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103 - Take Me Away

Dana and Julie take over the 8th grade at Degrassi. Will the popularity get to them? Tom hates his home life but his best friend won’t help him with his problems.

JT: Tom, I don’t know how to say this but, here.

(JT handed his son a yellow ticket.)

Tom: Ha, ha, funny dad! This is a food ticket, for free food from the government. Now really, what did you want to tell me?

JT: That’s it, I lost my job and we’re tight on money.

Tom: What?


At school Tom, Cody and Matt walked into school. Matt was going on about the date with Paige last week and how he was going to take her out Friday.

Matt: I never knew she was so cool, she-

Cody: Dude, shut up! We were there.

Tom: I’m sick of hearing about Paige.

Cody: Me too can we talk about something else?

Matt: Oh, like how close you and Maddy got?

Tom: Dude, what are you talking about?

Matt: I saw you two, getting all close and-

Cody: Shut up!

(He started to get red.)

Tom: Am I the only one who had a miserable time with Nelson?

Matt: Yeah.

Cody: Nothing happened between me and Maddy ok?

Matt: Sure.

Cody: I’m serious!

Tom: One way to find out.

Matt: Let’s go ask Dairy Queen herself!

(Tom and Matt started to run into the school.)

Cody: Come on guys!

(Cody chased after them and they finally stopped at Maddy’s locker. Matt closed it for her and she gave him a look.)

Maddy: Paige’s locker is the next one down.

Matt: We want to know something, did you have a good time with Cody?

Maddy: Um, no. Why?

Matt: You two were kind of close don’t you think?

Maddy: All we did was share a white pizza, he bought me a coke and we didn’t say a word. Ok?

Cody: Another question, does Paige ever talk about her and Matt’s date?

Maddy: Yes, me and Katie can’t shut her up! Oh well, she loves you Matt. Treat her right or face dire consequences.

(Maddy twisted her lock and walked away.)

Matt: She is in love with you Cody.

Cody: Shut up.

Tom: I-I’ve got to go. Bye.

He ran by Dana and Julie - captain and co-captain of the dance team. They were surrounded by boys and flirting with all of them at the same time. The bell rang and everyone started to go. When they were finally alone, they started to giggle.

Dana: We did it Jewels! We’re on top of the world!

Julie: Yes! I was sick of Maddy, Katie and Paige getting the spotlight.

Dana: Time to rub it in their faces!

(Dana and Julie walked right up to Katie and Paige. The gave a we-are-so-much-better-then-you smile.)

Katie: Look, it’s the freak show.

Dana: For your information, we’re on the top of the 8th grade.

Julie: Thanks to the Dance team.

Katie: Those people aren’t your friends, their your fans.

Julie: Then we have a lot of boy fans. Paige, that’s the worst outfit I have ever seen.

Paige: No one asked you!

Katie: Calm down.

Dana: No one but a loser would go for a girl in that get-up.

Paige: Let me tell you I’m with Matt Manning!

(Julie and Dana exchanged looks.)

Katie: Are you with anyone?

Dana: Um...

Julie: Uh...

Katie: Just what I thought.

(Katie and Paige walked away laughing as Dana and Julie looked each other.)

Dana: How is she going out with Matt Manning?

Julie I don’t know.

Dana: Maybe she’s lying!

Julie: That must be it! I’ll ask Matt 2nd period. Well, we better go, class starts soon.

(The two girls headed to their first period class. Julie sat next to Matt 2nd period.)

Julie: Hey Matt.

Matt: Go away Julie.

Julie: Why?

Matt: I have my eye on someone.

Julie: That eye wouldn’t be Paige Van-Zant would it?

Matt: What? Who told you?

Julie: She did, she’s telling the whole school you two are going out.

Matt: I took her on one date. It wasn’t even official.

Julie: Really? Why not?

Matt: I invited Maddy and Katie and brought Cody and Tom. We went to the Dot for pizza.

Julie: Well if you don’t want to be known as Mr. Van-Zant then I would stop this right now.

The bell rang and as the rest of the class paid attention Matt was looking at the ground wondering what he should do. Julie smiled to herself for the rest of the class. During lunch Tom sat next to Cody and Matt.

Matt: I can’t believe her! Talking about us, there is no us-

Cody: Ok, this morning you were all over her. Now you are pushing her away?

Matt: I can’t believe it though.

Tom: Matt, please just shut up.

Cody: Tom, where’s your lunch? Did you forget it?

Tom: Um, yeah. Don’t worry, I’m not hungry.

Cody: You ok man?

Tom: Yeah I’m fine! God what is it twenty questions or something?!

(He got up and ran towards Paige, Maddy and Katie. Matt and Cody sat there and watched.)

Matt: What’s his problem?

Cody: I don’t know, but I will find out.

Matt: You always run out on us when we’re out. Let him cool off.

Cody: Matt, you know why I run out. This kid isn’t eating, he could die.

Matt: And so could you if I tell the whole world about-

Cody: I know, you’re right. Just don’t say that out loud.

(Paige watched her brother run over to her. Maddy and Katie gave her a look as they were chewing some food.)

Paige: What’s up?

Tom: Paige, we need to talk.

Paige: Go ahead.

Tom: Alone.

Maddy: Fine!
Katie: We don’t want to know anyway.

(The two girls got up and walked towards the school steps.)

Paige: Tom, what’s wrong?

Tom: Can I have some food?

Paige: Why? Don’t you buy lunch?

Tom handed her the ticket JT gave her.

Paige: A free food pass. What’s going on?

Tom: Dad lost his job.

Paige: What? We have to do something!

Tom: Paige, can I just have a piece of that sandwich?

Paige: Yes, of course.

(Tom stuffed it into his mouth and looked at his sister.)

Paige: Did you have breakfast this morning?

Tom: No.

Paige: Why not?

Tom: No food in the house, we’re supposed to go to the soup kitchen tonight for dinner. I don’t want to go! I’d be a laughing stock!

Paige: You need food Tom, you’ll die.

Tom: I can’t go.

Paige: Maybe Mom can-

Tom: I don’t want to live with mom’s other family.

Paige: You have to do something!

Tom: You’re right, and I have and idea of what I’m going to do. Good-bye Paige.

He hugged his sister and ran off campus. He got to his house and started to pack a suitcase. JT was at a job interview so he knew he wouldn’t be home for a while. He wrote a note to his dad, and grabbed his bag. He wasn’t coming back.


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