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517 - Love Changes Everything (I)

Production Code: 517

Air Date: 19 May 05

Episode Title: Love Changes Everything (I)

Summary:  Abby’s been feeling pretty depressed since she and Spinner broke up. Things get even weirder when someone from her past makes a shocking return.


[At School…]

(Abby is getting books out of her locker when Manny runs up to her, worried.)

Manny: So is it true?

(Abby shoots her a weird look.)

Abby: What?

Manny: You and Spinner? Finito?

(Abby sighs.)

Abby: Is finito even a word?

(Manny’s face falls.)

Manny: So you two did break up?

Abby: I didn’t want to tell you. It was the first time in like five years that you, me, and Emma all had boyfriends at the same time. I didn’t want to be the one to ruin it.

(Manny hugs Abby.)

Abby: So who told you?

Manny: Craig.

Abby: How did Craig know?

Manny: Ellie told him.

Abby: Because Spinner and I are just such great friends with Ellie - ?

Manny: And she heard from Marco who heard from Paige who heard from Darcy who Spinner is apparently dating now?

Abby: Strange but true.

Manny: Aw, how are you?

(Abby shrugs.)

Abby: Good enough. Way better than last time.

Manny: Break-ups always suck.

Abby: It was mutual. The spark was just sort of – gone. (bitterly) Not as much fun once people stopped hating us.

(Manny smiles.)

Manny: Yeah. That’d kill it.

Abby: What makes me just a little bit angry is how freaking quickly he moved on. Darcy’s nice and hot and Christian and all, but, seriously, it’s been like a week. I hear he’s already, like, converted because of her.

Manny: (with contempt) Boys.

Abby: Boys!

(Manny turns to the hallway, eyeing the crowd.)

Manny: You know what you need?

Abby: (rolls eyes) Let me guess: another boy?

Manny: Exactly what I was thinking! Someone cute to help you get over Mr. Jesus or whatever he goes by now.

Abby: (looks to hallway hesitantly) I don’t know –

Manny: (begging) Come on, humor me! Please?

Abby: Fine. (slightly mocking tone) Who do you have in mind, Manny?

(Manny begins to name guys as they walk by.)

Manny: Nate?

Abby: (shakes head) Actors are too overdramatic.

Manny: How about… Tim?

Abby: Isn’t he gay?

Manny: He has been spending lots of time with Marco lately.


Manny: Chris?

Abby: No! He was such an ass to Em last year. Besides, he can’t even rap.

Manny: Good point. What about… Towerz?

Abby: Um, no thanks. The last thing I want is Liberty’s sloppy seconds.

Manny: There’s always that hottie Danny!

Abby: Liberty’s little brother isn’t much better.

Manny: (laughing at her own idea) You could always go for Toby as a last resort.

Abby: Last time I checked, he still had his heart set on you.

Manny: (makes face) I really really hope not.

(Manny spots Spinner and Darcy walking towards them. She grabs Abby’s arm.)

Manny: Oh my God – incoming –

(Abby turns around to see the new couple and turns back towards Manny with a grimace.)

Abby: Ew – ew – ew ew –

Manny: He’s coming this way!

(Spinner walks up to Abby, holding Darcy’s hand. Abby and Manny plaster on fake smiles.)

Spinner: So,  Abby, are you working today?

Abby: Three till seven, same as usual!

Spinner: Great, I’ll see you there.

Abby: Bye!

(Spinner and Darcy walk away. Manny and Abby fake smile and stare after them.)

Manny: Don’t you just love that bitter, murderous feeling you get after a break-up?

Abby: Second only to the feeling of being shot in the arm by a violent gun-crazed phsyco.

Manny: We should get to class. Nothing helps you forget about your problems more than Pre-Calculus!

(Abby laughs)

Abby: Come on.

(They begin to walk down the hall and Abby spots Sean walking by. He makes brief eye contact with her before disapearing into the crowd. Abby is speechless.)

Manny: What? You look like you just saw a ghost or something.

(Abby scans the hallway; Sean is nowhere to be found.)

Abby: I – I – I sort of did.

[End of Scene]



[At School…]

(Abby’s in the MI lab, working at a computer. Emma is at the computer across from her. Abby is still freaked about her sort-of-Sean sighting. She leans over to Emma, whispering.)

Abby: Emma?

Emma: Yeah?

Abby: I – I – um – I –

(Mr. Simpson sees the girls talking.)

Mr. Simpson: Abby, Emma, go back to your work, please.

(Abby leans back and types something. Unable to hold it in, she leans back over towards Emma.)

Abby: What do you think I would do if Sean came back?

Emma: Sean? That’s random.

Abby: I’ve just been thinking about it.

Emma: What – do you still like him, or something?

Abby: No! (pause) Of course not! (pause) Why wouldn’t I be over him?

(Emma looks skeptical and Abby, sheepish.)

Emma: Well, what do you think you’d do?

Abby: That’s what I’m curious about! Would I just jump into his arms and make out with him, or would I freeze him off and never talk to him again? What if he didn’t even want me back? What if he’s got some new Wasaga chick? What if –

Mr. Simpson: Abby! Emma!

(Abby waits for Mr. Simpson to go help someone across the room before whispering again.)

Abby: I wonder how he’s doing in Wasaga? Like, is he okay? Did he fall in with another Jay, or something? Or has he cleaned up? Maybe he’s even thinking of going to college –

Mr. Simpson: Looks like you’re coming to visit me after school, Abby! Detention. In the MI Lab.

Abby: (laughs awkwardly) Looking forward to it, Mr. Simpson.

(Abby goes back to her work. Emma leans towards her and whispers quickly - )

Emma: Looks like you’re still not over him, then?

Mr. Simpson: Emma! One more word and you’ll be joining Abby.

(Abby’s mouth drops open as she shoots a glare at Emma, who shrugs and smirks.)

[End of Scene]


[At School…]

(Abby is getting a drink at the water fountain. Standing back up, she turns around to see a familiar beanie walking down the hall. She blinks and stares after him, unable to believe it. Looking skeeved out, she turns the opposite direction and begins to walk away.)

Abby: Soon I’m going to start seeing my father sipping a latte at The Dot.

(She keeps walking, shaking the sighting out of her mind.)

[End of Scene]


[At School…]

(Sean is walking down the halls of Degrassi, taking it all in. He pauses to look at an “END OF THE YEAR CELEBRATION!” poster; his eyes linger on the “Headed by Manny Santos” at the bottom. There’s also a “BUY A YEARBOOK!” sign with Abby and Toby’s names at the bottom. He nearly walks into an old “Downtown Sasquatch” poster with a picture of Craig and the rest. He does a double take at Jimmy in the wheelchair. Walking by the library, he sees JT sitting alone at the table. Grinning, he steps inside and walks up behind his old friend.)

Sean: JT Yorke, studying? Things really have changed around here.

(JT doesn’t know who it is, and doesn’t turn around, annoyed.)

JT: You’re just jealous that I’m going to pass my bio exam and you’re going to fail miserably and flunk out of school.

Sean: So that’s the welcome back I get?

(JT turns around, sees Sean and grins.)

JT: Sean! You’re alive!

Sean: Last time I checked.

(JT gets up and slaps Sean on  the back.)

JT: What are you doing back at Degrassi? How was Wasaga?

Sean: It was okay. I just couldn’t stop thinking about your face, you know?

(JT grins and shrugs.)

JT: I am unforgettable.

(They laugh.)

Sean: Actually, my dad got transferred here. I’m back at Degrassi. For good, this time.

JT: Nice. Here, come sit down. I need a break from mitosis and the electron transport cycle.

(They sit back down at the table, JT shuts his book with a happy thud.)

JT: So how was it really  in Wasaga?

Sean: Not bad. Sort of missed it here, though.

JT: Then why did you leave in the first place?

(Sean shrugs, obviously uncomfortable.)

Sean: I needed to at the time. But I’m sort of glad to be back.

(There is an awkward silence.)

Sean: So how have things been here? Anything interesting?

(JT’s eyes bulge slightly, he leans forward.)

JT: This is Degrassi you’re talking about. Whatever you’re thinking? It was worse.

(Sean cocks an eyebrow, JT attempts to clarify.)

JT: Exhibit A – Palex, Degrassi’s newest lesbian couple.

(JT points to Paige and Alex, who are laughing at a table across the room. Paige gives Alex a  peck on the cheek. Sean’s eyes widen at the sight and he turns to JT, horrified.)

Sean: Those two are – are – dating?

(JT nods.)

Sean: But what about Jay?

JT: Got blow jobs from half the school’s female population down in the ravine and gave Alex gonerrhea. Then he was expelled. They don’t really talk much anymore.

Sean: Expelled? For what?

JT: The whole paint-and-feathers-on-Rick thing.

Sean: He did that?

JT: Him and Spinner Mason.

Sean: So Spinner got expelled, too?

(JT nods.)

JT: He came back, though. Jay didn’t. I actually haven’t seen him in a while. Not since – well, not in a while.

(Sean sits back, shocked.)

Sean: But – but – that’s it, right?

JT: Not even the beginning, my friend. See that guy, over there?

(JT points to Peter, who is browsing through the aisles. Sean nods.)

JT: Got Manny drunk at the beginning of the year and filmed her with her top off. Sent the video to the entire school. Want to see? I have it on my account, if you want –

(Sean looks disgusted and shakes his head.)

Sean: No, no, thanks, I’m good.

JT: It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it?

(Sean nods, unable to find words.)

Sean: Anything else?

JT: Well, there’s Craig –

(Before JT can say anymore, Liberty walks up to them. She does a double take at Sean.)

Liberty: Hey JT – Sean, didn’t know you were back?

Sean: Hey, Liberty.

(Liberty shoots Sean a wary look.)

Liberty: JT – can we talk in private?

JT: Since when are you talking to me?

Liberty: It’s about – um – (she looks at Sean, embarressed) – Matthew.

JT: Matthew? What?

Liberty: That’s what they named him – (she pauses and sighs at JT’s stupidity) – our son?

(Sean’s eyes open really wide and he sits up. JT and Liberty are both really embarrassed.)

JT: Oh – oh! (to Sean) I’ll be right back, okay?

(Sean nods hurriedly.)

Sean: Go – go!

(JT gets up and goes into the hall with Liberty. Sean shakes his head in wonder and buries his head in his arms. Emma walks in to meet Peter. They kiss and Emma spots Sean across the room. Shocked, she leads Peter over to him.)

Emma: Sean?

(Sean looks up and sees Emma with Peter. Remembering what JT said about Peter, he looks shocked.)

Sean: Emma –

Emma: What are you doing here?

Sean: I’m – I’m back. For good. My dad was transferred.

Emma: Seriously?

Sean: Um, yeah.

(There’s an awkward silence as Peter and Sean stare at each other. Emma notices and attempts to break the ice.)

Emma: Sean, this is Peter, my boyfriend. Peter, this is Sean. He used to go to Degrassi.

Peter: You’re that hero guy, right? The one who stopped –

(Emma and Sean are both embarrassed and uncomfortable with this memory.)

Emma and Sean: Yeah!

Emma: Have you seen anyone else yet?

Sean: (points outside) Just JT. And Liberty. Did they really have a kid?

(Emma ignores him.)

Emma: So you haven’t talked to Abby?

Sean: No, not yet.

Emma: Good. That’s – good.

(Sean and Peter look confused. Emma drags Peter outside before Sean can respond. They begin walking down the hall and pass Liberty and JT, who are fighting.)

Peter: Who was that guy?

Emma: He was the one who broke Abby’s heart.

(Pissed off, Emma walks away.)

[End of Scene]


[At School…]

(Manny is sitting on the front steps of Degrassi, eating a candy bar, when Emma comes running up from behind and plops down next to her.)

Manny: Hey. Want some? Chocolate really is good for your soul, despite what people say. It’s all lies. Horrible, horrible –

Emma: He’s back!

Manny: (mouth full of food) Who?

Emma: Sean is here. At Degrassi.

(Manny practically chokes down her chocolate in surprise.)

Manny: You’re kidding!

Emma: I saw him in the library! He says his dad transferred or something.

Manny: Does Abby know?

Emma: He said he hadn’t seen her yet.

Manny: She can’t find out! She’ll – she’ll –

Emma: Exactly!

Manny: Oh, god. Why couldn’t he have just stayed in Wasaga?

Emma: Maybe then she could actually get over him without being interupted.

Manny: Maybe we should recommend home schooling?

Emma: Oh, like that’ll work.

(Manny sighs and finishes her chocolate bar.)

Manny: Should we just tell her?

Emma: If Abby knows he’s here, she’ll flip out.

(Manny sighs.)

Manny: And go all crazy manic-depressive like last year.

Emma: We have to protect her!

Manny: But how?

(Emma thinks for a second before putting her head in her hands.)

Emma: I have no idea.

[End of Scene]


[At School…]

(Abby walks into Mr. Simpson’s room for detention after school.)

Mr. Simpson: Welcome, Abby, to the Simpson Realm of Detention and Happiness.

(Abby sits down, tossing her bag to the ground.)

Abby: How many are there today, Mr. Simpson?

Mr. Simpson: Just two. You and –

(Before Mr. Simpson can say anything else, Sean walks in.)

Sean: Sorry I’m late, Mr. Simpson. My locker was jammed.

(Sean sees Abby and stops. He and Abby stare at each other.)

Mr. Simpson: Well, you’re both here for a half hour – until two-thirty. Abby talked too much in class, and Sean was ten minutes late – not good form on your first day back, I must say. Minor transgressions, but punishable none the less.

(Abby and Sean nod, sneaking glances at each other.)

Mr. Simpson: I have to go to a teacher’s meeting, but I’ll be back soon. I’m pretty sure I can trust you two to just do your homework, right? I’ll check on you soon.

(Abby and Sean nod.)

Mr. Simpson: Oh, and by the way, Sean – welcome back! Wasn’t the same around here without you.

(Mr Simpson pats Sean on the back and leaves. There is an awkward silence. Abby pulls out some books and turns away from Sean. Sean searches for something to say.)

Sean: What – what – what are you working on?

(Abby looks at him blankly.)

Sean: Your homework?

Abby: (flatly) English questions.

Sean: Oh. Do you still have Kwan?

Abby: Yeah.

Sean: Oh.

(Abby scribbles away and Sean watches her. Abby looks up and sees Sean staring. She glares back.)

Abby: What are you looking at?

Sean: What – oh – um – it’s nothing.

Abby: Then don’t look!

Sean: It’s just – you’ve changed. A lot.

Abby: (quietly) You, too.

Sean: So, how have things been at Degrassi? Since I left?

Abby: (shrugs) Okay.

Sean: I heard some stuff from JT, but I don’t know if I believe him.

(Abby smiles)

Abby: What’d he tell you?

Sean: That Paige Michalchuck and Alex Nunez are dating?

(Abby nods in conformation.)

Abby: Random, huh?

Sean: Mind-blowingly random. And there was something about Manny and a drunken video –

Abby: Don’t even go there.

Sean: Didn’t really want to.

(They laugh again, getting more comfortable with each other.)

Sean: And did Liberty and JT have a kid?

(Abby nods – Sean is floored)

Sean: When was this?

Abby: Um – almost a month ago. They put it up for adoption. She got pregnant over the summer.

Sean: Since when were those two even dating?

Abby: Since, um, around two months after you… left.

(The awkwardness comes flooding back.)

Sean: Oh. Right.

(Abby works on her homework for a few minutes before putting her pencil down. She looks up and stares at Sean.)

Abby: What are you doing back?

Sean: My dad. He got transferred here.

Abby: Your dad got a job?

Sean: Pretty weird, eh? Both my parents have cleaned up. They’re not drinking anymore.

Abby: That’s good.

Sean: Yeah, we’re actually living in the same apartment building I lived in before –

Abby: Why did you leave?

Sean: What?

Abby: Why did you go back to Wasaga, Sean?

Sean: I thought you knew – I told you 

Abby: Yeah, well, everything was so rushed I hardly remember any of it.

Sean: I needed to live with my parents. I needed a stable family –

Abby: Bull.

(Sean is shocked, Abby is determined and angry. She’s waited a long time to get some answers out of Sean, and she’s not going to let him spew his regular crap.)

Sean: What?

Abby: You – you – you didn’t care about your parents!

Sean: Don’t say that!

Abby: Tell me the truth, Sean.

Sean: I just did!

Abby: You were scared. All the stuff with Rick and the media was freaking you out –

Sean: Of course it was! You remember what it was like – how crazy it was – you had to deal with it, too!

Abby: Yeah, but at least I actually dealt with it. I didn’t run away to mommy and daddy when things got too difficult –

(Sean stands up, angry, and faces Abby, who’s near tears.)

Sean: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Abby: You were the bravest guy I knew, Sean! You were – you were a hero! I – I loved you!

Sean: And now?

Abby: And now – I don’t know who you are!

Sean: I’m Sean Cameron – the guy you love, remember?

Abby: Loved, Sean. Loved. Present tense was before you left.

Sean: God, shut up about me leaving already! Part of me didn’t want to leave, okay? Part of me wanted to stay at Degrassi with you!

Abby: But that part wasn’t big enough to convince you to stay, was it?

Sean: Don’t make this about you! It wasn’t about you! It was about me, and what I needed at the time!

Abby: But I needed you, Sean! I loved you more than I had ever loved anyone –

Sean: I loved you, too!

Abby: You didn’t show it very well, now did you?

Sean: What?

Abby: Okay, so you had to stay in Wasaga with your parents. Whatever. That was okay enough. But you didn’t call, Sean. You didn’t email – telegraph – I would have appreciated a freaking smoke signal from you! But you didn’t – you just dropped off the face of the Earth, off with your Wasaga thugs and your Wasaga parties and your Wasaga girls –

Sean: There – there wasn’t any of that! I’ve changed, Abby! I’m doing well in school and I’m cleaning up –

(Abby looks skeptical.)

Abby: Oh, really?

Sean: Yes! And me leaving didn’t change how I felt about you, Abby –

Abby: Are you kidding? It changed everything!

Sean: I love you! Why is that so hard for you to believe?

Abby: Oh, I don’t know! Maybe because you turned your back on me; your friends; your school – everything I thought you cared about!

Sean: I cared! I still care!

Abby: If you had cared, you would have put forth some effort to keep in contact – but you didn’t, Sean, right? And why is that, exactly? Please, enlighten me, because I’m a little lost on the entire concept –

(Sean looks lost.)

Sean: Did you – did you even read my letter?

Abby: No!

Sean: Did Jay give it to you?

Abby: Yeah!

Sean: So, if you didn’t read it, what the hell did you do with it?

(Abby’s gaze turns cold. She picks up her bag and slings it over her shoulder before answering Sean.)

Abby: I burned it.

(Abby leaves. Sean looks hurt, confused, and slightly angry.)


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