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102 - Blvd. of Broken Dreams

Paige is looking for a boyfriend, but no one seems interested. Is it time for a new look? Liberty and Toby worry about where their daughter's headed. Carrie becomes interested Cody’s best friend.

Paige, Maddy and Katie walked into Degrassi Community School. They were wearing matching outfits in different colors. A jean skirt, sequined belt, 2 different colored tank tops, and a jean jacket. Katie’s was purple, Maddy’s was pink, and Paige’s was blue. They saw Dana and Julie on their way inside, flirting with Tom and Matt. Paige felt a hint of jealousy as they passed. She turned around to talk to her two best friends.


Paige: Should I get a boyfriend?

(Maddy and Katie pretended to think for a moment.)

Katie and Maddy: Uh, No!

Paige: Why not?

Maddy: Remember last year?

Paige: No... Not really... yes.

Katie: And that guy was a real jerk!

Paige: Come on guys, that was last year in like, September!

Maddy: Which is right around now right?

Paige: You’re the worst, you know that?

Katie and Maddy: We know!

(The three girls laughed as they parted their ways to home room.)


The day dragged on but lunch did come. Maddy Katie and Paige took a seat on the top step of Degrassi. They looked out into the parking lot to see Carrie Mason eating alone.

Maddy: Poor girl.

Katie: It must be a drag to eat by your self.

Paige: Maybe we should go talk to her.

Katie: We should.

Maddy: Yeah, Paige, go talk to her!

Paige: You wish! You talk to her!

Maddy: No! Katie, you’re the nice one.

Katie: Ha, ha, funny. No way.

Maddy: We should go do something though.

Paige: We should, but we won’t.

Maddy, Katie and Paige laughed and went back to eating their lunch. Carrie Mason stroked her blond hair as she took a bite of her sandwich. Her green eyes wandered around campus until they landed on one boy, Tom. Carrie smiled as she watched from afar. That moment was soon ruined as her sister, Dana, started talking to him. She glared at her sister. Dana was so popular and she, well... wasn’t.


When she got home she and her sister sat at a table and started doing homework. There were a few moments of silence, but Carrie looked up at her sister.

Carrie: Hey Dana,

Dana: Yeah?

Carrie: Who was that guy you were taking to at lunch today?

Dana: Oh, that was Tom, Tom Yorke.

Carrie: Are you going out with him?

Dana: Of course not!

Carrie: Well, how do you and Julie work up the guts to talk to him?

Dana: We just think- actually, we know we’re better then them. Boys sense that, so they treat us with respect.

Carrie: Oh, ok.

She thought about that as she finished up her homework.


The next day Carrie came to school with her head up high. Maddy, Katie and Paige were pushed out of her way.

Paige: Snob!

Katie: Just like her sister.

Maddy: It’s sad, you go from being so nice and quiet, to being loud and snobby.

Paige: Well, Manning seems to like it.

(Carrie and Matt were against the lockers talking. Paige looked, envying the moment she should be having.)

Paige: That’s it! Maddy, Katie, we’re going to the mall after school!

Katie: Why?

Paige: It’s time for a new look.


The day went on forever but 9th period did come along. Maddy and Paige sat next to each other. Maddy scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to Paige.

You sure you want to do this? ~Maddy

Yes, totally. ~ Paige

This could be a big mistake. ~Maddy

Or it could get Matt to like me. Conversation over! ~Paige


(The video announcements came on and showed Cayla Van-Zant’s face.)

Cayla: Good afternoon Degrassi! Just a few announcements before we leave Degrassi for the weekend. Drama club auditions will not be held this year due to Miss. Elphie’s incident. Remember, if you want to be recognized sign up for our annual Talent Show! It’s right in our own main hallway! It will be an exciting year! Dance Team list is up and will have a meeting Monday! Well that’s it for the announcements, have a great day!


The video clicked off as the classes filled the hallways. The excitement of the first weekend was going to be celebrated going to the mall. Rave was their first stop.

Paige: How about this?

Katie: Isn’t that a little, um...

Maddy: Revealing?

Paige: You said that about everything I tried on.

Maddy: Well that’s because everything you tried on was a bit... revealing.

(Katie nodded.)

Paige: Guys, Matt needs to notice me.

Maddy: He does, he calls me Dairy Queen, Katie goody-two-shoes, and he calls you... uh... hum... what does he call you?

Paige: Nothing! He doesn’t even call me a mean name.

Maddy: Do you think I like being called Dairy Queen?

Paige: Do you think I like being ignored? That’s it, I’m taking all of these.

(Paige grabbed the clothes that Maddy and Katie rejected and brought them to the counter. When they left they passed Carrie with Tom Yorke. Paige walked over to him.)

Paige: Hey Tom,

Tom: Hi?

Paige: Can we talk...

(Carrie looked over at Tom who looked at Paige.)

Paige: Alone?

(Carrie gave a little whatever smile and walked away.)

Tom: Remember what mom said Paige, nobody knows we’re siblings.

Paige: I know, I know. But what are you thinking even talking to that girl?

Tom: She changed after night or something, she’s more...

Paige: Stuck up? Desperate?

Tom: I was going to say independent but now that you mention it she is kind of desperate huh?

Paige: Not kind of, she’s really.

Tom: Well now, time to have a good time!

Paige: Thomas Yorke don’t you dare think about doing anything with a 7th grader!

Tom: Fine Paige Van-Zandt.

Paige: She won’t even let me change my last name to Van-Yorke.

(The siblings laughed and waved goodbye as Carrie walked back over to Tom and Paige to her best friends. Maddy and Katie exchanged looks at each other)

Katie: You don’t even have the new clothes on and your already turning heads!

Maddy: Since when were you and Yorke friends?

Paige: Just giving him some friendly advice, something wrong with that?

Maddy: Yes! You never give ‘friendly advise’.

(The three girls laughed on the way out of the mall. Maddy and Katie got back to Paige’s house and was greeted by Liberty.)

Liberty: Hey girls!

Maddy: Hi Mrs. Van-Zandt.

Katie: Hi.

Paige: Hi mom, we’re just going to go upstairs ok?

Liberty: Ok, will you two ladies be staying for dinner?

Katie: If it’s ok with you Mrs. Van-Zandt.

Liberty: Of course.

Maddy: I can’t, I have to be home by 5:30. Thanks for the offer though Mrs.Van-Zant.

Katie: I’ll go call my mom, see if it’s ok with her.


Katie ran outside with her cell-phone as Maddy and Paige went upstairs to see Paige try on her new outfits. Maddy left and Katie did too after dinner. Paige was still modeling some outfits as her mom walked in her room. Liberty’s eyes widened.

Liberty: Paige Yorke Van-Zandt what are you wearing?!

Paige: New clothes, you like?

Liberty: No, I don’t! Take those off this instant!

Paige: No! I bought these clothes with my own money. I have every right to wear them.

Liberty was silent and then left the room. A garage door opened and Liberty started talking to Toby.

Liberty: Out daughter looks like Manny Santos from 9th grade! When she went out with Sully.

Toby: It’s just a phase, it’ll pass.

Liberty: I’m scared Toby, where could our daughter be headed? Into a marriage like Manny and Jay, or me and JT?

Toby: I’ll make sure she doesn’t. Don’t worry Liberty.

(A knock came from the door.)

Paige: Come in.

(Cayla came into the room. She slowly closed the door.)

Cayla: Mom’s mad.

Paige: I know, so what?

Cayla: Why? I’m your sister, why is mom so mad?

(Paige stood up and spun around. She was wearing a short white tube top and a black mini skirt. She sat back down and looked at her sister.)

Cayla: Well, now I see why.

Paige: You don’t like it either?

Cayla: Well, no of course not... kind of... well... yes I don’t like them.

Paige: Guess what?

Cayla: What?

Paige: I don’t care what you think! Come Monday Matt Manning will be at my mercy and we will be the hottest new couple of Degrassi!


Monday came and Paige was wearing a purple halter with low rider jeans. Her hair was pulled up and all eyes were on her. Carrie came up to her.

Carrie: Nice outfit.

Paige: Thanks.

(She pushed her out of her way and walked straight to Matt. Matt looked at her.)

Matt: Paige? Paige Van-Zandt?

Paige: Yes Matt, it’s me.

Matt: You look, um-

Paige: Hot?

Matt: Yeah, you want to go to the Dot later? You know, you can bring Dairy Queen and Good-whatever. I’ll bring dates- I mean people for them.

Paige: Sure.

Matt: Great!

(He started to walk away.)

Paige: And Matt,

(He turned around.)

Paige: Is it a date?

Matt: Yeah, yeah it is.

(He turned back around and started to run. He ran to Cody and Tom’s locker.)

Matt: You two are coming to the Dot with me this afternoon.

Tom: Why?

Matt: I got a date.

Cody: With who? The Dairy Queen?

Matt: No, Paige Van-Zandt.


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