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521 Too Late for Goodbyes (Part One)

Part one of the Season Finale. You'll never guess what happens.


(People are setting up chairs.  Mrs. H and Marco are standing on the stage...)

Mrs. H-  So, after I introduce you, you give your speech.  Which I have yet to review.

Marco-  I'm putting on the finishing touches. 

Mrs. H-  The deadline was Friday.

Marco-  I know.  I'm a perfectionist.  I want it to be perfect.

Mrs. H-  Make sure this piece of perfection is on my desk no later than tomorrow morning.

Marco-  Sure thing.  (Mrs. H leaves the stage.  Paige is standing on the other side of the gym.  Alex walks over to her.)

Alex-  It's not polite to stare.

Paige-  Go crawl back in the hole you came out of.

Alex-  Clever.

Paige-  Just because you think you’re better than everyone else doesn't mean you are.  (Paige stares at Craig who is standing outside the doors, talking with Manny.)

Alex-  Oh.  Craig and Manny.  Scandalous.

Paige-  It is when I'm dating him.

Alex-  What?

Paige-  Excuse me.  (Paige walks toward Craig and Manny.  She puts her arms around Craig.)  Why is it that you smell so good?

Craig-  You got me.

Manny-  Hey Paige.

Paige-  You're a Grade 11, right?

Manny-  Yeah.  You know that.

Paige-  Today is for Grade 12s only.  Maybe you should leave.  (To Craig.)  We should get back in the gym.  Rehearsal is about to start.  (They walk back into the gym.  Manny looks upset.)




[Outside Degrassi...]

(Ellie is sitting at a picnic table when Marco walks over to her...)

Marco-  Hey.

Ellie-  Hey.

Marco-  Graduation rehearsal is about to start.

Ellie-  I know.

Marco-  Are you not coming?

Ellie-  I don't know.

Marco-  Why don't you know?

Ellie-  I don't think I can handle it.

Marco-  Handle what?  It's just standing there.

Ellie-  I feel like everyone is staring at me.

Marco-  What?

Ellie-  It feels like everyone knows.  Everyone's staring at me.

Marco-  No one knows.  And even if they did, who cares?  It's none of their business.

Ellie-  I know.  It's not their business.  But I don't want anyone to know.

Marco-  I'm not telling anyone.

Ellie-  It's not you I'm worried about.  (Ellie glares at the entrance of Degrassi.  Paige is standing there with Hazel.)

Marco-  She wouldn't tell anyone.  At least, I don't think she would, at least not on purpose.  (Ellie stands up and walks away.  Marco follows her.)



(Emma and Liberty are sitting at the Dot...)

Emma-  I can't believe we’re seniors.

Liberty-  Not yet.  We still have to start school.  Remember?

Emma-  It's a done deal.  We passed.  We're going to be seniors.

Liberty-  It is exciting.

Emma-  Do you think other people have to deal with as much drama as we have during high school?

Liberty-  They had to have.  Otherwise we're the most cursed school in the history of the world.

Emma-  Yeah.  Well, we only have to put up with one more year of this, and then we're done.  Out of here forever.

Liberty-  Except for university.

Emma-  Great.  Thanks for reminding me.  (J.T. walks into the Dot.  He looks at Liberty.  Liberty looks at him.  Emma turns around to see J.T.  She waves.  J.T. walks to the counter, where Spinner is.)  What's with him?

Liberty-  I'll be right back.  (Liberty walks towards the counter.)

J.T.-  (To Spinner.)  Cola.  (Liberty walks up next to J.T.  J.T. looks at her.)  To go.  (Spinner nods and walks away.)

Liberty-  You can't ignore me forever.  I'm your girlfriend.

J.T.-  Are you?

Liberty-  I didn't realize you broke up with me.

J.T.-  Lying tends to break people up.

Liberty-  What's your deal?  It's not like I lied to you about cheating or something.  It's not like I wasn't going to tell you if I was.  It's over with.  If you think about it, I didn't even lie to you.  I just never said anything.  Why does it bother you?

J.T.-  You hide the fact that you thought you were pregnant.

Liberty-  I wanted to make sure.

J.T.-  But I'm your boyfriend.  I want to help.  Why should you have to suffer if it was both of ours?  (Spinner hands J.T. a cup.  J.T. gives Spinner some money.)  Keep the change.  (J.T. leaves.)


[Back at school...]

(Students are sitting in the gymnasium watching Mrs. H on stage...)

Mrs. H-  So just make sure you guys don't miss your cue.  We want to look professional.  (In the audience, we see Jimmy sitting next to Hazel.)

Hazel-  This is so lame.

Jimmy-  You think this is lame?  At least you didn't have to be here three hours early to listen to Marco bumble through a speech he hasn't finished yet.  (Hazel laughs a little.)

Hazel-  He didn't finish it yet?

Jimmy-  He didn't start it yet.  Hatzilakos is on him to give her the final copy for approval, and he's nowhere close to having anything to give her.  (Hazel laughs.  She smiles at Jimmy.)  What?

Hazel-  How are you?

Jimmy-  I'm alright.  Things are going good.

Hazel-  Good.

Jimmy-  How about you?

Hazel-  I'm okay.  I'm okay.  How's Emma?  Are you two...

Jimmy-  Yeah.  We...uh...we're dating.

Hazel-  That's good.

Jimmy-  How about you?  Are you still going out with that Derek guy?

Hazel-  Uh...yeah.  Sure.

Jimmy-  We should double sometime.

Hazel-  Yeah.  I'd like that.



(Paige is sitting next to Craig.  Craig puts his arm around Paige while they are watching Mrs H....)

Craig-  Maybe we could go back to my place after this. 

Paige-   (Coldly.)  Maybe.

Craig-  Maybe?

Paige-  You want to tell me what's going on with you and Manny?

Craig-  Nothing.  Why would you think something's going on?

Paige-  Because you're talking with her like all of the time now.  Like flirting.  And you guys have all of that history.

Craig-  Nothing's going on.  I like you.  I'm into you.  (He kisses her.)



(Jay is sitting in the park when Alex walks over to him...)

Alex-  Hey.

Jay-  Hey.

Alex-  I got your message.  What's the big thing you have to tell me?  You're still into me?

Jay-  No.

Alex-  Oh.  That's a relief.  (She sits down next to him.)  I was afraid I'd have to deal with you for like ever.

Jay-  You know how we broke up?

Alex-  Vaguely.

Jay-  You know how we had sex after we broke up?

Alex-  Don't remind me.

Jay-  We use a condom?

Alex-  What kind of a question is that?

Jay-  Just answer me.

Alex-  I don't really remember. 

Jay-  What do you mean you don't remember?

Alex-  You don't remember.

Jay-  I was drunk.  I shouldn't have to remember.

Alex-  It was like forever ago.  I tried to block it.  I went off the pill after I broke up with you, but I started back on it when I thought Spinner might be into having sex.  I can't remember if that was before or after you.  Why?  You pregnant?  (She laughs.)

Jay-  I slept with someone before I slept with you again.

Alex-  Why does that not surprise me?

Jay-  She has AIDS.

Alex-  What?

Jay-  I have AIDS.  (Alex doesn't say anything.)  Say something.  Anything.

Alex-  (She stands up.)  Damn it Jay.  (She tears up.)  Even when you're not screwing me, you're screwing everything up.  (She walks off.)



(Manny and Emma are sitting outside...)

Manny-  Paige hates me.

Emma-  That doesn't surprise me.

Manny-  She thinks I'm trying to steal Craig from her.

Emma-  You're not?

Manny-  I don't want to steal him from anyone.

Emma-  I know.

Manny-  This is all Peter's fault.

Emma-  How is this Peter's fault?  You broke up with him, yes?

Manny-  He tried to rape me Em.

Emma-  What?

Manny-  He tried to force me to have sex.  I wouldn't do it.  (She starts to tear up.)  He was grabbing me.  He wouldn't let me leave.

Emma-  You need to report him.  You can't let him get away with this.

Manny-  I'm not.  I did.  I took care of it.

Emma-  What do you mean you took care of it?

Manny-  I went to the police.  I have a court date set up.  I'm pressing charges.

Emma-  Why didn't you tell me?

Manny-  I was embarrassed.  Plus we had school stuff to deal with.  Prom.  Everything.  Just never found the right time.

Emma-  You should have told me.

Manny-  I know.

Emma-  So, if Peter tried to rape you, how does Craig factor into it?

Manny-  I ran into him before prom.  He convinced me to go.  And while Paige went off to do who knows what, I told Craig what happened.  He's been great ever since.  He's been really helpful, sweet, supportive.

Emma-  He's dating Paige.

Manny-  I know.  And, I told him we would never get back together.  Especially not after his little freak out that day in his garage.  I'm just so confused though.  I don't know what I want.

Emma-  Well, I don't think it matters what you want.  He's got a girlfriend.  Nothing you can do to change that.



(J.T. is sitting outside the Dot when Spinner walks over to him...)

Spinner-  Hey man.  (J.T. doesn't respond.)  I know you...listen, I'm not trying to be friends with you, or anything.  I just...Have you seen Toby since yesterday?

J.T.-  No.  (Pauses.)  Why?

Spinner-  I'm worried about him.

J.T.-  Why?

Spinner-  He was talking about killing himself.

J.T.-  He was?

Spinner-  Yeah.

J.T.-  He's probably just saying that because of the jail thing.  I'm sure it's just an empty threat.

Spinner-  He bought like $300 worth of speed.

J.T.-  What?

Spinner-  I'm worried.  He was in the ravine the other day, telling me about how he was thinking about it.  He ran off.  I haven't seen him since.

J.T.-  You don't think he'd actually do it, do you?

Spinner-  I don't know.

J.T.-  You said he was in the ravine?

Spinner-  Yeah.

J.T.-  I'll call his dad, and then we'll go in the ravine to look for him.  (Spinner nods.  They jog off.)


[At Craig's...]

(Paige and Craig are making out on the couch...)

Craig-  See?  You're the only one I'm into.

Paige-  You don't have to keep reminding me.  I believe you.  (They start to kiss again when Angie walks into the garage...)

Craig-  Angie!  Haven't you ever heard of knocking?

Angie-  Sorry.  Daddy wanted me to have you come in for dinner.

Craig-  I'm not hungry.

Paige-  It's okay.  I should probably get going.  Big night at the Michaelchuk household.  Dylan's coming by and telling my parents about Ellie.

Craig-  Why is he telling them?  It's not his kid.

Paige-  No.  But Dylan thinks that if Ellie's going to put it up for adoption, he'll adopt it.

Craig-  Doesn't he have like a year left of school?

Paige-  Dylan's the all-Canadian kid.  (She kisses him.)  I'll see you later.  (She leaves.  Angie is staring at Craig.)

Craig-  Can I help you?  (Angie shakes her head and leaves the room.)


[At the ravine...]

(We see Toby is walking.  He holds the baggie up and looks at it...)


[At Paige's house...]

(Paige and Dylan are sitting at the dinner table, with their parents...)

Dylan-  So, I mean, it's the perfect situation.  I wanted to have kids anyway.  And, it won't be like it's some stranger's kid, it'll be Marco's.

Mrs. Michaelchuk-  Dylan, do you hear what you're saying?  What if you and Marco don't end up together?  What if you two break up?

Dylan-  That would put a damper on my plan.  But, I'm planning to ask him to marry me.  (Paige looks shocked.)

Paige-  What?  (The phone rings.)

Mrs. Michaelchuk-  Paige, go get the phone.

Paige-  Just when it gets good?

Mrs. Michaelchuk-  Go get it now.  (Paige leaves the table.)

Dylan-  I'm not asking for your permission.  I'm asking for your blessing.  (Paige answers the phone.)

Paige-  Hello?

Hazel-  Hey.  I need to talk to you.

Paige-  It's not a good time.  Dylan just dropped a bombshell, and as we speak, I'm missing major freak out moments from my parents.

Hazel-  I think I'm still in love with Jimmy.

Paige-  What?

Hazel-  Should I tell him?

Paige-  Do you want to end up pregnant like Ellie?

Hazel-  What?

Paige-  Ellie told Marco she loved him and he went and had sex with her because he told his father that he was gay and he got kicked out.  Now she's pregnant.  Do you want to end up like that?  No.  So, don't tell Jimmy anything.  I gotta go.  I'll call you back later.  (She hangs up the phone and runs back into the dinning room.)


[In the ravine...]

(Toby is sitting staring into space.  He hears some footsteps.  He looks behind him.  He sees someone off in the distance.  He gets up and runs off.  J.T., Spinner, and Mr. Issacs walk to where Toby was sitting...)

J.T.-  Toby!  Toby!

Mr. Issacs-  I should have known something was up when he called and didn't tell us who's house he was spending the night at.

Spinner-  I should have chased after him.

Mr. Issacs-  You did what you could.  Let's just keep looking.  (They continue walking around...)


[The next day...]

(Hazel is sitting outside of Degrassi with Paige...)

Paige-  So, after I hung up with you,  I ran back into the room, and my parents were freaking out.  They were like furious with him.  They thought he was throwing his life away, making so many commitments so young.  Then he reminded them that they were his age when they had him.

Hazel-  Dylan was always good on his feet.

Paige-  I know.  They just...they were just furious about the whole thing.  (Marco walks over.)

Marco-  Hey.  (Paige and Hazel smile.)  What?

Paige-  Nothing.

Marco-  What?

Hazel-  Dylan's going to propose.  (Paige hits her.)

Paige-  Hazel.

Hazel-  Sorry.  You know I can't keep secrets.

Marco-  What?

Paige-  Hazel doesn't know what she's talking about.

Marco-  I think I'm going to hyperventilate.

Paige-  Marco, he might not.  He just said he was thinking about it.  He was thinking about a lot of things.

Marco-  Like what?

Paige-  Lots okay.  Just stuff.  What he's going to do about school.  What he's going to do about your school.  What he's going to do about the things going on in your life.

Marco-  Oh.

Paige-  It was just something he was thinking about.  And he might wait, see where things go from here.  See if you decided to go to Banting or not.

Marco-  Oh.

Hazel-  What would you say if he asked?

Paige-  Hazel.

Hazel-  What?  I'm curious.

Marco-  I got to go finish my speech.  I'll see you guys later.  (He walks off.)

Paige-  Could you be dumber?

Hazel-  I could have asked about Ellie's pregnancy.

Paige-  Keep it down.  He doesn't exactly want everyone to know about it.  Neither does she.

Hazel-  Well telling you wasn't exactly a smart thing to do if they want to keep it secret.

Paige-  We better get in for rehearsal.  (She gets up and walks in.)



(Alex is walking down the street when Jay's car pulls up to her and drives slowly along side her...)

Jay-  Come on Alex.  I called you like three times.  Talk to me.  Come on.

Alex-  I'm running late.

Jay-  I can give you a ride.

Alex-  I don't want a ride from you.

Jay-  Come on.  We need to talk.

Alex-  (She tears up.  She stops walking and Screams.)  Get away from me!

Jay-  I'm trying to do the right thing here.  Give me credit for that.

Alex-  The right thing would have been to not be a whore.

Jay-  I'm sorry.  I never meant to hurt you.

Alex-  Too late.  (She walks off.)


[At Emma's...]

(Emma is sitting in her room with Liberty...)

Liberty-  So, we'll have to show up at rehearsal tomorrow to run over what we have to do for the graduation.

Emma-  Sure.

Liberty-  And I still have to go over my changing of the guard speech with Mrs. Hatzilakos.

Emma-  Okay.

Liberty-  What's with the one word answers?

Emma-  Nothing.

Liberty-  Do you need to go to rehab again or something?

Emma-  I'm fine Liberty.  I'm worried about you and Manny.

Liberty-  What are you worried about?

Emma-  You two are friends.  And now you're just never going to speak to her again?

Liberty-  She didn't believe me about Peter.  She didn't believe that he was just in it for sex.  And when she figured it out on her own, she wouldn't own up to it.  I think she owes me the apology.

Emma-  You ever think that maybe she's embarrassed?  She knows she’s wrong.  She found out and feels stupid that she ever fell for him.  He tried to rape her, and you're just sitting her all smug because you knew and you were right.  How selfish are you?

Liberty-  He tried to rape her?

Emma-  Yeah.  And regardless if you knew or not, a real friend would be there for her.  (She leaves the room.)


[At graduation rehearsal...]

(Mrs. H is standing on the stage with Marco sitting down behind her...)

Mrs. H-  So we'll do one more rehearsal for today.  Then we'll meet here tomorrow for a rehearsal in the morning.  After that's completed, we'll meet again at 6 and then you will all graduate at 7.  (In the back of the gym, Alex sneaks into the gym and sits down in a seat next to Ellie...)

Ellie-  Cutting it a little close?

Alex-  I had things to take care of.  (Paige turns around.)

Paige-  Things that are more important than graduation?

Alex-  Up yours.  (Paige turns around toward the front.)

Ellie-  That's a little harsh, even coming from you.

Alex-  Jay's messing with me again.  I had to go do something.

Ellie-  Is everything okay?

Alex-  Oh things are just peachy.

Ellie-  Peachy?

Alex-  You need to back off a little.   (Mrs. H is at the podium.)

Mrs. H-  Okay.  After I do the introduction, I will then introduce our valedictorian.  Marco Del Rossi.  (Marco stands up and walks over to the podium.)

Marco-  Thank you Mrs. H.  I mean Mrs. Hatzilakos.  (He smiles.)  Students, teachers, parents, we're all gathered to celebrate the graduation of the class of 2006.  Blah blah blah.  Things were difficult but we managed to survive.  Yada yada yada.  Cheers to the class of 2006.  (He walks to his seat and sits down.)

Mrs. H-  Have you finished your speech yet?

Marco-  Yes.  But it's a work in progress, so I'm still tweaking it.

Mrs. H-  I want to see a final draft tonight.

Marco-  Sure.

Mrs. H-  Okay.  Now we will start introducing our graduates.  This is where A through Brooks will begin coming to the stage.  (Students starting heading towards the stage...)



(There are cop cars outside the Issacs-Kerwin house.  Toby's dad is sitting in the kitchen talking with police...)

Mr. Issacs-  He's really depressed about going to jail.  I'm not sure what's he capable or willing to do right now.

Police-  We've got police on the lookout for him.  We'll find him soon.


[At the dot...]

(Spinner is serving when J.T. walks in.  Spinner walks over to him...)

Spinner-  Find him yet?

J.T- No.  The police are looking for him.  They told me to go home and get some rest.

Spinner-  Oh.  (Pauses.)  Do you want some coffee or something?

J.T.-  Nah.  I'm good.  (Pauses.)  He didn't like do anything before he ran off did he?  I'm really worried about him.

Spinner-  He just told me his master plan and ran off.

J.T.-  You don't think he already did it, do you?

Spinner-  Nah.  He seemed too scared to actually do it.  (They are silent for a moment.)  You ever think about doing it?

J.T.-  What?  No.  Why?  Have you?  (Spinner doesn't answer.)  Have you?

Spinner-  (Silently.)  Yeah.

J.T.-  It doesn't solve anything.

Spinner-  I know.  I thought about it.  I don't want to.  I just thought about it.  (Pauses.)  I didn't say anything to Toby.  I think I should have.

J.T.-  What good would that have done?

Spinner-  I dunno.  I just can't stop thinking about what I could have done to stop him you know?

J.T.-  I'm not sure there's anything you could do.  (A phone rings.  J.T. pulls out a phone.)  It's Toby's dad.  (He picks up the phone.)  Hello?  (He starts to walk away from the counter.  He walks outside.  Alex walks inside.  She looks at Spinner.  Spinner tries to walk away, but Alex comes to the counter before he has a chance.)

Alex-  Hey.

Spinner-  I'll get you another waiter.

Alex-  I don't want a waiter.  I want to talk to you.

Spinner-  I don't want to talk to you.  (He starts to walk away.)

Alex-  I might have AIDS.  (Spinner stops walking.)  Will you come talk to me now?  (Pauses.)  Spinner.  Come on.  We need to talk.  (Spinner turns around.)

Spinner-  Are you kidding me?

Alex-  I went and took a rapid HIV test before rehearsal.

Spinner-  You're serious?

Alex-  Yeah.

Spinner-  (Softly.)  Did you get it...before...or after me?

Alex-  (Tears up.)  Before.

Spinner-  And then we never wore a condom.

Alex-  Nope.

Spinner-  You didn't wear a condom with the other guy?

Alex-  I don't remember.  It was so long ago.  I can't remember if I was on the pill yet or not.

Spinner-  Who was the other guy?

Alex-  Does it matter?

Spinner-  It was Jay wasn't it?

Alex-  Spinner, don't make this harder than it already is.

Spinner-  How long have you known?

Alex-  That Jay has it?  A day.

Spinner-  How long before you know if you have it?

Alex-  The result are usually ready in under an hour.

Spinner-  Are yours ready yet?

Alex-  Yeah.

Spinner-  Did you go yet?

Alex-  No.  (Pauses.)  I'm really scared.

Spinner-  I would be too.  You dirty whore.

Alex-  I sleep with one guy, and I'm a dirty whore?

Spinner-  You're diseased, aren't you?  You didn't use a condom, did you?

Alex-  Well, if I'm a dirty whore, what does that make you?  (She gets up and leaves.  J.T. walks back into the dot.  He walks over to Spinner.)

J.T.-  They found Toby.



(Ellie walks into her house and Marco walks in behind her...)

Marco-  I'm just saying you need to keep that appointment with the doctor.  (He shuts the door behind him.)  Pregnancy is a very complicated thing and I don't want anything to happen to you.

Ellie-  I'm aware of that Marco, but I'm not going to miss graduation rehearsal for a doctor's appointment.

Marco-  Doctor's appointments are legitimate excuses.

Ellie-  I don't want everyone asking me where I was.  In case you forgot, I don't want everyone knowing I'm pregnant.  (Ellie's mom walks out of the kitchen and looks at her.)

Ellie's mom-  Ellie?

Ellie-  (Shocked.)  Mom.  You're home?  I thought you had to work today.

Ellie's mom-  I got off early.  You care to explain?

Marco-  She doesn't know yet, does she?

Ellie-  Nope.


[At Craig's house...]

(Craig is sitting in his garage playing guitar when there is a knock on the door.  The door opens and Manny walks in.)

Manny-  It was unlocked.

Craig-  Oh.  Hey.  What's going on?

Manny-  I wanted to talk to you.

Craig-  Okay.  Let's talk.

Manny-  (She walks over and sits down next to him.)  This is the same couch isn't it?

Craig-  What?  (He looks down.)  Yeah...

Manny-  I don't like how things ended with us.

Craig-  You don't?

Manny-  No.  (Pauses.)  I don't know what happened after that time we went out, but I feel really badly about how I treated you.

Craig-  I should have explained.  I'm bipolar.  When I'm on my meds, I'm fine.  Just, I didn't take them that day or something.  Ashley always brings out the worst in me.

Manny-  You're bipolar?

Craig- Yeah.  I'm fine usually.  As long as I take my medicine, I'm good.  (Manny nods.)  I would never hurt you.  (Manny smiles.)

Manny-  I know you wouldn't.  (They are silent for a moment.  Manny leans in and kisses him.  Craig pulls away.)  Sorry.  I know I shouldn't have done that.  (pauses.)  I miss you.  I miss you a lot.  (Manny leans in again and they kiss again.)

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