out and told everyone she was raped.

Liberty-  What about the second time?

Peter-  (He looks furious.)  The second time?

Manny-  You only explained one.

Peter-  The second girl was a whore and wanted to pin it on someone.  She dropped the charges like two days after they were filed.  (To Liberty.)  You happy now?  Everything's out in the open.  Now you see I'm not such a bad guy.  Just have bad luck.

Manny-  Peter, can I talk to Liberty alone for a second?

Peter-  Sure.  (He kisses her and walks away.)

Liberty-  Do you believe me now?

Manny-  I can't believe you.  I can't believe you just tried to embarrass my boyfriend.

Liberty-  Did you not just hear that he was charged with rape?

Manny-  That doesn't change what you did.

Liberty-  What I did?

Manny-  Forget it.  Forget you.  I'm going to go with my boyfriend, and we're going to be a couple, whether you like it or not.


[At the dot...]

(Paige is sitting at a table when Craig walks over...)

Craig-  Rough day?

Paige-  Failed a math test.  Constantly reminded how I have no boyfriend.  No college.  No future.

Craig-  What happened to the bubbly Paige that I know?

Paige-  Her spirit was crushed by an ex-boyfriend.  I hate that I'm like this. It's just like, I keep trying, and trying, and nothing seems to be getting any better.  And, I know that eventually, it has to, but it just doesn't seem like it.  It's so depressing.

Craig-  Yeah.  Life can be like that.  One minute, you're with the girl you loved, and the next, she leaves you for England.

Paige-  You're still hung up on Ash?

Craig-  No.  But, I know what you're going through.  It's rough.  I didn't think I'd ever get over it.  But, one day, I woke up, and everything was better.  (Paige smiles.) 

Paige-  How long did it take?

Craig-  Too long.

Paige-  (She puts her hand on his.)  I'm sorry Ash did that to you.  You're such a great guy.  You don't deserve that.  Nobody does.

Craig-  Thanks.  I'm sorry Matt did it to you too.  You so didn't deserve that.  He was a jerk.  And you're such a great girl.  (Pauses.)  I know that this might be too soon, but, I wanted to ask you something.

Paige-  Do you want to go to the prom together Craig?

Craig-  How did you...

Paige-  Call it woman's intuition.

Craig-  I'd love to.

Paige-  Just as friends though.  I'm not sure if I could do the whole date thing yet.

Craig-  Sure.  (They smile.)



(Manny walks into Peter's house with him...)

Manny-  Tonight was so wonderful.

Peter-  It's about to get even better.

Manny-  How's that?  (He kisses her.)  Oh.  You're right.  (They start kissing.  They fall onto a couch.  They continue kissing.  Peter's hand starts moving towards her belt.)  Peter...don't.  (He starts to unbutton her pants.)  Stop it.  (She hits him and pushes him off of her.  She gets up.)

Peter-  What?  You don't want me?

Manny-  I said no.  When I say no, you need to stop.

Peter-  You don't want to have sex?

Manny-  Not right now.  No.

Peter-  It's our anniversary.

Manny-  So?  It doesn't mean you automatically get some.

Peter-  Are you breaking up with me Manny?

Manny-  If your going to be like this.  (She starts to walk out of the house, but Peter gets up and gets in front of her and stops her.)  I want to go.  Let me go.

Peter-  Not until I get what I want.  (He starts to grab her shirt, and tries to take it off.  She hits him.)

Manny-  Stop it.

Peter-  No.  (Manny tears up.  Peter grabs her pants and starts to unbutton them.  Manny then knees him.  Peter falls to the ground.)

Manny-  Bye.  (She walks out of the house.  She walks to the corner and sits down.  She starts crying.)

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