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105 - Free Bird (I)

Tom is looking out for himself, he isn’t doing too well. Signs with his face and promises of a reward are all over the streets. When Matt finds him, will he turn his friend in? Or listen to the reason he left?

Tom took two sticks from a nearby tree. He could use these for drumming. Tom smiled as he held the sticks. Him, Cody, and Matt would always be in Matt’s garage singing ‘Green Day’ songs. The thought quickly vanished as he heard his stomach growl. He hadn’t eaten in days, he lost track. He walked by the Dot and saw Matt and Paige in the window. He ducked behind a bush and smiled to see his sister with his best friend. He started to walk towards the street when something caught his eye, it was a missing sign. He saw him, except cleaner, with shorter hair. He ripped it off the wall he saw it on, and tore it into a million little pieces. He didn’t want anyone to find him. Tom walked along the street and sat between a bunch of cooking pans. He started banging them with the sticks, it was the rhythm of Lynyad Skynard’s song ‘Free Bird’. People carelessly threw quarters at him. A boy about his age sat beside him.

Boy: Need any help?

Tom: Yeah.

The boy started to pluck strings on an old acoustic guitar. People started to throw dollars into the guitar’s case. Tom smiled at the boy, the boy smiled back. When they were done they walked by the Dot. Paige and Matt were gone, Tom figured.

Tom: Thanks, I wasn’t doing too well out there.

Boy: I could tell.

Tom: What’s your name?

Boy: Andy, I think.

Tom: What do you mean ‘I think?’

Boy: I wasn’t with my parents long enough to have a real name. So I call myself Andy. How long have you been on the road?

Tom: About 2 weeks, I lost track of time.

Andy: Wow, you have a lot to learn.

Tom: Why? How long have you been out here?

Andy: 10 years.

Tom: 10 years?! How did you-

Andy: Survive? A nice homeless couple took me in, they died when I was 5. I’ve been living by myself ever since.

Tom: Wow.

Andy: The only thing I hate to see is that we homeless never get any of the hot, rich girls.

Tom: No wonder I never see girls in the ally.

Andy: Well, I almost forgot what hot looks like. Let’s go check some out.

Tom: Why?

Andy: We can have a little fun. Come on!

(Andy grabbed his arm and headed for the Dot. Maddy, Cody, Matt, Paige, and Katie were out back. Andy pulled Tom over to eavesdrop on their conversation.)

Cody: Did any of you hear anything about Tom?

Matt: The posters have only been up for a week.

Katie: He’ll turn up, you’ll see.

Paige: I-I can’t believe he would even t-think about r-running away!

(Tears started to flow down her eyes. Matt put her arm around her to comfort her. She cried on his shoulder.)

Cody: We can’t give up. He’s out here somewhere.

Katie: He couldn’t have left Toronto, at least not yet.

Matt: We have to find him soon.

Cody: The sooner the better.

(Andy and Tom ran into a bush right before everyone of them split into different directions.)

Andy: Well, that Tom guy has some hot people looking for him. What’s your name anyway?

Tom: Uh...

(He first thought of Billy Joe Armstrong. He didn’t want to copy his whole name. Then he thought of the most recent play JT took him to go see. Rogers was one of the characters.)

Tom: Um... My name is Rogers... yeah... Rogers Armstrong.

Andy: Weird name, were you rich or something?

Tom: No, not exactly. My dad lost his job and I took off.

Andy: Oh, sorry dude.

Tom: No problem, hey, lets get something to eat. I’m starving.

Andy: Yeah! Hey, that place is real close by. Let’s eat there!

Tom: No!

(Andy was headed wards the Dot. Tom was sure someone he knew was in there somewhere.)

Andy: Why not?

Tom: I’ve been there, too expensive. How about a hot dog stand or something?

Andy: Ok, whatever, just give me my share of the cash. I want to eat here.

Tom: Fine, nice knowing you Andy.

Andy: Let’s meet up right here, right before the sun sets, ok?

Tom: Sure, whatever.

Andy: Later Rogers!

(Tom handed Andy a few dollars he earned and ran off down the road.)

Andy: Poor sucker, I’m going to meet a lot of hot girls while he meets a lot of old woman.

(Andy walked into the Dot to see Maddy sitting alone drinking a soda.)

Andy: Hey hottie.

(Maddy took a look at his greasy blond hair. He was cute but disgustingly dirty.)

Maddy: Hey nottie. The hot dog stand is down the road.

Andy: I’ve been looking for you for a long time.

Maddy: Funny, I haven’t been waiting.

Andy: Playing hard to get won’t work.

Maddy: I’m not playing. Look one of my friends is lost. You look like you’re on the road. Have you seen him?

Andy: What’s his name?

Maddy: His names Tom Yorke. He’s been missing for about 2 weeks.

Andy: I just met a guy who was missing for 2 weeks.

Maddy: Do you know his name?!

Andy: Kiss me and I’ll tell you.

Maddy: Whatever.

(She lightly kissed him.)

Andy: His names Rogers Armstrong.

Maddy: Was he rich or something?

Andy: Na, his dad lost his job and then he took off.

Maddy: JT lost his job and Tom ran off! Thank you so much um... uh...

Andy: Andy.

Maddy: Right, Andy! Bye!

(Maddy paid for the soda and ran out the door to find Matt and Cody. Andy smiled to himself. He finally got his first kiss. Him and Tom met up on the street closest to the Dot.)

Andy: So Rogers, meet anyone?

Tom: No, you?

Andy: This hottie, she had black hair, blue eyes. She was very pale and looking for someone named Tom.

Tom: What!? You didn’t tell her about me did you?

Andy: Of course I did. So what’s the big deal? She’s not looking for you.

Tom: Yeah but she knows me!

Andy: No she doesn’t she said something about a JT and ran off.

Tom: What?

Andy: I told her why you ran away and she mumbled something about a JT.

Tom: You what?! I hate you!

Andy: Chill dude-

Tom: Just, stay away from me.

Andy: Rogers-

Tom: No! Just, leave.


Andy took one look at Tom and ran off. Tom sat on the outside step of one of the near by houses and looked back on how life was with JT. Warm house, good friends, band practice at Matt’s house. He watched as a few cars went by and decided to get up before anyone he knew saw him. Tom walked in the opposite direction Andy went down just before. It was Degrassi Street. He passed the Van-Zant house and looked through the window. Paige, Cayla, Jason, Liberty, and Toby were inside eating silently. He looked at his sister, who was pretty much in tears and whispered to himself. ‘Paige, don’t worry about me.’ He walked by his old house with JT alone in the kitchen; he was printing out more missing signs. Tom looked at his desperate dad, but turned away just as JT looked out the window. He shrugged and went back to printing his signs. He passed by the Manning’s house and saw pictures of himself everywhere. He saw Matt coming around the other side of the house. He quickly turned away, I better get off of this street, he thought. The sooner off of Degrassi Street the better. Too late, there was Matt running over to his best friend. Tom saw him and started to run.


Matt: Hey! Hey you! I have to ask you something!

Tom: Um... no, no you don’t!

(Tom stomach gave out at that moment and he threw up on the street. Matt put his hand on his shoulder.)

Matt: You ok?

Tom: Yeah... No Matt, I’m not.

(Matt looked at Tom’s face and his eyes widened. He stared at his skinny best friend.)

Tom: I-I need help.



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