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Lover, Liar, Cheater Two

Chapter 5

While at Craig’s house Emma is playing with the babies and Craig is in the kitchen cooking dinner. Then Manny knocks on then door and Emma answers the door lets Manny in. She wants to see that babies, Emma lets her hold CJ (Craig Jr.) Manny says, Aww he is cute. Emma says, he has to nap now so you can play with Nicole (baby Emma). Is Nicole her real name No, says Emma as she goes up stairs to put CJ to sleep. Manny puts Nicole down and sneaks into the kitchen to see Craig.


Chapter 6

Manny says hi to Craig and forces him into aFrench kiss he asks why did you do that you’re acting like a whore. She says Emma can’t have you to herself Craig yells and tell Manny to get her ass out of his house, and she leaves. Emma come down stairs and says what was that yelling for he tells her what Manny did and Emma say that Bitch! I knew she would do something like that. Emma tells Craig to watch the twins and kisses him goodbye. She gets the car keys and runs out the door.


             [At Manny’s house]


Emma knocks on the door and Manny answers. Emma yells out you bitch how could you come on to Craig like that. You knew that we are together. And your suppose to be my friend. Emma, Manny says I’m sorry. Sorry won’t cut it. I’m just not friends with you any more. Manny closes the door and starts to cry, as Emma drives off.


Chapter 7

Once Emma gets home She walk into the kitchen and then once Craig sees her he says I have something to say to you then Craig proposes to her and Emma says, yes. Craig says the twins are both asleep. Then they start to kiss and Craig picks her up and puts her on the counter top then Emma takes off his shirt then throws it. Craig takes Emma’s shirt and bra. They finish undressing. Next thing you know is that Craig and Emma are humping and kissing each other, in the kitchen.




Chapter 7

       Emma is down stairs making breakfast while Craig is upstairs getting the twins. There is a knock at the door it is Joey, Angie, Spike, Jack and Snake. Emma is glad to see them; she tells Craig that her and his parents are here. Spike asks to see the babies she says they’re so cute and put her in her highchair. Snake says, where is his grandson, and Craig gives CJ to him. They all walk into the kitchen and Snake give CJ to Emma and she puts him down into his highchair next to Nicole. Craig says he has some special news Emma and I are getting married. Spike hugs Emma and Snake hugs Craig. Spike starts to cry and says she is so happy.





Chapter 8

1 year later……………………..

Emma and Craig are at the alter exchanging there vows, and saying their I do’s then they walk down the aisle and out of the church and into their limousine. They go on their honeymoon to Cancun. They are back in 3 weeks and they are very happy to be home.


The End



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