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DTL Part One

Part 1: One More Chance

Is Craig rethinking his relationship with Ashley? Does Paige feel sorry for Spinner? Why can't Toby find a girl?

At school, Paige and Hazel are in the cafeteria:

Paige- Do you think Mr. O will come back for me?

Hazel- I think you should forget about him and worry about your exam.

Paige- And you should be sitting with Jimmy instead of me.

Hazel- Jimmy wants to be with his friends, not me all the time. (smiling) Speaking of Jimmy's friends, where's the one you used to date?

Paige- I don't know and I don't care. Probably getting down and under with Manny.

Hazel- Paige!

Paige- What it’s the truth.

(They stand up to throw away their food. Hazel spots Toby looking sad.)

Hazel- Toby what’s wrong.

Toby- I asked Manny out and she turned me down.

Paige- So like cruel Manny. But hon, you shouldn't ask out someone who has a boyfriend.

Toby-(looking up) But she doesn't.

Paige- Yeah, Spinner.

Hazel- Paige, I thought you knew. She broke up with Spinner.

Paige- Well knew that wouldn't last long. How’s he feeling about it?

Hazel- Who knows, he dropped out of school.

Paige-(surprised) Wow all this happened. Where was I?

Hazel- Worrying about Mr. O.

(Paige, thinking about something, heads off to her next class.)


Later that day, Craig and Ash are at the Dot sharing a smoothie while planning their party:

Craig- And that’s it for the planning. This party is going to rock.

Ash- Yeah its going to be great thanks to you. (Ash holds Craig’s hand)

Craig-(uncomfortable) Ash, maybe we should take things slow because you know what happened last time when we were dating.

Ash- (sighing) Yeah you cheated on me with Manny Santos. Do you still love her?

Craig- (shocked) Of course not! What, How, Why would you ask that?!

Ash- Just a question that I have been wondering for awhile. I mean there must be some reason you cheated on me with her.

Craig- Yeah, hormones!

(Spinner comes up to give them the bill.)

Spinner- That will be $3.50. Oh, it’s you guys.

Craig- Oh look its the drop out. How’s life been treating you, hamburger helper?

Spinner- Same as how Ash is treating you.

(Ash pulls Craig so they can go. Craig looks back to throw the money for the bill at Spinner.)


The next day, Toby sees Darcy and decides to try his luck with her:

Toby-(shy) Hey Darcy.

Darcy- Hi Toby.

Toby- Um... so there's a new Nicole Kidman movie out. Want to catch it at the mall tonight?

Darcy- Oh, Toby, I'm really sorry, but I have plans with Chester.

Toby-(feeling even more down) Oh, you and Chester are going out.

Darcy- Yeah. Like I said, I 'm really sorry.

Toby- That’s cool.

Darcy- Well see ya later.

(Toby walks to the bathroom looking like he is about to cry.)


During lunch, Paige is on the phone talking to the manager of The Dot:

Paige- Just tell Spinner that I called and I want to meet him on the corner of Degrassi St. and Pippister St.

(Manny walks by and Paige stands up to give her a mean look.)

Paige- Manny your damage is far more surprising than I would expect.

Manny- Paige, what are you talking about?

Paige- First you seduce Spinner and leave me no choice than to dump him, then you breakup with him. You have a lot of cruel intentions Manny Santos!

Manny- (laughing) Paige, you think you know a lot for a blonde. I don't need this from someone who had sex with a teacher.

(Manny storms away as Paige shakes her head in dismay.)


The next period, Craig goes in the science lab to get a textbook for Ms. Kwan. He spots Manny flirting with Chester as he walks in:

Craig- Ms. Hatzilakos, Ms. Kwan wanted me to get a English textbook from your cabinet, since you have a textbook for every subject.

Ms. Hatzilakos- Yeah, it’s in the cabinet behind Manny. Just tell her to move for a second.

(Craig, looking a little nervous walks over to Manny.)

Craig- Uh... I need to get an English textbook.

(Manny stops talking to Chester and looks at Craig. Craig looks at Manny in the sympathetic way he did when they were going out.)

Manny- Oh, okay.

(Manny stands up as Craig gets the book. He spots a pink sweater in her backpack.)

Craig- Wow, I can't believe you still have this.

Manny- Oh, yeah, I wear it whenever it’s cold.

(Craig stands up to look at Manny.)

Craig- But I thought you threw it away after, you know.

Manny-(stuttering) Well, its the only sweater I have, and I need one of course.

Craig- Yeah. Um... me an Ash are having a party at her house. Would you like to come?

Manny-(surprised) I don't know I mean will Ash approve?

Craig- I don't see why not.

Manny- Okay, sure.

Ms. Hatzilakos- Craig since you found the book, can I get back to my class?

Craig- Oh, sorry.(to Manny) So tonight: 8pm at Ash's.

(Craig walks out of the room while Manny smiles.)

Part 2: The Party

How will the party go? How will Paige and Spinners reunion turn out? Will Toby meet a special girl at the party?

To Be Continued...

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