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Chapter One: The Past is in the Past

Degrassi 10 year reunion: Senior Class (They’re 27)


Ellie: Chris, I don't know if we should go to the reunion.

Chris: You came to mine. And it's in an hour, so it's too late to change your mind. Who are you trying to avoid, an ex?

Ellie: No, I'm not trying to avoid anyone, well maybe I am, but it's just it's cold here in Canada and I don't want Amber to catch a cold. She's so used to the L.A. weather it's not funny.

Chris: Aw, come on I've always wanted to come here and besides we're already here... please my wonderful TV producer, you can sure rub it in at the reunion!

Ellie: Fine. Amber let's go...




Paige: Hazel, nice to see you again. I haven’t seen you in forever.

(Marco was talking to Paige but walked over to Ellie when he saw her walk in.)

Marco: Ellie? Hey!

Ellie: Marco!

Chris: Someone I should know about?

Ellie: My first boyfriend Marco. Marco, this is Chris.

Marco: Oh, don't worry, I'm gay.

Chris: Oh.

Marco: And who's the little one?

Ellie: Oh Amber. She just turned 9. (Amber meets Marco.)

Amber: Hi Marco.

Marco: When did you meet Chris?

Ellie: A few years ago... we're getting married in June. (It’s  September right now)

Marco: Congrats! But if you met him a few years ago, how was she born? Is she his kid?

Chris: Well...

Ellie: Um, uh, I'm a TV producer! I work with Caitlin Ryan...

Marco: Great! I'm a counsellor for kids and teens that need help coming out and finding them.... it's really great. Well, I'm having a party at my house afterwards. Like a reunion thing. You should come; it'll be nothing crazy so you'd like it.

Ellie: Ok. Chris I'll be right back, I'm gonna see if I can find my friend Alex.

Chris: Ok when you find her, introduce me, ok?

Ellie: Ok.


(Ellie walked away and Amber followed her, Chris stayed behind talking to Marco. She looked for Alex. No sign of her. But there was Ashley. Oh, and to make it worse, there was him WITH Ashley. Ellie grabbed Amber's hand and turned around to walk away but Ashley saw her...)


Ashley: Ellie! Hey!

Ellie: *turns around and puts on her fakest smile* Ashley! Hey! I haven't seen you in forever.

Ashley: It's good to see you again... Ellie, Craig and I are dating again!

Ellie: Oh great. CHRIS! COME MEET MY FRIEND ASHLEY! Guys this is my fiancÚ, Chris.

Chris: Hi, Nice meeting you two.

Ellie: Oh, and this is Amber! My daughter.

Craig: You two have a kid?

Ellie: So anyway Ashley, Craig what do you two do now?

Ashley: I'm a teacher... I teach music at Bardell.

Craig: And I own a music club.

Chris: You two are both musicians? Cool, I, uh, actually do music for TV... Ellie's show down in L.A.

Ashley: You work in L.A.? Cool.

Chris: She's a producer for a show called "The Mad Life Of Hal".

Ellie: You have to brag, don't you?

Chris: I'm proud. Aren't you proud of your mommy, Amber?

Amber: Yup.

Craig: Well looks like we found the most successful of the senior class.

Ellie: Thanks but you guys sound pretty happy too, you know?

Ashley: We are thanks.

Ellie: Uh Chris I'm gonna get us a drink. Want anything?

Chris: Just a soda, please.

Ellie: Okay be right back.


(Ellie walked away towards the drinks and rolled her eyes. This was EXACTLY what she was trying to avoid. But to her luck, she was followed by EXACTLY what she was trying to avoid...)


Ellie: What?

Craig: You have a kid now.

Ellie: *sarcastic* Really, so that's what that is! Oh good, I thought for a second she was a stray cat!

Craig: What is with you?

Ellie: What's with me? You shouldn't be the one asking that. Anyway, I have to go. Chris and Amber are waiting for their sodas.

Craig: Wait, can you just listen? I'm sorry okay?

Ellie: *ignoring him* I'll tell Caitlin you said hi.

Craig: You work with Caitlin?

Ellie: No, I work with Santa... Duh! She created the show Craig...

Craig: Okay what's up with you?

Ellie: *starting to tear up* You really wanna know? We had something together okay? And you don't wanna believe that we did... I was a phase, right? The worst part is that I'm reminded of you every day! Every time I look at OUR child...

Craig: A-Amber's m-mine?

Ellie: No Craig, like I said, Santa! What do you think? I need to go, I have a guy who actually loves me this time. A guy that won't leave me after he gets what he wants.

Craig: Ellie!

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