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Accidents Will Happen Again

Scene: Craig just found out that Ashley his girlfriend was leaving him this summer to go to England. He is getting suspicious that Ashley is leaving him for an English boy … he is off his medications sitting in a bus stop. Paige is realizing that she misses Spinner.


Paige: Craig … is that you?

Craig: Yeah…. Paige? What the hell are you doing here?

Paige: Getting a bus ride home…. Because my license got taken away thanks to ex-lover boy.

Craig: (trying to smile) Ha.

Paige: What is Craig Manning doing sitting in a bus stop all alone on a Friday night… What are you crying about?

Craig: Paige. Maybe you should leave me alone. I'm upset right now.

Paige: Upset about what Lover Boy? Ashley?

Craig: You know what I am…. Ash left me for England this summer. She's in England and going to hookup with a cute London boy. And I’ll be loner Craig again … she said she loved me Paige. She lied!

Paige: Craig…. Are you crazy?  She's not going to leave you she loves you.

Craig: Then why is she leaving?

Paige: Because…. I don't know … because she wants to go to England

Craig: Why wouldn't she let me come with her?

Paige: I don't know Ash is just…. Ash is just…. She needs alone time.

Craig: (Begins to cry) No she needs me!

Paige: What's wrong with you Craig… You're not acting like yourself at all!

Craig: No I am fine fine fine fine fine…. I just need someone else…not Ash not Ash not anymore                                                                                                                                      

Paige: Craig stop Ash loves you…at least someone loves you and didn't want to leave you for Manny Santos. And now you're not realizing that you need him.

Craig: Paige that's exactly what I did to Ash … you cant like Spinner he's an idiot just like me.

Paige: But I love Spinner. And I left him.

Craig: Well you don't have him anymore … so who’s next for you Michalchuck… another teacher?

Paige: Shut up Craig. I don't know who’s next I want Spinner.. But I guess I can’t have him... Whose next for you Manning? Another younger slutbag?

Craig: No I don't know… I haven't got anyone left….

Paige: I always thought you had a thing for Emma…(now laughing) mmm. You and Emma how about that

Craig: I used to like Emma … but now she's like a sister.

Paige: A sister like you thought Manny was on your first date? (Laughing)

Craig: No … more like a twin sister … someone who I can talk to.

Paige: Okay Manning … so who’s next for us… (Laughing)

Craig: Maybe we are next for us…

Paige: What….

Craig: Maybe me and you … did you ever think about it . . .

Paige: Are you serious?

Craig: Dead serious.

Paige: (kisses Craig)… mmm. That sounds just. Perfect.                                                                             


Scene: Paige on the phone with Hazel


Hazel: Hey Paige … can you believe summer so far.. what a great party last night.

Paige: Yeah too bad you had to leave early … many happenings occurred last night.

Hazel: Mmm. Sounds sexy. Involving whom?

Paige: A boy

Hazel: Really who might that be?

Paige: You won’t believe me … but Craig Manning.

Hazel: Ashley's boyfriend? Are you kidding?  She will murder you!

Paige: No I’m not kidding. And she's going to England… He is amazing. He is perfect.

Hazel: Paige…. I don't know.

Paige: No hazel he’s perfect.

Hazel: So are you two coming out as a couple?

Paige: I don’t think so. I don’t want anyone, but you to know. At least until summer is over.

Hazel: Okay…  I have to go. I'm packing for the beach… I’m going with my family tomorrow … for the next two weeks ugh.

Paige: Okay bye call me later

Hazel: Okay I’ll call u from the beach                                                  :


Scene: Craig hasn't been taking his meds and Joey is getting upset.


Joey: Craig, are you all right.

Craig: Of course Joey I am fine fine

Joey: Craig, you have been acting a little different lately... And it seems like there are a little more pills left then there should be.

Craig: No Joey I'm fine fine fine fine. Just leave me alone.. (Grabs Jacket and walks out door)

Joey: Craig, wait come back…… Craig!!                                                              


Scene: Craig on Cell Phone with Paige


Paige: Hello?

Craig: Paige Paige Paige! What are you doing… It’s Craig!

Paige: (Smiles) Nothing … you?

Craig: Paige, your parents are in BC for vacation right?

Paige: Yeah. They won’t be back for three weeks…Why?

Craig: I need to come over… Can I just stay there for a while? Joey flipped out on me….

Paige: Okay…

Craig: Great I’m coming now bye.

Paige: Bye.


Scene: Craig has been staying at Paige's house for a week. He needs to go back to his house to get clothes…



Craig: Joey, I am just going to get some clothes and my guitar and then I will be gone gone

Joey: Craig, you're not okay…. You haven't taken enough of you're meds.

Craig: I took one pill yesterday so get out get out of my face.

Joey: Craig … you're not okay, can you hear yourself talking…. You need more medications or you are going to hurt someone.

Craig: I AM FINE, let me just get my clothes.. LEAVE ME ALONE! ! PLEASE.. (Runs upstairs and grabs guitar and some clothes, and then slams the door and leaves) GOODBYE JOEY DON’T CALL MY CELLPHONE AGAIN!

Joey Craig!!!!


Scene: Craig goes to Paige’s house after getting back from Joeys..


Paige: Hey Sexy, did you get your guitar?

Craig: Hey Paige, yeah. (Kisses Her)

Paige: I just have to go water my neighbors’ plants, you know… it’s my parents’ job and I have to do it since they are away,

Craig: What. Are you leaving me? Is Spinner waiting for you outside… are you never coming back?

Paige: Craig, hon., of course I’m coming back.

Craig: Really, don’t lie to me Paige…. You have to come back you have to.

Paige: Craig, I will be right back… it’s right next door! You can come with me if you want!

Craig: I don’t want to come with you while you hookup with spinner!

Paige: I’m not! You can come with me I won’t leave your sight!

Craig: You can never leave my sight! Paige don’t leave me!

Paige: I wont…                         :


One Week Later


Paige: Craig are you okay, you seem a little sad, what’s wrong?

Craig: Nothings is wrong! I have been staying here with you for most of a week now.

Paige: I know and I think your step dad is getting worried, he keeps calling you.

Craig: I don’t care about Joey, what I care about is that I’ve been living here for a week and we haven’t done…anything!

Paige: What are you talking about Craig; you know I’m not ready for that!

Craig: I thought you were.

Paige: No, Craig, no. I think you should call Joey and go get some of your medications, you just don’t seem yourself.

Craig: (Crying) I’m fine I’m Fine!

Paige: Okay, but soon will you please call him?

Craig: Soon, but not now.

Paige Okay… It’s getting late, I’m going to go to sleep.

Craig: (Crying, Kisses her) Okay. But come back soon                                                                                   


Scene: Ashley calls Craig from England, she has big news.


Craig: Hello?

Ash: Hey Craig! Its Ash!

Craig: Hey Ash.

Ash: I’ve missed you.

Craig: Yeah

Ash: I have really big news, I can’t tell you now but I will tell you when I get back…

Craig: Big news? What sort of big news?

Ash: Really big news

Craig: What did you hookup with a London boy and you’re leaving me?

Ash: No, haha not at all!

Craig: Stop laughing… you’re lying to me…. Stop lying to me!

Ash: I’m not lying. I didn’t hook up with a London boy! Are you kidding?

Craig: No, Ash.. I’m not kidding (Crying) Stop lying to me!

Ash: I’m not lying! I swear!

Craig: (Crying) Ash stop!

Ash: Craig, are you okay… have you been taking your medication?

Craig, Ash, I’m fine…. Don’t change the subject.. just stop lying to me and stop butting into my business

Ash: Craig, I’m your girlfriend.

Craig: It doesn’t seem so anymore!

Ash: But Craig I had big big big news…

Craig: Bye Ash I got to go.

Ash: Bye Craig, I love you.


Scene: Craig goes to see Paige after talking to ash on the phone.


Craig: Paige, are you awake?

Paige: Barley.

Craig: (lays down next to Paige and holds her hand) Goodnight Paige.

Paige: ( Smiles) Goodnight.


Scene: Then next morning, Craig is in the shower and Hazel calls Paige


Paige: Hello?

Hazel: Hey Paige! It’s Hazel

Paige: Heyy!

Hazel: How are things going with lover boy?

Paige: Great! He has been staying at my house because his step dad flipped out on him.

Hazel: Ohh.. Are you doing it with him?

Paige: Haha.. Hazel! I’m kind of not ready to do that yet.

Hazel: Haha Okay, So want to have a girls lunch out today. I’ve been dying to talk to you.

Paige: Okay sure, come over in an hour.

Hazel: K, Bye                :


Scene: Craig has just gotten out of the shower and Paige tells him that she is going out to lunch with hazel.


Paige: Craig, are you okay.

Craig: Yes fine fine fine

Paige: I am going to say hello to hazel, is that okay.

Craig: Fine, when will you be back?

Paige: An hour.

Craig: Okay but please come back Paige, I need you!

Paige: I will! You seem much better, have you been taking your medication?

Craig: I went over to get some pills, luckily Joey wasn’t there.

Paige: Okay, thank you… I wont be out with Hazel late, just for a little while.

Craig: Okay but make sure you come back.


Scene:  Hazel and Paige are at The Dot Grill


Hazel: Okay, what is up with Craig Manning?

Paige: He is perfect.

Hazel: No I mean the way he wouldn’t let you leave and was all sad and saying each word three times?

Paige: He was just shy.

Hazel: Shy? I’ve known him since grade nine!

Paige: I know but he was just not feeling well today.

Hazel: Alright…Well I’ve heard from Ashley and she says she is really worried.

Paige. Urghh.. About Craig?

Hazel: Yeah, she said she called him to tell him some really big news and he was really angry.

Paige: Urghh.. Just tell her to leave Craig alone. He doesn’t want to talk to he.

Hazel: Okay but you know she said she had really big news… but she wouldn’t tell me. Not just yet.

Paige: Knowing Ashley it’s probably nothing.

Hazel: Ehh.. I guess.

Waiter: Can I take youe orders ladies?

Hazel: Yeah I’ll have……..                                        :


Two Weeks Later


Paige: Craig my parents are coming back… today! You have to leave.

Craig: And go where… go live with Joey?

Paige: Can’t you stay with Marco or something?

Craig: You want me to go stay with the gay guy?

Paige: Craig! My parents will get really mad if they find out that I had you over this whole time.

Craig: Where am I supposed to go!

Paige: I don’t know.. It won’t be for long, summer is almost over and maybe things will calm down between you and Joey… Or you can go stay at Jimmy’s or something.

Craig: So I stay with the cripple?

Paige Craig. Please.

Craig: And another thing… are you ever going to tell anyone but Hazel that we are a couple. School is starting soon. Everyone needs to know,

Paige: Of course. When school starts again everyone will know. I don’t want to hide you.

Craig: I don’t want to hide ether.

Paige: What are you going to tell Ash when she comes back? That you’re leaving her?

Craig: Yeah, I am over Ash; she was never really in love with me… Like I love you.

Paige: Craig, You love me?

Craig: I guess, I can say it… I love you Paige.

Paige: I think I love you too, but I know Ash loved you. I don’t want her to think I stole you away from her.

Craig: But you did. And that’s a good thing.. (Smiles)

Paige: (Smiles) Okay Craig, you have got to get out of here get all your stuff together… my family will be home in a few hours.

Craig: Okay, I guess I can go over to Marcos. For a while.

Paige: Thank you Craig… (Kisses him)

(Craig collects his stuff and Kisses Paige,)

Craig: I will call you if I find some place to stay.

Paige: Okay.

(Craig walks out the door and dials Marco’s number)                                                                            


Scene: Craig calls Marco and asks him if he can stay at his house.


Marco: Hello?

Craig: Marco. Hey, It’s Craig

Marco: Hey what’s up?

Craig: Nothing, I need a place to stay, Joey kind of flipped on me and I can’t stay there any more.

Marco: You can stay here… for a little while…

Craig: Okay.. thank you. I’m coming over… now.

Marco: Okay.


Scene: Craig at Marco’s house


Marco: Craig! What’s up?

Craig: Nothing, Nothing…

Marco: Okay so why did Joey flip on you…

Craig: Tremendously long story..

Marco: Do tell

Craig: Okay…..


Scene: Ashley Calls Paige


Paige: Hello?

Ash: Hey Paige…  It’s Ash.

Paige (Gulp) Hey

Ash: So how’s Toronto going..

Paige: Good

Ash: Okay Paige, the reason I called you is because I have very big news…

Paige: Okay.. what is it.

Ash: Well, I don’t know if I should tell anyone yet. I think maybe I should wait.

Paige: Who does It concern?

Ash: Well, Craig really.

Paige: (Gulp) Oh..

Ash: I won’t be back from England for another week… And when I get back school starts..

Paige: Fine tell me when you get back…

Ash: Okay.

Paige: Bye.

Ash Bye.


Scene: Craig has just told Marco what has been going on with Paige


Marco: So when Ash gets back, you are just telling her that it’s over.

Craig: Yeah, I guess.

Marco: You know that Ashley has been calling people telling them that she has big news.

Craig: Yeah, she even called me.

Marco: Well maybe the news is that she’s moving to England. You know never coming back

Craig: And if she did, I could have Paige.

Marco: Yeah.

Craig: So whom exactly did Ashley call?

Marco:  Ellie and Hazel…. That’s it I think.

Craig: Oh, well she called me and it sounded like she was never coming back. Maybe I won’t have to deal with her any more

Marco: Yeah…


One Week Later.


Scene: It’s the night before school starts and Paige and Craig are home alone in Paige’s house making out on her bed.


Paige: Craig, you know what. Maybe we can take this, to the next level.

Craig: What do you mean?

Paige: You know.

Craig: Are you serious?

Paige: Deadly Serious.

(An image of Dean passes through her mind, but then she thinks of sweet Craig)

Craig: Okay be right back

(Paige begins to wonder if she is really ready to do this, she thinks of Spinner, she thinks of Dean but then she decides that she loves Craig and decides that she is ready)

Craig: All right… have you ever done this before?

Paige: In a way.

Craig: And me… (Smiles)

Paige: Yeah we’re good.


Scene: First day of school, Craig and Paige are a couple, Ash is back.


(Craig and Paige walk in to school holding hands on the first day. Everyone is staring at them)


Paige: What are they all staring at?

Craig: I think us.

Paige: What, are we something odd to them?

Craig: I guess…

(Ashley is walking down the hallway with Hazel)

Ash: I can’t wait to see Craig.

Hazel: (spots Craig and Paige) Ash, come with me to the washroom quick.

Ash: But I want to find Craig

Hazel: Let’s go, come on.

Ash: (spots Craig) Craig! (To Hazel) Why is he with Paige, they never talk.

Hazel: I don’t know let’s run into them later… Come on I have to go to the washroom.

Ash: (Runs down the hallway) Craig! Paige? Craig what are you doing holding hands with Paige?

Craig: Ash, I know you are going back to England, so you know what… It’s over.

Ash: What are you talking about?

Craig: Your big news… It’s obviously that you’re going back to England

Ash: No Craig, I’m not…

Craig: Then what is it?

Ash: I’m pregnant.

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