Degrassi Freak Fiction

518 Lost in the Stars

It's Prom Night at Degrassi. Will it follow school precedent and go down in flames, or are things finally looking up?

[Students are sitting in class...]

Mrs. Hatzilakos (Over the intercom)-  Students are reminded that finals are just three days away, so while you are partying tonight at prom, please remember to be safe and not to party too hard.  We still want you all to pass your finals.  But, have fun tonight.  And remember that Degrassi's code of conduct will be strictly enforced. 

Hazel-  Senior prom.  I didn't think we would ever make it.

Paige-  Yeah.  We are so going to have fun tonight.




[The bell rings...]

(Students are walking out of Degrassi.  We see Liberty, Emma, and J.T. walking out...)

J.T.-  I'm so excited for prom.  It'll be nice to have a date.

Liberty-  I'm excited for the after prom.

Emma-  Ew.  I don't need to hear about your sex life.

Liberty-  Sorry.

J.T.-  So, Em.  Who are you taking to prom?  Toby perhaps?

Emma-  No.  I'm going alone.

Liberty-  You can't go to prom alone.

Emma-  Manny's going alone.

Liberty-  What?  What happened with her and Peter?

Emma-  They broke up.  She didn't tell you?

Liberty-  What?  No.

Emma-  Yeah.  (J.T. laughs.)

Liberty-  I so knew they wouldn't last.  And she wouldn't hear it.  I knew I was right.

J.T.-  Gloating does not look good on you.

Emma-  Don't tell her I said anything.  I think she's kind of embarrassed.



(Marco is sitting on a bench when Ellie walks over to him...)

Ellie-  I don't think I'll be going to prom after all.

Marco-  What?  Come on.  You need a little fun.

Ellie-  I know.  I'm just not up for it.  I don't have a date or anything.

Marco-  I'll go with you.

Ellie-  You and Dylan are going together.  I wouldn't want to ruin that.

Marco-  You wouldn't be.

Ellie-  You and Dylan just go.  (She smiles and walks away.)


[At the Dot...]

(Spinner is cleaning tables when Alex walks over to him.)

Alex-  You're off tonight, right?

Spinner-  Yeah.

Alex-  Good.  Because I want to go to prom.

Spinner-  What?  I didn't think that was your scene.

Alex-  It's not.  But I figured, what the heck.  Senior year.  Might as well go once.  (She smiles.)

Spinner-  What about tickets?

Alex-  I'm Vice President.  I think I can score us some.

Spinner-  What about a dress?

Alex-  I don't wear dresses.  I don't wear anything.  (Pauses.)  Pick me up at 7.  (She exits the Ddot.  She walks past Jay who is standing at the door.)

Jay-  Hey whore.

Alex-  Was that directed at me?  Because I thought you were the whore.

Jay-  Don't do that.

Alex-  I'll do what I want to.

Jay-  Go with me to prom.

Alex-  What?

Jay-  I miss you.  I made a mistake.

Alex-  Screw you.

Jay-  You already have.

Alex-  Go ask one of your whore friends to go with you.  I have a boyfriend.  (She walks off.)


[Outside the Dot...]

(Manny is walking down the street.  Liberty sees her and walks over to her...)

Liberty-  Do you have something you want to tell me?

Manny-  No.

Liberty-  Really?  Not, "I'm sorry I doubted you?"  Or maybe, "You were right."

Manny-  Nope.  (She starts to walk away.)

Liberty-  So you don't want to tell me about Peter.  (Manny turns around.)  I know what happened.

Manny-  What do you know?  (Pauses.)  You know what.  It doesn't even matter.  It's over.  I'm done with him.

Liberty-  If you would have listened to me though, none of this would have happened.

Manny-  If I listened to half of the things you said, I would be in my room every Friday night.

Liberty-  What's that supposed to mean?

Manny-  Just leave me alone Liberty.  (She walks away.)



(Hazel is sitting on a bed when Paige walks out of a bathroom...)

Paige-  Am I right?

Hazel-  It does not make you look like you have big hips.  You have like no hips.

Paige-  But I look like I do.

Hazel-  You're crazy.  You look fine.  You always do.

Paige-  Thanks.  (She stares into the mirror for a few moments.)

Hazel-  Why are you so worried?  I thought you and Craig were just going as friends.

Paige-  We are.

Hazel-  So, what's with the freaking out about the hips?

Paige-  Is it wrong for me to want to look nice?

Hazel-  No.  It just seems like you like him.

Paige-  He's a good guy.

Hazel-  You know what I mean.

Paige-  Oh.  No.  (Pauses.)  I'm not ready to move on yet.  He just...Matt... I thought he was my soul mate.  I just...I still can't believe he dumped me for that pregnant cow.

Hazel-  It wasn't like that and you know it.

Paige-  I know.  It's just...It's so hard.  I loved him.

Hazel-  I know.  (She hugs him.)  I know you did.  He didn't deserve you.


[At Emma's...]

(Emma is sitting on the porch, staring, when she sees Jimmy approaching.  She stands up and walks over to him...)

Emma-  Hey.  What are you doing here?

Jimmy-  I wanted to talk to you.

Emma-  You did?

Jimmy-  Yeah.  The dance tonight... Were you going to go?

Emma-  Um...No one’s asked me yet.

Jimmy-  Would you like to go?

Emma-  You don't have a date already?

Jimmy-  Well, I did.  Heather Sinclair caught the flu though.  It's kind of short notice, and I don't want you to feel like you're obligated or anything.  Just pretend the chair isn't here and you can turn me down proper.

Emma-  I'll go with you.

Jimmy-  You will?

Emma-  Even if I am your second choice three hours before prom.

Jimmy-  You aren't my second choice.

Emma-  Third?

Jimmy-  I would have asked you sooner, but Heather asked me first and I wasn't sure if you would have wanted to go.

Emma-  Oh.  (She smiles.)  I would have.



(Paige and Hazel are putting on makeup...)

Paige-  I'm so glad that acceptance letter came today.  I so wouldn't enjoy myself with that still hanging over my head.

Hazel-  I know.  I'm so happy for you.  You totally deserve it.  (The doorbell rings...)

Paige-  If that's Craig, he's like really early.

Hazel-  Maybe he's taking you out to dinner first.  (Paige looks intrigued and walks to the door.  She opens it.  Matt is on the other side.)

Matt-  Before you slam the door in my face, let me talk to you.

Paige-  What are you doing here?

Matt-  I want to make things right with you.

Paige-  I thought you and Charlie lived in the Yukon now.

Matt-  She went into labor.

Paige-  She had the kid?

Matt-  Yesterday.  11 pounds 9 ounces.

Paige-  That's a big kid.

Matt-  Yeah.

Paige-  If she had the kid yesterday, what are you doing here?  Shouldn't you be at hospital?

Matt-  Yeah.  I should.  (Pauses.)  I was in the delivery room with her.  And I saw her give birth.  And it was amazing and so incredible.  And the only thing I could think about was how much I missed you.

Paige-  What?

Matt-  I don't want to help her raise some kid that's not mine.  I want to raise my own kid, with you.

Paige-  What?

Matt-  I'm sorry Paige.  For everything.  I can't live without you.  Move back with me.  Go to university out there.  We could be happy.  (Paige is silent for a few moments.)  Come on Paige.  Just you and me.

Paige-  I...You...You dumped me.

Matt-  I don't want to be apart anymore.  I want to be together, with you.  (Hazel walks in.)

Hazel-  Paige, what's taking you so long?  We only have two hours left to put on makeup.  (Hazel sees Matt standing at the door.)  Please tell me that's just a Matt look-a-like.

Matt-  Hello Hazel.  How are you?

Hazel-  Paige, what's going on?

Paige-  Matt's apologizing.

Hazel-  What?

Matt-  I'm telling her how sorry I am.  I was stupid.  I made a mistake.  I want her to move out to the Yukon with me.

Hazel-  Are you crazy?  She's moved on.  You treat her like dirt and you expect her to just take you back, just like that?

Matt-  I'm trying to make things right.  Give me that much.

Hazel-  If you really cared about her, you wouldn't have done what you did in the first place.

Matt-  I screwed up.  I don't know what I was thinking.

Hazel-  You need to go.

Matt-  You can't kick me out.

Hazel-  We're getting ready for senior prom.  This is supposed to be like one of the best nights of our lives and you just come in and ruin it for her?  You need to go.

Matt-  Paige...

Paige-  I'll call you later.  (Hazel walks over to the door.)

Hazel-  Bye.  (She shuts it.  Paige walks over to the couch and sits down.  Hazel follows.)  Are you okay?

Paige-  He's sorry.

Hazel-  He's not sorry.  He feels guilty.

Paige-  Charlie had the baby and he came here instead.

Hazel-  What?

Paige-  She's in hospital in the Yukon and he came here to apologize.

Hazel-  Paige, don't tell me that you are seriously considering going back with him?

Paige-  I don't know.


[At Emma's house...]

(Emma is putting on make-up when Manny walks in...)

Manny-  Wow.  (Emma looks at Manny.)  You look amazing.

Emma-  You think so?

Manny-  Yeah.  (Pauses.)  Why are you getting so dressed up?  I didn't think we were going to get that dressed up.

Emma-  Jimmy asked me to the dance.

Manny-  Jimmy?

Emma-  Yeah.  He came over and asked me.

Manny-  Kind of last minute, don't ya think?

Emma-  His date cancelled on him.  And he's been so nice lately, I thought it was the least I could do.

Manny-  Oh.  (She sits down on the bed.)  I feel like a shlub now.  I didn't really...

Emma-  You look great.

Manny-  You know what, I'm not so sure I want to go anymore.

Emma-  What?  What are you talking about?  You look fine.  If you want to...Use my makeup if you want.  You need to go.

Manny-  I just don't think I can handle going alone.  I mean, you have a date.  Everyone has a date.  I can't handle it.

Emma-  You'll be fine.

Manny-  What if Peter's there?

Emma-  He probably will be.

Manny-  I don't think I can handle it.

Emma-  What happened with you two?

Manny-  Nothing.  Nothing.

Emma-  Then why are you so freaked out about seeing him?

Manny-  We broke up.

Emma-  So?  You and Craig broke up plenty of times and you can still be in the same room as him.

Manny-  It's different with Craig.

Emma-  Why?  Craig and you were a train wreck and you still can deal with it.

Manny-  Can we not talk about this anymore?

Emma-  Sorry.  I'm just trying to help.

Manny-  You don't need to.  (She is silent for a moment.)  I just, I don't feel like I can go.  I don't feel like I'm ready to see him.

Emma-  Okay.

Manny-  I'm going to leave.  (She stands up.)  You have fun though.

Emma-  Thanks.  (Pauses.)  You should really think about coming.  (Manny shakes her head.)  It won't be the same without you.  (Manny leaves.)


[Spinner's house...]

(Spinner is tying his tie when Kendra walks into the room...)

Kendra-  So someone finally forgave you?

Spinner-  Don't be stupid.  You know me and Alex have been dating for like months.

Kendra-  Sure.  Sure.  I believe that.

Spinner-  What's your deal?  Can't you be happy for me, just once?

Kendra-  Can't you think about someone other than yourself for just once?  (She leaves the room.)



(Manny is walking down the street when a car pulls up to her.  She stops walking and the car window rolls down.  Craig is inside...)

Craig-  I think walking like that's going to ruin your dress.

Manny-  What do you know about dress maintenance?

Craig-  Where are you going?

Manny-  Home.

Craig-  Not prom?

Manny-  No.

Craig-  Why not?

Manny-  No date.

Craig-  What?  When has that ever stopped you?

Manny-  I just broke up with my boyfriend.  I'm not really in the partying mood.

Craig-  Manny Santos, when are you not in the partying mood?

Manny-  I'm not that big of a partier.

Craig-  Yeah.  Sure.  (Pauses.)  You’re seriously not going?  (Manny shakes her head.)  Come on.  You need to have some fun, especially if you just broke up with someone.  Get back in the dating zone.

Manny-  I'm sorry, how long did it take you to go on a date after Ashley broke your heart?

Craig-  Come on, it's my last prom.  It wouldn't be the same if I didn't dance with you at least once.

Manny-  I thought you were going with Paige.

Craig-  I am.  But, I want to have at least one dance with people who matter to me.  (Manny smiles.)

Manny-  I'll think about it.

Craig-  Don't think, just come to the dance.  (Manny smiles.  Craig smiles.  He waves.)  I'll see you there.  (He drives off.  Manny stands and stares off.)


[At Emma's house...]

(The doorbell rings and Emma walks to the door.  She opens it.  It's Jimmy...)

Jimmy-  You look amazing.

Emma-  Thanks.  You look great too.

Jimmy-  Ready to go?

Emma-  Yeah.  (She smiles.)



(Students are at the dance, dancing, when Paige, Craig, Hazel and Hazel's date walk in...)

Hazel-  Senior prom.  Never thought we'd make it.

Craig-  You're not the only one.  (Craig, and Hazel's date walk further in while Paige stands still for a moment.  Hazel grabs her arm.)

Hazel-  You need to get in there.

Paige-  How could he just come back and offer something like that?

Hazel-  You're too good for him.  He doesn't deserve you.

Paige-  I know.  It's just...He's Matt.  I thought I loved him.

Hazel-  He didn't love you.  (Pauses.)  Just remember that okay.  He treated you bad.  He lied to you.  He hurt you.  (Paige nods.)  Let's go party.  (They walk into the dance.)


[On the other side of the dance...]

(J.T., Liberty, and Toby are standing around...)

J.T.-  So Toby, no date?

Toby- I told you I asked someone.  She'll be here.

J.T.-  Sure.  Sure.  I'll believe it when I see it.  In the meantime, I think I'll dance with my lady.  Care to dance?

Liberty-  I'd love to.  (Liberty and J.T. walk to the dance floor while Toby stands against the wall, staring at his watch.)



(Liberty, J.T., Hazel and her date, Emma and Jimmy, and several other students are dancing.  We see that Craig is dancing, but Paige is just standing...)

Craig-  Is everything okay?

Paige-  Yeah.  Just...You know what, I need to go to the washroom real quick.  I'll be right back.  (She leaves.  Craig walks over to the food table when he sees Manny walk in.  He walks over to her...)

Craig-  You came.

Manny-  Looks that way.  (She looks around the room.)

Craig-  Looking for someone?

Manny-  More like making sure someone isn't here.

Craig-  The ex?

Manny-  Yeah.  (Pauses.)  Where's Paige?

Craig-  Washroom.

Manny-  Oh.

Craig-  Do you want to dance?

Manny-  Are you sure that Paige won't get mad?

Craig-  We're just friends.  And so are me and Paige.  (Manny smiles.  They step on to the dance floor and start to slow dance.)



(Paige walks outside of the building and sits down on the steps.  She wipes tears from her eyes.  She looks up and sees Matt walking towards her.  Paige stands up...)

Paige-  What are you doing here?

Matt-  I couldn't just leave things how they were.  I miss you.  I want you back.  I want to be with you.

Paige-  You hurt me.  You hurt me so bad.

Matt-  I never meant to hurt you.  Never.  (He hugs her.  Paige pushes him away.)

Paige-  No.  I'm not doing this anymore.

Matt-  What?  Doing what?

Paige-  Letting you talk me out of anything.  You told me you and Charlie were just friends.  You told me you were just trying to be a good friend.

Matt-  I was.

Paige-  But you lied to me about so much of it.  I let you talk me out of any of my doubts.  I can't do that anymore.  I can't set myself up for you to hurt me again.

Matt-  Paige, I don't want to hurt you anymore.  I just want to be with you.  (He kisses her.)  I love you.  (Paige starts to cry.)  Don't cry.  I don't want to hurt you.  I just want to be with you.

Paige-  You're ruining my prom.

Matt-  I just want to talk to you.

Paige-  I know.  But I don't want to talk to you.  (She starts to walk back in, but Matt walks in front of her and stops her.)

Matt-  Come on.  Let me just talk to you for like five minutes.  After five minutes, I'll walk out of your life forever if you want me to.


[Back inside the dance...]

(The song ends and the DJ starts to say something...)

Manny-  Thanks for the dance Mr. Manning.

Craig-  Any time Ms. Santos.  (Manny sees Peter walk into the dance.  She quickly starts to walk away.  Craig looks confused and follows her...)


[Outside the dance...]

(Craig follows Manny...)

Craig-  Manny!  Manny!  (Craig catches up to Manny...)  What's up with that?

Manny-  What?

Craig-  You just leave in the middle of a conversation.

Manny-  I thought we were done talking.

Craig-  Is something wrong?

Manny-  Wrong?  Why would you think something’s wrong?

Craig-  You look like you're about to cry.  (Manny tries to fight back the tears.)  What?

Manny-  I saw Peter.

Craig-  Your ex?

Manny-  Yeah.

Craig-  So?

Manny-  I didn't want to see him.

Craig-  Wow.  He must have really broken your heart.  (Manny shakes her head.  Craig tries to hug her, but she pushes him away.)  What...

Manny-  He tried to rape me.

Craig-  He what?

Manny-  He didn't.  He wanted to have sex, and I said no.  And he tried to make me.  (Craig looks furious.)  Craig.  No!  (She chases after him.  She grabs on to his shirt and he stops.)

Craig-  He deserves to be punished.

Manny-  I kneed him.

Craig-  You don't need him.

Manny-  No.  I used my knee and hit him in the...

Craig-  Oh.  Wow.  Ow.

Manny-  I just...I haven't talked to him since, and frankly I'm a little scared of what he might do.

Craig-  I'll take care of him.

Manny-  Craig, no.  I think that might just make it worse.  (Craig tries to walk back into the dance.)  No.  I'm fine.  Don't do anything to him.  I just can't face him yet.  That's all.

Craig-  He just can't go unpunished.

Manny-  I filed a report.  He'll be punished.  I don't want you to get arrested for assault.  So just chill out and forget I said anything, okay?  (Craig doesn't respond.)  Okay?  (Craig nods.  Manny hugs him.  Craig hugs her back.)


[Back inside the dance...]

(Alex and Spinner walk in...)

Spinner-  I thought you said dances would be lame.

Alex-  I did.  But that doesn't matter.  It's senior year.  I only get to do this once.

Spinner-  In that case, do you want to dance?

Alex-  Sure.  (They walk out on to the dance floor and start to dance to a slow song.)


[On the other side of the dance...]

(Toby is still standing against the wall when Darcy walks over to him...)

Toby-  You made it.  I was starting to think that you weren't going to show up.

Darcy-  You didn't get my message?

Toby-  You're message?  (Jay walks over and puts his hand around Darcy.)

Darcy-  You said we were just going to go as friends.  Jay offered to take me as a date.  I figured you'd understand.

Toby-  Oh.

Darcy-  Sorry Toby.  (She walks away.)

Jay-  Sorry Toby.  (He walks over to Darcy and they start to dance.  Toby looks on sadly.  J.T. walks over.)

J.T.-  Where's your date Toby?

Toby-  I don't want to talk about it.

J.T.-  I knew it.  I knew you were making it up.

Toby-  Whatever man.  (He walks away.)



(Paige walks back into the dance.  She walks over to Hazel...)

Paige-  Matt just came by.

Hazel-  How did he know you were here?

Paige-  Maybe because I told him I was getting ready for prom?

Hazel-  What did he say?  You're not going back with him, are you?

Paige-  No.  No.

Hazel-  What happened?

Paige-  I'm still not quite sure.  (Paige looks to the other side of the dance and sees that Craig and Manny are talking.)  What's my date doing talking to his ex-girlfriend?

Hazel-  How should I know?  (Pauses.)  Wait a second.  I thought you two were just friends.

Paige-  I need to regain the confidence Matt killed.  I don't need to be with a friend right now.


[On the other side of the dance...]

(Manny and Craig are sitting, talking...)

Manny-  So, I totally just didn't even realize it, but my skirt was doing this flipping thing and everyone could see my underwear.

Craig-  Oh man.  (Laughs.)  That's awful.

Manny-  Totally tragic.  To this day, that's probably one of my most embarrassing moments.

Craig-  One of?

Manny-  Everyday of my life is an embarrassment.  (They laugh.  Paige walks over.)

Paige-  Hey Manny.  Craig, could we have a word?

Craig-  Sure.  (He gets up and walks outside the dance hall with Paige.)  What's up?  (Paige pushes him against the wall and passionately kisses him.)  I thought we were just friends.

Paige-  Sorry.  Stupid to think you would think of me otherwise.  This is so embarrassing.

Craig-  No.  I do think of you...When I asked you, I was kind of hoping we would go as a date, not as friends.

Paige-  Oh?

Craig-  Yeah.  (Paige smiles.  She pulls a key out of her purse.)

Paige-  That's the beauty of having prom at a hotel.  Easy access to rooms and no threat of parental interruptions.  You in?

Craig-  Um...Sure.

Paige-  Um...Sure?  Don't tell me you went to prom with me just so you could hook up again with your slutty ex-girlfriend.  (He grabs the key from Paige.)

Craig-  You're way too paranoid.  (Looks at the key.)  Room 219?  Let's go.  (They walk towards the elevator.  The elevator door opens and they walk in.  The door shuts.)


[Back in the dance...]

(Dylan and Marco are dancing...)

Marco-  Hey Dylan, what do you think of Ellie?

Dylan-  Ellie?  She's cool.  Little uptight sometimes, but nice.  Why?

Marco-  Just like to know what my man thinks of my friends.  (Pauses.)  I need to tell you something.  (Liberty walks over to Marco.  She tugs on his shirt.)  What?  I'm kind of in the middle of something Liberty.

Liberty-  And we kind of need to crown king and queen.

Marco-  Oh.  (They start walking to the stage.  Dylan looks concerned.)



(Spinner and Alex are dancing when Jay and Darcy start dancing toward them.  Alex notices them and gives Jay a mean look.  Jay bumps into Alex and she falls to the ground.)

Jay-  Oops.  (Alex stands up and grabs Spinner's hand.)

Alex-  Come on boyfriend.  Let's go.  (They start to walk away.  Alex turns around and gives Jay a mean look.)


[On stage...]

(Liberty walks to the microphone and taps on it...)

Liberty-  Attention!  Attention Degrassi students!  (Pauses.)  It's been another great year.  And we'd like to end it just right by announcing this year’s king and queen.

Marco-  You guys elected them.  So, let's go ahead and tell you, shall we?

Liberty-  (Puts her hand on the microphone.)  That's not how we rehearsed it.

Marco-  Work with me Liberty.  (Grabs the microphone.)  Our king this year is...(Opens an envelope.)  Jimmy Brooks.  (The crowd cheers.  Jimmy comes up to the stage and they put on his crown.)  And our queen is...(Liberty opens an envelope.)

Liberty-  Hazel Aden.  (Hazel looks stunned.  She walks up to the stage and they put her crown on.  Hazel looks at Jimmy and smiles.)

Hazel-  Together again.

Jimmy-  Yeah.  (She grabs his hand and smiles.)



(Paige and Craig are making out on a bed...)

Paige-  Do you have a condom?

Craig-  What?

Paige-  You heard me.  (Pauses.)  Do you?

Craig-  Don't leave home without it.  (Paige smiles and starts to unbutton his shirt...)


[On the street...]

(Toby is walking down the street.  He sees some guys standing at the corner.  He walks over to them...)

Toby-  Hey.  (Pauses.)  You guys have anything?

Guy #1-  You a cop?

Toby-  No.  No.

Guy #2-  I think he's a cop.

Toby-  No.  I'm not.  I just need something.  Anything.  What do ya got?

Guy #1-  I don't know.  I'm not trusting you.

Toby-  I have $300.

Guy #1-  What can I do for you?  (Toby smiles.)


[Outside the dance...]

(Spinner and Alex are sitting on the stairs outside the dance...)

Spinner-  This was fun.

Alex-  Sure.

Spinner-  I'm really glad we went together.

Alex-  (Forced.)  Me too.  (Spinner kisses her.)

Spinner-  I got to go use the washroom.  Then we'll go back to my place and do stuff.

Alex-  Sure.  (Spinner smiles and walks back into the dance.  Alex pulls out a cigarette and puts it in her mouth.  She searches her purse for a lighter.  Someone sits down next to her with their lighter lit.  Alex lights the cigarette.)  Thanks.  (She then looks up and see that it's Jay.)  Oh.  Nevermind.

Jay-  You can't hate me forever.

Alex-  Why not?

Jay-  Come on.  I'm sorry.  I miss you.  What more do you want?

Alex-  I want nothing to do with you.  (She puts her cigarette out and starts to walk away.  Jay follows her.)

Jay-  Come on Alex.  We were great together.  You know when it was good, it was great.  (Alex turns around.)

Alex-  And when it was bad, it was horrible.  So bad, that I didn't want to see you.  I didn't want to get up in the morning.  You made my life miserable.

Jay-  We could make it work.  It'll be different this time.  I promise.  (Alex doesn't say anything.  Jay walks up to her.)  I swear to you, I'll make it work.  (He passionately kisses her.  She pushes him away.)

Alex-  Get over yourself.  I have a boyfriend.  I'm over you.

Jay-  Then why did we sleep together when you had your boyfriend?

Alex-  You were drunk.  You don't know what happened.

Jay-  I know what happened.  You want me.  I know you do.  Stop fighting it.

Alex-  You stop fighting it.  You just want me back because you can't have me.  (Spinner walks back out.)  I have to go.  (She walks towards Spinner and kisses him.)  Let's go.  (She smiles.  She looks back at Jay and gives him a mean look.)


[Monday at school...]

(Students are outside of Degrassi.  We see Craig sitting on a bench when Manny walks over to him...)

Manny-  Thanks for the other night.  I was just really...Thanks.

Craig-  No problem.

Manny-  I would appreciate it if you would just keep it between us though.  I don't want things getting complicated.  I'm handling it.

Craig-  Sure.  (Manny smiles when Paige walks over and gives Craig a hug and a kiss and sits down next to him.)

Paige-  Manny.

Manny-  Hey Paige.  I didn't realize you two were a couple.

Craig-  Oh...

Paige-  Prom night does strange things to us.

Manny-  Yeah.  I guess so.  (Manny walks away.)


[Inside the school...]

(Jimmy is in the cafeteria when Emma walks over...)

Emma-  Hey.

Jimmy-  Hey.

Emma-  I just wanted to say thanks for the other night.  I had a great time.

Jimmy-  Me too.  (Emma smiles.  She starts to walk away.)  Wait!  Emma!  (She turns around and walks back over.)  Would you maybe want to do something some time?

Emma-  Sure.  I'd love to.  (She smiles.  Jimmy smiles back.  Emma walks away.)

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