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104 - Freak Out

Maddy’s past is revealed, and someone unexpected was the one who told her. She looks into her past even more, but will she go too far? Cayla hasn’t had the best relationship with her sister and she handles it in a bad way.

The bell rang at Degrassi Community School. Maddy, Katie and Paige sat on the front step and watched a bunch of seniors go by. It had been a week since Tom left, and things weren’t the same. Paige even went a little Goth. Cody and Matt weren’t too happy either.

Maddy: So, want to go inside?

Katie: Do we have a choice?

Paige: Not really.


Without saying anything else they picked themselves up and headed to class. Maddy was early for lunch, she sat by herself for a short time when, suddenly, Cody sat next to her. She looked over and smiled then looked over at the campus.

Maddy: It must be hard.

(He looked at Maddy; she was looking out on campus, not directly at him.)

Maddy: Losing your best friend.

Cody: Oh, yeah...

Maddy: Without Katie and Paige I would... never mind.

Cody: No, you would what?

Maddy: Die. You have Matt but, Tom was your best friend and knowing he’s out there by himself... Even if you act so tough, it must hurt.

Cody: Yeah... it does. Maddy,

Maddy: Yeah?

Cody: Never mind.

Maddy: Cody, tell me.

Cody: Do you know... what happened...with your parents... When you were younger?

Maddy: What are you talking about?

(Cody looked around trying not to make eye contact.)

Cody: Uh... nothing! Ha, ha! It’s a joke... you don’t get it do you?

Maddy: No.

(Katie and Paige came into distance. Cody watched them, he looked back at Maddy who didn’t seem to notice.)

Cody: I better go.

Maddy: Ok, bye.

(He got up just as Paige and Katie got there. Katie looked at her.)

Maddy: What?

Katie: What was he doing here?

Maddy: Talking, what else?

Paige: What about?

Maddy: Just Tom, nothing much different from what we talk about.

Katie: You so love him.

Maddy: I so do not!

Katie: Uh-huh, right.

(They both laughed but Paige kept a very straight face.)

Katie: You’re supposed to laugh, you know... Ha, ha?

Maddy: We did talk about something strange, only for a second.

Katie: Oh what?! Details!

Maddy: He asked about my parents, when I was younger.

Paige: So?

Maddy: So now I doubt my parents- or Manny and Jay- even more then I did before.

(Cayla was sitting next to her brother Jason while watching her sister and he friends. She turned to her brother.)

Cayla: Why does Paige look so... so...?

Jason: Goth? She’s in depression.

Cayla: Over what?

(Jason shrugged, he tilted his glasses down.)

Jason: Someone in her friend’s family died?

Cayla: That would make Maddy or Katie sad.

Jason: Tom moved away, maybe that had something to do with it.

Cayla: Whatever it is, I’m going to find out.


Paige, Cayla and Jason got home that day. Paige sat in the kitchen and opened a black notebook. Cayla and Jason watched by the counter. She looked up and took a bite of a Hershey Bar.

Paige: What?

Cayla: We’re worried about you Paige.

Paige: Why?

Cayla: About a week ago, you were wearing really colorful clothes. Now it’s like AC/DC’s Back in Black. What happened?

Paige: First of all, how did you ever hear of AC/DC? You hate rock and roll as much as I do! And a week ago you said you didn’t like my clothes. Back off!

Cayla: I want to help Paige.

Paige: Just leave me alone.

(She got up and was almost in tears. She ran up into her room and started to cry. She picked up the phone in her room and dialed Maddy’s number. Manny answered the phone.)

Manny: Hogart residence, Manny speaking.

Paige: Mrs. Hogart, can I talk to Maddy?

Manny: Um... I’m afraid Maddy is out, can I take a message?

Paige: No, where’d she go?

Manny: She went to the Dot with someone. She didn’t say who.

Paige: Ok, thank you Mrs. Hogart.

Manny: No problem Paige.

The phone clicked off and Paige grabbed a jacket. At the Dot Maddy was sitting in a booth across from Cody. They were eating a white pizza in silence.

Cody: Why am I here? I have homework.

Maddy: Cody, I’ve known you for three years, you don’t do homework. The reason you’re here is because... because...

Cody: Because...?

Maddy: The question you asked at lunch. About my parents, you know something.

Cody: No I don’t! Remember? It was a joke, ha, ha?

(Maddy looked at him seriously. He sighed and looked her straight in the eye.)

Cody: I don’t think I should be the one telling you. It’s your parent’s job, they should tell you.

Maddy: My parents don’t tell me anything. I asked for my birth certificate and-

Cody: That’s just it.

Maddy: That’s just what?

Cody: They don’t have your birth certificate.

Maddy: What?

Cody: I know what happened, and... Manny and Jay Hogart aren’t your real parents.

(Maddy’s mouth flew opened and looked at Cody. He suddenly seemed to treat her right and tell her something she should have known a long time ago.)

Maddy: You’re lying... it... it couldn’t be! No... No...

(Her eyes started to tear. She covered her face as Cody moved next to her and held her. She started to cry on his shoulder.)

Cody: It’s ok, it’ll be all right. I think this is enough for one day.

Maddy: N-no I want to know everything! Every last detail that you can tell me must come out of your mouth!

Cody: Ok, But I have to be home by 5:00.

Maddy: That means you have an hour. Start spilling!

Cody told her about her wonderful family. A mom and dad who didn’t fight, and an older brother who was very into music, she was only a baby. Her parents died and she was sent to an orphanage, she met someone there. They became best friend and when her brother turned 18 two months later they were both taken in. But it didn’t end happy, Maddy and her friend were stuck with her abusive older brother. Her friend called the police when he hit Maddy over the head with a phone book. She suffered serious amnesia, afterward, she couldn’t remember what happened to her friend, or to her family. Manny and Jay took her in while her brother got arrested; there was no sign of a birth certificate. They decided to name you Maddy almost after Manny.

Maddy: Wow... all that happened and I don’t remember any of it?

(She looked at her watch.)

Maddy: Well it’s 5:30-

Cody: What?! Oh man! My dad’s going to kill me!

Maddy: Cody-

Cody: That’s it! See you tomorrow Maddy.

(He ran out of the Dot and Maddy paid for the pizza. Paige ran in and sat Maddy down.)

Paige: Where were you?! Your mom said you were at the Dot with someone and then Cody walks out? I tried your cell 5 times! You chose a guy over me?!

Maddy: My cell’s at home, and I’m a little worried about myself right now.

Paige: Stop being so self-centered!

Maddy: Look who’s talking!

Paige: My sister is bothering me about my new look!

Maddy: I’m not a Hogart!

(Paige’s eyes widened and looked at her friend who was almost in tears. She sat in the booth.)

Paige: Oh, Maddy... I’m so sorry... I had no idea.

Maddy: No you didn’t! This week we have been sympathizing for you about Tom, which we don’t even know why! And now I talk to Cody about my life as I knew it and you go psycho on me!

Paige: Can I do anything for you?

Maddy: Actually, you can we need to find out what else happened. Cody didn’t tell me everything, I know there has to be more.

Paige: What are you saying?

Maddy: I’m going to find out how my parents died, and were my brother is.

Paige: Don’t you think that’s going a little far?

Maddy: No at all.

She gave a weak smile and hugged her friend. They walked out of the Dot smiling. Cayla was pacing the floor of her house as her sister walked in the door. Her eyeliner wasn’t as heavy as it was when she left.

Cayla: Where were you?

Paige: At the Dot, why?

Cayla: Mom’s mad, she thought you ran away.

Paige: Now, why would I do that? I wonder... maybe because my sister is so nosey!

Paige ran up to her room and took out a colorful outfit for the next day. The next day 101.3 woke Paige up, she slowly got out of bed and reached for where she put her clothes the night before. They weren’t there. She panicked for a second but quickly grabbed something else to wear. She grabbed a purple halter and tight jeans. When she got to school she found a note on her locker.

Meet me in the MI room, we’re going to find my brother. The sooner, the better!


Paige sighed and got her stuff out of her locker. She walked to the MI room and took a seat next to Maddy.

Maddy: I’m getting close.

Paige: What do you know so far?

Maddy: My brother’s name is Billy McDonalds, and played for the band ‘The Hash Browns.’

Paige: Interesting.

Maddy: The other band members were Joel and Benji Macaroni, and Paul Potato-Head.

Paige: Was that his real name?

Maddy: Well, it has to be. His nickname’s Spud.

(They giggled. Maddy scrolled down on the search screen and found a link that said www. The Journal of Billy

Maddy: Ah! I found something!

Paige: Click it!

A Paige came up with a picture of Mr. and Mrs. McDonalds, Billy and a very young Maddy. The page was written like an actual journal.



This will be worth a lot of money some day. Joel and Benji are in my new band called ‘The Hash Browns’ and so far we rock! We need a drummer, we’re thinking of asking that new girl Demi, but we’re not sure. In my opinion, she’s really cute!




Wow, my parents just died. My mom ran into a drunken driver, and I was just informed my dad was shot at his job. Things aren’t looking so great for me and Demi either. I’m loosing everyone! We kicked Demi out of the band and got this kid ‘Spud’ to be our drummer. My little sister Maddy was sent to an orphanage, but when I turn 18 I’m going to adopt her! One more year!




Maddy and I are together along with her friend Corry or whatever. ‘The Hash Browns’ aren’t doing so well. Maybe I’m over my head. I’m going to drop out of school and work on my music more. I think that’s the best thing I could do. I can’t loose my sister again! She’s only 5 and I’m her only family member left!




I was sent to prison last night. This isn’t a nice place. I can’t believe what I did to Maddy. That was so wrong. Her friend saved her life, her friend saved her from me. She’s in the hospital at this very moment with amnesia. Oh God, have her remember me and how much I loved her!



Maddy stopped reading and turned to Paige. They were both in tears. Why couldn’t she remember Billy or her friend Corry, who saved her life? She closed the web page; she didn’t need to know anymore. Paige and her walked out half crying and half smiling, until Paige saw her sister and Matt flirting by Paige’s locker. Her sister was wearing her outfit! She and Maddy stormed over to Matt.

Paige: Matt!

Matt: Uh, hi Paige!

Paige: What are you doing?!

Matt: Waiting for... um... you to come to your locker?

Paige: Looks more like your flirting with my sister!

Matt: Paige...

Paige: Shut it! Some sister you are Cayla.

(Paige stormed off Maddy stood there for a second. She glared and quickly followed her friend. Cayla grabbed Matt’s arm.)

Cayla: Matt, come on, lets skip!

Matt: What? Why?

Cayla: I want to be alone.

Matt: Wish granted.

Matt grabbed his bag and walked with his head down to his first class. At lunch Maddy got outside early. She looked around for Cody. She found him by a tree with a hand over his eye. She ran over to him and sat down.

Maddy: Hey, thanks for telling me all that yesterday.

Cody: No problem.

(She noticed his hand over his eye.)

Maddy: What happened?

Cody: Nothing, just, nothing.

Maddy: Tell me Cody.

(Cody let his hang off his eye and revealed a black and blue one. Maddy gasped.)

Maddy: What happened?!

Cody: Got into a fight with some looser. No big deal.

Maddy: You sure?

Cody: Yeah.

Maddy: I just wanted to say thanks, my brother really loved me and I need to find my friend Corry.

Cody: Corry? Do you even know a Corry?

Maddy: Not that I know of. I know I’m not your favorite person but that-

Cody: Who told you that?

Maddy: You implied it.

Cody: How do you know that?

Maddy: Does Dairy Queen ring a bell?

Cody: You know I’m just playing.

Maddy: Yeah, I do.

Cody: Are you going to eat or what?

Maddy: With you?

Cody: No with my sister, of course with me!

Maddy: You sure you want to be seen hanging around the Dairy Queen?

Cody: Yeah, on the contrary, this ‘Dairy Queen’ is starting to grow on me.

Maddy: Friends?

(She stuck out her hand. She grabbed it and shook it hard.)

Cody: Friends.

(They hugged.)

Cody: Now, what do you have to eat?

Maddy: Shut up.

(She threw some chips at him. They started laughing. Paige started at Matt and Cayla. She was sitting with Katie who was watching Cody and Maddy.)

Katie: Tell me again why they’re hanging out?

Paige: Maddy’s past is complicated...

Katie: With what?

Paige: Family stuff.

Katie: No, really?

Paige: Shut up.

(Katie looked in Paige’s direction and saw Cayla and Matt.)

Katie: Don’t be mad. You deserve better.

Paige: No, Matt and I deserve each other. I hate my stupid half sister!

(She covered her mouth with her hand realizing what she just said.)

Katie: Um, you don’t have a half sister.

Paige: You’re right. I call her that because I can’t believe we’re in the same family. It’s like we’re not related or something.

Katie: Now you’re telling me you’re not a Van-Zant? Please, you sound like Maddy.

Paige: I know...

Paige looked over at her friend Katie who turned her attention to Maddy and Cody again. Paige looked over there too. Her best friend was finally happy.


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