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520 Until the Real Thing Comes

The school year is coming to a close, which means Toby's jail sentence is swiftly approaching. Will he be able to face the consequences? Craig is with Paige, but does he still want Manny?

[Last Day of Exams...]

(Some students are studying while we see Paige and Craig walking down the hall hand and hand...)

Paige-  Did you ever think we'd see the day?

Craig-  Nope.  It's finally here.  Last day of exams.  Last day of school.

Paige-  Just think.  Three days from now, we'll be graduates of Degrassi Community School.  (The bell rings.)  Media Immersion Exam time.  Wish me luck.

Craig-  Good luck.

Paige-  Not like that.  (Paige grabs him and kisses him.)  Like that.  (Craig smiles.)  See ya.  (Paige walks off.  We see Manny in the distance looking at them.  Craig looks at her and smiles meekly.  She walks away.)




[At Joey's...]

(Joey is about to leave.  He grabs his newspaper and opens the door.  Caitlin is standing outside...)

Caitlin-  Surprise.  (pauses.)  I'm back.  (pauses.)  Say something.

Joey-  I'm late for work.  (He tries to walk out past her, but she grabs his arm.)

Caitlin-  I was going to call.

Joey-  So, why didn't you?  (Caitlin doesn't respond.)  We had a great night and then you just leave without a reason?

Caitlin-  I left for a very good reason.

Joey-  Like what?

Caitlin-  Craig said something to me and it made me realize how I was treating you.

Joey-  What did he say?

Caitlin-  I believe his exact wording was "lap dog" and "yanking you on a chain."

Joey-  What?

Caitlin-  He didn't want to see you get hurt again.

Joey-  That doesn't...

Caitlin-  And it made me think about what feelings I really do have for you.

Joey-  And?

Caitlin-  And I wouldn't be here if I didn't love you.  (Pauses.)  I miss you Joey.  I love you.


[Back at school...]

(Students are starting to enter their class rooms.  Manny is walking down the hall when Craig walks over to her...)

Craig-  Hi.

Manny-  Hi.

Craig-  How are you?

Manny-  I'm okay.  (She pauses.)  What's with the formalities?

Craig-  Things are weird between us.  I don't like it.

Manny-  Things are weird between us because there was a spark and then you and Paige left together at prom.

Craig-  I'm sorry Manny...

Manny-  What are you sorry about?  She was your date.  That's what you're supposed to do.  (She nods and walks away.  Peter walks up to her.)

Peter-  You're pressing charges?

Manny-  You tried to rape me.

Peter-  I didn't do anything.  (We see Craig in the background watching.)

Manny-  My bruises say otherwise.

Peter-  You don't have any bruises.

Manny-  Yeah.  Forcing someone to the ground doesn't cause any bruises.  (She starts to walk away.  Peter walks after her.  He grabs her arm.)

Peter-  We're not done here.  (Craig walks up behind Peter and grabs his arm.)

Craig-  I think you are.

Peter-  This is between me and Manny.

Craig-  Now it's not.

Peter-  What's your deal?

Craig-  Dude, you need to back off.

Peter-  Make me.

Manny-  Stop.  You guys, don't do anything.  Just stop.  (Pauses.)  Craig, please.  Just don't do anything.  (Craig lets go of Peter's arm.  He starts to walk away.)

Peter-  Going to let a woman fight your battles?

Craig-  (Craig walks over and pushes him into a locker.)  You want to take this outside?  I'll take you down.

Peter-  I don't have time for this.  I got an exam to take.  (He walks away.)

Manny-  You didn't have to do that.

Craig-  You shouldn't have to put up with it.

Manny-  Thanks.  (She smiles.  Craig smiles back and the bell rings.)

Craig-  I better get to class.

Manny-  Me too.  (They leave.)


[In Mr. Simpson's class...]

(Snake is in front of the class...)

Mr. Simpson-  This being the final test of the year...

Paige-  (Raises her hand.)  Final test of our high school careers.

Mr. Simpson-  Sorry.  You're right.  Since this is the last test you'll have to take as a high school student, I decided to go easy on you guys.  100 questions instead of 150.  (The class groans.)  They’re all short answer.  (The class glares at him.)  Kidding.  All multiple choice.  Consider this my graduation gift to you.  (He's handing out the exams.  When Hazel raises her hand.)  No more questions Hazel.  The exam is out.

Hazel-  But there's a bald guy outside the window waving at you.  (Mr. Simpson turns around and sees that Joey is behind him.  He mouths the words "come out here.")

Mr. Simpson-  Just a second.  (He steps outside.)  I'm kind of in the middle of handing out a final exam.

Joey-  And I'm kind of in the middle of a crisis.

Mr. Simpson-  It can't wait?

Joey-  Caitlin's back.  She's back and she wants to be back together.

Mr. Simpson-  This can wait until I'm done with the exam.  (He starts to head back in, but Joey grabs his arm.)

Joey-  Snake, come on.  I'm desperate.  I don't know what to do.

Mr. Simpson-  You know what to do.  You just don't want to do it.

Joey-  What?

Mr. Simpson-  You know you should cut her off from you life, but you don't want to.  Because you're still in love with her.

Joey-  I'm not still in love with her.

Mr. Simpson-  You come and interrupt me while I'm handing out final exams, at my job.  No one does that unless they can't see what's really going on.  And you can't see what's really going on.

Joey-  What's really going on?

Mr. Simpson-  She yanks you on this chain and it's like you’re her lap dog or something.  Grow a pair and be a man for once.  Don't let her ruin your life anymore.  Ice princess.  Remember?  (He walks back into class.  Joey stands there for a moment, staring...)



(The bell rings and students start walking out of class.  We see Emma, Manny, Liberty, J.T., and Toby walking out of class...)

Emma-  Kwan's test get more brutal each year.

J.T.-  Got that right.

Liberty-  I didn't think it was too bad.  (They all glare at her.)  What?  I didn't.

Manny-  Whatever.  I say we go to the Dot to celebrate.  Who’s with me?

Liberty-  Not me.  I'm not feeling too well.

J.T.-  Something wrong honeybee.

Liberty-  Stomach flu or something.

J.T.-  I'll walk you home.

Liberty-  No.  It's okay.  Go celebrate.  Besides, I have some last minute things to take care of for the Grapevine.

Emma-  Isn't the Grapevine done for the year?

Liberty-  Preparations for next year.

Manny-  Emma?  Toby?  (Toby shakes his head.)

Emma-  Sure.

Manny-  Alright.  You don't know what you're missing out on.  (Emma and Manny walk out of Degrassi.  Liberty walks down the hall and J.T. and Toby stand in the hallway.)

J.T.-  You're quiet.

Toby-  (He walks out of Degrassi and J.T. follows after him.)  That final was what was keeping me out of jail.

J.T.-  What?

Toby-  My jail sentence starts up in a few days.  As soon as the school year officially ends, I'm in jail.

J.T.-  Totally forgot.  You okay man?

Toby-  No.  I don't know how I can handle it.  I don't know what I'm going to do.  I can't survive in jail.  I'm just a kid.  These guys in jail are scary.  I can't do it.

J.T.-  You have to.  What else can you do?  (Toby stops walking.  J.T. looks at him.)  What?

Toby-  I can think of a few things.

J.T.-  Like what?

Toby-  Can't be in jail if I'm incapacitated.

J.T.-  Inca-what-it-tated?

Toby-  The answer to number three on the vocab portion of the exam.

J.T.-  Got that one wrong.

Toby-  Surprise, surprise.

J.T.-  But what does that have to do with you?

Toby-  Nothing.  Just thinking out loud.  (They walk away.)


[At the Dot...]

(Emma and Manny are sitting at a table...)

Emma-  You're awfully quiet.

Manny-  No...

Emma-  Yeah.  Something’s up.

Manny-  No.  (She smiles.)

Emma-  Then what's with that smile?

Manny-  Nothing.  No reason.

Emma-  So, I totally think I bombed Kwan's test...

Manny-  I think that Craig's still into me.

Emma-  What?

Manny-  I know.  It sounds crazy...

Emma-  Didn't he hit you?

Manny-  He didn't hit me.  He was freaking out.  And Joey said something about taking pills.  I don't know.

Emma-  You can't be seriously considering getting back together with him.

Manny-  No.  No.  He's with Paige.  It's just nice to be wanted by someone who likes you for you and not for sex.

Emma-  You had sex with him.  You didn't have sex with Peter.

Manny-  That's different.  (Jimmy comes over.)

Jimmy-  Hey Emma.  (He kisses her.)

Emma-  Hey.

Jimmy-  Sorry to interrupt.

Manny-  It's okay.

Jimmy-  Were we still going to go that movie?

Emma-  Oh.  Yeah.  Totally forgot.  Manny...

Manny-  Go.

Emma-  Thanks.  (Emma puts some money on the table.)  I'll call you later.  (Emma and Jimmy leave.  Manny is staring into space...)


[At Emma's house...]

(Spike and Jack are on the front porch when Caitlin walks up...)

Spike-  Caitlin?

Caitlin-  Hey Spike.  (She walks up to the porch and hugs Jack.)  Hey Jack.

Spike-  What are you doing here?

Caitlin-  I'm back.

Spike-  I can see that.

Caitlin-  No.  For good.

Spike-  Does Joey know?

Caitlin-  I went to see him first.

Spike-  And?

Caitlin-  I don't know.

Spike-  Um...You don't know?

Caitlin-  I went over there and I told him and we talked for like a minute, and then he had to go to work.  Not even like five minutes after I say hello, he leaves.

Spike-  He has bills to pay.

Caitlin-  I know.  But shouldn't he have been more happy?

Spike-  I wouldn't read too much into it.  It's Joey.

Caitlin-  I know.  I just... I want it to work this time.  And, I didn't come back for a less than enthusiastic homecoming.

Spike-  I'm sure he's just surprised to see you.  That's all.

Caitlin-  I came here to give him my heart, I don't want him to break it.

Spike-  You're overreacting.  I'm sure he's excited to see you too.


[At Toby's house...]

(Toby is sitting in his room.  He is staring at the wall.  Ashley's mom walks in...)

Ashley's mom- Toby?  What are you doing?

Toby-  Nothing.

Ashley's mom-  I have to run out and do some errands.  You want me to get you anything while I'm out?

Toby-  No.  (Ashley's mom starts to walk out of the room, but she turns around.)

Ashley's mom-  I know you must be going through a rough time.

Toby-  Rough?

Ashley's mom-  With school ending and your sentence coming up.

Toby-  Oh.

Ashley's mom-  If you need to talk, I'm here.

Toby-  Yeah.  (Ashley's mom leaves the room.  Toby goes underneath his mattress and pulls out a baggie.  He puts it in his shirt pocket and leaves the room.)


[At Liberty's house...]

(Liberty is sitting on her bed when J.T. comes in her room...)

J.T.-  Knock knock knock.

Liberty-  What are you doing here?

J.T.-  You said you weren't feeling well.  So, I thought I'd stop by and bring you this.  (He hands her a bag.)

Liberty-  What is it?

J.T.-  Open it.  (Liberty opens it and pulls out a can of chicken soup.)

Liberty-  That's very sweet of you.  Thanks.

J.T.-  Feeling any better?

Liberty-  Yeah.  Yeah.

J.T.-  Good.  (Pauses.)  What does incapacitated mean?

Liberty-  Somebody didn't study the vocabulary.

J.T.-  Toby said it and I didn't know what he meant.

Liberty-  Prevent from functioning in a normal way.

J.T.-  That can't be good.

Liberty-  Why?

J.T.-  He said he can't go to jail if he's incapadelated.

Liberty-  Incapacitated.  And that's true.

J.T.-  You don't think he would do anything to himself, do you?

Liberty-  It's Toby.  What's he going to do?

J.T.-  Yeah.  (He walks to a door.)  Bathroom.  (He exits the room.)

Liberty-  How is he taking the jail thing anyway?  I couldn't imagine well.  (J.T. rushes out of the bathroom holding a pregnancy test box.)

J.T.-  What's this?

Liberty-  You're digging through the trash?

J.T.-  It was sitting on top.  Did you take it?

Liberty-  Yeah.

J.T.-  What?

Liberty-  It's not a big deal.  I haven't been feeling well lately.  And I haven't gotten my period since we had sex.

J.T.-  Which time?

Liberty-  Three weeks ago.  I'm like two days late.  I panicked, okay?

J.T.-  Are you?

Liberty-  No.

J.T.-  Are you sure?

Liberty-  Yes.  I got it after I came home.  I was just late.

J.T.-  Were you ever going to tell me?

Liberty-  No.  (J.T. looks shocked.)  Why would I?  I'm not.

J.T.-  I don't know, so I could worry with you.  So I could be there to hold your hand.  Buy you the test.  Something.

Liberty-  It would have been my problem.

J.T.-  Would have been mine too.

Liberty-  You wouldn't have been the one who was pregnant.

J.T.-  Why are you being so selfish?

Liberty-  Maybe you should go.

J.T.-  Fine.  (He leaves.)


[Outside the Dot...]

(Manny is walking home when she sees Craig.  She starts to walk the other way, but Craig walks over to her...)

Craig-  Hey.

Manny-  Hey.  I was just about to go home.

Craig-  Oh.  Okay.

Manny-  Sorry.  That sounded rude.

Craig-  It's okay.  Just wanted to make sure everything was okay with you.

Manny-  It's alright.

Craig-  Peter still giving you a hard time?

Manny-  Yeah.  But, it's okay.  He'll get his day in court.

Craig-  When's the court date?

Manny-  Three weeks.

Craig-  Oh.

Manny-  Yeah.  Can't wait until it's over.  I keep having to relive the situation over and over again with the lawyer.

Craig-  At least you’re dealing with it.  Not letting him do it to anyone else.

Manny-  Yeah.  I keep telling myself that.  (Paige walks outside.)

Craig-  Ready to go?  Finally?

Paige-  Yeah.  (She glares at Manny.)  Let's go on our date.

Craig-  Okay.  (Paige puts her arm around Craig.)  See ya Manny.  (Paige and Craig walk away.  Manny stares.)



(Toby is walking down the street.  He sees some people hanging out in the park.  He hears a siren and turns around.  He sees a cop car behind him.  They are chasing down a car.  He stares at it.  Spinner walks up behind him...)

Spinner-  Hey Toby.  (Pauses.)  What's going on?

Toby-  Don't talk to me.  (He starts to walk away.  Spinner follows him.)

Spinner-  Come on.  No one talks to me.

Toby-  Why should I?

Spinner-  I don't know.  I saw you alone at prom.  I figured you knew what it would be like to be an outcast.

Toby-  I'm not an outcast.

Spinner-  And I'm not the most hated kid in school.

Toby-  Telling me I'm a loser isn't going to make me talk to you.

Spinner-  Sorry.  I just...I'm desperate man.

Toby-  So you want to hang out with the school loser?

Spinner-  No.  But the school loser is more likely to hang out with the school reject.  (Toby stops walking.  He turns around.)

Toby-  I don't want to hang out.  I don't want to do anything with you, or anyone else.  You think you have it rough?  You think that just because you paralyzed your best friend your life is over?  At least you don't have to serve time.  At least you didn't get charged with something and have to go to jail.

Spinner-  Jail?

Toby-  Yeah.  Jail.  That's what happens when you actually paralyze someone.  Not just sort of make someone else do it.

Spinner-  When do you start?

Toby-  Next week.  Serve for three months.

Spinner-  You freaked yet?

Toby-  Yeah.  So freaked...So freaked that I...I bought this...(He pulls out a baggie.)

Spinner-  Is that...

Toby-  Speed.  Bought it on the street prom night.

Spinner-  You do speed?

Toby-  Not yet.  About to.

Spinner-  Sure.  Right.  Yeah.

Toby-  You don't believe me?

Spinner-  In a word?  No.

Toby-  You want to join me?

Spinner-  Nah man.  I'm good.

Toby-  More for me.  (Toby starts to walk away.)

Spinner-  Toby!  (Toby turns around.)  Wait up.  (He runs over to him and they walk down to the ravine.)



(Caitlin is sitting on the step in front of Joey's house.  Joey walks up...)

Joey-  Hey.

Caitlin-  Hey.

Joey-  Been waiting here long?

Caitlin-  Longer than you could ever imagine.  (She stands up.)

Joey-  What do you want from me Caitlin?  I tell you I love you.  We get engaged, and then you leave me.  Am I just supposed to forget that?

Caitlin-  (Tears build in her eyes.)  You always knew that we were meant to be together.  I was never sure.  I was always afraid.  But not anymore.  I missed you Joey.  I love you.  I always have.  I just...I can't imagine living without you anymore.

Joey-  Are you just going to leave me again in six months?

Caitlin-  Joey...

Joey-  I'm tired of putting my heart out there and you just stomping on it.  I've been through a lot.  I love you, but I don't know if I can do this anymore.

Caitlin-  Joey...I don't want to hurt you anymore.  (She hugs him.  He hugs her back.  Joey starts to cry.  Caitlin starts to cry.)  I quit my job in L.A.  I did it for you.  I missed you too much.  The way you make me laugh.  The way you make me smile.  Everything about you.

Joey-  I missed you too.  I don't think I can do it though.  I don't want to be out there and smashed down.  I don't think I can.

Caitlin-  Joey...

Joey-  You have no idea how hard this is for me Caitlin.  I want to be with you.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  I just...I have to do the smart thing.  I've been thinking with my heart for too long now.  I can't do it.  (Caitlin kisses him.)

Caitlin-  I'm trying.  Can't you let me try again?  (They kiss.)


[In the woods...]

(Toby and Spinner are sitting in the woods on the ground.  Toby pulls out some pills and has them sit in his hand...)

Spinner-  Why are you doing speed?

Toby-  It was the most expensive thing the guy had.  Always wanted to try it.  Just something about it.  Plus, I don't think I could commit suicide if I weren't high on something.

Spinner-  Suicide?

Toby-  I didn't say that.  I...I'm...

Spinner-  Your thinking about suicide?

Toby-  I don't know why I offered you drugs.  That was stupid of me.  I paid for them, why should I waste them on you?

Spinner-  Toby, suicide isn't a good idea.

Toby-  You've never thought about it?

Spinner-  Toby, your life can't be that bad.

Toby-  You know how bad your life's been in the past year?

Spinner-  Vaguely.

Toby-  Multiply that by like 20.  I put some guy in a coma.  I put my parents out thousands of dollars.  I have to serve time in jail.

Spinner-  At least you have friends and family that care about you.  (Toby shakes his head.)

Toby-  You don't get it.  (He starts to walk away.  Spinner follows him.)

Spinner-  Toby...Toby!  Wait up!

Toby-  No.  (Spinner runs up to him.  He grabs him on the shoulder and Toby pushes him off.)

Spinner-  What are you doing?

Toby-  Nothing.

Spinner-  How is speed supposed to help you commit suicide?  Have you even thought this through?

Toby-  Yeah.  No.  I...

Spinner-  Come on Toby.  You know you don't want to do this.  So, you have to go to jail for a little while, it's not that big of a deal.

Toby-  Not that big of a deal?  Not that big of a deal?  (He starts shaking his head and crying.)  It's a huge deal.  It's a huge...(Toby sits down on the ground, and puts his head in his hands.  Spinner sits down next to him.  Toby looks at him.)  It's a huge deal.  (Toby stands up and walks away.  Spinner gets up to follow him, but Toby starts running.  Spinner stops running and looks concerned.)



(Craig and Paige are kissing on the couch in the garage.  Paige stops...)

Craig-  Something wrong?

Paige-  I really got to get going.

Craig-  What's your rush?

Paige-  I have some things to take care of before graduation.  Dress shopping.  Shoe shopping.  Shopping.

Craig-  Lots of shopping.

Paige-  Yeah.  Plus I told Marco I'd help him with his speech.

Craig-  That's so cool he's valedictorian.

Paige-  I know.  He's so excited about it.  It's adorable.  Plus, with all of the stuff that's going on with him and Ellie lately.

Craig-  What?  Him sleeping with her?

Paige-  Yeah, and the whole pregnancy thing.

Craig-  Pregnancy?  (Paige gasps.)

Paige-  I so didn't just mean to say that.

Craig-  Who’s pregnant?

Paige-  I didn't tell you.  You have to swear that you won't tell anyone.

Craig-  How?  Didn't he use a condom?

Paige-  It broke or slipped off or something.  My theory is that he was nervous about the whole thing and didn't put it on right.

Craig-  What's she going to do?

Paige-  She's going to have it.

Craig-  She's going to raise the kid?

Paige-  I don't know.  I don't know what she's doing.  You just have to promise me you won't say anything.

Craig-  Sure.  (Paige kisses him.)

Paige-  I'll see you later.  (She smiles and leaves.)


[Inside Joey's...]

(Joey and Caitlin are sitting on the couch together when Craig walks in from the garage.)

Craig-  Hey Joey, do we have any toothpicks....Caitlin?

Caitlin-  Hey Craig.  (She gets up and gives him a hug.)

Craig-  What are you doing here?

Caitlin-  I'm back.

Craig-  Back in town...

Joey-  Back for good.

Craig-  Seriously?

Caitlin-  Yeah.  I just got a job in town.

Joey-  Isn't that great Craig?

Craig-  Yeah.  Sure.  (He leaves the room.)


[Later at the Dot...]

(Paige is sitting at a table when Manny walks in and walks over to Paige...)

Manny-  Is this about spirit squad?  I know I was late to practice last week.  But I had a good excuse.  I don't think that should affect your decision for leader.

Paige-  No.  It's about something else.  (Manny sits down.)

Manny-  Okay.

Paige-  What's going on with you and Craig?

Manny-  What?  Nothing.

Paige-  Come on.  It's just us.

Manny-  You're dating him.  Nothing's going on.

Paige-  He was dating Ashley when you two started your little fling.

Manny-  I don't make the same mistake twice.

Paige-  I see the way you two look at each other.  How you were talking to each other earlier.

Manny-  We're just friends.

Paige-  Well, just in case you think of being anything other than friends, remember that he has a girlfriend.  (She gets up and walks away.)

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