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517 Say You, Say Me (Part Two)

Addiction is an uphill battle. Is Emma strong enought to fight is? Will Jimmy help her overcome the past? Meanwhile Marco and Ellie are dealing with the repercussions of their actions; facing a friendship that has changed forever and a future that might be unlike anything either of them planned.

[At Ellie's house...]

(We see Ellie's room.  Ellie is nowhere to be seen.  We pan over to a bathroom door.  The light is on, and the door is partly open.  We can hear Ellie throwing up.  She flushes.  We hear water flowing from the sink.  We go into the bathroom and see Ellie washing her face.  She looks sick.  She looks at herself in the mirror and starts to cry.)




[At school...]

(Ellie walks into school and walks over to Alex...)

Alex-  You look terrible.

Ellie-  Thanks.  I probably look better than how I feel.

Alex-  Flu?

Ellie-  I guess.  I don't know.  Throwing up this morning.

Alex-  Ew.  Don't get me sick.

Ellie-  I'll try.

Alex-  Why are you even here?

Ellie-  Math test.  I need to take it.

Alex-  Make-up day.

Ellie-  Coach Armstrong won't give make-ups.

Alex-  I'd so be skipping today if I were you.

Ellie-  I'm going to leave after that class.  (They start to walk down the hall.)  You come up with anyway to deal with the Spinner situation?

Alex-  Nah.  Not yet.  I don't know what I'm going to do.  (Her voice starts to trail off, while Ellie notices Marco as she walks past him.  He looks upset.  Ellie looks upset also.)



(Emma is in her room, sitting on her bed.  She is holding a bag in her hand.  The door opens.  Emma shoves the bag under her pillow.  Spike walks down.)

Spike-  What are you still doing down here?  You're going to be late for school.

Emma-  Sorry.  Trying to figure something out.

Spike-  Okay.  I'll drive you to school if you want.

Emma-  Okay.  (Spike nods and walks upstairs.  Emma takes the bag out from underneath her pillow.  She puts it in her book bag and walks upstairs.)


[Back at school...]

(Ellie is sitting in class taking her math test.  She looks visibly ill.  She continues to take the test.)


[The bell rings...]

(Ellie walks out of class and heads down the hall.  Paige walks over to her...)

Paige-  That was such a hard test.  I'm so glad Coach A's tutoring me.  I don't think I would have passed without him.

Ellie-  Could you just shut up Paige.

Paige-  You don't look so good.

Ellie-  I don't feel so good.

Paige-  Flu?

Ellie-  I guess.  (Doesn't say anything.)  I need to go to the nurse.  (Ellie walks away.  Paige looks intrigued.)



(Marco is sitting outside with Craig and Hazel when Paige walks over to them...)

Paige-  Having a party without me?

Craig-  Nothing's a party without you.  (Paige sits down next to Craig.  She smiles.)

Paige-  That is true.  I am the life of the party.  (Pauses.)  So, Marco, tell me, who is Ellie's mystery man?

Marco-  Mystery man?

Paige-  I overheard her telling Alex in the washroom that she met someone a couple months ago and they did some things.  I'm just dying to know what, actually, who she did.

Marco-  She met someone?

Paige-  I guess.  (Pauses.)  Wait a second.  Why are you asking me?  I thought you two were best friends?

Marco-  I guess we're just growing apart.


[In the nurses office...]

(Ellie is sitting on a table when the nurse takes her temperature.  The nurse looks at it.)

Nurse-  No fever.

Ellie-  I feel sick.  Look at me.  I look horrible.

Nurse-  Could be the early stages of the flu.  (The nurse walks to another table, past a picture of a pregnant mother.)

Ellie-  Um...I had a general question.  Debating with my friend.  Just general information.  If you have sex, and you have all of the symptoms, but you got your period right after having sex, you’re not pregnant, right?

Nurse-  Sometimes you can just have a decreased or lighter flow after you've conceived.  I have a sister who, when she first got pregnant, got her period for three months after she conceived.  It's unusual.  But, it can happen.  (Pauses.)  I'll write you a pass for class.  (Ellie looks concerned.)



(Emma is standing at her locker.  She puts her book bag into her locker when Jimmy comes over...)

Jimmy-  I want to apologize.

Emma-  Apologize?

Jimmy-  For what I said the other day at the Dot.  I was being insensitive.  I'm sorry.

Emma-  Oh.  It's okay.

Jimmy-  It's not okay.  I was rude.  I want to do something about it.

Emma-  You do?

Jimmy-  Let me make it up to you.  Dinner.  Something.

Emma-  I can't.  I shouldn't.

Jimmy-  Why not?

Emma-  Aren't you still with Hazel?

Jimmy-  No.  We broke up like months ago.  Winter break.

Emma-  Wow.  Sure do miss a lot when in rehab.  (Jimmy chuckles.)

Jimmy-  You're funny.

Emma-  Now, I'm leaving.

Jimmy-  Don't be like that.

Emma-  Why are you all of a sudden interested in talking to me?

Jimmy-  What makes you think this is all of a sudden?

Emma-  I'm going to be late for class.  (She pulls her book bag out of her locker and shuts the locker door.  She walks away.  Jimmy sees a bag fall out of Emma's book bag.  He picks it up and looks at it.  He puts it in his book bag and leaves.)



(Ellie is sitting outside when Marco walks over to her...)

Marco-  You're unbelievable.

Ellie-  What?

Marco-  You freak out at me for not telling you I was seeing someone else and you have a boyfriend?  We're you cheating on him that night?

Ellie-  I don't have a boyfriend.

Marco-  Paige just told me.

Ellie-  Paige doesn't know what she's talking about.

Marco-  Then who were you talking about to Alex in the washroom?  (Ellie is near tears.  She picks up her book bag and stands up.)

Ellie-  You.  (She walks away.)

Marco-  Ellie!  (He starts to run after her.)  Ellie!  (Ellie continues running down the street.  Marco stops and looks crushed.)


[A little later...]

(Ellie is standing outside a drug store.  Tears are rolling down her face.  She wipes them off.  She walks in...)


[After school...]

(Emma is sitting at the Dot when Jimmy comes over...)

Jimmy-  (He puts a bag on the table.)  You dropped these when you went to class.  (Emma picks the bag up.)

Emma-  I...

Jimmy-  I thought you went to rehab.

Emma-  Don't lecture me.

Jimmy-  Then why do you have these?

Emma-  Why do you care?

Jimmy-  You ever think that maybe I've thought about doing what you did?  Look at me Emma.  I'm in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.  Doesn't exactly look like I have the dream life, does it?

Emma-  I had no...

Jimmy-  Save it.  (He leaves.  Emma stares at the bag for a minute.  She is about to cry.  She stands up, picks up the bag.  She walks outside and throws the bag into a trash can.)



(Ellie is in her room.  She is lying on her bed.  Her alarm goes off.  She sits up and walks into the bathroom.  She stares at a pregnancy test...)


[The next day...]

(Marco is sitting on a bench when Ellie walks up to the school.  He walks over to her...)

Marco-  Dylan told me what you said.  I know I hurt you.  And there's no excuse in the world that's good enough.  I feel terrible about the whole thing.

Ellie-  Just don't talk to me anymore.  (She walks away.)


[In class...]

(Paige sits down next to Ellie...)

Paige-  You look like you're feeling better.  (Ellie doesn't respond.)  I talked to Marco yesterday.  I think it's a shame that you two are like not spending that much time together.  You two are like model best friends.  (Ellie doesn't say anything.)  I know something happened.  Let me help try and fix it.  Dylan says that Marco isn't the same.  He's depressed.  (Pauses.)  We're all going out tonight.  Me, Craig, Hazel, Marco, Dylan.  Come with us.  You and Marco can work through whatever it is.

Ellie-  You have no idea what he did.

Paige-  I didn't say I did.

Ellie-  Then how do you know how to fix it?

Paige-  I didn't say I did.  Sometimes if you just talk it out though...

Ellie-  Talk it out?  (She tears up.)  There is no talking that can be done.  He ruined my life.

Paige-  That's a little harsh.  Don't ya think?

Ellie-  If he did to you what he did to me...  Forget it.  You don't know what you're talking about.  (She gets up and moves seats.)



(Ellie quickly walks out of class.  Marco is walking down the hall and sees her, and tries to catch up.  But is unable to.  Paige walks over to him...)

Paige-  What did you do to her?

Marco-  What?

Paige-  I was talking to her and she said you ruined her life.

Marco-  She said that?

Paige-  She was like on the verge of tears.  (Marco looks concerned.)  What happened?  (Marco just shakes his head.)

Marco-  I screwed up.


[In the cafeteria...]

(Ellie is sitting at a table when Alex walks over...)

Alex-  So, I think I've come up with a solution.

Ellie-  For what?

Alex-  The Spinner thing.  Alright, so...

Ellie-  Why are you sleeping with him?

Alex-  What?

Ellie-  You don't love him.  Why are you sleeping with him?

Alex-  I told you.  To get back at Jay.

Ellie-  That's not a reason!  (She stands up.)  He has feelings.  As evil as he is.  He has feelings.  He cares about you!  He loves you!  And what do you do?  You just lead him along and use him!  What if someone did that to you?  (The cafeteria starts looking at Ellie.)

Alex-  Relax.

Ellie-  Relax?  You're tearing his heart apart without him even knowing it.

Alex-  Since when have you cared about anyone's heart?

Ellie-  That's cold.  (Pauses.)  Screw you.  (She picks up her things and walks to the door.  Paige and Marco are standing at the door.  Ellie glares at Marco.)

Marco-  Ellie, I...  (She leaves.)

Paige-  What was that about?

Marco-  I better go talk to her.

Paige-  She hates you.

Marco-  I know.  (He leaves the cafeteria.)


[In the hallway...]

(Ellie is sitting on a bench crying.  Marco walks over to her.)

Marco-  Hey.  (Ellie doesn't look at him.)  Are you okay?

Ellie-  Just leave me alone.

Marco-  I'm your friend.

Ellie-  Not anymore.

Marco-  I messed up.  I'm sorry.  You can't cut me out of your life forever.

Ellie-  I can if I want to.

Marco-  Who's that going to help?  (Pauses.)  What's wrong?  I know you're mad at me, but there's got to be something else.  (Pauses.)  You can tell me.  Not tell me.  I just want you to know I'm here for you.

Ellie-  You really mean that?

Marco-  Of course I do.  El, you're like my best friend.  You were the first person I told that I was gay.  I've been through so much with you.

Ellie-  Yeah.

Marco-  I'm sorry about everything I've done.  You don't ever have to forgive me.  Just, let me help.  (Ellie shakes her head.)  What?

Ellie-  I want to hate you.  But I can't.

Marco-  Ellie...

Ellie-  Not when you're the father of my baby.  (Marco is silent for a few moments.)

Marco-  Baby?

Ellie-  I'm pregnant.  It's yours.

Marco-  What?

Ellie-  Are you still here for me now?

Marco-  We used...(softly.)  We used a condom.

Ellie-  I know.

Marco-  How?  Why?

Ellie-  I think it might have broke.  Or maybe you didn't put it on right.  It doesn't matter.  I'm pregnant.

Marco-  Are you sure?

Ellie-  I took a test yesterday.  It's blue.  Blue means pregnant.  (Marco and Ellie are silent for a few moments.)

Marco-  Um... are you... um...  Are you going to keep it?

Ellie-  I think so.

Marco-  Oh dear God.

Ellie-  That's all you can say?

Marco-  I need to go, get some fresh air.

Ellie-  Fresh air?

Marco-  This is too much to take.  (He stands up.)  You're sure?

Ellie-  Going to the doctor after school.

Marco-  Did you want me to come with you?

Ellie-  No.  I'd rather you didn't.  (Marco just looks at Ellie.  Ellie smiles meekly.  Marco walks away.  Ellie starts to cry even harder.)



(Marco sits down on a bench.  He pulls out his cell phone.  He dials a number.)

Marco-  Dylan.  Call me back.  I need to talk to you.  I need you.  (He hangs up the phone.  He puts the phone back in his pocket.  He starts to cry to himself.)



(Paige is walking down the hall when she sees Craig standing at his locker.  She walks over to him...)

Paige-  Prom's only a few weeks away.

Craig-  I know.  Less than that.  Like two.

Paige-  You start shopping yet?

Craig-  Shopping?  For what?

Paige-  A tux.

Craig-  No.  Have you started shopping yet?

Paige-  I have three dresses picked out and I'm not even half way through looking at all my choices.

Craig-  You're high maintenance.

Paige-  That's such a sweet thing to say.  (Marco walks past them.)  Hey Marco.  (Marco doesn't do anything.  His eyes are red.  He just continues walking.)  Wonder what that's about.

Craig-  He hasn't been the same since he slept with Ellie.

Paige-  What?

Craig-  He hasn't been the same since he slept with Ellie.

Paige-  What do you mean he slept with Ellie?

Craig-  Uh oh.

Paige-  Uh oh?

Craig-  You didn't already know?

Paige-  No.  When did he sleep with her?

Craig-  I guess after his dad kicked him out.  You do know about that right?

Paige-  He's gay though.  How did he...

Craig-  You got me.  He did though.  They haven't been the same since.  (He shuts his locker.)


[In the girl's washroom...]

(Ellie is standing in front of a mirror, crying, when Paige walks in...)

Paige-  You're pregnant, aren't you?

Ellie-  What?

Paige-  You slept with Marco.  He's freaking out.  You're crying.  You were sick the other day.  You told Alex you were late.  You're pregnant.

Ellie-  That's a lie.

Paige-  Ellie, I'm not trying to gossip.  One of my best friends is freaking out about losing you as a friend.  I'm just trying to help him.  And if it helps you in the process, that can't be helped.

Ellie-  Paige, I'm not stupid.  You just want to gossip about someone.

Paige-  Ellie, I'm just worried about you and Marco.  I'm just trying to be a friend.  (Ellie is silent for a moment.)  Maybe you're not.  We've all been there.  Late a few days.  It happens.  (They are silent for a moment.)  If you want to talk, I'll listen.  (Paige starts to walk out of the bathroom...)

Ellie-  (She starts crying even harder.)  He used a condom.  (Paige turns around.)  I got it out.  I handed it to him.  I made him use it.  Because, I knew that there was no way I wanted to be pregnant.

Paige-  Why did he...

Ellie-  I told him I loved him.  I told him that.  Then he came over.  I was so excited.  I thought he felt the same way.  I had no idea what his dad did to him.  I had no idea.  If I'd know I would have just talked to him.  I wouldn't have done any of that.  I would have stopped him.

Paige-  It's not like he said anything.

Ellie-  He used a condom.  Why do I have to suffer because he wanted to make sure he was gay?  Not even make sure.  He just wanted to be what his dad wanted him to be.  He knew he was gay.  He knew it.  And he used me.  He used me Paige.  Now I have to pay for it.

Paige-  You don't have to have it.

Ellie-  Yes I do.  Yes I do.

Paige-  You have options.

Ellie-  I know.  I just don't want to be that girl who uses an abortion as birth control.

Paige-  You won't be that girl.  You made a mistake.

Ellie-  But I didn't make any mistakes.  We used a condom.  That's what you’re supposed to do.  No mistake was made.  A little guy got through.

Paige-  You don't have to pay for that Ellie.  You can do something.  (Ellie shakes her head and cries harder.)

Ellie-  I don't want to make this decision.  I don't think I can.

Paige-  Maybe you're not.  Go to a doctor.  I mean, if you just missed your period, it doesn't mean you're pregnant.

Ellie-  I didn't miss it the first month.

Paige-  You're not pregnant then.  If you get it you're fine.

Ellie-  I have all of the other symptoms.  I took the test.  It's blue for pregnant.

Paige-  Those tests can be wrong.  Maybe you're not.  Go to the doctor just to be sure.

Ellie-  What if I am?  I don't want to make all those decisions.  I can't make all of those decisions.



(Marco is sitting on the curb when Paige sits down next to him...)

Paige-  She's pretty upset.

Marco-  How did you...

Paige-  I know everything.  Except for how you're doing.

Marco-  I'm freaking out.  We used a condom.

Paige-  I know.

Marco-  How could she still get pregnant?

Paige-  It's not fool proof.

Marco-  I'm gay Paige.  I don't have kids.

Paige-  I know.

Marco-  It's supposed to be like anatomically not possible.  You have sex with dudes, no risk of pregnancy.

Paige-  But you had sex with a girl.  You had sex with Ellie.

Marco-  This is such a mess.  I screwed up before, but this?  Oh man.  This is beyond that.

Paige-  Maybe she's not.  I mean, there's always a chance.

Marco-  She took the test.  She's pregnant.

Paige-  I know.  But, just hold out hope.  Maybe she's not.

Marco-  What am I going to do if she is?

Paige-  Then support her.

Marco-  You don't think she'd have it, do you?

Paige-  She said she didn't want to be that girl.

Marco-  What am I supposed to do?

Paige-  Support her the only way you can.  And love the kid if she does have it.  It'll be half yours.

Marco-  What about Dylan?

Paige-  He always said he wanted to have kids.

Marco-  But it won't be his.

Paige-  He'll love it anyway.  After the initial shock wears off of course.

Marco-  How am I going to tell him?

Paige-  Break it gently?

Marco-  I messed up so bad.  (Paige hugs him.)

Paige-  I know.


[At the Dot...]

(Jimmy is sitting at a table when Emma walks over...)

Emma-  I'm sorry.

Jimmy-  What for?

Emma-  Everything.

Jimmy-  I thought you were better than that.

Emma-  (She sits down.)  I couldn't deal.  I don't know how to deal.  Everyone looks at me.  And they think, that girl, she was almost gunned down.

Jimmy-  What does everyone say when they look at me?

Emma-  What?

Jimmy-  Everyone knows why I'm in this wheelchair and who put me in it.  When I walk down the halls, I know what they're saying about me.

Emma-  How do you deal with it?

Jimmy-  I don't let them bother me.

Emma-  How?  It's so easy to say that.

Jimmy-  I know it's true.  I know what happened.  Everyone knows.  I almost died, but I didn't.  I'm still here.  I was meant for better things.  I was meant to live for something else.

Emma-  What do you do when you get depressed?

Jimmy-  I just try and relax.  And I just remember that I'm still alive.  I have a purpose.  I just have to figure out what it is.

Emma-  I didn't mean to become this girl.  I didn't do drugs on purpose.  I just felt so desperate for anything.  I was desperate for things to go back to the way they were.

Jimmy-  Life is just a series of changes.  (He puts his hand on hers.)  We just have to see where they take us.  (Emma smiles.  Jimmy smiles.)


[Outside a building...]

(Ellie is standing still, staring.  Marco walks up behind her...)

Marco-  I want you to know, I'm owning up to everything.  I didn't mean for this to happen.

Ellie-  I know.

Marco-  I'm your friend whether you're pregnant or not.  I'll stand by your side forever and a day.  And what I did, that wasn't me.  It was me, but I was confused and I abused our friendship.  I'm sorry.

Ellie-  I know.

Marco-  If you don't want me to go in with you, I'll understand.  I just wanted you to know where I was.

Ellie-  You can if you want to.  If I's yours too.  (Marco grabs her hand.)

Marco-  You know I love you, right?

Ellie-  As a friend.

Marco-  No.  I love you as Ellie.  My best friend, my family.  My everything.

Ellie-  You're still gay?

Marco-  Never stopped.  (Ellie hugs him.)

Ellie-  Thanks for coming.

Marco-  Thanks for letting me.

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