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553 Love Plus One

The course of true love never did run smooth, but who said it had to be a disaster?

Emma and Liberty are driving down the road.  Emma is on the phone...

Emma-  Yeah mom.  Me and Liberty are just taking a drive to take our minds off of things.  I'll be home tomorrow.  (Pauses.)  We'll be fine.  (Pauses.)  Talk to you later.  (She hangs up.)

Liberty-  Where are we going?

Emma-  Wasaga.

Liberty-  Why?

Emma-  I don't know.

Liberty-  Wait, you're not...

Emma-  I don't know.

Liberty-  What about Jimmy?  Aren't you with him?

Emma-  We are.

Liberty-  Then why are you going-

Emma- (Interrupting.)  I don't know.

Liberty-  If you don't know then why are we going?

Emma-  Stop asking so many questions.  I have to concentrate on driving.  (Pauses.)  I saw Jimmy at the Dot the other day.  He was talking to Ashley.

Liberty-  Ashley Kerwin?  I thought she was in England.

Emma-  I guess not anymore because she was holding his hand.

Liberty-  That doesn't mean anything.

Emma-  It doesn't, but add that with the fact that we're hanging out less and less.  And he's not really there when we are hanging out.  (Pauses.)  If you could see the look in his eyes.  He still loves her.  And I'm not going to be the one who gets all the pity.  I'm not going to be the one that's rejected.  I'm going to be the one doing the rejecting.

Liberty-  You don't know he's going to dump you.

Emma-  Yeah.  (She pulls out her cell phone.)  Except he sent me a text message.  (She hands Liberty the phone.  She grabs it.)

Liberty-  (Reading off the phone)  "Emma, we need to talk."  (She hands her the phone.)  You're overreacting.

Emma-  Maybe.  (She is silent.)


[At Paige's House...]

(Paige and Hazel are sitting, watching television when Marco and Dylan walk in...)

Dylan-  And you guys are still here.

Paige-  Relax.  Mom and Dad are gone.  And me and Hazel were about to leave.  (Paige stands up.)

Hazel-  How was dinner?  (She stands up.)

Marco-  It was good.  The waiter spilled some sushi on Dylan, but it's all good.  They ended up comping the meal.

Hazel-  Always a plus.

Paige-  Oh.  Marco, Ellie stopped by. 

Marco-  She did?

Paige-  She said she needed to talk to you.

Marco-  Did she say what about?

Paige-  No.  She was just crying.  Said something about the doctor.  I don't know.  We better get going.  Movie starts in twenty minutes.  (Hazel and Paige leave.)

Dylan-  Now, where were we?

Marco-  I hate to do this, but...

Dylan-  Ellie?

Marco-  She's my best friend.

Dylan-  I know.

Marco-  (Kisses Dylan passionately.)  You're like the best boyfriend ever.

Dylan-  I better be the best fiancÚ too.

Marco-  You are.  (Marco leaves.  Dylan sits on the couch and turns on the TV.)


At Alex's house...

(Alex opens the door as she and Spinner are making out...)

Spinner-  You sure your mom isn't home?

Alex-  She's working the late shift tonight.  She won't be home until 3.  (Spinner and Alex continue making out as they walk into Alex's room.  They fall to Alex's bed.  Alex starts to unbutton her shirt.)

Spinner-  You sure you want to do this?

Alex-  I haven't had sex in three months.  What do you think?

Spinner-  Just with all that's happened.  You're sure you’re ready?

Alex-  This is not hot sex talk.

Spinner-  I'm just saying.

Alex-  Stop just saying and start doing me.  (They hear keys.)

Spinner-  I thought your mom wasn't going to be home until three.

Alex's mom-  Alex?

Alex-  (Starts buttoning up her shirt.)  Wait right here.  (She exits the room.  Spinner collapses on to the bed.  He looks at a window.)


Outside Alex's room...

(Alex walks out and sees her mom...)

Alex-  Hey mom.  What are you doing home so early?

Alex's mom-  We were slow so I took the rest of the night off.  I thought I'd come and spend some time with my daughter.  Make sure everything is okay with her.

Alex-  Yeah.  Everything's fine.  I'm just kind of tired.  Think I'm going to go to bed.

Alex's mom-  Oh.  Alright.  (Alex leaves the room.  She walks in to her room and shuts the door.  She turns on the light and sees that Spinner isn't there.  She looks and sees that her window is open.  She walks over and shuts it.  She sits down on her bed.)


In Craig's garage...

(Craig is sitting while Manny is pacing...)

Craig-  You just going to walk around the garage or are you going to ever talk again?

Manny-  I'm really scared.  And I thought I could handle it.  But I can't.  And I'm freaking out.

Craig-  What can't you handle?

Manny-  (She sits down next to Craig.)  The trial.  It's tomorrow.

Craig-  With Peter?

Manny-  Yeah.

Craig-  Oh.

Manny-  And, I know we're not together anymore, and I know I said that we can't be friends because one of us is going to get hurt, but, I need you.

Craig-  You need me?

Manny-  Not like that.  I need you to help me.  I need you to be there for me.  I need you to be my friend.  Emma, and Liberty, they're great and all, but they have no idea what I've gone through.  (She starts to tear up.)  They just know that it happened.  And I honestly don't want to get them involved.  And, you were just so great with the whole thing, I just, I need you to be my rock.

Craig-  Whatever you need Manny.  I'm here for you.  I want to help.

Manny-  Thanks.  (She stands up and walks to the door.  She turns around.)  I know that Paige doesn't like us hanging out.  But, do you think maybe you might be able to come to the trial?  Sort of help me get through it?  You don't have to if you don't want to, it's just, I...

Craig-  I'll go with you.

Manny-  You will?

Craig-  Yeah.

Manny-  What about Paige?

Craig-  What Paige doesn't know won't hurt her I guess.  (Manny smiles meekly.)

Manny-  Thanks. 

Craig-  No problem.  (Manny opens her mouth to say something.  She quickly shuts her mouth and smiles.  She nods and leaves the room.)



(Emma and Liberty are still driving...)

Liberty-  What are you doing?

Emma-  Driving.

Liberty-  Why?

Emma-  Because if I stop I'll cause a major accident.

Liberty-  I mean why are we going to see-

Emma-  (Interrupting.)  We're not going to see him.

Liberty-  So why are we driving to Wasaga?

Emma-  Because I need to clear my head and you need to get away from your relationship issues.

Liberty-  Why Wasaga?  (Emma doesn't respond.)  Why won't you admit it?

Emma-  Admit what?

Liberty-  Why we're going.

Emma-  You ask too many questions.  No wonder J.T. says you're smothering him.  (Liberty doesn't respond.)  Oh?  Because I say something that's truthful, you're going to give me the silent treatment.  Liberty, take a hard look at your life.  I'm just saying what needs to be said.

Liberty-  Are you high or something?  Do you need to go back to rehab?  (Emma pulls to the side of the road and stops the car.)

Emma-  I'm sick of people judging me.  I'm sick of people looking at me different.  I'm sick of what I've had to go through for the past year and a half.  I want things to go back to the way they were.

Liberty-  You think going to see your old boyfriend's going to do that?  Emma, we're in the middle of nowhere with no place to stay.  We don't know anyone here.  And the guy we do know, we don't know him anymore.  You haven't talked to him in what?  A year?  Let it go Emma.  Let it go.

Emma-  Why should I?  I've been through a rough time.  I deserve to have a little hope.

Liberty-  I'm not saying that you don't.  All I'm saying is that you can't go back to how things were.  Things changed.  You made some mistakes.  You have to move on.  You have to deal with your mistakes.  (Emma starts crying.)  Emma, it's okay.  It's going to be okay.

Emma-  No it's not.  It's so not.

Liberty-  Why not?

Emma-  I keep telling myself that if I ignore everything that happened, everyone else will too.  But they're not.  They won't.

Liberty-  Everyone makes mistakes.

Emma-  I just, before the shooting, everything was fine.  Everything was how I wanted it to be.  Everything was great.  And then it got messed up.  And it keeps getting worse and worse and I want to be myself again, and I'm not sure that anyone else can help me do that. 

Liberty-  So, why did you come up to see Sean?

Emma-  I thought maybe he was going through the same thing.  (Pauses.)  This was a mistake.

Liberty-  Do you want to go home?  (Emma nods.)  You going to be okay to drive?

Emma-  Yeah.  I just need a minute.  (Liberty nods.)


Outside The Dot...

(Spinner is sitting on a bench when Jay walks over to him...)

Jay-  Man, I'm sorry.  I...I never meant to...

Spinner-  Don't you think you've done enough?

Jay-  I'm sorry.  I...

Spinner-  I get it.  You're sorry.  I get it.

Jay-  (He sits down next to him.)  What'd your mom say when you got your test results back?

Spinner-  I haven't told her yet.

Jay-  Seriously?

Spinner-  Because I haven't taken the test yet.

Jay-  What?

Spinner-  I didn't take the test.  I'm scared.  I don't want to know if I have it.

Jay-  You're going to have to take it.

Spinner-  Why?  I had sex with her and we didn't use a rubber.  I'm doomed.

Jay-  They have good treatment.  Keeps you alive a lot longer than it used to.  It's not a death sentence anymore.

Spinner-  Did you memorize that from an after school special?

Jay-  I'm just saying man.  We were friends.  I don't want to see you die.

Spinner-  Yeah.  (He stands up.)  I gotta go.  (He walks away.)


Outside an apartment building...

(Ellie is sitting on the curb when Marco walks up to her...)

Marco-  So this is the glorious apartment I keep hearing about.

Ellie-  It's a place to live.

Marco-  Are you okay?

Ellie-  Yeah.

Marco-  (Sits down next to her.)  Good.  (Pauses.)  So why did you show up at Dylan's in tears?

Ellie-  I met with the adoption agency after the doctors office.

Marco-  You did?

Ellie-  Yeah.  (Ellie starts to tear up.)  I met with them.

Marco-  And?

Ellie-  I have no idea what to do.

Marco-  Sometimes you have to make a hard decision.  You have to do the right thing, not what you want to do.

Ellie-  What if you don't know what the right thing is?

Marco-  I think you do.  You just don't want to admit it because it's not what you want.  (Marco stands up.)  I left Dylan with raw fish.  Nothing good can come from that.  (Ellie nods.  Marco starts to walk away.)

Ellie-  It's a boy.  (Marco turns around.)

Marco-  It's a boy?

Ellie-  Lady who does the sonogram told me today.  I asked her, and she told me, and it's going to be a boy.

Marco-  Good to know my dad will have a son he can be proud of.

Ellie-  I don't know what to do Marco.

Marco-  I can't make this decision for you, Ellie.  I love you, but I can't tell you what to do.  You don't have to decide right now though.  You know that right?

Ellie-  I know.

Marco-  You have time.  You have a couple months.

Ellie-  Yeah.  Yeah.  (Marco smiles at her.)

Marco-  Just don't put that much pressure on yourself.  You'll know what to do sooner or later.

Ellie-  Thanks.  (She smiles.)

Marco-  I better get going.  (Marco leaves.  Ellie looks worried.)


At a restaurant...

(Emma and Liberty walk in and look around...)

Liberty-  Do you see a bathroom?

Emma-  No.  Why don't you ask someone?

Liberty-  These people scare me.

Emma-  Well if you aren't back here in five minutes, I'm leaving without you.  (Liberty walks off.  Emma looks around and walks to the counter and sees a waiter.)  Can I get a drink and some fries to go?  (The waiter nods and walks away.  Someone walks up to next to Emma.)

Sean-  I never thought I'd see you here.  (Emma turns and smiles.  She hugs him.)  Never in a million years.

Emma-  What are you doing here?  I thought you were in Wasaga?

Sean-  I am.  This is the outskirts.

Emma-  So this is where you hang?

Sean-  Sort of.  A girl I'm seeing works here.

Emma-  Oh.  You’re seeing someone?

Sean-  Sort of

Emma-  How can you sort of be seeing someone?

Sean-  I just ended it.  She was a little controlling.  Not really my thing.

Emma-  Yeah.

Sean-  So, what are you doing here anyway?  You in town for some environmental convention or something?

Emma-  No.  No.  Me and Liberty are just sort of driving to drive.

Sean-  And you're out here in Wasaga?

Emma-  Yeah.  Well, I needed to clear my head.

Sean-  With Liberty?

Emma-  She needed to clear her head too.

Sean-  Problems?

Emma-  Her and J.T. are taking a break.  She's not taking it so well.

Sean-  What about you?

Emma-  What about me?

Sean-  Why do you need to clear your head?

Emma-  I've had a rough year, and I thought it was finally going okay but now I'm not so sure.

Sean-  A rough year?  You?

Emma-  Yeah.  Me.  I just keep making the wrong choices.  And apparently I can't stop.

Sean-  Whatever you did, it can't be that bad.

Emma-  Wanna bet?  (Sean nods.)  I got gonorrhea and I overdosed on some pills and ended up in rehab.  You think still think it's not "that bad"?

Sean-  Seriously?

Emma-  After the shooting and after you left, I just, I didn't...I couldn't keep going.  I couldn't keep acting like nothing was wrong and nothing was bothering me, but I felt like I had too.  So, I tried just taking comfort in a guy, and turns out he gave me a social disease.

Sean-  Social disease?

Emma-  Apparently I wasn't the only one who went down on him.  So, then I just felt like everyone was just staring at me and judging me, even though no one knew, and then the pills just helped me relax and forget that.  And I just took it too far.

Sean-  Wow.  You really went through a lot.

Emma-  I did.

Sean-  You're okay now?

Emma-  I thought so.  I just, when we were together, did you ever think about cheating on me?

Sean-  Not my thing.  Why?

Emma-  I'm seeing someone and I think he's cheating and he's going to dump me.

Sean-  So you drove three hours to Wasaga because you might be breaking up with your boyfriend?

Emma-  Basically.

Sean-  Why?

Emma-  I don't know.  (She laughs.)  I'm just, I feel like I'm not good enough anymore, for anyone.

Sean-  Because you gave a guy a blow job and overdosed on some pills?

Emma-  Yeah.

Sean-  You're crazy.

Emma-  Why's that?

Sean-  Because no matter what stupid things you do, you're still you.  This amazing human being who is kind, and tries to help anyone she can.  She cares about the environment and every living thing.  She's good to her friends.  Just because you were less than perfect and you screwed up under pressure, doesn't mean that you're not good enough for anyone.  (Emma just stares for a moment.  Liberty walks over.)

Liberty-  You ready to go?

Emma-  Yeah.  Thanks.  (She smiles.  Emma and Liberty walk away.  Emma looks back at Sean.  She stops walking.)


At the prison...

(Toby walks into a room.  He sits down.  Ashley walks in and sits down...)

Toby-  I thought visiting hours were over.  It's pretty late.

Ashley-  Not late enough.

Toby-  What are you doing here?

Ashley-  Thought I'd check in.  How are you holding up?

Toby-  Not good.  (Pauses.)  You know, all the mistakes you ever made?  The ecstasy, the breakups, anything, everything, you don't really think about them, do you?

Ashley-  Not really anymore.

Toby-  I did one thing that I'm not proud of.  I have one mistake that I regret more than anything else.  I'm a good kid.  Everyone else makes mistakes.  Why am I the one in jail?

Ashley-  I don't know.

Toby-  You know, I sit in here, and I think about what I could have done different.  I think about everything I thought went wrong.  I think so much about everything.  I'm driving myself crazy.  It's becoming like an obsession.

Ashley-  Well, you know, you don't have much longer in here.  And then it's over.  You made a mistake and you serve time and then you're done.  You made a mistake Toby, but at least you’re trying to make it right.

Toby-  I know that I was kind of rough on you before about coming back to uh...

Ashley-  Regain my title as queen of doom?

Toby-  Yeah.  But you and J.T. are the only two people that visit besides my dad and your mom, and the lawyer.  It really means a lot to me.  Thanks.

Ashley-  No problem.

Toby-  So, why are you really here?

Ashley-  To visit.

Toby-  Seriously.

Ashley-  You're the only one I can talk to.  It’s not the same here.

Toby-  Of course it's not.  A lot changes in a year.

Ashley-  I know.  I know you can't go home again.  I just thought, maybe, maybe things would be not as different.

Toby-  England really messed you up bad, didn't it?

Ashley-  I thought it would be like this fun thing.  This awesome new experience and you know I would meet new people and experience new things.  But, it was like the same thing but with accents.  And the worst part of it was, I wasn't with people I really cared about.  I was with a bunch of strangers.

Toby-  So, you were never going to go back, were you?

Ashley-  I don't know what I want.  I came back here and it's like everyone has their own lives now and I'm not a part of them at all.  Ellie's pregnant.  Paige and Craig are together.  Marco's engaged.  It's like, everyone's moved on and they forgot to tell me.

Toby-  Did you just expect them to put their lives on hold?

Ashley-  No.  (Pauses.)  It's just I didn't think so much would change so fast.  (A guard walks in.)

Guard-  Visiting hours are over.

Ashley-  I'll come back and visit you soon.  (Toby nods.  She stands up and leaves.)


Outside Degrassi...

(Alex is sitting on a bench when Jay walks over to her...)

Jay-  You know that you graduated right?  You never have to come back here.  Ever.

Alex-  I had to get out.  My mom was there.  She was trying to talk to me about treatments.  I just, I know she wants to help.  I just don't want to spend the rest of my life talking about it.  I want to live the rest of my life, you know?

Jay-  Yeah.  I do.  (He sits down next to her.)  That's what I told my mom when I told her about the test results.  I just want to keep living.  Doctors have all these ways to treat it now.  They know more.  It's not like how it was.

Alex-  It's not that I don't want to talk about.  I just don't want to talk about it all the time.  Spinner keeps harping on me too.  He keeps bringing it up.  And I just don't want to think about it all the time.

Jay-  Well, it’s different when you've taken the test.

Alex-  What's that supposed to mean?

Jay-  Spinner hasn't taken the test yet.  But, you already know that.  (Alex looks shocked.)  Oh.  You don't.

Alex-  Did he tell you that?

Jay-  Yeah.  Like an hour ago.

Alex-  So that's why he bolted. 

Jay-  He bolted?

Alex-  We were in the middle of something and he left.

Jay-  He's such a coward.  I don't know what you ever saw in him.

Alex-  He cared about me.

Jay-  Really?  Because it doesn't seem like it.

Alex-  Jay, don't.

Jay-  You deserve better.  (Pauses.)  You deserve so much better.

Alex-  What?  Like someone who doesn't cheat on me with my best friend?  Like someone who doesn't sleep with someone who has AIDS and then gives it to me?

Jay-  Like someone who doesn't hide things from you.

Alex-  Why do I keep falling for losers?

Jay-  The same reason I keep screwing up the best thing I ever had.

Alex-  What's that?

Jay-  I don't know.  Karma?

Alex-  Yeah.  It's Karma.  That's what it is.  I messed up in a past life or something.

Jay-  She said dripping in sarcasm.

Alex-  I get gonorrhea from you.  Do I learn my lesson?  No.  I go back for more and I wind up with AIDS.

Jay-  It's not like it can get worse.  (Alex shakes her head.)

Alex-  No.  It can.  (She stands up.)  I better get going.

Jay-  (He stands up.)  Why?

Alex-  Because I know what you want, and I'm not giving it to you.

Jay-  What do I want?

Alex-  The same thing I want.  The thing is, I don't want to risk anything else.

Jay-  What do you have left to risk?

Alex-  (Shrugs her shoulders.)  I'm not sure anymore.

Jay-  So why not give in?  (Alex doesn't respond.  Jay walks closer to her.  He puts his hand on her shoulder.)  Why not give in?  (Jay leans in and kisses her.  Alex pulls away.)

Alex-  Because the last time I did something bad happened.

Jay-  But didn't it feel so good? 

Alex-  (Softly.)  So what if it did?

Jay-  The good outweighs the bad.  I want you back.  I miss you.  (They are silent for a moment.)  I love you.  (Alex leans in and kisses him.)


Outside Ashley's house...

(Ashley walks toward the house and sees Jimmy outside.  She walks over to him...)

Ashley-  What are you doing here?

Jimmy-  I came by to see you and you weren't home yet.

Ashley-  So you just waited for me?

Jimmy-  No.  Actually.  I literally just came over.

Ashley-  Oh.  (She laughs nervously.)

Jimmy-  Where were you at?

Ashley-  Visiting Toby.

Jimmy-  Really?

Ashley-  We are sort of related.

Jimmy-  I just didn't think prison was your scene.

Ashley-  It's not.  I just needed someone to talk to and he's been really good at listening.

Jimmy-  Well that's cool that you visit him.

Ashley-  Yeah.  (Pauses.)  So, how did it go with Emma?  You did talk to her right?

Jimmy-  I called and text and still no response.

Ashley-  She avoiding you or something?

Jimmy-  I don't know.  But I need to talk to her.  I don't want to act like there's not a problem.

Ashley-  Well, that's commendable of you.

Jimmy-  Commendable?  Nice wordage.

Ashley-  Living in England for a year will make you want to enhance your vocabulary.

Jimmy-  Do an English accent.

Ashley-  (Laughs.)  No.  I can't.  It's not any good.

Jimmy-  I'm sure it's fine.  Let me hear it.

Ashley-  Fine.  (In a really bad English accent.)  Do I take the lift to get to the pub that sells fish and chips?  (Jimmy laughs.)

Jimmy-  Oh Ash.

Ashley-  It wasn't that bad.

Jimmy-  It was like you were just saying British phrases.  (Ashley playfully hits him.)  Nah, it's cute.  Adorable even.

Ashley-  Well, that's sweet of you to say after I humiliated myself.

Jimmy-  The least I could do.  (They smile at each other.  They are silent for a moment.)

Ashley-  I better go in.  I told my mom I'd be home by 10.  Don't want to keep her waiting.

Jimmy-  Yeah.  Yeah.  I'll see you later.

Ashley-  Yeah.  (Ashley hugs Jimmy.  She looks him in the eyes and they kiss.  Ashley pulls away.)  I better go in.

Jimmy-  Yeah.  Yeah.  I better go home and call Emma.  My girlfriend.

Ashley-  Yeah, you should go call your girlfriend.  (They are silent for a moment.  They kiss again.)  We need to stop doing that.

Jimmy-  Yeah.  I better go.

Ashley-  Yeah.  I'll talk to you tomorrow or something.

Jimmy-  Yeah.  (He starts to leave.  He turns around.)  I'll see you later.  (Jimmy leaves as Ashley stares.  She sighs.)


Meanwhile, back in Wasaga...

(Emma is standing still looking at Sean.  Liberty walks toward Emma...)

Liberty-  Were you just going to stand here all night or are we going home?

Emma-  Um...

Sean-  (Walks towards them.)  It might not be such a great idea to try to make it back to Toronto tonight.  The cops around here are really tough on underage people driving after midnight.  They pull over everyone on route 9 to check for licenses.  You guys would probably be better off just spending the night.

Liberty-  We could get a hotel.

Sean-  Yeah.  Or you could just stay at my place.   (Emma smiles.)  It's like five minutes from here.

Liberty-  Well.  I'm going to stay at a motel.  (Liberty starts to walk away.)  Emma?  Are you coming?  (Emma stands still for a moment.)


The next morning...

(A cell phone is on the ground ringing.  A hand goes to pick it up...)

Sean-  Hello?


At Jimmy's house...

(Jimmy is on his phone...)

Sean-  Hello?

Jimmy-  Hey man.  I think I dialed the wrong number.  Sorry.  (He hangs up.  He dials a number again.)

Sean-  Hello?

Jimmy-  Sorry.  (Pauses.)  Wait, is this Emma's phone?

Sean-  Yeah.  You want me to get her for you?

Jimmy-  Nah man.  It's cool.  I'll just talk to her later.  (He hangs up.)

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