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107 - Everybody Dance Now (I)

Degrassi’s dance! Maddy has her eye on Cody, but so does Julie, and she will do anything to get him. Cody has to make a decision. Nick and Katie get close. Tom comes back to Degrassi, he has feelings for someone, but won’t let it out. He decides to enter the school talent show to express how he feels.

(Cayla Van-Zant came onto the TV screen for the video announcements.)

Cayla: Good morning Degrassi! Remember, tomorrow is the first dance of the year! The 6th grade dance will be held right after school in the Caf. The 7th and 8th grade dance will be held from 6:00-9:00. Want to be recognized? The annual Degrassi talent show has one slot left! Performances by some older Degrassi students may show up too. Sign up in the main hallway! That’s it for the morning announcements. Have a great day!

(The announcement clicked off. Maddy and Katie sat in Mr. Boyar’s class, like usual, not paying attention to a word he was saying.)

Katie: You going to the dance?

Maddy: Yeah! And you?

Katie: Totally! Are you going with Cody?

Maddy: I wish.

Mr. Boyar: What do you wish Miss Hogart?

Maddy: I wish that um... I could be as smart as you Mr. B.

Mr. Boyar: Ha, ha, funny. I’ll see you after class.

(Maddy sat down and looked at Katie.)

Maddy: You know what I really wish?

Katie: What?

Maddy: That everyone will stop calling me Maddy Hogart!

(At lunch Maddy got out early and sat next to Cody.)

Maddy: Hey.

Cody: Hey! What’s up?

Maddy: Was so close to getting detention with Mr. Boyar, since it was my first time speaking out of turn he let it slide.

Cody: Lucky! He gets me almost all the time!

Maddy: Are you going to the dance?

Cody: Yeah, are you?

Maddy: Yup. There are Katie and Paige! Hey want to sit with us?

(Cody gave her an are- you- insane- look.)

Maddy: Come on. We’re all kind of friends now, or can you not stand sitting with me?

Cody: No, of course not. I’m coming.

(Cody picked himself up and followed Maddy to where Katie and Paige were sitting. Matt and Tom saw, they followed. Paige looked at Matt and turned her head.)

Matt: You’re still mad?

(Paige nodded.)

Matt: Look, Paige, your sister’s a flirt with clothes that are too big for her.

Paige: Those were mine.

Matt: They look better on you.

Paige: Just shut up Matt! I thought you liked me!

Matt: I did- I mean do!

Paige: Sure.

Cody: He does!

Tom: Trust us!

Cody: When we all went out, he would not stop talking about you. How good your hair smelt, how your eyes were like diamonds, how much he wanted to-

Matt: That’s enough!

Paige: Really?

Matt: I just want to know, will you be my date to the dance?

Paige: Ok, I guess you deserve a second chance.

(They hugged and turned to the rest of the group who were caught up in their own conversation.)

Katie: I think that Nick likes me.

Tom: Yeah ok.

Katie: Seriously! I think he does!

Maddy: How long have you been after him?

Katie: Um...

Maddy: Exactly.

Cody: How long?

Maddy: Three-

Katie: Months! Three whole months, never stopped once.

Tom: We’ve only been in school for two months.

Katie: Really?

Tom: Well, yeah. It’s October.

Katie: Oh, right.

(Maddy laughed a little.)

Paige: Anyone going to do the Talent Show?

Katie: Yeah, Emilie’s in Jackie and Roxie’s band. What is it?

Maddy: Blood of the Black Roses.

Cody: Sounds...deep.

Maddy: Yeah, they’re probably singing some Good Charlotte song.

Matt: Paige, didn’t you enter?

Paige: Actually, Maddy made us.

Maddy: It’ll be a great opportunity girls, for our band!

Cody: You have a band?

Katie: Yup!

Paige: We’re the Rejects!

Tom: Very successful name. The Rejects, I’d definitely want to hire some band called the Rejects! Ha, ha!

(The three boys laughed. Paige turned to her friends and whispered something in there ear.)

Paige: Enough about something that’s coming up in three weeks. The dance is tomorrow, who’s going?

Tom Cody and Matt: Me!
Maddy and Katie: Us too!

Paige: Who are you going with?

(The three guys looked at each other and made a face.)

Matt: You.

Cody: Uh-

Tom: You see-

Paige: No one, just as we suspected.

Tom: What about you?

Katie: We have people in mind.

Cody: Yeah well, so do we.

(Maddy’s heart skipped a beat. Does he want to go out with someone else? She thought and stared at the ground.)

Voice: Hey Cody!

(The group turned around to see Julie and Dana.)

Maddy: What do you two want?

Julie: I want to ask Cody something.

Tom: If it’s about homework, you’ve come to the wrong guy.

(The group laughed.)

Julie: Actually it’s about the dance. Would you like to go with me?

(Maddy’s eyes widened.)

Cody: I’ll get back to you.

(Julie and Dana shrugged and walked off. Maddy looked at Paige and Katie who glared at Cody.)

Matt: Dude, what was that?

Tom: What are you going to say?

Katie: He’s going to say no.

(Cody looked at Katie, and then at the floor.)

Paige: You are going to say no, right?

Cody: I’ll get back to you is, I’ll get back to you. I’ve got to go.

(Cody stood up, Maddy watched him walk away. The rest of the day was a blur for Maddy, other then the fact that Dana and Julie wouldn’t leave her alone. They pushed her into other guys and threatened her. She got to her locker and met up with Katie and Paige. She threw on a black sweatshirt.)

Katie: Maddy, its 80 degrees, aren’t you hot?

Maddy: No, Paige do you have your eyeliner? I left mine at home.

Paige: Yeah, but, since when did you use eyeliner?

(She handed Maddy the eyeliner, she was silent as she drew dark circles around her eyes. Paige and Katie stared in amazement as Maddy put the cap back on and handed it to Paige.)

Maddy: Excuse me while I watch my life go down the toilet.

She walked outside, Katie and Paige looked at each other and followed. Cody was by the tree he and Maddy sat at after he told her about her parents. Maddy walked swiftly towards him. Dana and Julie were right behind her. When she got there Cody smiled, she stood behind him. Julie stood close to him.

Julie: So, what’s the answer?

Maddy watched Cody as he put his hand through his curly blond hair. Jealousy erupted through her.

Maddy: He can’t go with you!

(Her eyes widened as she realized what she just said.)

Julie: Why not?

Maddy: Because, um- he’s-he’s going with me.


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