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BIT Four



          Ashleigh trudged down the main lobby of school and saw Craig walking towards her with a smile, “You don’t look happy.” He said with somewhat of a worried look on his face. “Really?” she asked with a fake confused look on her face, he nodded yes, “I’m just tired that’s all.” She said, “You sure?” he asked, she nodded yes and he said okay as she walked closer to him, her wrapped his arm around her back holding her close to his side and walk Ashleigh down the hall. “Okay so I was thinking, they’re having 80’s night down at the multiplex and I know how much you love 80’s movies…”he said with a smile as they neared her locker. “You’ll take me?” she said with a smile on her face, Craig nodded letting go of her to let her open her locker. “Is that cool?” he asked, “Is that cool? Craig that’s awesome. Thanks.” She said with a smile as she collected her books. “Welcome.” He said as she closed her locker and headed over to Craig’s with him by her side. “Listen, um, my parents want to know if you want eat dinner over Saturday night?” she asked worried, he opened his locker and looked at her with a shock look on his face, “Uh, sure…but that’s when they’re having the 80’s night.” He said getting his books. “That’s okay. We can do both.” She said, “Movie and a dinner?” he asked with a smile, and she nodded. “Okay, it’s a date.” He said as the bell rang, Craig closed his locker and they lightly kissed one another goodbye as they headed over to their fourth period classes.


          Saturday came pretty slowly and Ashleigh was awoken by her sister walking into her room, “Mom wants this place straightened up before Craig comes.” She said looking through Ashleigh’s room, Ashleigh groaned and put the pillow over her head to try and get a few more minutes of sleep. Sarah and Craig had had phone conversations like the night he asked Ashleigh to go the party, every once and a while and Sarah was just as excited for Craig to come then Ashleigh’s parents were, tonight Sarah was finally going to see him face to face.


          Ashleigh and Sarah had cleaned the whole day until four when Craig arrived. Ashleigh was wearing her Death Cab For Cutie shirt with her tight bubble-ass jeans and buckle belt while Sarah on the other hand was wearing a skimpy black tank top with a short short denim skirt and Ashleigh’s favorite cowboy boots. Ashleigh walked down the stairs, “Ashleigh put something more appropriate on.” Her mom said, “Mom this is fine.”


“Ashleigh, we’re having a guest over for dinner, now don’t be rude.”


“And Sarah’s outfit’s fine?”


“Sarah looks cute, and you look like you just got out of bed, now go put something more appropriate on.”


“Sarah looks like a slut.”


“Ashleigh!” her mom said sternly, Ashleigh looked at her mom and then at Sarah before she rolled her eyes and headed back up the stairs only to change her shirt into a black skimpy Hawksley Workman tank top.


          Craig rang the doorbell and Sarah ran to answer it, “Hey.” She said with a smile as Craig stood there in shock looking at Sarah’s outfit. “Uh…Sarah?” he asked puzzled, “At your service.” She said with a bigger smile before Mrs. Hogan pushed Sarah out of the way to let Craig in. “Good evening, Craig.” Mrs. Hogan said, “Hello to you too.” He said stepping in, “Can I take your coat?” she asked him, he nodded his head yes as Mrs. Hogan slipped it off for him hanging it up on the first empty coat hook. Ashleigh walked down the stairs not hearing the doorbell and was startled at the presence of Craig, “Craig, hey.” She said making her way to the bottom of the stairs. “Hey you.” He joked, Mrs. Hogan looked between the two of them, and “Scott should have the food on the table.” She said making her way into the dining room grabbing Sarah’s arm and pulling her along. Craig and Ashleigh looked at one another and laughed before he planted a light kiss on her lips. “Ready?” she said, “Not even remotely.” He said as they followed Mrs. Hogan and Sarah.


          Everyone got into their seats and made themselves comfortable before Mrs. Hogan started handing out the food. “So, Craig, you’re graduating this year.” Scott said, “Yes sir.” Craig answered, “Plan on going to any special colleges?”


“UH, anything dealing with music will be fine for me, sir.”


“Ah, same as Ash.”


“Cool.” He said turning to Ashleigh who was to busy cutting her food into small portions. “Do you have a job?”


“Uh, I work at my step-dad’s car lot.”


“His Dad owns Jeremiah Motors.” Mrs. Hogan said, “Really?” Scott asked, Craig nodded yes and turned to Ashleigh who was now taking bites of her dinner but not looking up from her plate. Puzzled Craig turned back to Scott were there was awkward silence before the phone rang. “I’ll get it.” Ashleigh said quickly rushing up from the table. “Hey Dad.” She said answering the phone. “You’re not Ashleigh’s dad?” Craig as confused. “Uh, well I’m her father, just not biologically.” He said with a grin. “That was dad; he and Lori are planning on visiting for the Holidays.” Ashleigh said taking her seat again making eye contact with everyone but Scott. “How nice of them.” Mrs. Hogan says, “Yeah and he even said Erik might be able to make a visit.” She said with a smile. “Erik?” Craig asked, “My step-brother.” Ashleigh said flashing him a smile, Craig nodded his head, “That’s cool.” He said, “So tell me, Craig, you get along with your family?” Scott asked with a grin. “Uh, yeah actually I do, we’re all pretty closer.” Craig said nodding. “Cool. Ashleigh and I are real close, too, we get along real well.” Scott said as Ashleigh’s knife slipped and cracked the plate. “God damn it, Ashleigh! That’s the fourth plate you broke.” Mrs. Hogan said getting up from her seat to get the plate. “I’ll take care of it.” Ashleigh said as she got up from the table and rushed into the kitchen with her plate. Craig watched Ashleigh leave the room and then turned to the rest of the family, “Don’t worry. It’s like this every dinner.” Sarah said with a smile. “Sarah Michelle!” Mrs. Hogan snapped back. Craig looked around at everyone and then took his napkin out of his lap. “May I use your bathroom?” he asked getting up, “It’s through the kitchen and to the right.” Mrs. Hogan said, “Thank you.” He said leaving the room.


          Craig entered the kitchen to see Ashleigh clearing off her plate. “You okay?” he asked nearing her placing his hand on her waist for comfort, startled Ashleigh turned around, “Yeah, I’m fine.” She said.


“Really? Cause dinner seems a little … uncomfortable.”


“Isn’t that the way it’s suppose to be, I mean, it’s your girlfriend’s parents.”


“You just don’t seem alright.”


“I don’t feel well.” She said turning back around to clean off the rest of the plate. “Well we can skip 80’s night.” He said to comfort her, “No, its okay, I wanna go really.” She said, “Okay.” He said pulling her closer as he gave her a hug. Craig hugged her for a good two minutes before he kissed the top of her head and went back into the dinning room, leaving Ashleigh to stand there.


*        *        *


          Craig slipped his coat on as he and Ashleigh stepped outside to head off to 80’s night at the theatre. “Listen, Craig, I’m sorry about dinner.” She said grabbing his arm to stop him from going to the car. “Don’t worry about it.” He said with a smile. “You sure? I mean your not mad at me or anything?” she asked, “Why would I be mad at you?”


“Well cause I didn’t say that Scott was my step-dad, or anything of that.”


“Oh, Ashleigh, don’t worry about that.” He said laughing, “You sure?” she asked with a puzzled look on her face. “Really.” He said grabbing her face to hold as he planted a light kiss on her lips. “Just one thing…”he said, Ashleigh rolled her eyes in worry of what he was going to say, “Four plates?” he asked opening his eyes wider. Ashleigh laughed as she headed to the car, “I’m dangerous.” She said laughing as she took a seat on the passenger’s side. Craig laughed and hopped into the car before they drove off to the movies.


          The line up for 80’s night including The Breakfast Club, Fast Times at Richmond High, Dazed and Confused, Dirty Dancing, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, Weird Science, The Shore Thing and Animal House, complete with classic 80’s tunes as you waited online to enter. The event lasted all night long and had a reception area with some of the hit food to eat during the 80’s. They bought the tickets and got some popcorn and soda before they headed into the stadium seated theatre. They picked seats in the middle and cuddled together the whole night. Ashleigh had her legs across Craig’s lap, making out, when Darcy and Spinner walked over. Spinner coughed and the two broke away from the kiss looking up at Spinner and Darcy standing there. “Hey Spin.” Craig said as he slid his hand towards Ashleigh’s butt. “This must be Ashleigh, I’ve heard so much about you.” Spinner said, Ashleigh looked at Craig and laughed. “Spin, I didn’t know you were into the 80’s.” Craig said, “I’m not, Darcy loves them and besides it’s good time for me to get some lip on lip action, seems as if you guys have already covered that.” Spinner said as Darcy slapped his arm, Craig and Ashleigh laughed as Spinner gave a thumb up and headed off with Darcy, “He seems nice.” Ashleigh said laughing; Craig rolled his eyes and continued to kiss Ashleigh passionately.


          About half way through Weird Science, Ashleigh fell asleep on Craig’s shoulder and Spinner walked past. “Yo, Spin.” Craig said, “Did you ever have dinner with Darcy’s parents yet?” he asked, Spinner stood there with a puzzled look on his face. “No, why?” he asked laughing. “Well, I had dinner with Ashleigh’s parents before and Ashleigh didn’t look up from her plate once and was acting all weird…I was just wondering Darcy might have done the same thing, ya know, maybe it’s a girl thing?” Craig asked trying his best not to wake her, “Dude, I don’t know.” Spinner said laughing and shrugging. “Why don’t you ask her?” Spinner said before he left Craig to continue watching the movie.


          When the marathon was over it was about noon the next day and Craig and Ashleigh weren’t used to the light so the squinted there whole way to the car. “Ashleigh can I ask you something?” he asked, Ashleigh nodded her as she stepped into the car. “Last night, why were you all quite? Why didn’t you look up from your plate, and not even look at your father.” He asked as he started the car. “He’s not my father, his name is Scott and sadly he’s my step-dad and to answer your question, we just got into a fight.” She said snapped back. “Sorry.” He said slumping into his seat. “No, I’m the one who should be sorry…that was just a little rude.” She said laughing. “Maybe, I’m just tired.” She said trying to cover up her snobby remark. “I’ll get you home.” He said as he pulled out of the parking lot and out into the street.


          Craig got her to her house and Ashleigh still felt as if he was mad with her. “You’re not mad are you?” she asked, “Nope.” He said nodding in agreement. “Okay.” She said as she leaned in to give him a kiss goodbye. They pulled away for a slight second and without evening opening their eyes and with the spark they felt they went into a passionate kiss. Ashleigh slid her tongue deep into his mouth, massages hers with his as she pushed him back up against the door. Craig grabbed her face to hold as he slid his tongue in deeper while Ashleigh slid herself on top of him. Ashleigh laughed a little as her foot got stuck, “I should really be going.” She said pulling away from the kiss for just a second. “No.” he joked as he pulled her closer. “Yes, I’ll call you later.” She said laughing as she tried to pull away but Craig quickly grabbed her back only to kiss her deeper and harder. “I promise, after I get some sleep.” She said laughing as she attempted to leave his hands again. Instead of pulling her back, he grabbed her chin and pulled it closer as he planted a light kiss on her lips. Ashleigh smiled at him before she got out of the car and he drove home. Ashleigh stood outside for a minute watching the car go down the road with a smile on her face before she took her step inside.


          “Did you have fun?” Sarah asked at the bottom of the stairs, “Yeah.” She said with a smile on her face as she made her way up the stairs. “Craig seems like a nice guy.” Sarah said still standing at the bottom. Ashleigh stopped in the middle of the stair case and turned slightly back to Sarah with a smile. “Yeah, he is.”

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