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551 Why?

School's Out but the drama is far from over. Will Spinner and Alex be able to face their disease? Can Toby face jail? Will Craig ever be able to avoid love triangles?

Alex walks out of Degrassi.  Spinner follows after her...

Spinner-  Alex!  (He runs to catch up to her.)  Alex!  (He catches up to her and grabs her shoulder.  She turns around.)  Where are you going?

Alex-  Home.  Graduation's done.

Spinner-  But don't you want to talk?

Alex-  What about?

Spinner-  Maybe the fact that you...(softly.) have AIDS.

Alex-  I don't want to think about it and I don't want to talk about it.

Spinner-  But Alex...

Alex-  Spinner, I know it's freaking you out.  Been there.  I just...I don't want to think about it anymore, so if that's the only reason you want to talk to me, then leave me alone and I'll call you tomorrow.  (She walks off and Spinner just stands there, shocked.)




Spinner's house...

(Spinner walks in and shuts the door.  He walks further into the house and his mother is sitting on the couch...)

Spinner's mother-  Gavin?  Is that you?

Spinner-  Yeah.  I'm home.

Spinner's mother-  You're home early.  How was graduation?

Spinner-  It was okay.

Spinner's mother-  I bet it was hard to see all your friends graduate without you.

Spinner-  It wasn't.  It's okay.

Spinner's mother-  Well, still.  You know you only have a year left and then you'll be able to go to college.

Spinner-  I know.

Spinner's mother-  You sure you're okay?  (Spinner opens his mouth but stops himself and just nods.)  Alright.  I'm here if you need to talk.  (Spinner's mom stands up and kiss him on the head.  She leaves the room.  Spinner just stands still for a moment.)


The next day at the hospital...

(Toby is laying in bed.  J.T. walks in...)

J.T.-  You up?

Toby-  Yeah.  (pauses.)  How did things go with you and Liberty?

J.T.-  Okay.  We're going to be okay I think.  Let's not talk about me.  What's going on with you?  How are you doing?

Toby-  You don't have to do that.

J.T.-  Do what?

Toby-  Act like a girl.  (Pauses.)  You don't have to pretend to care.  You don't have to ask the questions.  I know what I did.  I know not to do it again.  And you don't have to worry about me.

J.T.-  Oh.

Toby-  I don't know why I thought it would work.

J.T.-  Temporary insanity?

Toby- (Chuckles.)  Yeah.  That's it.  (J.T. is silent for a moment.)  Go ahead and say it.

J.T.-  Say what?

Toby-  Whatever you're thinking.  Just say it.

J.T.-  What's going on with the jail time?

Toby-  I have to start as soon as I'm off suicide watch.

J.T.-  Which is?

Toby-  The 13th.

J.T.-  That's in two days.

Toby-  I know.  I know.



(Paige is sitting on a bench when Craig walks over with drinks.  He hands her one and sits down...)

Craig-  We're graduates.

Paige-  That's like the fifth time you've told me.

Craig-  I know.  It sounds so great though.  (Paige kisses him.)  What did I do to deserve that?

Paige-  Just being your adorable self.  (Pauses.) When do you have to be at Angie's recital thing?

Craig-  Half hour.  You sure you don't want to come?

Paige-  Yeah.  I have some stuff to do with Hazel.  I'll call you later though.  (Craig smiles and kisses her.  He gets up and walks away.  Hazel walks over.)

Hazel-  You two make such an adorable couple.

Paige-  Yeah.

Hazel-  What?

Paige-  What do you mean what?

Hazel-  That wasn't a very enthusiastic Yeah.

Paige-  Promise not to judge me if I tell you.

Hazel-  Promise.

Paige-  He kissed Manny.

Hazel-  And you took him back?

Paige-  No judgment.

Hazel-  Sorry.  But you do realize he did that with Ashley.  He dated her and then he cheated on her with Manny.

Paige-  I'm very aware of his history.

Hazel-  How long ago did it happen?

Paige-  A couple days ago.  Apparently that tramp was trying to convince him to dump me and go with her.  Jokes on her though, cause he choose me.

Hazel-  Are you sure?

Paige-  What?

Hazel-  I mean, what's to say he won't try to hide their relationship again?

Paige-  I do not want to be the jealous girlfriend again.  I already did that with Matt and it brought me nothing but heartbreak.  I just want something easy and fun.

Hazel-  That's so not what you're getting into.

Paige-  I know.

Hazel-  So why'd didn't you dump him?

Paige-  I'm not sure.  I just, I feel like I can trust him.

Hazel-  I hope it works out then.

Paige-  Yeah.  Me too.



(At the Dot, Spinner is cleaning off the counter when Jay walks in and sits down...)

Jay-  Hey man.  Can I get a BLT?  (Spinner punches him and Jay falls over.)  What was that for?  (Spinner hops over the counter and starts to punch Jay.  Jay starts to fight back.  Two guys run over and pull Spinner and Jay apart.)

Man #1-  Calm down guys.

Jay-  He just jumped me.

Spinner-  You slept with my girlfriend!

Jay-  That was months ago!

Man #1-  Gavin, why don't you leave and cool down.  (Spinner walks off.)

Jay-  He started it.



(Spinner walks outside and sits down on the ground.  He puts his head in his hands and starts crying...)


At Dylan's house...

(Marco is sitting on a porch when Dylan walks outside and sits down next to him...)

Dylan-  You know I love you right?

Marco-  Are you trying to get out of marrying me?

Dylan-  No.  I just, I want to know...

Marco-  You want to know what?

Dylan-  About us.

Marco-  What don't you already know?

Dylan-  We're engaged now.

Marco-  I'm vaguely aware.  I mean, I asked.

Dylan-  What are you doing about school next year?

Marco-  Oh.  That?

Dylan-  Yeah.  I know that you have to take a lot into consideration and I don't want to rush you or anything if you haven't made a decision, I just want to know if you have.

Marco-  No.  Not yet.  (Dylan nods.)  I mean, I want to stay here to be close to you and Ellie and everything, but I got into Banting.  Banting.  Me.

Dylan-  I know.  And that's great.  And if you go there, then we'll work something out, I'd just like to know.

Marco-  I'll tell you when I make up my mind.  (Dylan nods and stands up.)  Where are you going?

Dylan- Out for a run.

Marco-  Oh.  Okay.  I'll see you later.  (Dylan smiles and leaves.  Marco looks confused.  He pulls out his phone and dials a number.)  Hey.  It's me.  (pauses.)  Are you busy or can you meet me somewhere?


At the hospital...

(Toby is sitting in his bed when there is a knock on the door.)

Toby-  I don't have bed pan so it doesn't need changing.  (Ashley walks in.)

Ashley-  If you had a bed pan I wouldn't change it.

Toby-  Oh.  Sorry I thought you were a nurse.

Ashley-  Don't have to be a genius to figure that out.  (She walks in further and gives Toby a hug.)

Toby-  What are you doing here?

Ashley-  My mom called me and told me what happened.  I hopped on the first flight back here.

Toby-  What?  Why?

Ashley-  You almost died.  What kind of step-sister would I be if I didn't come back to see you?

Toby-  You're not my step-sister.

Ashley-  Close enough.  (She sits down on a chair.)

Toby-  You thought there was going to be a funeral, didn't you?

Ashley-  What?

Toby-  You didn't come back when you found out I was going to jail, when I really needed someone to talk to.  You barely talked to me after that happened.

Ashley-  What?  I talked to you more often after that happened then I did when I lived here.

Toby-  You barely talked to me when you lived here.  You wanted to go back to queen of doom and gloom didn't you?

Ashley-  Stop being so cynical.  I'm not morbid.  I just...I wanted to make sure that I got here before anything happened so I could say goodbye if I needed to.

Toby-  And now that I'm okay?

Ashley-  What?

Toby-  You hopping on the next plane back to England?

Ashley-  No actually.

Toby-  No?

Ashley-  Yeah.  I'm not going back just yet.

Toby-  Why not?  (Ashley doesn't say anything.)  Don't tell me your back to start things up with Craig again.  Just because you and your English lover boy broke up?

Ashley-  No.  I'm not stupid.

Toby-  Could have fooled me.

Ashley-  I just...I miss it here.

Toby-  What?

Ashley-  I miss it here.  I miss the city.  I miss my friends.  I miss my family.

Toby-  So how long are you going to stay here for?

Ashley-  The summer at least.  Maybe longer.  Might go to school here.

Toby-  Seriously?

Ashley-  Thinking about it.

Toby-  Do me a favor.

Ashley-  What's that?

Toby-  Don't make your trip here all about you.  You left and we've been having problems without your help.  Let dad and Kate focus on me for once.  Okay?

Ashley-  What are you talking about?

Toby-  For once I need my parents to have most of their focus on me and my issues.  I need help Ashley.  I tried to kill myself.  I don't want you coming back here and starting up your drama and getting my dad and your mom to focus completely on you.

Ashley-  I'll try.

Toby-  Promise me.

Ashley-  Okay.  I promise.  (Toby nods and looks out the window.)  I'm going to go.  (Toby doesn't respond and Ashley leaves.)


At the dot...

(Marco walks in and looks around.  He quickly walks over to a table and sits down.  We see that Ellie is sitting at a table...)

Ellie-  What's this all about?

Marco-  Banting.

Ellie-  You still haven't told Dylan?

Marco-  I still haven't made up my mind.

Ellie-  You still haven't made up your mind?  You sent in the paperwork.

Marco-  I sent in the paperwork for both schools.

Ellie-  Marco, school starts in like three months.  You have to pay tuition.  Register.

Marco-  I know.  I know.

Ellie-  What are you waiting for then?  You have to make a decision.

Marco-  I'm engaged Ellie.  You're pregnant...(softly.)  you're pregnant with my kid.  What I want isn't important anymore.  I have to think about what's best for everyone.

Ellie-  I'm aware of your situation.  But I'm not going to be upset with you if you go to Banting because I know you'll come back eventually.  I'm sure Dylan will be cool with it.  It's Banting.

Marco-  I know.  I know.  It's just, it's Dylan I'd be leaving behind.  Dylan.

Ellie-  And if he's as amazing as you think he is, he'll be fine with it.  (Marco is silent for a moment.)  Sometimes you have to make a hard decision.  You have to do the right thing, not what you want to do.

Marco-  Are you saying I shouldn't go to Banting?

Ellie-  No.  I'm saying you have to make up your own mind.  Don't make your decision because of me or Dylan.  Make it because it's what's the right thing for you to do.  (Marco puts his head in his hands.)


On the other side of the dot...

(Jimmy and Emma are sitting down...)

Emma-  So, next thing I know, I'm on the ground, my face is beat red, and everyone can see my underwear.

Jimmy-  (Laughing.)  Oh man.  You must have been mortified.

Emma-  I was.  It was terrible.

Jimmy-  That's great.  Amazing even.  (Emma smiles.)

Emma-  As much as I'd love to tell you about some more embarrassing moments in the life of me, I have to go home.  Promised my mom I'd baby-sit Jack.  (She stands up.)  I'll see you later?  (Jimmy nods.  Emma walks away.  Paige walks over.)

Paige-  You and Emma?  Really?

Jimmy-  I'm trying it out.  See how it fits.

Paige-  Good.

Jimmy-  Good?  I would have thought you would be furious that I was happy and broke it off with Hazel.

Paige-  You and Hazel weren't a good fit.  Besides, you should be with someone a little more low key.  Someone who won't be as passionate about your relationship as Hazel.

Jimmy-  Are you trying to get under my skin or something?

Paige-  No.  I'm just saying, Hazel is a good kid.  You're a good kid.  It's a shame it didn't work out, but that must be because you don't want a real relationship.  You don't want a spark.  You just want someone to joke around with.  You don't want a relationship.  You want a friendship.  Who could blame you?  You've been through a lot and you just want to take it slow.  That's good.  And Emma, that's a good choice because there's no way she's ready for a relationship.  Not after rehab.

Jimmy-  Paige, I'm not a girl.  I don't care about your gossip or whatever mind games you're trying to play.

Paige-  I'm not playing mind games.

Jimmy-  Then why are you insulting Emma?

Paige-  I'm not.  You guys are a good fit.  You got out of a heavy relationship and are in a light one now.  No drama.  No spark.  No pressure.  That's good.

Jimmy-  No spark?

Paige-  What do I know?  You're in the relationship.

Jimmy-  How is the relationship with Craig going?

Paige-  Just because I'm right doesn't mean you have to try and pull the same crap on me.

Jimmy-  Not good huh?

Paige-  You go back to what you were doing hun, and I'll pretend this conversation never happened.  (Paige walks away.)



(Spinner is walking down the street.  He sees an apartment building.  He walks in.)



(Spinner knocks on the door and a woman comes to the door.)

Spinner-  Hi Ms. Nunez.  Is Alex home?

Alex's mom-  Sure Spinner.  Come on in.  (Spinner walks in.)  Haven't seen you around here in a while.  I thought you and Alex broke up.

Spinner-  We did.  But we're trying to be friends.

Alex's mom-  Well that's good.  Alex could use some good friends.  She's been awfully depressed lately.  She's in her room.

Spinner-  Thanks.  (He walks to her room and knocks on the door.  He opens it and sees Alex lying on her bed.  He shuts the door behind him.)

Alex-  What are you doing here?

Spinner-  You said you'd call me.

Alex-  The day's still not over.

Spinner-  I'm worried about you.

Alex-  Why?  Because I have AIDS.  You have it too.

Spinner-  I thought you said we'd fight this together.

Alex-  Yeah.  I did.

Spinner-  So why are you avoiding me?  Ignoring this isn't going to make it go away.

Alex-  Have you taken the test yet?

Spinner-  What?  What does that have to do with anything?

Alex-  You want to talk about being sick and you don't even know if you have it.

Spinner-  I have it.

Alex-  Why?  Because we slept together?  Spinner, there's a chance you might not.  A small chance, but a chance.  You want to talk this big talk about dealing with this head on and you're not even brave enough to take the test.

Spinner-  You have it.  So I have it.

Alex-  Spinner.  You talk about me ignoring this.  You won't take the test.  You're ignoring it.

Spinner-  I'm not ignoring it.  But why take a test when I already know the answer.

Alex-  To make sure.  To make sure, and so you can start getting help.

Spinner-  Did you tell your mom yet?

Alex-  What?

Spinner-  Your mom.  Does she know?

Alex-  I'm 18.  She doesn’t need to worry.

Spinner-  So I'm ignoring this because I'm almost positive I have it, but you're not because you're not telling your mom and not talking to anyone about it.

Alex-  I'm going to tell her.

Spinner-  Don't talk to me like I'm avoiding the situation and like you're better than me when you haven't done anything about it either.  (Spinner walks to the door.)

Alex-  I'm just trying not to hurt people.

Spinner-  Too late.  (He leaves.)


At Angie's recital...

(Craig walks in.  He looks around.  He sees Manny talking with a group of young girls.  He walks towards her.)

Manny-  (to the group.)  So, just try your hardest.  You guys are all going to do great.  (The girls walk away.  Manny turns around and sees Craig.  She starts to walk the opposite direction.  Craig follows after her.)

Craig-  Manny!  (He runs towards her.)  Manny!  (He catches up to her and she turns around.)

Manny-  I'm working Craig.  I don't have time to talk.

Craig-  Manny, come on.  Act like an adult.

Manny-  Why?  So everything is easier on you?  Craig, I told you I loved you and you chose Paige over me.  There's nothing to talk about.  We're done.

Craig-  Manny, I didn't pick Paige because I stopped having feelings for you.

Manny-  What are you trying to do to me?

Craig-  I'm trying to make things right.  I still want to be friends.

Manny-  Friends?  Yeah, I'm sure that will fly real well with your girlfriend.  You're friends with your ex that also happened to get pregnant when you used her to cheat on your old girlfriend.  I'm sure Paige will be thrilled.

Craig-  Manny, I know we have a difficult history.

Manny-  Difficult?

Craig-  Yeah.  We've been through a lot.

Manny-  Craig, I appreciate everything you've done for me.  You've been there through the hardest times.  And I appreciate that.  And I appreciate what you did for me prom night.  It was nice to have a friend.  But, I don't see how we can be friends without one of us getting hurt.

Craig-  But we both now it's just friendship.

Manny-  Do we?  Craig, I don't know what you want.  I don't think you know what you want.  I don't know what I want.  All I know is I can't wait around to find out what it is.  (She walks away.  Craig starts to follow her.)

Caitlin-  Craig!  (Caitlin walks up to him.)  Hey.  Joey's saving us seats.

Craig-  Oh.

Caitlin-  You okay?

Craig-  I don't think so.

Caitlin-  You want to talk about it?

Craig-  I'll be okay.


Back at the dot...

(Jimmy is sitting at the table when Hazel walks over.)

Hazel-  Hey.

Jimmy-  Hey.

Hazel-  Can I sit down?

Jimmy-  Sure.

Hazel-  I'm sorry about what Paige said.  She just, she knows how rough the break up has been for me and she was just trying to make sure you were miserable too.

Jimmy-  I kind of figured.

Hazel-  So, how are you?

Jimmy-  I'm alright.  (Hazel nods.)  Haz, you know that we're friends right and that what happened between us wasn't anyone’s fault, right?

Hazel-  Yeah.  Yeah.

Jimmy-  We we're just growing apart.  You like your man to be all about you, and I couldn't do that.  I care about you, but I just can't be with you like that anymore.

Hazel-  Oh.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Don't worry about me.  I'm fine.  I'm great even.

Jimmy-  Good.  I would have started to worry if you were still hung up on this.  It's been like five months.

Hazel-  (Chuckles nervously.)  Yeah.  Well, I'm so over us.  I'm glad that you are moving on.

Jimmy-  Good.

Hazel-  Good.  (She stands up.)  I have to go.  I'll talk to you later though.  (Jimmy nods and Hazel walks away.)


At the hospital...

(Spinner walks in.  He looks around and walks to a desk...)

Spinner-  I need to (He pauses and starts to tear up.) talk to someone about an AIDS test.

Nurse-  Alright.  (She hands him some papers.)  Fill these out and someone will be out shortly to talk to you about the procedure.  (Spinner nods.  He wipes tears from his eyes.)

Spinner-  Thanks.  (He walks over to a sitting area and sits down.  He starts to fill out the papers.  He reads the question: "Why are you taking the AIDS test?"  He pauses.  He puts the clipboard down and stands up.)  I can't do this.  (He leaves.)


On a different hospital floor...

(Toby is sitting in his room when a police officer comes in...)

Police officer-  Toby Issacs?

Toby-  That's me.

Police officer-  You're going to have to come with me.

Toby-  What?

Police officer-  You're jail sentence starts today.

Toby-  But I'm still on suicide watch.  How can I be going to jail?  I have to be supervised.

Police officer-  You'll be on suicide watch at prison.

Toby-  But my attorney said...

Police officer-  I'm just following orders son.  You're going to have to come with me.  (Toby covers his face.)

Toby-  This can't be happening.

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