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552 Pleasure and Pain

Things are perfect in Marco's life . . . but can it last? Will Hazel ever get over Jimmy? Can Craig stay out of trouble? What is Ashley doing back?

Spinner is walking down the street.  He sees Jay approaching.  He turns around and starts to walk the other way...

Spinner-  This can't be happening.  (Jay catches up to him.  He grabs his shoulder and throws him on the ground.)

Jay-  You think you can just sucker punch me and get away with it?

Spinner-  You gave me AIDS.

Jay-  What?

Spinner-  Me and Alex had sex after you and Alex did.  She has AIDS.  So, now, I do too.

Jay-  Alex has AIDS?

Spinner-  She took the test like a week ago.  She has it.  (Jay lets go of Spinner and walks away.  Spinner looks shocked.)  Guess he didn't want another beating.  (He walks away.)


At the dot...

( Jimmy, Paige, Craig, and Marco are sitting at a table...)

Paige-  So, we have to make sure that Hazel's 18th birthday party is amazing.

Craig-  How come when no one else got an amazing 18th birthday party?

Paige-  Because none of your hearts were broken when you turned 18.  (Paige looks at Jimmy.)

Jimmy-  It wasn't working.  She's over it.

Paige-  Still.  She's my oldest and dearest friend, and I want her birthday party to be amazing.

Marco-  So what were you thinking?  A night on the town?  A fabulous birthday dinner?  Road trip?

Paige-  All of the above.

Marco-  Seriously?

Paige-  Yeah.  Maybe a road trip to Hamilton or Niagara Falls.  Dinner, dancing.  A fabulous evening.

Marco-  Do you have that kind of money?  Because I don't.

Paige-  I know.  But it's Hazel.  Come on.  It's Hazel.

Marco-  I know it's Hazel.  But in case you forgot, I have things I've got to pay for.  School isn't exactly cheap.

Paige-  So you chose Banting?

Marco-  No.  Leaning towards it though.

Jimmy-  Seriously Paige, it ain't gonna happen.

Paige-  I don't need to hear from you.

Craig-  Maybe you should plan something more realistic.  Hazel isn't expecting something big.

Paige-  Whatever.  (She gets up and leaves the table.)

Jimmy-  You're a lucky man Craig.

Craig-  Shut up.

Marco-  Easy there Craig.

Craig-  She's driving me nuts lately.  Nothing is ever good enough.

Marco-  It's Paige.  What did you expect?

Craig-  I don't know.  (He gets up and walks away.)

Jimmy-  He's whipped.

Marco-  Don't tell him that.  (They are silent for a moment.)

Jimmy-  What do you think of Emma?

Marco-  She's cool.  Down to earth.

Jimmy-  Okay.

Marco-  Since when have you cared what people thought of who you dated?

Jimmy-  Paige was trying to get under my skin the other day because apparently she's upset of how it ended with Hazel.  And she said some things, and then I started to realize she's kind of right.

Marco-  What'd she say?

Jimmy-  Just that me and Emma don't have a spark.

Marco-  How would she know that?  You're the one in the relationship.

Jimmy-  She doesn't.  But I thought about it, and we don't have a spark.  We just are like friends that do stuff every once in awhile.

Marco-  Isn't that what you wanted after Hazel?  Someone more low key?

Jimmy-  Life is short Marco.  I almost died.  I don't want to be just content with someone.  I want someone who just...

Marco-  Takes your breath away?

Jimmy-  I was trying to think of something a little less gay, but yeah.

Marco-  You going to break up with her?

Jimmy-  No.  I do like her.  Maybe I'm just not giving it enough time.  I hate relationships.

Marco-  You're not the only one.

Jimmy-  Things not okay with you and Dylan?

Marco-  Things are amazing with Dylan.  It’s just, it's going too good.  I'm just not used to this.  I feel like something is about to happen.  I'm getting paranoid.  (His phone starts ringing.)

Jimmy-  The mister?

Marco-  Ellie.

Jimmy-  Oh.  The Mrs.

Marco-  Be right back.  (Marco walks away.  Jimmy is looking at a menu when someone walks over.  He looks up.)

Ashley-  Do you mind if I sit here?


At a prison...

(Toby walks into a room and sits down.  He picks up a phone.  He looks through the glass and sees J.T. ...)

Toby-  You found me.

J.T.-  You're not hard to find.

Toby-  They put me on suicide watch here.

J.T.-  I heard.

Toby-  This is so messed up.

J.T.-  You've been in here for a little while.  At least you’re still alive.

Toby-  I wake up and I'm stuck in here.  I don't deserve this.

J.T.-  The guy you hit is in a coma.  What do you expect?  Tell them you're sorry and you get to go home?

Toby-  I'm 17.  I'm 17.  I'm a good kid.  I made a mistake.  I made a mistake.  (Toby starts crying.)  I made a mistake.


At Emma's house...

(Emma, Manny, and Liberty are sitting outside...)

Emma-  I can't believe we're seniors.

Liberty-  You keep saying that.

Emma-  Because I still can't believe it.  We've been there for almost six years.  I'm ready to leave.

Liberty-  We still have to make it through senior year.

Manny-  It's going to be weird.

Liberty-  Why?  It's still Degrassi.

Manny-  I know, but we'll be the oldest kids in the school.  No one looking down at us.

Emma-  No uptight senior controlling Spirit Squad.

Manny-  That is true.  I'm so glad to see Paige gone, but it's just, we spent so long with the grade twelves.  It's going to be weird going through a year without them.

Liberty-  Weird?  No.  It's going to be amazing.  I can finally be student council president without some senior acting like they could do a better job.

Emma-  You'll just have to worry about everyone else telling you that they could do a better job.  (Liberty stands up.)

Liberty-  No I won't because I’ll do a fantastic job.

Manny-  You haven't even won yet.

Liberty-  I'm going to go get a drink.  You guys want anything?

Emma-  No.  (Manny shakes her head.  Liberty walks away.)  So, next year is going to be weird?

Manny-  Yeah.

Emma-  Does Craig factor into this at all?

Manny-  A little.

Emma-  He's with Paige.

Manny-  That's not it.  I've been through a lot with him and it'll just be weird that I won't ever run into him again in the hall.

Emma-  Sure.

Manny-  You don't think it'll be weird without Jimmy in the hall?

Emma-  No.  I'll still see him.  I'm sure you'll still hang out with him.

Manny-  That's not it.  It's like, he's always sort of just been there in case I needed him, and now he won't be.  If I run into Peter in the hallway, and he threatens me or something, Craig won't be there to you know.

Emma-  When is your trial thing anyway?

Manny-  Next week.

Emma-  Nervous?

Manny-  A little.  But we have a good case.  Peter won't be doing that to me again.  That's for sure.


Back at the Dot...

(Jimmy and Ashley are sitting, talking...)

Ashley-  So, as soon as I heard about what happened with Toby, I hoped on the first plane back here to see him.

Jimmy-  That's why you're such a good person.  You always do the right thing.

Ashley-  I wouldn't say always.  I didn't exactly end things with Craig or Chris the right way.

Jimmy-  You going to try and start the Craig thing back up again?

Ashley-  No.  I'm done with him.  He's moved on, I've moved on.  We're officially over.  Same with Chris.  As soon as I left for England.  I cut him clean.  We weren't really that close.  The Craig thing is definitely over though.

Jimmy-  You guys are never officially over.

Ashley-  This time, we are.  There's no spark left.  We were together for so long and we always had that attraction, but now, I see him, and it's like, why did I ever go out with him?

Jimmy-  So, how long are you here for?

Ashley-  Till August at least.  Maybe longer.

Jimmy-  Wow.  Why so long?

Ashley-  Make it sound like a bad thing.

Jimmy-  I'm just saying, I never thought of you as being stuck in Toronto.  I always thought you'd go on to bigger, better things.

Ashley-  I've been out there, and it's not really bigger or better.  Sometimes you don't realize how good you really have it.  I had it really good here.

Jimmy-  Well, I have to say, senior year was definitely not the same without you.

Ashley-  A good thing I'm sure.

Jimmy-  Not really.  It was weird.  No Ash drama.  No Ash at prom.

Ashley-  Yeah.

Jimmy-  You still owe me a dance.

Ashley-  I do don't I?

Jimmy-  Yeah.

Ashley-  It seems like forever ago since we made that promise.  I can't believe you remembered.

Jimmy-  When a beautiful girl makes you that kind of offer, it isn't something you forget.

Ashley-  Now I don't feel so stupid for remembering.

Jimmy-  Don't feel stupid.  It's just something you don't forget.  First love makes you a promise, you remember.

Ashley-  Yeah.  (She smiles.)  Well, how can I make it up to you?

Jimmy-  You don't have to.

Ashley-  I want to.  (She puts her hand on his.  Emma walks in and sees them.  She quickly turns around and leaves.)

Jimmy-  I have a girlfriend.

Ashley-  Oh.  Who?

Jimmy-  Emma Nelson.

Ashley-  Oh.  That's good.  Good for you.

Jimmy-  No.  It's not.

Ashley-  It's not?

Jimmy-  I'm not happy.

Ashley-  You're not?

Jimmy-  There's no spark.  No mystery.  No...

Ashley-  Passion?

Jimmy-  Yeah.  No passion.

Ashley-  Does she know that?

Jimmy-  I don't know.

Ashley-  Maybe you should tell her then.  Give her a chance to fix it.  (Jimmy nods.)  Let her try to fix it.

Jimmy-  Yeah.  I better go.

Ashley-  Yeah.  Alright.  (Jimmy starts to leave, but turns around.  He looks at Ashley.)

Jimmy-  It was really good seeing you again.

Ashley-  Yeah.  You too.  (She smiles.  Jimmy leaves.)


Outside Alex's apartment...

(Alex walks outside and sees Jay sitting on a bench.  She walks over to him...)

Alex-  Haven't seen you around lately.  Hiding under a rock?

Jay-  (He stands up.)  You took the test?

Alex-  Yeah.  (She's silent for a moment.)  I did.

Jay-  You're not going to tell me?

Alex-  You had sex with me after you had sex with someone else who had AIDS.  What do you think?

Jay-  Doesn't mean you have it.  We might have worn a condom.

Alex-  We didn't.

Jay-  Oh.  You're sure?  (Alex starts to tear up and nods.)

Alex-  Took the test.  Not so good results.

Jay-  Alex, I'm...(He tries to hug her but Alex pushes him away.)

Alex-  (She wipes the tears from her face.)  I don't need your pity.  (She starts to walk away, put Jay follows after her.)

Jay-  Alex, I'm sorry.  I never meant to hurt you.  (Alex turns around.)

Alex-  I know.  But, part of me can't forgive you.  Ever. (She walks away.)


At the doctor's office...

(Marco walks in and sees Ellie sitting down.  He walks over to her and hugs her.)

Marco-  Are you okay?

Ellie-  Yeah.  Just a little freaked out.

Marco-  What happened?

Ellie-  (Starts to tear up.)  It kicked.

Marco-  What?

Ellie-  Our baby kicked.

Marco-  It didn't before?

Ellie-  It did, but then it just hit me, I'm having a baby.  Something is growing inside of me.  How sci-fi is that?

Marco-  Very.

Ellie-  I'm having a sonogram today.  I'm thinking that I might ask to find out the sex.

Marco-  You sure you want to?  I mean, aren't you afraid you might get attached?  You're still considering adoption, right?

Ellie-  I am. I am.  I just thought it might be cool to know.

Marco-  Oh.  (The nurse walks out.)

Nurse-  Ellie Nash?  (Ellie stands up.)

Marco-  You want me to come with you?

Ellie-  No.  You don't have to.  I'll see you later.  (Marco nods and Ellie walks towards the room.  She looks back and sees that Marco is walking out of the office.  She looks hurt.)


At Paige's house...

Paige and Hazel are sitting outside, tanning...

Hazel-  Do you think it's sad that it took me so long to get over Jimmy?

Paige-  You've gotten over him?

Hazel-  I don't know.  I want to.  I just, I talked with him the other day, and he was like "It'd be sad if you weren't over it yet.  It happened like seven months ago."

Paige-  I thought it was eight.

Hazel-  You're not helping.

Paige-  You know, it just goes to show you how wrong Jimmy was for you.  He could never say the right thing.

Hazel-  i know.  (Pauses.)  You need to set me up.

Paige-  With who?

Hazel-  Anyone.

Paige-  Well, all of my guy friends are seeing someone.

Hazel-  I'm well aware.  Just, help me find someone so I can move on.

Paige-  Sure.  (Dylan walks outside.)  Hey Dylan.

Dylan-  Hello ladies.

Paige-  Do you have any straight friends that are available?

Dylan-  What?  Things not going so great with you and Craig?

Paige-  It's not for me.  (Paige looks at Hazel.)

Dylan-  Oh.  Hazel?  Really?  You don't have a guy?

Hazel-  I'm between relationships right now thanks.

Dylan-  I'm sure I could find someone.

Paige-  Problem solved.


J.T. is walking down the street and walks over to a bench that Liberty is sitting on...

Liberty-  I'm shocked you came.

J.T.-  What's that supposed to mean?

Liberty-  I hardly ever see you anymore.  I must have called you like seventeen times in the last three days.

J.T.-  I was with Toby.

Liberty-  All day?

J.T.-  No.  For a good part of the day.  He's lonely in jail.  I don't want him to try anything else.  I feel really bad that I wasn't around last time to stop it.

Liberty-  He's not going to try anything while he's in jail.  They have guards.

J.T.-  He has to have a reason to want to come out.  I'm trying to help him.  If that's getting in the way of this relationship, I'm sorry.

Liberty-  It's not getting in the way.  I just think you're trying to make excuses.

J.T.-  What?

Liberty-  We've been on summer vacation for like a month and I've barely seen you.  I miss you.  And I'm starting to think that you don't really miss me.  (J.T. doesn't respond.)  You're not denying it.

J.T.-  Liberty, I really care about you.

Liberty-  Are you trying to break up with me?

J.T.-  I'm just feeling a little smothered.

Liberty-  (She stands up.)  Smothered?

J.T.-  (He stands up.)  You said it yourself, 17 calls in three days.  You don't think that's smothering?

Liberty-  Maybe if you returned one of my calls, I wouldn't continue to call you.

J.T.-  I don't want to break up with you I just...I think I want some time away from you.

Liberty-  Time away?  Like how long?

J.T.-  I don't know.  A few days.  A week.  Something.

Liberty-  Do I get a say in this at all?

J.T.-  I don't want to break up with you.  But, I don't think we can stay together if things stay like this.

Liberty-  So I don't have a say in this.

J.T.-  Liberty...I do care about you.

Liberty-  You know what.  We'll take your break or whatever.  But I can't guarantee that I'll be around when you finish your break.  (She walks away.)



(Alex is sitting outside Degrassi when Spinner walks up to her and sits down...)

Spinner-  Hey.

Alex-  Hey.

Spinner-  What are you doing here?

Alex-  Just thinking.  Remember when things were easy?  Sex didn't complicate everything.

Spinner-  Yeah.

Alex-  I miss that.  (Spinner is silent.)  I told my mom.

Spinner-  You did?

Alex-  Yeah.  I might not have to, but I need her to be there for me.  I need her to support me.

Spinner-  How did she take it?

Alex-  Not well.  She cried, a lot.  I cried.  It was rough.  (They are silent for a moment.)

Spinner-  I'm still here for you.

Alex-  (She puts her hand on his.)  I know.  (She smiles.  Spinner smiles back at her.  They kiss passionately.)  I've missed you so much.  (They kiss again.)


At Emma's house...

(Emma and Liberty are sitting at the kitchen table...)

Liberty-  (Crying.)  I mean, how could he say that?  How could he tell me that I'm smothering him?  I love him.  And he wants to take a break?  Who does that?

Emma-  I know Liberty.  It's crappy of him.  But maybe you should take this time to see what life would be like without him.

Liberty-  But I don't want to be without him.

Emma-  Well, he might break up with you.  That's something you're going to have to face.

Liberty-  He's not going to break up with me.

Emma-  Why don't we do something to take your mind off of J.T.?

Liberty-  Like what?

Emma-  I'm thinking we road trip.

Liberty-  Road trip?

Emma-  Yeah.  I'll drive.  (Emma stands up and grabs a pair of keys.  Liberty stands up.)

Liberty-  Where are we going to go?  What am I going to tell my parents?

Emma-  We're going out.  And we'll be back safe and sound.

Liberty-  But that sounds like lying.

Emma-  It's not.  Come on.  (Emma walks to the door and opens it.  Liberty walks to the door and exits.  Emma leaves and shuts the door behind her.)


At Paige's...

(Paige and Hazel are sitting in the living room when the doorbell rings.  Paige gets up and opens the door.  It's Ellie...)

Paige-  Hi Ellie.  What are you doing here?

Ellie-  I came to see Marco.  Is he here?

Paige-  No.  He and Dylan went out.  Is everything okay?

Ellie-  Yeah.  Fine.  Everything's fine.  Just tell him I stopped by.

Paige-  Okay.  (Ellie slowly starts to walk away.)  Are you sure everything's okay?  (Ellie turns around and walks towards Paige.)

Ellie-  I went to the doctor today.

Paige-  Bad news?  (Ellie tears up.)  You want to talk about it?

Ellie-  I need to go.  Just tell Marco I stopped by.  (She walks away.  Paige shuts the door and walks back inside.)

Hazel-  What was that about?

Paige-  I have no idea.


At Craig's house...

(Craig is sitting on the couch with Angie...)

Angie-  Do we have to watch this?

Craig-  Yeah.

Angie-  Why?

Craig-  Because I have the remote.

Angie-  That's not fair.

Craig-  Doesn't have to be fair.  (He laughs.  The doorbell rings.  He stands up and walks to the door.  Angie grabs the remote off of the couch.)

Angie-  Ha ha.  Now I have the remote.  (Craig opens the door.  It's Manny.)

Craig-  Manny?

Manny-  Hey.

Craig-  What are you doing here?

Manny-  I don't know.  (They are silent for a moment.)  I miss you.

Craig-  I'm with Paige.

Manny-  I know.  And I don't want to ruin that.

Craig-  Okay.  So what are you doing here?

Manny-  Can we talk?  Alone?  (Craig nods and Manny walks in.  Craig shuts the door.)

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