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BIT Chapter Three

 “So what exactly happened at Craig’s “surprise” birthday bash?”

Marco asked Ashleigh as she stocked shelves with toothpaste at her new job at the local drug store in the mall. “What are you talking about?” she asked a little confused as she opened another box filled with toothpaste. “Craig’s surprise birthday bash at the Dot, after he found out about Ashley, he went behind the store, you followed…he can’t stop talking about you.”


“Should I be flattered or freaked out?”


“Knowing Craig, probably flattered. Every girl in school is after him and he wants you.”


“Craig Manning wants me?”


“From what I get…yeah.”


“He doesn’t want me, and even if he did, he’d eventually end up changing his mind anyway,” Ashleigh said as she stocked the last box of toothpaste and left to go into the back leaving Marco to himself.


“Wait what’d she say?” Craig asked confused as he frantically took a seat on his couch. “She said that you’d change your mind,” Marco said, “Wait, what exactly did you tell her?”


“I told her that you just might like her…”


“Marco! Why would you do that?”


“Because it’s true.” Marco said and as much as Craig didn’t want to believe he knew he was indeed having some feelings toward Ashleigh and what was driving him crazy, mostly the fact that he didn’t know why. “You should call her, invite her to the party,” Marco said, “Why?” Craig asked throwing his hands in the air. “She won’t come,” Craig said, “She will, believe me,” Marco said with a smile as he handed Craig the phone. Craig looked at the phone and than at Marco before he got up and walked up to his room. Marco followed and by the time Marco got to Craig’s room, Craig was already going through his room looking for Ashleigh’s number. Craig finally found in his sock drawer and he dialled the numbers in as he took a seat on his bed. “Hello,” Sarah, Ashleigh’s little sister said. “Hi, is Ashleigh there?” Craig asked rolling his eyes at Marco. Sarah sat there for a moment, attracted to his voice, as she thought of an excuse to talk to him longer. “Uh…she’s in the bathroom, she should be out in a few minutes,” Sarah said with a grin on her face. “Uh, okay, can you tell her I called?” Craig asked.


“Does she have your number?”


“Yeah, she should.”


“How bout your name?”


“Just tell her Craig called and wants her to call him back.”


“Do you go to Degrassi?” Sarah asked hoping she could stay on the phone with a little while longer to get to know Craig better before she went and got Ashleigh.


“Uh, yeah…”


“You guys going out?”


“No! Are you in on it too?”


“In on what?”


“Nothing, nothing, never mind, just tell her I called,” Craig said a little pissed of and then he was about to hang up before he heard Sarah’s voice telling him to wait. “What?” he asked getting even more pissed off. “She’s right here,” Sarah said as she handed Ashleigh the phone, who was sitting on her bed reading a magazine. “Hello?” Ashleigh asked making herself comfortable on her bed. “Hey, Ashleigh, you doing anything today?” Craig asked rolling his eyes at Marco. “Uh, no. Why?”


“Me and Marco were invited to a party and we were wondering if you wanted to come.”


“I’ll be over in fifteen minutes.”


“Okay, see you then,” Craig said as they hung up on each other. Craig rolled his eyes at Marco handing him the phone before Craig left for the bathroom.


Like Ashleigh said she was over at Craig’s house in fifteen minutes wearing her tight bubble-ass jeans that went past her feet, her black flip-flops, and a green corset that emphasized her hourglass figure. Craig opened the door and stood there in shock. “Keep looking and I might just do a trick,” Ashleigh joked as she walked herself into Craig’s house. Craig slowly closed the door behind her as she smiled and said hello to Marco inside. “You look amazing,” Marco said. “Thank you,” She said with a smile. “So who’s gonna be at this party?” Ashleigh asked as she seductively took a seat on the couch. Ashleigh knew what she wanted and she was gonna do just about anything to get it. “Uh…I don’t know,” Craig said as he grabbed the keys from the kitchen. “You wanna go?” Craig asked as he left the house as Marco and Ashleigh nodded their heads yes.


*           *           *


Ashleigh, Marco and Craig arrived at the party with a perky attitude; Craig was still amazed at the outfit Ashleigh was wearing. “Hey guys,” Peter said coming up to Ashleigh attracted. “He,.” Craig said stepping in front of Ashleigh to block Peter’s view. Peter got the hint that Craig didn’t want Ashleigh with Peter so he left. “Why’d you do that?” Ashleigh asked a little pissed off. “I don’t know,” Craig said confused. Ashleigh rolled her eyes and fallowed Peter to wherever he went. “And you don’t have a thing for her?” Marco asked jokingly as he got himself a drink.


Time had passed and Ashleigh had run into some guy that gave her a whole bottle of vodka which she drank all of. Ashleigh was totally wasted by the time she meet back up with Craig. “Ashleigh, hey, you wanna dance?” Craig asked her over the music. “Sure,” Ashleigh said laughing as she grabbed Craig’s hand and pulled him onto the dance, grinding up against him immediately. She made sure her back was up against his chest as she grabbed his hands, pulling them in front of them and holding them in front of her. Ashleigh rested her pounding head on his shoulder, he slid his head down her neck and they danced for about a half an hour before Peter came up to Ashleigh and said that she owed him a dance. Ashleigh took her head off Craig’s shoulder, brushing her hair out of her eyes before Peter grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, leaving Craig to stand there by himself.


Peter had Ashleigh’s chest up against his chest and she again rested her pounding head on his shoulder and they dance like that for about fifteen minutes before Ashleigh asked if she could go somewhere quiet. Peter pulled her into a bedroom upstairs. “Ugh, I have such a major headache,” Ashleigh said laughing, throwing herself on the bed. Peter went into the bathroom and got her an Advil. “Who are you?” Ashleigh asked confused as she took an Advil. “I’m Peter,” he said taking a seat next to her on the bed. “Who gave me the vodka?” Ashleigh asked laughing. Peter shrugged his shoulders. “Did you know I love drinking?” Ashleigh said laughing. Peter nodded his head no, “I don’t know you.”


“Then why did I dance with you?”


“Cuz I think you’re attractive.”


“I don’t know who I like, I can’t control my thoughts. I think I have a thing for Craig but then again who doesn’t? I don’t want a thing for Craig, cuz it’s Craig, and Marco said that every girl is after him and that he’s had trouble with relationships. I can’t do that. How bout you?” she said slurring her words as she lsy herself down on the bed. “I’m new too but I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with relationships,” Peter said as he leaned in toward Ashleigh’s face.


“Hey Marco have you seen Ashleigh?” Craig said over the music as he made his was towards Marco. “Uh…no, I can’t say I have…Why?” Marco said putting his drink on the counter. “Why can’t you just admit that you like her already, eh?” Marco said as he pushed himself up on his tippy-toes so he no longer had to shout over the music. Craig rolled his eyes and started pushing people out of his way as he looked for Ashleigh. Craig bumped into some random guy who got really pissed off. “Yo! Man! What where you’re going!!” he yelled at Craig, Craig just held his hands up to surrender and went up the stairs and opened the first door he saw. He released a breath when he got into the room but the second he realized who was in the room the air quickly re-entered.


Craig focused in on Ashleigh and Peter and Peter looked pissed but Ashleigh grew a smile to her face, “CRAIG!!” she said happily getting off the bed and walking towards him, opening her arms out for a hug. “Ashleigh, what are you doing in here?” Craig said plying her arms off him. “My good friend Peter decided to give me the house tour,” she said laughing and slurring her words and pointing to Peter with the bottle in her hand. “Gimme that!” Craig said taking the bottle out of her hand. “Ash, you have to stop, you’re wasted,” Craig said. “Oh Craig…Oh Craig…I’m not “wasted” per-say…just screwed when I get home,” she said laughing as she swayed back and fourth. “Lets go!!” Craig grabbed Ashleigh’s arm and started pulling her out of the room. “Yo!! Dude!! Where are you taking her?” Peter said getting up from the bed pissed. “You stay away from her!! You don’t talk to her, you don’t look and her and you don’t even think about her you hear?!?!” Craig said yelling at Peter pointing with his finger. Craig took Ashleigh outside and then threw the bottle up against the wall. “Dude, this isn’t my house!!” Peter said slowly following Craig and Ashleigh out of the room. “Not my problem,” Craig said taking Ashleigh down the stairs to the main floor.


“Craig, let go of me,” Ashleigh said pissed off as she tried to pull away, tripping over her feet. “Ashleigh you can’t keep yourself up, you need me,” Craig said grabbing her hand and putting it around his neck and then placing his arm around her waist. Craig started to take her outside and she threw her head back. “Ugh, I think I’m gonna be sick,” Ashleigh moaned. Craig rolled his eyes and asked the next random guy where the bathroom was. The guy pointed down a long hall and Craig dragged Ashleigh to the bathroom, even though Craig was carrying her she was still tripping over her own two feet. Craig got Ashleigh to the bathroom and kicked the two people making out in the tub, out. Craig gently placed Ashleigh on the floor by the toilet before he went and closed the door. Ashleigh sat there with her head in the toilet as Craig pulled up a little stool next to her. Ashleigh looked up at Craig brushing her hair out of her eyes and she blinked about four times at him before she quickly turned her head and barfed up the drink and her dinner. Craig looked away in disgust and put his hand on her back and rubbed it up and down her back for comfort. She let another one go before he flushed the toilet. Ashleigh wiped her mouth with her sleeve and then looked up at him. “Why are you doing this for me?” she asked still slurring her heads. “Cuz I care about you,” Craig hesitated to say. Ashleigh only got a quick smile in before she threw up again.


After about twenty minutes Ashleigh told Craig she was done being sick. Craig helped stand Ashleigh up considering she was still a drunk. He got her a washcloth and rinsed it with cold water before he gave it to Ashleigh. Ashleigh wiped her face with it as Craig poured a plastic Dixie Cup filled with water for her. Ashleigh looked at the Dixie Cup and chugged the whole cup down. Craig laughed and poured her another cup. As he turned around to give her the other cup Ashleigh planted a hard kiss on his lips. He opened his mouth, letting her tongue slid in and quickly pulled away, “You taste like puke,” he said laughing. Ashleigh rolled her eyes with a light laugh and then grabbed her re-filled Dixie Cup and headed out of the bathroom. Craig quickly followed a little flustered. “Ash, wait up!!” he said. Ashleigh turned around tripping on her feet a little, Craig opened his arms and caught her from falling and kept her upright. “Ashleigh you need to sit,” he said nodding his head yes to convince her. Ashleigh started laughing and took seat on some guys lap. “Not on him, Ashleigh,” Craig said picking her up and taking her outside.


Craig sat her down on a bench that over looked in the in ground pool. Ashleigh started laughing as she wiped the water off her chin. “Craig you’re so good to me,” she said perky, Craig laughed and looked out into the pool. Ashleigh looked at Craig and then at the pool and then back at Craig. She bit her lip and took her shirt off quickly revealing her dark purple bra. Craig turned to look at her when he saw her shirt fly off, “What are you doing?” he asked, amazed at her figure. “I’m going for a swim,” she said with a smile. “Ashleigh you can’t do that, your body won’t be able to handle it. It’s not good,” he said picking up her shirt and handing it back to her. “Watch me,” she said as she took her shoes and pants off. Craig rolled his eyes, “Ashleigh, no you can’t,” he said picking up her clothes as they fell to the ground. Ashleigh looked at Craig and then walked over to the pool. Craig ran after her grabbing her arm. “Ashleigh!!! Stop!!!” he said pulling her back. Ashleigh turned around and looked at Craig before she fell into the pool pulling Craig in with her. “Ashleigh!!!” he said getting out from under the water. “Are you crazy?!?! You’re gonna die,” He said turning to face her spinning in the pool. “I won’t die…” she said as she fell back under the water.


Ashleigh swam her way over to Craig with just her head above the water. “My clothes are all effing wet,” he said as he took his soaking wet shirt off. He placed it over the edge off the pool before he took the rest of his clothes off as he rolled his eyes. “You’re just in here cuz you think I’m gonna die,” she said laughing. Craig again rolled his eyes before he swam closer to her with his head just above the water. Ashleigh and Craig looked at one another with just their heads above the water, Ashleigh would occasionally dip her chin in the water, they did this for about five minutes just sitting and staring. Ashleigh bit her lip before she went in and planted a light kiss on his lips. She pulled away for a minute with her eyes closed as she took in a deep breath. Marco’s right?, he thought to himself as he grabbed her face and pulled it closer planting another light kiss on her lips. Ashleigh opened her mouth letting Craig slide his tongue in as she wrapped her arms around his neck and spun him around. Craig pinned her up against the side of the pool as he made his way down her neck. Ashleigh made her way down his back as he moved his way back up to her lips. Craig then picked up her legs and wrapped them around his waist. Ashleigh brought her hands back up to his neck before he made his way back down her neck. Craig made his way down to her chest and starting kissing in between her breasts, “Just do it,”she said catching her breath. He stopped for a second a looked up at her with his hands still holding her legs. He just started at her and she nodded her head yes. “Here?” he asked confused, she nodded her head yes again. Craig stood there thinking for a minute before he let go of Ashleigh’s legs grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the pool. “Craig, I’m fine really,” she said as he pulled her out of the pool. “Tipsy maybe?” he snapped back. “Just a little,” she said with a shrug. Craig had pulled Ashleigh out of the pool and collected the clothes. “Craig I don’t want to go,” she said pulling her hand away. Craig quickly again grabbed her face and planted another light kiss on it, “Trust me,” he said.


*        *        *


          Craig had Ashleigh’s hand as he pulled her down the street. “Craig, I’m fine, really.” She said as she tried countless of times to pull herself back. “Ashleigh, if you would just for once, trust me, you’ll see that I’m not taking you home or away from the party.” he said, “Craig, we’re already five blocks away from the party.” Ashleigh said stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. Craig turn around with an aggravated look on his face, “Look, I like you…a lot…and if you don’t trust me there’s no way we’re gonna work.” Ashleigh stood there for a minute a little startled at his comment. “So are you coming?” he asked curious pointing her down the road, Ashleigh nodded her head yes and followed him down the street.


          They reached a block filled with deserted buildings and Ashleigh looked at them in disgust. “So we leave the rich guy’s mansion and come here to old run down shacks?” she asked confused, Craig rolled his eyes and pulled her hand towards the end of the block were a small private beach lay. Ashleigh’s jaw dropped as she looked out into water where the moon shimmered in the water so elegantly, everything seemed alright with the world. Ashleigh walked closer to the water where the waves crashed amongst the shore, Ashleigh turned her head to Craig with a small smile, “Why’d you bring me here?” she asked turning back towards the water as he took his gaze off the sky. “Uh, I don’t know, I figured I needed something to calm you down I guess, and…I don’t know.” He said shrugging. “Oh come on, tell me. Why’d you bring?” she said turning to face him. “Marco, told me that you like long walks on beaches, especially during nights …and I like to come here to think, my mom used to bring me here when I was a kid.” He said shrugging, Ashleigh grew a smile on her face as she shirk and ran towards him. He grabbed onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. Craig caught his balance as she laughed into his shoulder. She looked down on him to look him right in the eyes, “Did you really mean what you said before?” he asked with a smile, “What? About me liking you?” he asked confused, “Uh-huh.” She said nodding her head in agreement, Craig then nodded his head yes as her smile grew bigger, placing yet another kiss on his lips.


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