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555 Never Say Never

When it comes to relationships, old habits seem to be dying hard.

Hazel is walking down the street with her date...

Hazel-  You know I could have just took a cab home.

Hazel's date-  I couldn't resist taking a long walk with you.

Hazel-  You really are something else.

Hazel's date-  So are you.   (They kiss.)   Maybe you should go on a diet.

Hazel-  A diet?

Hazel's date-  Yeah.  Couldn't hurt.

Hazel-  I like how I look.

Hazel's date-  You look fine.  I'm just saying, maybe you wouldn't have to have your best friend's gay brother set you up if you lost a couple pounds.

Hazel-  Oh.

Hazel's date-  Don't take it the wrong way.  I'm just saying.  Don't listen if you don't want to.  I'm just trying to help.

Hazel-  Okay.

Hazel's date-  You really are something.  (He kisses her.)




The next morning...

(Paige knocks on a door and it opens.  Hazel is on the other side.  Paige walks in...)

Paige-  No call last night.  I assume the date went well.

Hazel-  Very well.  Dylan is quite the matchmaker.

Paige-  He's very good.

Hazel-  I didn't think that I'd ever fall for someone so fast, especially after the Jimmy thing.

Paige-  Never say never.

Hazel-  How are you doing though?  It's been a week.

Paige-  Not so good.  (She sits down.)  I miss him.

Hazel-  Then why did you break up with him?

Paige-  Because I don't want to be the jealous girlfriend.  And I don't want to be the idiot that got cheated on again.

Hazel-  He may not have been cheating on you.

Paige-  He wasn't.  But I have a feeling it might have happened sooner or later.  (Hazel hugs her.)

Hazel-  Dylan could always set you up.

Paige-  I'm not ready to date again.  Not yet anyway.

Hazel-  Shoe shopping?

Paige-  So there.


At Ellie's apartment...

(There is a knock on the door and Ellie walks over and answers it.  It's Ashley...)

Ashley-  Your mom kicked you out?

Ellie-  Yeah.  She didn't want a pregnant slut living in her house.  (Ellie walks back inside.)

Ashley-  Slut?  (Ashley walks in and shuts the door.)  That's not you.

Ellie-  I know.  Sleep with one guy, once, and get labeled a slut.  I kind of feel bad about calling Manny that now.

Ashley-  She totally deserved it.  She slept with my boyfriend.

Ellie-  Yeah.  Well, it's not a nice thing to be called.

Ashley-  You going to tell me who’s it is?

Ellie-  It's mine.

Ashley-  I meant...the father.

Ellie-  Oh.  No.

Ashley-  Listen, if you need someone to talk to, or anything...

Ellie-  You just want all the gossip.

Ashley-  I'm your friend.

Ellie-  Not a very good one.  (Ashley glares at her.)  You said it yourself.

Ashley-  Give me credit, I'm trying now.

Ellie-  I don't have to do anything.  (Pauses.)  Maybe you should go.

Ashley-  No.  I'm not giving in.  I'm your friend.  I screwed up.  I want to be here for you now.  I want to help you.  I want to make things right.

Ellie-  You won't leave?

Ashley-  No.

Ellie-  Fine.  (She grabs her jacket.  She walks to the door.)  I will.  (She leaves.)



(Liberty is sitting on a bench when J.T. walks over to her...)

Liberty-  Didn't think I'd be seeing you again anytime soon.

J.T.-  Hi Liberty.

Liberty-  Come to tell me I'm smothering you again?

J.T.-  No.  (Sits down.)  I came to talk to you about our relationship.

Liberty-  Our relationship?  You mean we have one?

J.T.-  We just took a break Liberty.

Liberty-  I know.  But, you can't expect me to be here for you when you're done.

J.T.-  That's the point of a break.  We separate and then we get back together.

Liberty-  I didn't think we needed a break.

J.T.-  I don't know why I put up with you.

Liberty-  That makes two of us.  (She gets up and walks away.)


(Alex is walking down the street when Jay drives up to her...)

Jay-  Want a ride?

Alex-  Not from you.

Jay-  I won't bite.  (Pauses.)  Hard. 

Alex-  (Scoffing.)  Oh you're so clever.  Oh I just want to get right back on top of you and make love to you all night long.  (Jay is silent for a moment.)

Jay-  You don't have to be on top.  (Alex continues walking.  Jay follows.)  I was kidding.  Alex, come on.  I'm sorry.

Alex-  What's your deal?

Jay-  I'm just trying to help out a friend.  Where are you going?

Alex-  Doctor's.

Jay-  Everything okay?

Alex-  (Sarcastic.)  Besides the fact I have AIDS, yeah.  Everything's just great.

Jay-  Let me drive you.

Alex-  No.

Jay-  Come on.  It's not like we can have sex while I'm driving.  (Alex stops walking and glares at him.)  Get your mind out of the gutter.  We don't have to do that either.  Hop in.  (Alex walks in.)


Jimmy's house...

(Jimmy is watching television when the doorbell rings.  Jimmy answers the door.  It's Emma...)

Emma-  Can I come in?

Jimmy-  Why haven't you been returning my calls?  It's been like a week and a half.

Emma-  Can I come in?  (Jimmy nods and Emma walks in.  She sits down.)

Jimmy-  Why have you been avoiding me for so long?  (Emma doesn't respond.)  I don't know about you, but when I'm in a relationship, I like to talk to the person on occasion.  (Pauses.)  Is there a reason you didn't return my calls?

Emma-  Is there a reason I saw you and Ashley Kerwin flirting at the Dot?

Jimmy-  Is that what this is about?

Emma-  Yeah.

Jimmy-  Emma, I haven't seen her in like a year.

Emma-  I don't hear you denying this.

Jimmy-  You want to tell me who picked up your phone at 8 in the morning?

Emma-  You're avoiding my question.

Jimmy-  I called you and some guy picked up.  Who was that?  And why was he answering your phone?

Emma-  Don't go making me the bad guy.  You were flirting with Ashley.

Jimmy-  Did you spend the night with the guy?

Emma-   Do you still like Ashley?  (Emma tears up.  Jimmy is silent for a moment.)

Jimmy-  Why are we destroying this relationship?

Emma-  Because we're not happy.

Jimmy-  You're great.  And I want this to work.

Emma-  I know.  I really care about you.  But...

Jimmy-  Yeah.  (Pauses.)  I was flirting with her because I still have feelings for her.

Emma-  I spent the night with Sean Cameron.

Jimmy-  Did you sleep with him?

Emma-  Did you sleep with her?

Jimmy-  No.

Emma-  No.

Jimmy-  We're miserable aren't we?  (Emma nods.)  This isn't working.

Emma-  So, what do we do now?

Jimmy-  Break-up?  (Emma nods.  They are silent for a moment.)

Emma-  I'm sorry.  I never meant to hurt you.

Jimmy-  Ditto.  (They hug.)

Emma-  I better go.  (She leaves.)


In the car with Jay and Alex...

(Jay is driving while Alex is messing with the radio...)

Jay-  About what happened the other day...

Alex-  It was a one time thing.  Never again.

Jay-  I know.  Chill out.

Alex-  Sorry.  (Pauses.)  What about it?

Jay-  Never-mind.

Alex-  What?

Jay-  I was going to ask if we could do it again some time.

Alex-  Pull the car over.

Jay-  I was kidding.  Chill out.

Alex-  You're not funny.

Jay-  I can deal with that.  (Pauses.)  Why are you going to the doctors?  (Alex glares at him.)  I meant, specifically.  Treatment?  Options?

Alex-  All of the above.  Have you been yet?

Jay-  A few times.  I'm supposed to go next week.  (pauses.)  You know, it's not a death sentence anymore.

Alex-  You've told me.  Repeatedly.

Jay-  Yeah.

Alex-  Jay?

Jay-  Yeah?

Alex-  Are you scared?  (Jay pulls the car over.  He tears up.)  Jay?

Jay-  Get out of the car.

Alex-  What?

Jay-  I do want to sleep with you.  Get out.  Nothing to see here.

Alex-  I'm not getting out.

Jay-  Get out of the car.

Alex-  Just because I've never seen you cry?  (Jay is silent for a moment.)  It's okay if you're scared.

Jay-  I'm not scared.

Alex-  Then why are you crying?  (Jay doesn't respond.)  It's okay if you're scared.

Jay-  (Starts crying.)  I messed up.  Worse than I ever did before.  And, this time, I can't fix it.  I can't just blow it off.  I messed up.  I...

Alex-  You made a mistake.  That's okay.

Jay-  I may have killed myself because I can't keep it in my pants, and I may have killed the only girl I've ever cared about because of it.  I might die.

Alex-  (She puts her hand on his.)  I'm not going to let you.  (She leans in and kisses him.)

Jay-  I thought you said you weren't going to sleep with me.

Alex-  You need to go back to health class, because this isn't sex.  (Pauses.)  Let me show you the difference.  (She kisses him.  Jay smiles.)  Don't smile.  Ruins the moment.

Jay-  You said never again.

Alex-  Never say never.  (They kiss.)



(Marco is walking down the street.  He walks to a mailbox.  He looks at the envelope he's carrying.  Dylan walks over to him.  Marco put the envelope close to his chest...)

Dylan-  You made a decision?

Marco-  Yeah.

Dylan-  You sure you made the right one?  (Marco doesn't respond.)  If you did it just so you wouldn't make me or Ellie mad then you did it for the wrong reason.

Marco-  I did it for me.

Dylan-  Banting?  (Dylan starts to grab the envelope, but Marco pulls away.)

Marco-  No.

Dylan-  No?

Marco-  I love you.  And, I want to be with you.  I'll get a good education no matter where I go.  I won't be able to love you like you deserve to be loved if I'm three hours away.  (They kiss.)


At Emma's...

(Emma is sitting outside when Liberty walks over to her...)

Liberty-  (She sits down.)  Me and J.T. broke up.

Emma-  So did me and Jimmy.

Liberty-  Are we so messed up that we will never make a relationship work?

Emma-  Are we?  (She stands up.)

Liberty-  Where are you going?

Emma-  To go fix something.  (Emma grabs a pair of keys.)  I have to go fix it.  (She leaves.  Liberty looks confused.) 


At Ashley's house...

(Jimmy is at the door and knocks.  Ashley answers.)

Jimmy-  (Smiling.)  Hey.

Ashley-  What's with you?

Jimmy-  We broke up.

Ashley-  I thought you were going to try and work it out.  I thought you were going to tell her and she was going to try and fix things.

Jimmy-  Turns out she wasn't feeling it either.  (Pauses.)  Can I come in?

Ashley-  Not right now.

Jimmy-  Why not?

Ashley-  I can't be the girl that broke you and Emma up.  I hated Manny for breaking me and Craig up, I can't do the same to someone else.

Jimmy-  But you're not.  We broke up because we were miserable.

Ashley-  I know.  Just, now's not a good time.  (She shuts the door.  Jimmy looks stunned and leaves.)


At the court...

(Manny is sitting and Craig is behind her.  Manny turns to Craig...)

Manny-  That judge has been in there awhile.  Do you think that that's a good thing?

Craig-  I'm sure it is.  You guys had a lot of evidence.  Proved to me he was guilty.

Manny-  What if it wasn't enough?

Craig-  I'm sure it was enough.

Manny-  How can you be so sure?

Craig-  Just a feeling.  (The judge walks in.  Everyone stands up.)

Judge-  You may not be seated.  (Everyone sits down.)  I've looked over the evidence and the arguments presented by both attorneys.  The counselors have both given me their take on the crime at hand, and I, after much deliberation, have reached a verdict.  (Manny is shaking.  Craig sees that and reaches for her hand and grabs it.  Manny looks at him and smiles.)


At the mall...

(Paige and Hazel are walking...)

Hazel-  He's so amazing.  He's so sweet.  I'm so glad Dylan introduced us.

Paige-  Yeah.  Me too.  I've never seen you this happy.

Hazel-  He's just so amazing.  (Hazel's phone starts ringing.  She picks it up.)  That's him.  Hello?  (Pauses.)  Hey.  I'm so glad you called.  (Pauses.)  Yeah.  I bought that.  (Pause.)  Green.  (Pauses.)  Oh.  I can return it.  (Pauses.)  Medium.  (Pauses.)  I've only eaten low-fat yogurt today.  (Pauses.)  Sure.  I'll see you later.  (She hangs up.)

Paige-  You're returning the dress?  You loved it.

Hazel-  He doesn't like me in green.

Paige-  So?  You like you in green.

Hazel-  Small price to pay for the perfect date.  (Hazel starts to walk, but Paige stops her.)

Paige-  And since when have you been eating low-fat yogurt.  You hate low-fat anything.

Hazel-  It's healthier for me.

Paige-  Then why did he ask?

Hazel-  He's just looking out for me.

Paige-  Is he like hitting you or something?

Hazel-  No.  (Pauses.)  Why would you think that?

Paige-  I don't know.  You're kind of acting like Terri did with Rick.

Hazel-  Rick was an abusive control freak.  I know the warning signs.  I'm not stupid enough to get abused and I'm not stupid enough to hide it.  If he were, I'd tell you.  He's not.  He's so nice and so kind.

Paige-  Yeah.  (Hazel walks away.  Paige follows her.)


At the Dot...

(Jimmy is sitting at a table, staring at his food as Spinner cleans plates off of other tables.  Ellie walks in.  She walks to the counter...)

Ellie-  (To the cashier.)  Milkshake please.  (She looks around and sees Jimmy.  She waves.  Jimmy smiles.  She walks over to Jimmy's table.)  Mind if I?

Jimmy-  Not at all.  (Ellie sits down.)  How are you doing?

Ellie-  I'm swelling and gassy.  Not a great combination.

Jimmy-  That was a little too much information.

Ellie-  And I'm irritable, and I don't care who knows what anymore.

Jimmy-  Really?

Ellie-  Alright, that last part’s a lie, but Ashley cut herself out of my life, not the other way around.

Jimmy-  Ashley?

Ellie-  Yeah.  (Pauses.)  She came over and started asking questions about the pregnancy and I just couldn't handle it.  I'm done with it.  I'm done with her.

Jimmy-  Really?  But she was your best friend.

Ellie-  You cut your best friend out of your life.  Why can't I do the same?

Jimmy-  That's different.  What your best friend did, didn't almost kill you.

Ellie-  I was going through hell and I told her that, and she didn't care.  She didn't call, she didn't e-mail.  She dropped off the face of the earth.  Friends don't abandon friends.

Cashier-  Milkshake?

Ellie-  That's me.  (She gets up and walks over to the cashier.  She pays him.  She walks back over to Jimmy.)  No offense, but I don't feel like being lectured.  I'm gonna go.  And if you see Ashley, tell her I'm still not talking to her.  (She leaves.)


At Hazel's house...

(The doorbell rings and Hazel answers the door.  Her boyfriend is standing there...)

Hazel-  I wasn't expecting you.

Hazel's date-  Yeah. I wanted to come by and talk to you.  (He walks in.)  This...this thing...

Hazel-  What?  Us?

Hazel's date-  Yeah.  I feel like you don't want it to work.

Hazel-  Why would you think that?

Hazel's date-  I feel like you don't want to become the woman I think you can be.

Hazel-  I'm trying.  I'm doing that diet thing.  I'm wearing less green.

Hazel's date-  I know.  But, I just feel like no one wants to be with you.

Hazel-  What?

Hazel's date-  When's the last time you were asked on a date?

Hazel-  You asked me out.

Hazel's date-  No.  We were set up.  When was the last time you were asked out?

Hazel-  I don't remember.  It's been a while.  (They are silent for a moment.)  What's your point?

Hazel's date-  I just don't think you want to be with anyone and I feel like no one wants to be with you.  Am I wasting my time Hazel?

Hazel-  No.  No.  I want this to work.

Hazel's date-  I'm not a rebound?

Hazel-  No.  Of course not.

Hazel's date-  Then, why don't we take this relationship to the next level?

Hazel-  Next level?

Hazel's date-  Yeah.

Hazel-  We've only been out three times.  I'm not sure we're ready.

Hazel's date-  Do you want to be with me?

Hazel-  Of course.

Hazel's date-  Then prove it.

Hazel-  You're pressuring me.

Hazel's date-  Hazel, look at your other options.  Does anyone else want to be with you?  (Hazel doesn't respond.)  Then maybe you should reconsider before I leave you.  You don't want to end up alone do you?

Hazel-  No.

Hazel's date-  Who else is willing to be with you like I am?

Hazel-  No one.

Hazel's date-  What's the problem?

Hazel-  I just haven't before.

Hazel's date-  Because no one wanted to?  (Hazel doesn't respond.)  I want to Hazel.  I want to be with you.  I might be the only man who wants to be with you.  Why don't you want to be with me Hazel?  Are you still hung up on your ex?

Hazel-  No.  Of course not.

Hazel's date-  Then let's take this to the next level.  (He kisses her.)


Manny's house...

(Manny is sitting in her room crying, gripping her pillow.  There is a knock on the door...)

Manny-  I'm not letting anyone in.  (The door opens and Craig walks in, holding a sandwich.)

Craig-  It was unlocked.

Manny-  Lock’s broke.

Craig-  Oh.

Manny- No offense, but I don't want to talk to anyone right now.  I want to be alone.

Craig-  I don't blame you, but your mom told me to bring your dinner.

Manny-  A sandwich?

Craig-  Yeah.  She's worried about you.

Manny-  Because I lost the case?  I'm fine.  I'm fine.  The guy who tried to rape me isn't in jail.

Craig-  It's not a complete loss.

Manny-  They found him guilty of a misdemeanor.  Not of rape.  Some lame technicality.

Craig-  Perjury isn't lame.

Manny-  He tried to rape me.

Craig-  I know.  I believe you.  At least he didn't get completely off though.

Manny-  I tried so hard to shed the slut image.  Getting pregnant and everything doesn't exactly win you any popularity contests.  And I thought I had.  I thought everything was okay.  I thought people were starting to forget.  But no, Peter knew, and he was using me.  And then when I said no, he was just a freak.  Abusive.  No one's going to label him though.  No one's going to call him a slut for wanting it.  No one's going to call him a rapist.

Craig-  I will.

Manny-  No offense, but that's not enough.  (They are silent for a moment.  Craig walks towards her bed and puts the sandwich on her night-stand.  He sits down next to her.)

Craig-  What you did, you stood up and said what he did wasn't right.  You did the right thing, and just doing it makes you a winner.

Manny-  That's so after school special of you.

Craig-  All I'm saying is it takes a lot of guts.  Not everyone would do what you did.

Manny-  Because not everyone is stupid enough to believe they actually have a case.

Craig-  You're not stupid.  You did what was right.  (They are silent.)

Manny-  I lost.

Craig-  Not with me.  (Manny leans in.  Craig leans in.)  You didn't lose with me.  (They kiss passionately.  They fall to the bed.)

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