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Disclaimer: Degrassi and all characters belongs to CTV and Epitome Picture…I’m just borrowing them =)


Summary: Starts after “Holiday,” and goes off into my own universe after. This story possibly contains spoilers for all episodes before. Yes, I know that this is another one of those “Craig is plagued with thoughts of what he’s done” fic, but Im hoping this will be a little different. Craig realizes that what he has done may change his life forever. (CrAsh)


Author’s Note:

(1)   I first started this story in July of 2004 and posted it on (this is a new title). I had not seen any episodes after Hholiday” at that point. Then I went off to college and I didn’t have the-n so I hadn’t seen any of season 4 either. I wrote Ch. 8 in December. I am trying to pick this story up again because I really liked it. I hope to update soon!

(2)   Please Review! I do not mind criticism, but please do not hate me because of the pairing I have chosen. Moreover, I am warning everybody now that the most Manny and Craig will ever be is friends in this fic. I’m not sure how this will end, but they will not be together. So please if you don’t like stories where they aren’t together don’t read this and then tell me how much you hate me. Nobody is forcing you to read it! Okay…I just wanted to get that out in the beginning. =)

(3)   Grammar is not perfect, nor have I intended it to be. I tried to make the grammar as we would say or think. There will be run-ons and fragments. I have intended it to be this way.


One More Note: Everything happened up to “Holiday,” but for my story Craig and Manny did not sleep together, they only made out. Ashley and Craig have slept together.


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Okay, now that that is taken care of. enjoy the story!

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