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BIT Nine

          The sound of the monotone beep from the heart monitor echoed in Craig’s ears as they sat on the edge of the bed just looking at Ashleigh’s ghost like face. Where the IV meet her skin was purple against her white, chalky skin. Lauren and Sarah were outside the room giving family information and they tried contacting Mr. and Mrs. Hogan. Craig just stared at her closed eyes, holding her cold, icy hand, as he prayed that she would just speak to him one last time. The guilt rushed inside him as she didn’t make one movement for a good fifteen minutes, and that’s when the tears started to form in his eyes, he too was afraid of losing the only person he ever really cared about. Lauren walked in after giving out the information and placed her hand on Craig’s shoulder. “Her parents are on their way and they’re gonna want some alone time.” Lauren said softly, Craig nodded his head and Lauren left the room. Craig got up out of his seat and kissed her forehead, “I’m sorry.” He whispered before he headed out the room, turning slightly behind to get one more last glance. The doctors were certain she wasn’t going to make it.


          Mr. and Mrs. Hogan rushed into the Emergency Room looking for a doctor. “Can you help us?” Mrs. Hogan screamed at the receptionist. “Alright, Ms. Calm down.” the woman said, “I need to know where my daughter, Ashleigh, Miss. Ashleigh Hogan is, please.” Mrs. Hogan said the tears rushed down her face like a waterfall, “Emily?” the receptionist asked as Ashleigh’s dad and step-family walked in. “Yes, and this is Richard.” Mrs. Hogan said pointing to Ashleigh’s father as he entered in. The receptionist nodded as a Dr. Marx passed, “Oh, doctor, these are Ashleigh’s parents.” She said pointing to just Richard and Emily. “Oh yes, right this way.” Dr. Marx said holding Mrs. Hogan’s hand as he directed her to the room.


          “Um, Mrs. Hogan, can I talk to you for a second?” Dr. Marx asked as he pulled her out of the room, right to where Craig was standing. “Um, Ashleigh has a deep record of overdosing, well drug-taking, when’s the last time she was in the hospital on drugs?” he asked, “Uh, right along the time Sophia was born, so March of 2003.” Emily said, “Really? It’s been that long?” Dr. Marx asked. “Well that was the last time she ever really overdosed, I mean she continued to take drugs but she started cutting down about last year and has been sober for almost a year now.” Mrs. Hogan said, “Well I’m going to have her old therapist come in and try and figure out why she started taking them up again.” Dr. Marx asked she patted Mrs. Hogan’s shoulder and left to find a telephone. Mrs. Hogan entered the room as Sarah emerged from the ground overhearing the conversation as well as Craig. Sarah looked through window and then at Craig who had a complex look on his face. “Do you need to see a doctor?” Sarah lightly joked, “Whose Sophia?” Craig asked looking at Sarah. “That’s right, she never finished telling you.”


“Telling me what?”


“About David, there was more to the story that you didn’t let her finish.”


“David Collins, the guy from new years.”


“Yeah him. Look Craig, David did more than just sleep with Ashleigh. He got her pregnant.”


“And she never told me?”


“You didn’t let her. Look Craig, she’s tried over and over and over again to tell you but you refused to listen. You have to open up and be more aware of your surroundings. I mean, I tried countless times to get your attention and you don’t even look at me. I have to tell you everything Ashleigh wasn’t ready to tell you just so you could be single. Stop being so wrapped up in yourself; you’re not the only person on this planet ya know? Other people are hurting.” Sarah said as she realized that it was pretty much her fault why Ashleigh was in the hospital. Sarah tried to get Craig’s attention way to hard that she wasn’t thinking about her sister and didn’t noticed that she had broken them up. Tears started to fill in her eyes as she spoke to Craig and when she was finished she shuck her head in dismay and entered the room.


          Time passed and visiting hours was nearing a close. The Hogan’s left all together as they headed back off the house for a family dinner. Craig was offered to come but choose to stay behind for a bit. He held her icy cold hand again and looked at her pale face. “Time to go son.” Dr. Marx said coming in as he noticed Craig’s Maple Leaf Sweatshirt Joey dropped off for him, “You’re a Maple fan?” the doctor asked with a smile. “Yep.” Craig said looking at the doctor, “Stay as long as you like kid.” The doctor said with a smile as he headed out the room. Craig looked back at Ashleigh and adjusted himself in the chair so he could rest his head on Ashleigh’s bed. He held her hand close to his face and watched her face before he drifted off into a deep world of rest. At around 3:30 AM, Ashleigh slowly woke herself up. She looked around the hospital room, trying to figure where exactly she was before she noticed Craig’s figure. She felt his warm body against her cold hand and attempted to call out his name. “Craig.” She said trying to say it loud enough for him to hear but it didn’t work, she was to weak, her voice came out like a little squeaky mouse. She repeated his name and he still didn’t wake up, it took all the energy she had left in her to lift her free hand up and rest it on his head to wake him. Craig looked up from the bed and looked into her eyes, which was the only source of life she had left in her as the blue eyes sparkled. “Ash.” He said getting up from the chair and planting a light kiss on her lips. “I’m so sorry.” They said at the same time as Ashleigh’s eyes took their time to adjust to Craig’s quick movement. Craig smiled at her with his one hand holding hers and his other hand supported her face. “I’m so sorry.” Craig said as his eyes started to form tears again. Ashleigh took her free hand and again used all her energy to lift it up to his face and wipe away his tears. “I love you.” She said barely getting it out and Craig immediately started to bawl thinking he would never hear those words out of her mouth again and Ashleigh just laid their lifeless and emotion-less, still not all there.


*          *          *

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