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Episode 101 - Wake Me Up When September Ends

The first day of school at Degrassi Community School. Manny and Jay have been fighting and Maddy’s starting to doubt they’re her real parents. Jackie and Roxie look for band members.

The halls of Degrassi Community School were filled with new and old students. Maddy Hogart and Katie Nelson walked together to their first period class. They looked like they were almost exact opposites. Katie looked like her mom: long blond hair, light skin, blue eyes, she even had braces. Maddy had long black hair, was kind of pale, with light blue eyes. She would have made a good Goth. Her, Katie and Paige Van-Yorke were the best of friends. Maddy and Katie made it to their first room, 112. They had Science with Mr. Boyar. Maddy and Katie sat next to each other and started talking.


Katie: So, how was summer?

Maddy: I hated it! All my parents do is fight.

Katie: Mrs. Hogart seems like the nicest person alive.

Maddy: Have you ever met my dad?

Katie: No.

Maddy: That’s because he works all day, and yells all night. All they do is fight!

Katie: It can’t be all they do.

(The video announcements came on, Cayla Van-Zant appears on the TV.)

Cayla: Good Morning Degrassi Community School! Welcome to the first day of school! There are only a few announcements this morning. First, auditions for the Dance Team are today in the gym, Dana and Julie are holding the try-outs. Hey everyone, want to be recognized? Come to the Degrassi annual talent show! Sign-ups are in the main hallway. Well that’s all of the announcements for now. Have a wonderful day.

(The T.V. clicked off and Mr. Boyar went on to teaching his class.)


(After school Maddy and Katie decided to go to the Dot.)

Katie: So you never finished, about first period.

Maddy: Oh, right. Well, do I look like my mom?

Katie: No, you must look like your dad.

Maddy: I don’t, trust me.

Katie: So, genetics were never your thing anyway.

Maddy: I just, don’t think I’m a Hogart.

Katie: Now you’re doubting your parents.

Maddy: I’m just saying that’s what I think it is.

Katie: So your parents fight and there are no genetics between you guys anyways. So, big deal?

Maddy: Huge deal! What if I was kidnapped? Or adopted even!

Katie: Ok, now you’re really pushing it.

Maddy: I’m going to ask them, tonight.

Katie: If your dad is the way you say he is, I wouldn’t.

Maddy: Well I’m going to.

(Just then Roxie Manning and Jackie Hogart walk into the dot. Maddy stares at her sister. She was wearing a ripped up T-shirt and torn up jeans. She looked like she came out a dumpster. Roxie wasn’t much better.)

Maddy: Jackie, what are you wearing?

Jackie: It’s a gig. We’re doing the talent show this year, and we’re going to be a rock band!

Maddy: With two people?

Jackie: That’s where the look comes in, see? We need more band members so, yeah.

Katie: My sister Emilie might be interested. You could ask her.

Jackie: Well, if she could do the look then, cool. Well, see you sis!

(She and Roxie walked to the other side of the room to order a soda. Maddy and Katie giggled at the two girls).

Katie: No offence but you and your sister are nothing alike.

Maddy: She’s a Hogart, she looks just like my mom.

Katie: Yeah, she does. Well, I’ve got to get home.

(Katie started to get up, but she sat back down and glared at someone behind her best friend.)

Maddy: What? Something caught in my teeth?

Katie: Turn around.

(Maddy turned around and saw a boy with curly blond hair and light blue eyes. Maddy closed her eyes and slowly turned around.)

Maddy: Three, two, one.

(The boy came over along with a few others.)

Boy: Hey guys, its goody-two-shoes and her helpful side-kick, miss Dairy Queen!

Maddy: Cody, DQ stands for Drama Queen, not Dairy Queen.

Cody: Yeah, sure whatever. So, Dairy Queen, got a boyfriend yet?

Maddy: No Cody.

Cody: Ha! Matt you owe me ten bucks!

Katie: What?

Matt: I bet she would have a boyfriend by the end of today.

Maddy: Wow thanks.

Matt: No problem, but hey, would you want to go out with me?

Maddy: Not even in your dreams.

Matt: We do a lot more then what you’re thinking in my dreams.

Maddy: You sick-o! I’m out!

Katie: I’ll come with!

(The two girls ran out of the Dot and out on the street.)


(The boys sat at their table, Matt leaned close to Cody as the others went to order pizza.)

Matt: Does she know yet?

Cody: I don’t think so.

Matt: Dude, you got to tell her.

Cody: That’s her parents’ job. Not mine.

Matt: She has to know!

Cody: She will, but I can’t tell her.

(Cody looked at his watch and his eyes widened. He looked over at Matt with wide eyes and Matt nodded.)

Matt: I’ll cover for you.

Cody: Thanks Matt!

(Cody ran out of the Dot as the others just came back. A boy named Tom looked over at Matt and gave a face.)

Tom: Where did he go?

Matt: He has a life.

Tom: Oh, with who?

(The other guys laughed.)

Matt: I don’t know.

Tom: Matt, you going soft on us?

Matt: Me? Soft? Ha, yeah right.

(The guys laughed Jackie and Roxie watched from the distance.)

Roxie: Ready to go? We haven’t found anyone yet.

Jackie: Ok, my dad’s going to yell at me for wearing this. But, oh well.

(They laughed and walked outside.


(At the Hogart house Maddy sat in the kitchen listening to her ‘dad’ scream at her ‘mom’. Jackie walked in the door and sat down next to her.)

Maddy: I’d go change, Dad’s in a bad mood.

Jackie: Like that’s different from any other day.

(Jackie went upstairs to her room. Jay came into the kitchen and looked at Maddy, his eyes were wide. Manny came in and looked exhausted; they sat down next to Maddy.)

Maddy: Hi Mom, Dad.

(Jay grunted.)

Manny: Hello hunny, how was your day.

Maddy: Confusing, but good I guess. Mom, can I see my birth certificate?

(Manny’s eyes widened as she looked at Jay. Jay looked as if he was going to cry.)

Manny: Why do you need your b-birth certificate?

Maddy: School project, can I see it?

Jay: We misplaced that thing years ago!

Maddy: Oh great, I’m going to fail the eighth grade!

(Jackie came in wearing jeans and a T-shirt. She looked over at her parents.)

Jackie: Dad, something wrong?

Jay: No, course not!

Jackie: Ok, Mom, I need to get more guitar strings. Can I borrow $11?

Manny: Sure, some money’s on the table.

(Jackie grabbed some money and headed for the door.)

Manny: Jackie, be back by nine!

Jackie: Got it Mom!

(She shut the door, Manny and Jay look at each other and then at their daughter.)

Maddy: What’s the big deal about a stupid birth certificate?

Manny: As your father said we misplaced it.

Maddy: More like miss-read it.

(Maddy got up and ran upstairs to her room.)

Jay: You get down here! You don’t talk to your mother like that!

(There was no response.)

Manny: Jay, we should tell her.

Jay: No, she doesn’t need to know, at least, not now.


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